Omniscient Reader - Chapter 337

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Chapter 337: 337
"Why should I help you?"

"Or you will die too . "

There were more than 10 incarnations in the darkness . They were Anna Croft, Selena Kim and other party members . As expected, they also fought in Gigantomachia .

"We can escape before that happens . "

"Then you'll receive damage . Wouldn't it be a good experience to clear it to the end as long as you're in the middle of the scenario?"

Anna Croft stared at me as if to test my true intentions . "What do you really want?"

"King Lycomedes' Leather Gloves . Don't you have it? I didn't see it at the auction house, no matter how hard I looked . "

Anna Croft had used Future Sight . She probably knew the value of the items she purchased beforehand . Anna Croft read my intentions and then smiled . "I can't give you that . It is a material for my giant soldier . "

"Are you trying to create a model capable of Stage Transformation? You should know it is impossible with your strength alone . "

"I'll only know after trying . "

One of Anna Croft's party members stepped forward with hostility . Then Yoo Jonghyuk stepped forward to confront him .

"There's nothing to say . " There was the clear sound of the sword being pulled out . "She is a woman I need to kill anyway . "

A transcendent status filled the cave and the other side obviously became tense . I could use Yoo Jonghyuk to take away items . The problem was that the opponent was Anna Croft .

I raised my hand to restrain Yoo Jonghyuk and Yoo Jonghyuk stared at me with a dreadful expression .

[The character Yoo Jonghyuk is using Three Restraints Lv . 10 . ]

Restraining oneself three times to avoid killing a person . . . I couldn't believe I was seeing Yoo Jonghyuk use this skill in front of my eyes . It was difficult for me to tell how much of a grudge Yoo Jonghyuk had against Anna Croft, even after reading Ways of Survival .

I was struggling to make a decision when someone spoke . "Anna, give him the gloves . Now is the time for us to yield . "

Anna Croft's expression hardened at Selena Kim's words . Selena Kim turned her head and sent a sound transmission to me .

-I am thankful for last time, Demon King of Salvation .

Previously, I had released the pledge on Selena Kim through the bet with Anna Croft at the auction house . In other words, Selena Kim no longer had to listen to Anna Croft's commands . Anna Croft's expression when her greatest power opposed her opinion was worth seeing .

Since Selena Kim threw out these words, it was my turn to finish it . "It won't be for free . "


"I will buy it with coins . "

Anna Croft paused at the mention of coins .

"How about 500,000 coins? You probably lost some money at the auction house . "

Anna Croft's eyes narrowed . She seemed to be thinking about the losses she had suffered . After a while, Anna Croft opened her mouth . "I will consider it for one million coins . "

"It originally cost 200,000 coins . Isn't that too expensive? 600,000 coins . "

"900,000 coins . "

"700,000 coins . I can't compromise any further . "

"I'll give it to you for 800,000 coins . "

Indeed, she was a formidable woman . 800,000 coins wasn't a small number but the deal had to be made . The King Lycomedes' Leather Gloves was an indispensable item for this whale hunting .

[King Lycomedes' Leather Gloves has been acquired . ]

[You have paid 800,000 coins to Incarnation Anna Croft . ]

The deal was over and I smiled . "There is no harm to each other . "

"No harm to each other? Have you already forgotten that you took one million coins from me?
There are still 200,000 coins . . . "

"Come to South Korea once . You can enjoy a 200,000 won course meal . "

Of course, 200,000 won and 200,000 coins were different . Anna Croft gritted her teeth angrily . "Do you really intend to fight with Poseidon?"

"You have seen it with Future Sight so you will know . "

"That . . . "

Of course, I knew she didn't know the future . Her Future Sight couldn't see the futures associated with me .

I brushed past her and added in a small voice . "Maybe this time will be pretty fun . You will go to a future that you can't read . "

I watched Anna Croft's quivering small head and felt a strange sense of triumph . . . I didn't know why I wanted to bully this person every time I met her .

