Omniscient Reader - Chapter 344

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Chapter 344
Feeding Yoo Sangah's soul to the Fourth Wall . This method was conceived based on the past incident where my mother was eaten by the Fourth Wall . At that time, my mother had been eaten by the wall when her soul body was damaged and part of her soul was restored when she was spat out again . In addition, there was the 'library' inside the Fourth Wall so it was worth trying .

「Don't wa nt to . 」

The Fourth Wall read my intentions but didn't listen to me . The Fourth Wall watched the scattered Yoo Sangah and reacted furiously .

「 I won't ea t th at . 」

"Eat . " The shock caused my body to shake . However, I didn't back down . "If you won't eat then I'll turn off the skill . "

This was my last threat . In any case, the Fourth Wall was a skill and I could turn it off whenever I wanted . Based on previous incidents, the Fourth Wall really hated it . Then this time . . .

「 Do it if you c an . 」

It sounded certain I couldn't do so .

「 If y ou tu rn me off, the wo man can't sur vive . 」

I bit my lips .

「 In addi tion, turn ing me off will let the con stella tions see your in for mation . 」

[Many constellations are paying attention to you!]

[Some constellations are doubting the existence of the 'wall' you have . ]

The Fourth Wall was well aware that I was reluctant to disclose my information . In fact, I had no useful mental barriers apart from the Fourth Wall . If a high-grade constellation stared at me the moment the wall disappeared, I might be as helpless as a naked baby .

I stared at the wall for a moment . "Then I will break it . "

「 What? 」

"I will break some parts of the wall and force you to eat her . "

Originally, the Fourth Wall wasn't reality . However, now I was able to hit the wall . I clenched my fists and dealt a blow to the wall in front of me The whole room shook from the devastating impact . There was a short scream and the sound of people rushing outside .

I swung my fist again . The wall still had no scratches .

「 It is use less . 」

" . . . "

「 It is too mu ch of a vio lation to sa ve Yoo Sang ah . 」

I thought about it . As I said earlier, the Fourth Wall wasn't reality . It was a skill I implemented . Then . . .
I focused my gaze towards one part of the wall . Sparks flooded the room and Lee Jihye, who opened the door, was thrown out .

「 N o! 」

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There was a small crack on a corner of the Fourth Wall . It was as I expected . Until now, I had been thinking of the skill as something that could be turned on or off . Perhaps the 'skill' might have the appropriate intermediate state . In other words . . .

What if I could turn off a 'part' of the skill? The wall rapidly cracked and a small gap formed in an instant . There was an abyss that seemed able to swallow anything .

Soon, the gap started to suck in the surrounding story fragments like a black hole . The stories of Yoo Sangah were quickly sucked into the wall .

「 St op . . . ! 」

Huge sparks hit my body and I let out a terrible groan . A probability storm was blowing through the wall . I heard the voices of the party members and my vision turned white .

In the darkness, Yoo Sangah came to her senses . She opened her eyes to only darkness . In this scene that didn't allow even a point of light, Yoo Sangah suddenly realized something .

She . . . wasn't dead? The last scene she saw flashed through her head . There was a probability storm and Kim Dokja's shout as he tried to save her . Then there was a memory of being sucked into somewhere . . .

There was nothing she could be sure of .

Yoo Sangah checked herself from head to toe . Eyes, lips, tongue, ears, hands, feet, knees . . . there wasn't a single place where sensations could be felt . it was as if her whole body was paralyzed and her sense of movement had completely disappeared .

Perhaps only her soul was left?

Yoo Sangah tried to calmly accept the situation . In Haruki novels, it was common for people to become ideas . This could be enough . The dead becoming a soul . . .

. . . Scary . It was scary to be alone in the darkness . There were no sensations in this state . She didn't know if she existed or not . Yoo Sangah tried not to fall into the trap of thinking as she recalled the old proposition of philosophy .

「 I think . Therefore I am . 」

This was René Descartes' maxim . It was such a famous saying that she was somehow ashamed to quote it . Yet for Yoo Sangah, this was her only line of salvation . At least, she knew she existed while she thought this . Then soon afterwards, Yoo Sangah had a frightening thought . Then was there anyone who didn't think? If she stopped thinking in this darkness . . .

Therefore, Yoo Sangah kept thinking desperately . In order not to disappear, she remembered the things that she desperately wanted to avoid .

「 "Sangah . " 」

A voice floated in her mind, followed by a face . It was a familiar face . Her family members before the 'scenario' came . Her father, a judge, and her older brothers who were doctors . Her mother who was born in a wealthy family .

「 "Don't do anything conspicuous . " 」

「 "People who aren't you will see what you have . " 」

「 "What four languages? You just have to be a cute little girl . " 」

Yoo Sangah watched the flowing words and smiled bitterly . To be exact, she lost them before that .

「 " . . . You are going to join a game company? You aren't marrying the president of the game company?" 」

Maybe she was living a 'scenario' even before the scenario started . No one called it for a scenario but for her, it was a scenario . If a dokkaebi had named the scenario, perhaps it would be 'Declaration of Independence . '

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「 "I am a new employee . " 」

After entering the game company and becoming independent at home, his life changed a bit . She also met an interesting person .

「 "Yoo Sangah-ssi . Do you have a mobile phone charger?" 」

The man with a thin face who borrowed her charger .

