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Omniscient Reader - Chapter 334

Published at 16th of May 2019 06:55:07 PM

Chapter 334
「 (You will die like this . ) 」

This was the screen of the vibrating smartphone . I felt the rising waves against my toes and raised my smartphone .

「 (Originally, the fourth revision should've been sent . . . I think something went wrong . ) 」

I knew who was talking . The librarians of the library inside the Fourth Wall . Perhaps they were the ones who sent this .

「 (This is all I can do to help . Even if it is only partly . ) 」

There was light interference and sentences rose from the LCD screen . It was as if the contents of the book were summarized .
「 This place again . . . 」

It was obvious whose monologue the sentences belonged to . This was clearly the contents of the Fourth Revision .

「 There were too many mistakes in the third round . 」

「 The appearance of Poseidon was unexpected . 」

「 I should've thought more about the issue of probability . 」

「 I should've considered the relationship between myths . . . 」

The sentences were filled with regret as always . Perhaps we failed even in the fourth revision .

「 If I had saved Lee Sookyung, not Yoo Sangah at that time . . . 」

. . . What? I stiffened and no longer scrolled down the screen . Lightning struck the screen and all the flowing sentences were erased .

I hurriedly shouted, "Wait a minute! Show me again! What did you mean by those words just now?"

There was no reply .

「 (Kim Dokja, fate can't be changed . However—)

「 Shu t up Nir va na . 」

[The exclusive skill 'Fourth Wall' is strongly activated!]

The power of the Fourth Wall obstructed Nirvana's voice . The sentences disappeared and my fast heartbeat rapidly calmed down . My irritated head cooled down like a sophisticated clock .

This composure, I didn't like it . I couldn't rage when I wanted to rage . I couldn't be sad when I wanted to grieve .

"Fourth Wall . "

[The Fourth Wall is looking at you . ]

"Tell me honestly . Is my mother in danger?"

The Fourth Wall didn't answer .
. . . Shit, sometimes I wondered if this guy was on my side or not .

I looked up at the air . "Biyoo . "

[Baat . . . ]

Biyoo, whose body was transparent, looked down at me with sad eyes . I opened my mouth to ask before closing it again .

[The exclusive skill, 'Fourth Wall' is shaking!]

Biyoo was crying .

All types of thoughts passed through my head . Some of the confusing puzzle pieces were slowly fitting together . Yoo Jonghyuk had returned too quickly and he looked like he was hiding something .

Somehow, I thought it was strange . The reason why the constellations sent strange messages and why Yoo Jonghyuk was seeking the Nectar . Maybe, all of this was due to the same reason .

[This friend . Don't worry, your mother isn't dead yet . ] A voice was heard behind me . [ . . . Tsk, it was information that shouldn't be leaked . ]

Sparks emerged from the darkness and it was a constellation I knew well . "Dionysus . "

[It has been a while . Is this the first time since the last banquet?]

Dionysus approached my side and gazed outside the coastal cave, his left hand charred from the probability . This place contained one of the three chief gods of Olympus, the ruler of the sea . Sea God Poseidon .

Poseidon didn't move but there was an ominous silence hanging around him . Like a predator waiting for the chance, Poseidon was silently staring at the sea . It was as if he was seeing where he came from .

[The 'probability plausibility screening' has begun and Uncle won't move too much . However, don't do anything rash . He is looking hard for you . ]

"You are saying this while spamming your true voice near me . "

[It's okay because I'm hiding here using my power . He can't hear me . ]

I saw that entrance of the cave was covered with a wine glass . Maybe this barrier was hiding Dionysus and I . Dionysus gazed at Poseidon and spoke . [Isn't it great? The third chief gods . . . that is a myth-grade constellation . They are high constellations that ordinary constellations can never reach in their life . ]

Certainly, I could only say he was great . If I was Poseidon, I would be able to stop the nameless fog that had once destroyed the Demon Realm .

「 The place where his spear reaches will soon become the boundary of the sea . 」

Poseidon's gaze soon reached the sea . All the mountains under the sea were shuddering before his sublime presence and prostrated themselves, praying for an error they probably hadn't committed . The depths of my heart were roaring .

[ . . . You are really amazing . ]

"What are you saying?"

[There are no signs that you are truly afraid when looking at him . Why?]

Of course, I was afraid . My legs trembled and I was dizzy . But more than that . . .

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「 Kim Dokja was really impressed . 」

I watched the majestic Poseidon for a long time before answering, "I couldn't imagine this . "

[Imagine? Hahat, you truly are a funny person . ]

"Why are you helping me? You are part of Olympus . "

[It is my heart . ]

"What happened to the other party members?"

Dionysus flicked his fingers and a screen appeared . The party members were gathered in the distant sky . They were tied by Ariadne's web and floating in the air using Hermes Walking Method . No one was missing . Of course, the narrative-grade constellations Surya and Uriel were also safe .

Indeed, it was a clever escape . The sky was the domain of Zeus . Poseidon might draw the boundaries of the sea but he couldn't reach into the sky .

Dionysus sipped from a glass and said, [Rest assured . None of them were hurt . Ariadne and Hermes made it just in time . . . ]

"Can I give a punch?"

[ . . . To who?]

I glared silently at Dionysus .

[Me? Why?]

"Don't you know?"