"I hope you won't die a dog's death . "

"If you really want that, ask Asgard to add some probability . "

After finishing the conversation, I glanced at Yoo Jonghyuk . He was still glaring at Anna Croft and seemed on the verge of swinging his sword straight away . The moment I was about to open Midday Tryst, Yoo Jonghyuk unexpectedly sent me a message first .

-That woman's neck belongs to me . No matter when it happens .

-Do whatever you like .

Of course, at that time, I didn't intend to stop it . However, at least until then, Anna Croft was a person we needed .

Dionysus raised his hand . [What do I do?]

"Don't do anything . "


I left Dionysus and glanced at the giant soldier . Pluto was raising hisbody in the seawater .

I asked Yoo Jonghuk, "Can' you burn for two people?"

[You're not satisfied with one and want me to do two?]

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"Can you do it?"

[ . . . Will you care if I say I can't?]


As the two myth-grade constellations clashed, the true voices of the constellations came from the sky . They stopped fighting and voiced their opinions on the current situation instead of pointing their weapons at each other .

[I didn't think Hades would show up here . . . ]

[How can we stop them? Athena, haven't you won a fight with Uncle Poseidon before?]

[Isn't that another story? I just planted an olive tree . . . how can I win against a myth-grade?]

[I don't know if the Lightning Throne or Mother Earth appears . . . ]

The expressions of the 12 Gods were dark . The Lightning Throne neglected the work of the nebula after entering the top-level scenario while Mother Earth hated Olympus and was unlikely to interfere in this incident .

[Hermes, what about using the giant stories of Olympus?]

[They are the chief narrators of our giant story . Do you think it will work?]

[ . . . That's true . ]

There were comments here and there but a solution didn't come out .

Lee Seolhwa observed the conversation between constellations and whispered in Lee Hyunsung's ears . " . . . I thought narrative-grade constellations would be great but they're more ordinary than I thought . "

"Yes . "

"Then what should we do now? If the constellations are like this . . . "

There was no confidence in Lee Seolhwa's voice . In the meantime, Kim Dokja's Company worked hard . It was natural to become confident after training and progressing . However, now they weren't dealing with great-grade or narrative-grade constellations . The stories they built couldn't even compare to the toes of these enormous beings .

Shin Yoosung muttered in a small voice . "It was really had to beat that sun ahjussi last time . . . "

Surya had two eyes closed and was watching the scene through the Third Eye on his forehead . Even Surya, the strongest sun god, remained silent without interrupting . He was also unable to confront the myth-grade constellations .

Shockwaves spread . The clashes between Poseidon and Hades became more frequent and cracks spread in the sky . The space itself was collapsing from the collision . In addition, the more serious thing . . .

[Uncle Hades will lose . ]

[It can't be helped . This stage is the 'sea' . ]

Complicated expressions appeared on the faces of the 12 Gods . Poseidon or Hades . No matter who won, Olympus would fall into the crucible of confusion .

At this moment, Surya opened his mouth . [Something is coming . ]

Someone had penetrated the expanse and was quickly approaching this way . It was a giant soldier made of the skin of a black dragon .

Lee Gilyoung shouted, "Dokja hyung!"

There was a loud exhaust sound and the giant soldier stopped . Kim Dokja emerged from inside Pluto . "Everyone . I'll explain it briefly . "

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Kim Dokja slowly looked at the constellations and incarnations . "I'm going to make a sacred torch . For that, I need your help . "

Suddenly, the 12 Gods glanced at each other . A true voice burst out .

[A sacred torch relay!]

[Indeed, why didn't I think of that?]

The voices spoke until Kim Dokja once again opened his mouth . "The 12 Gods, please don't do anything . "

[What? What do you mean?]

"You belong to Olympus and have no way to resist Poseidon's giant story . If you participate in the torch relay, it can be counterproductive . "

Kim Dokja's words were true and some constellations nodded . However, it wasn't everyone .

