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Omniscient Reader - Chapter 325

Published at 9th of May 2019 06:45:04 PM

Chapter 325: 325
"Hah, it is really Earth . . . "

Jang Hayoung sighed as he crossed the portal and swept back his blond hair . Gwanghwamun unfolded before him . He had returned home after a long journey . "Are you happy about coming home after a long time?"

Jang Hayoung looked back and the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint was exiting the portal . The Breaking the Sky Master moved through her legs . Kyrgios Rodgraim was sitting on the Breaking the Sky Master's head . It was the transcendent party who left to train in a different dimension .

"Not so much . . . "

"Are you Jang Hayoung?"

Jang Hayoung's words were cut off by a stranger's voice . They turned around and a man was looking at them . Based on his clothes, he wasn't Korean .

"Yes . "

"Then is the giant behind you the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint?"

"That's right . "

The Breaking the Sky Sword Saint replied and the man expressed his admiration . "Hah, it is a great person . I've been waiting for you . I am called Flying Fox . "

"A Murim person . What do you want?"

"Young Mister Kim said to wait for you here . "

"Young Mister Kim? Are you talking about that skinny guy?"

"If that skinny guy is referring to Kim Dokja then yes . " Flying Fox kept speaking, "'The Returnees Alliance will soon invade Seoul . ' That's what he said . "

" . . . Cheeky student . I told him to come back quickly . "

Kyrgios spoke with a frown . They also knew about the Returnees Alliance . In particular, the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint had heard separate stories from Kim Dokja and Yoo Jonghyuk .

"The Returnees Alliance . . . in the other world line, I was killed by them . "

Not all returnees chose the virtuous path like Flying Fox . The Returnees Alliance was a representative group that chose the path of violence and domination . "It looks like you neglected training in that world, Breaking the Sky Sword Saint . "

"The opponents were the Heavenly Demon and Blood Demon . You can't look down on them . "

"Whoever comes, you won't die in this world . We will fight together . "

The Breaking the Sky Sword Saint laughed lightly at Kyrgios' assertion . "I don't think I'll die either . If I die here, I can't hit by cute student's butt . "

The Breaking the Sky Sword Saint clenched her fists as she spoke . She didn't know how strong she was in the other world . However, she was certain that now she had stepped into another realm .

The Breaking the Sky Sword Saint was reminded of the battle with Indescribable Distance three years ago . She couldn't measure the end of that outer god . The Breaking the Sky Sword Saint never forgot the terror of that day when she faced a disaster beyond the constellations .

She preserved the First Murim and gained a giant story, before visiting Tartarus to open the fate of a 'giant god . ' The enemy she couldn't deal with . In the last three years, the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint had been training for a rematch with the outer god .

Then a strange feeling was felt in the distance .

"Something is coming . "

Along with Kyrgios's words, Jang Hayoung and the Breaking the Sky Master also took their places . At this timing, it must be the Returnees Alliance .

The Breaking the Sky Sword Saint quickly issued a command . "Kyrgios and I will take care of the Heavenly Demon and Blood Demon . Hayoung and the Breaking the Sky Master will protect the civilians of Seoul . . . "

The next moment, the body of the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint was surrounded by a bright light .

[The destiny of a 'giant' is found in 'Namgung Minyoung'!]


[The forced scenario transfer has begun!]

[The stigma of myth can't be rejected . ]

"Master!" The startled Jang Hayoung screamed but the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint's body had already disappeared somewhere . Even the calm Kyrgios couldn't stop his shaky eyes . Then in the sky, dark clouds started to gather .

Kyrgios' expression hardened . "They are really coming this time . "

The army of the Returnees Alliance was advancing towards Seoul . A great feast of returnees .

The nervous Flying Fox muttered as he moved, "This is dangerous . "


"Wait a minute, Yoo Jonghyuk!"

"There is no time . Kim Dokja, haven't you noticed?" Yoo Jonghyuk's distorted face was angry . "The fifth giant is obviously the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint . "

"I know . "

Originally, the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint wasn't a sacrifice of Gigantomachia . It was because she didn't visit Tartarus, meet her kin and awaken her destiny .