「 "I am an important appointment at 7 o'clock and my battery is running out . " 」

A person who did the interview with her and who was uncooperative about everything in the company .

「 "I will attend the ceremony but I must leave at 7 o'clock . " 」

He was always the person to leave the company first once the work day ended .

「 "I won't participate in the picnic . I hate climbing mountains the most . " 」

The man who seemed like a ghost and didn't exist in other people's eyes as he stared at his smartphone .

「" . . . Yoo Jonghyuk, that jerk died again . " 」

Thus, she might've done something strange as well . She put things into the food of the boss who took projects from his subordinates or mixed pepper in the drinks of the manager who made them run coffee errands .

「 "Uwek! What is this? Why does the coffee taste like this?" 」

It was the birth of Mino Soft's historic event, which was later called the 'Break Room Incident . '
She poured pepper into the finely ground beans and felt a sense of liberation . The company was turned upside down . It was a criminal who couldn't even be caught by the surveillance staff .

「 Yoo Sangah, I still remember . 」

A company where everyone had left work . A smartphone light appeared quietly from behind a cabinet in the break room .

「 Kim Dokja was clearly there . 」

No matter whether she put in pepper or salt, the light just stayed there and tolerated her actions . It was as if the things that happened beyond the cabinet didn't involve him .

「Maybe I should've talked to him at that time . 」

Why did he remain silent behind that cabinet? Why didn't he report what she died and why did he say, "There is no one . " Why did he turn the CCTV away from the direction of the break room? Why . . . was he always looking at the phone with a variety of expressions?

Her surroundings brightened and her senses started to gradually return .

[A powerful presence doesn't allow your 'story' to fall apart . ]

[Someone who likes to be tidy doesn't deserve your story . ]

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A voice was heard from somewhere .

「 (Look, this is 'push and pull' . ) 」

「(No . I think that after watching every movie that exists on Earth . . . ) 」

「(Isn't it a desire to become one?) 」

Yoo Sangah slowly opened her eyes and found three beings surrounding her . There was a squid-like creature wearing glasses . An elderly man with grey hair and a bent back . Finally, a beautiful person who exuded a strange atmosphere where the gender was unknown .

The moment she saw the last existence, Yoo Sangah shot up with surprise .

「 (You . . . ? ) 」

「 (You woke up, new librarian,) 」

The neutral beauty, Nirvana smiled . Yoo Sangah didn't know what was going on . Why was this person here?

Nirvana looked at her and spoke . 「 (It is a long explanation . You'll find out soon . You are lucky . You are the first one to enter this library since I've been living here . ) 」

A combination of letters was overflowing behind the three beings .

[Welcome, new librarian Yoo Sangah . ]

Yoo Sangah looked around . Dim light from candles illuminated the darkness everywhere .

Library . . . There was an incredible number of bookshelves filled with books that didn't seem to end . It had been a long time since she saw a library of this size .

Kim Dokja's words popped into her mind . If she could live again, was she willing to read books that weren't from those authors?

. . . Was this what he meant? She didn't know what this place was . She didn't know why Kim Dokja sent her here or what he wanted . Still, she had a hunch . If she read these books now, she might be able to solve many of her questions .

「 (Will you read it?) 」

「(Yes?) 」

「 (If you read it, you might be sorry . It might be a truth you can't handle . ) 」

Yoo Sangah's hand stopped as she approached the book . It wasn't because of Nirvana's words . It was because a man she knew well showed up in the darkness .

"She won't be a librarian . "

Kim Dokja was there .


「 ( . . . Dokja-ssi?) 」

I felt deep relief the moment I saw Yoo Sangah staring at me blankly . It was a success . Somehow, I succeeded in preserving Yoo Sangah's soul . Her soul body was still damaged but the power flowing faintly through the library was restoring her soul .

I bowed to Yoo Sangah . "I'm sorry to have brought you to such a shabby place . Please endure it a bit . I'll take you out soon . "

「(What shabby place? Foolish man who doesn't know the spirituality of truth . ) 」

"It's been a while, Nirvana . "

「 (How did you come here . The 'wall' shouldn't have allowed it . ) 」

"I found a trick . "

Nirvana's expression was unusual .

「 (I don't know what you're thinking but this is a really bad decision . There is a reason you have the wall . ) 」

"I guess so . "

It wasn't talking to me right now but the Fourth Wall must be very angry because of what I did . A sharp air current reached my skin and I could feel its emotions . However, now wasn't the time to worry about it .

「 (If the wall wants, it can turn one or two librarians into the dust of the story . ) 」

"I told you . She won't be a librarian . "

「 (What nonsense are you saying? If you sent her here then naturally . . . ) 」

"I'll bring her out again . "

Nirvana frowned like he heard something ridiculous .

「 (Do you think the wall will allow that? Even if it is possible, that woman's body is already dead . There is no place to return when the body is dead . ) 」

I silently stared at Nirvana . Then Nirvana's expression became strange .

「 (Perhaps, you . . . ) 」

He was now part of the Fourth Wall and might've read my thoughts . His lips trembled as Nirvana shouted,「 (No! Even if the wall allows it, I won't do it . ) 」

"Nirvana . "

Nirvana would know . There were many types of 'attributes' in the world but there were only two 'perfect immortality' attributes . One was Yoo Jonghyuk's regressor and the other was . . .

"Where is your sponsor, Guardian of the Mandala now?"

The first reincarnator . Now the time had come to meet the third protagonist of the story .

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