[If we don't help, how can we turn on the sacred fire?]

In the first place, the sacred torch was a light that came from the sun . In order to start the sacred light, the help of the sun was needed .

Then Surya quietly stood up . Kim Dokja gazed at him . "Surya, sit down too . "

Surya sat down again .

[How will you make a sacred torch without the sun?]

"The sacred fire is about sanctification . It isn't turned on only by the sun . "

[The constellation 'Demon-like Judge of Fire' is shrugging . ]

Looking back, Jung Heewon's body was held tightly by Lee Hyunsung who had triggered Steel Transformation . Lee Hyunsung's cheeks were red, although it was unknown if this was due to embarrassment or the flames of Hell Flames Ignition .

"Too hoooooooot!"

"I'm sorry . Please endure it a bit more . "

Surya nodded at the sight . [The flames of Eden are enough to replace the sun's heat . However, the flames made from that sanctification will find it hard to pierce through Poseidon's waves . ]

"I know . Thus, it is time for you to step up . "

Surya rose from where he was sitting . [Interesting . ]


I needed more time before Lee Hyunsung was heated enough by the flames so I sat on the giant soldier's shoulder and gave some instructions to the group members . Then I looked around and saw Han Sooyoung dangling her legs while sucking candy .

I scolded Han Sooyoung, "Is it delicious?"

"Strangely, I've been craving something sweet lately . Do you want to eat?"

Han Sooyoung didn't wait for my answer and shoved the candy she was holding into my mouth .
It had a lemon flavour . I ate the candy and Han Sooyoung looked at me quietly . "By the way, that's what I was eating . "

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" . . . You are really no fun . "

Han Sooyoung slid down from the shoulder of the giant soldier and landed on its palm . I looked around and everyone also had a candy in their mouths, even Yoo Jonghyuk .

Lee Seolhwa said, "Sooyoung-ssi gave them away . I heard it has a relaxing effect . "

That's why they were all biting one . I nodded in a convinced manner and Lee Seolhwa asked, "Can we win?"

I looked up and slowly gazed at Lee Seolhwa . Lee Seolhwa was looking back . I just smiled because I had no answer .

Victory or defeat, I didn't know such a thing . Just .

"No one will die . "

Finally, the Steel Sword was preheated by the sacred flames and the 'torch' was held in Pluto's hand .
I opened my mouth while boarding Pluto .

[Please gather together . ]

One by one, the scattered party members gathered . People born in different places and had different perspectives were gathered here . Thus, they became a constellation of people .

[The giant story 'Demon World's Spring' has begun!]

All the narrators of Kim Dokja's Company started their story .

「 It is a story originating from a reader . 」

「 The strongest and loneliest man in the world held his sword . 」

「 The steel sword bore the inferno of hell and soared towards the high expanse . 」

The history that we accumulated was gathering in the flames of the sacred torch . Our story was a giant story from outside Olympus . Thus, it was impossible for Poseidon to not be hurt by this force .
From a distance, Poseidon noticed the message and looked this way .

He laughed and covered the air with waves, like a barrier . He was confident that the barrier made with the power of a myth-grade constellation couldn't be pierced .

It was possible to know just by facing him . Kim Dokja's Company couldn't pierce that barrier with our current power . We needed more power and a faster speed . A momentum strong enough to break through that wall .

Finally, there was an assistant to provide that momentum to us .

[The giant story 'Demon World's Spring' has expanded . ]

The sound of a train horn was heard from somewhere .

[Stage Transformation has occurred!]

「 Thus, the bright sun illuminated their way . 」

The train that was once our enemy was now rushing through the sky to pick us up . The sun train emitted a dazzling golden aura and the party members looked up with ecstatic eyes .

It was possible . If it was like this, it was clearly possible .

"Let's go, Kim Dokja's Company . "

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