「 It is because of me . 」

This had happened because I twisted the deployment . "Teacher will be in danger if we don't help right away . Didn't you hear that Gigantomachia started?"

I gazed at Yoo Jonghyuk's face and shook my head . "She isn't in danger . Rather, she is safe for the time being . Rather, it is someone other than the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint who is in danger . "

"What nonsense are you saying? If Teacher is designated as the 'giant' of the scenario . . . "

Yoo Jonghyuk stopped as he noticed something . He also realized it . In Gigantomachia, the 'giant hunting' event was designated as the last order . Before the start of the hunting event, the giants were given absolute protection in the scenario . If Breaking the Sky Sword Saint was really taking part in Gigantomachia, she would be safe for now .

The problem was Earth, where the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint had disappeared from .

"By now, the Returnees War would've begun . "

We might've passed the 45th scenario but not everyone on Earth was the same . The 45 scenario was still in progress and by now, the march of the Returnees Alliance would've begun . Originally, the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint was supposed to deal with the Returnees Alliance along with the others .

Yoo Jonghyuk thought for a while before spitting out, "Seoul is in danger . "

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Of course, Earth was powerful even without the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint .
There were Jang Hayoung, the Breaking the Sky Master, Kyrgios, Flying Fox, my mother and the wanderer forces . Gong Pildu and Han Myungoh on the north side would also help .

However . . . the only ones who could cope with the Heavenly Demon and Blood Demon were the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint and Kyrgios .

Yoo Jonghyuk struggled for a while before stating, "I will go to Earth . You will take part in Gigantomachia alone . "

"Is it okay?"

"There is no other way . "

I threw the item I was holding in my hand to him . "Take this . "

It was the Giant's Armour that I just received from Briareus . It was the main armour used by Yoo Jonghyuk in the mid-to-late scenarios . Yoo Jonghyuk grabbed it without a word and escaped from Tartarus with Persephone's help .

Kung . Kung . Kung . Kung .

The giants preparing for war kept stomping their feet .

[Sub scenario - Myth Subversion has begun . ]

[The possibility of a new story is germinating!]

Once this ceremony was over, the real Gigantomachia would begin . I gazed at the giants before calling out to Persephone . "Your Majesty, I'd like to go out as well . "

[You can't go out . ]

"Huh? Didn't you send out Yoo Jonghyuk?"

[He isn't a 'prisoner . ' However, you . . . ]

I glanced at the message floating in the air .

[You are currently imprisoned for committing a criminal offense on the legal zone . ]

[Remaining confinement time: 4 hours . ]

[Rules are rules . ]

I frowned . There were earth-shattering roars from the giants . If I waited quietly for four hours in a place where I didn't know the time rate, I wouldn't be Kim Dokja .


"Hey, did we come here to play?" Lee Jihye spoke with a blank expression as she looked around .

[Welcome to the theme park, Gigantomachia!]

[Olympus' 12 work experience is in progress!]

The bustling group of incarnations and constellations were busily moving somewhere .

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[Experience Capturing a Wild Boar . ]

[Experience Hunting a Namea Lion . ]

. . . . .

Shin Yoosung and Lee Gilyoung were running around while wearing rabbit ear headbands . "I've never seen a place like this!"

"Is this really the outfit that Hercules wore?"

It had been eight hours since the group entered the 60th scenario, Gigantomachia . In these eight hours, the party members had watched a dull video of Olympus, watched a poor fourth-grade monster that was called a mythical wild boar and even saw a small hydra, less than 5 metres tall, howling while trapped in a cage . "This is just an amusement park . . . "

Lee Hyunsung was able to get a lot of apples by participating in the Golden Apple Farm event . The children were preoccupied with playing and the soldier they believed in was like this .

Lee Seolhwa spoke, "The 60th scenario can't be like this . Stay focused . " She said this but a star-shaped headband that she bought as a souvenir was flashing .