Dionysus was quick to notice and replied, [Ah, it's because of that incarnation . Yes, I'm sorry . You can hit me if you want to . Instead, do it a bit softly . . . you are a constellation so it will be quite painful . ]

I didn't hit him . Instead, I asked, "Why did you do that to Yoo Sangah-ssi?"

[ . . . The story is complicated . ]

Dionysus sat at the edge of the coastal cave and laid down his glass . He took some time to choose his words .

[In this world line, the Moira three sisters received a peculiar prophecy . ]

"Peculiar prophecy?"

Dionysus glanced at me and replied like a Greed-era orator . [The 'end of all' will soon come . ]

"What does that mean?"

[I don't know . The obvious thing is that Olympus can't get away from it either . Thanks to this, Olympus has been busy for a while . All the scenarios will come to an end one day but we had to know how it ended . ]

Dionysus continued speaking . [In the process, we found some singularities related to the predicted 'end . One of them was the 'regressor' with you . ]

"You chose Yoo Sangah to keep an eye on Yoo Jonghyuk?"

[Honestly, yes . ]

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My anger increase but I endured it . Dionysus' words hadn't finished .

[Then while spying on him, we came to know of your existence . ]

" . . . "

[An incarnation who hates fate, hates constellations and doesn't believe in the Star Stream . He became a constellation on his own without choosing a sponsor and he is even a constellation we can't see the identity of . A singularity I have never seen before . We found you and made up our minds . ] Dionysus laughed . [Hide you and use you . ]

There were remnants of dim stories in his tone . Some scenes in the past where I thought I was 'lucky' passed through my mind . The Even Bridge that unfolded at the first Oksu Station ― 「Deus Ex Machina . 」 . There was the probability that helped whenever I was in danger .

[We wanted to use you to stop the destruction . Thus, I wanted to help you by using Incarnation Yoo Sangah . ]

[It is different from Ares' words . He wants to get rid of me . ]

[There is already internal conflict among the 12 Gods . I don't know if you're aware . ]

A golden aura rose from Dionysus' body as he got up . This was the grandeur of the lineage of Zeus, king of the sky .

[The present Olympus is a fake . ]

Dionysus' golden eyes gazed at me like he was looking down on his vassal .

[Just as human priests created gods to establish their authority, the gods of Olympus created myths to maintain their power . Fake myths such as Gigantomachia and Heracles . . . and this is the result . ]

[The constellation 'God of Wine and Ecstasy' is looking at you . ]

[I want to end this era . Then I want to make a new Olympus . ]

[The story 'King of a Kingless World' is responding . ]

The story sleeping inside me reacted to his story . The Dionysus in front of me was one of the candidates to replace Zeus in the future .

[Anyway, that was the plan . . . now this place is haunted by the fish uncle and there is nothing you can do . Perhaps the scenario will end this way . ]

If the probability plausibility screen begun then there was a high probability this scenario would fail .
The participants would receive compensation according to their combination but Gigantomachia wouldn't occur . Perhaps Poseidon had been aiming for this . At the expense of his own status and nebula probability, he was trying to defend Olympus .

"No, there is still something I can do . "


"I think we can overturn Olympus in this scenario . Instead, give me a Nectar in exchange for my help . "

[Nectar? I have a bit here . ]

I took the Nectar from Dionysus . I placed a few drops on my tongue .

[A star fluid has been ingested for the first time!]

[The star fluid 'Nectar' has responded to you!]

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[The probability of Olympus has restored your broken body!]

[All your stats and skill levels have increased slightly .

Was this the star fluid I had only heard about in words? I received an effect even though my average stats exceeded 200 . Dionysus watched me put away the remaining Nectar and asked, [Hey, did you forget that one blow before? Yet you want to fight again?]

"Will you help?"

[Are you crazy? Even if I help you, no . . . it is impossible to change the situation even if half of the 12 Gods help . Don't you know how strong that fish is? Are you still out of your mind? The end of this scenario is already―]

"The end of the scenario is fixed . Is that what you want to say?"

As Giant Briareus stated, fate couldn't be averted . Ares had also said it . This scenario was just the development of a causal event that was scheduled . Yes, that's right . Perhaps their words were correct .

"If the end is fixed, is there any meaning in the process?"

[It must be meaningful but that is just being romantic . As a result, it is recorded as a failed story . ]

"Are all failed stories meaningless? Even if you know you will fail, isn't the story of those who have fought to the end worth it?"

[The constellations like those stories but those who do so are bound to die . ]

"It is a possibility . Then what about this? Someone who is influenced by the story tries to challenge the same story again . "

At this moment, Dionysus opened his mouth .

"10 times, 100 times, 1000 times . What if many constellations and incarnations are affected by the story and live such a story again?"

Failure might be scheduled but the countless beings built up a story of courage as they confronted the given fate over and over again . What if they accumulated stories about challenges and challenged them in another way .

"Then are the failed stories useless?"

Stage Transformation wasn't absolute . It was because the myth was just a creation . Dionysus was speechless .

In the end, the probability of the Star Stream was a law that flowed towards the 'desired flow' that many beings wanted . The story that many beings desired would be realized someday .

Dionysus barely managed to open his mouth but he was oddly incensed . [Then are you going to be the first? You will be the first victim and overthrow the torch of the scenario?]

"Nope . " I smiled . "I will be the last torch . "


"It is because numerous people have already failed before me . "

I knew . I needed hundreds or thousands of attempts to defeat this Poseidon . Just like . . . the current existence running towards Poseidon . . .

Dammit .

TL: Rainbow Turtle