Lee Jihye looked at Han Sooyoung with a stricken expression . "Everybody isn't sane . . . Sooyoung unni, say something!"

Han Sooyoung was sitting on a bench and eating candy . As the distracted group played in the amusement park, Han Sooyoung was looking at the progress of the scenario with sharp eyes .

[The next of the 12 tasks that incarnations and constellations will participate in . . . ]

In particular, Han Sooyoung's eyes were focused on the most important place in the centre of the theme park . A man who seemed to be an event helper at first glance was wearing ancient Greek armour and trinkets .

'There is a thick cover over his heel . '

There was only one hero in Olympus who had to be careful of his heels . Troy's sorrow, Achilles .

He was yawning because the progress of the event was tedious . How much time passed?

[Eh, they've seen enough so let's go to the point . ]

The relaxed man's tone changed for the first time .

[Gigantomachia is an event that has been hosted by our Olympus for a long time . Experience the greatest myth in the Star Stream personally . ]

The gazes of the raucous incarnations focused in an instant .

[As you know, this scenario is designed for incarnations and constellations who are about to enter the mid-to-late scenarios . Through this scenario, you have an opportunity to be chosen by the 12 gods of Olympus . ]

Han Sooyoung watched the ancient hero speaking like a dokkaebi and smiled bitterly .

'They won't use a dokkaebi for the reputation of the nebula . '

Of course, they couldn't exercise the authority of a dokkaebi by doing this but the performance was enough to stimulate the participants .

[Is that all? You can also gain a stake in the giant story thought the 'giant hunting' event . ]

'Some incarnations and constellations cheered at the words 'stake in a giant story . '

Achilles laughed and declared . [Then let's start the game . ]

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At the same time, the main hall of the theme park started to open . The sealed sphere opened and a pale light poured from the air .

[Introducing the first giant!]

The light disappeared and the figure of a legend was revealed . However, the appearance of the giant was smaller than expected . The giant was only around three metres tall .

[Haha, I see some people are disappointed . The first giant is smaller because she is a mixed-breed . However, there is no doubt that she has the story of the giants . So everyone, please start hunting!]

Han Sooyoung and the party members were watching the giant . Lee Jihye's mouth was open in a trance as she rubbed her eyes . Then she exclaimed, "That person . . . !"

Lee Hyunsung, Lee Gilyoung, Shin Yoosung as well . Everyone knew the identity of the giant . It was because the giant was a colleague who had fought with them . The party members' eyes widened as they faced the giant .

[Main scenario #60 ― 'Gigantomachia' has begun!]

[The first game has been decided . ]

[Hunt the giant 'Breaking the Sky Sword Saint, Namgung Minyoung']

The first prey was Yoo Jonghyuk's teacher, the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint .

[Why are you all still? Are you scared?]

No one moved despite the scenario starting . Thus, Achilles flew through the air .

[It seems that everyone is afraid since this is the first time you're experiencing Gigantomachia . . . it isn't a big deal . I'll give you a demonstration . ]

A star relic, the Ash Spear was held in Achilles' hand . A legendary spear that killed numerous armed men in the Trojan War .

The incarnations cried out . Achilles was a hero of Olympus . There were no giants who could go against him .

Han Sooyoung untied the bandage around her arm . The scenario was important but they couldn't lose the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint here .

[Look . Being afraid of this―!]

Han Sooyoung rushed forward as Achilles's spear aimed at the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint's heart . Then Han Sooyoung stopped . Achilles's charge stopped in the air . The cheers of the incarnations ceased . The Breaking the Sky Sword Saint's enormous hand was holding Achilles' head .

[Whether it is Murim or Olympus, giants always get the same treatment . ]

Achilles hung in the air like a worm and struggled . The more he struggled, the more the muscles on the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint's hand became larger . A voice was heard from somewhere .

[You want to hunt giants?]

The Breaking the Sky Sword Saint's eyes were cold as she stared at the incarnations and constellations .

There was a loud sound and Achilles' head was crushed .

[Then give it a try . ]

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