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Omniscient Reader - Chapter 38

Published at 18th of January 2019 07:03:38 AM

Chapter 38

The moment the yellow eyes looked at us, a deafening roar echoed in our ears .


[The 7th grade, Tyrannosaurus Rex has recognized you . ]

[The 'Tyrannosaurus Rex' has triggered the 'Fear the Predator' skill!]

[The exclusive skill Fourth Wall has blocked the effect of the 'Fear the Predator' skill . ]

My mindw as calm thanks to Fourth Wall, but I could stop the chills that occurred . This was the fear towards a predator .

"Everyone, get out of the way!"

The petrified Jung Heewon and Lee Jihye regained their spirits . I fell back with Lee Gilyoung beside me .

Kwa kwa kwa kwa!

A long tail flew through the forest in front of us .


The men who were running fell on the backs and coughed up blood . Fortunately, Jung Heewon and Lee Jihye were away from the danger zone .

I shouted to Lee Gilyoung lying down next to me .

"Gilyoung fall back, while Heewon-ssi and Jihye-ssi scatter to the left and right!"

Then a message popped up .

[The character 'Lee Gilyoung' has activated the 'Dinosaur Book' skill!]


"Tyrannosaurus are agile compared to their size, but they are vulnerable due to their narrow field of view . "


"I saw it in a book when I was a child . "

"When you were a child?"

"…Younger than I am now . "

I stared blankly at Lee Gilyoung . This wasn't the time to tackle it .


[The exclusive skill 'White Pure Star Energy' has been activated . ]

I started waving the iridescent blade to attract the attention of the T-Rex . Lee Jihye and Jung Heewon weren't tankers . I didn't even need to mention Lee Gilyoung . Therefore, I was the only one who could take the risk here .

"While I draw its attention, attack its rear―"

I hadn't finished talking when I saw Lee Jihye and Jung Heewon already at the T-Rex's rear . They noticed quickly .


I barely avoided the incoming teeth and the stomping legs . Before I could wield Unbroken Faith, its tail passed over my head . An electrifying thrill swept over my body . I wouldn't die because my physique was over level 20, but it was dizzying .

Maybe I had been lucky until now . I might be the 'sunfish' rather than Yoo Jonghyuk .

Sukak! Supaak!

Meanwhile, Jung Heewon and Lee Jihye was steadily dealing damage from the rear . It was a combination of 'Sword Training' and 'Kendo . ' Noticeable sword wounds were being dealt to the T-Rex's big legs . If this continued, it might take some time but the T-Rex would be defeated .

"Hyung! I'll draw its attention!"

The boy didn't listen to me about staying in the rear .

"No, Gilyoung you―"

"I can do it!"

All of a sudden, Lee Gilyoung came forward and started to make an unknown signal . I wanted to say something . Then a huge praying mantis came from somewhere, stabbed the T-Rex's eyes and fled . It was the Titano that Lee Gilyoung had been talking to before .


The T-Rex's eyes moved confusedly as it followed the praying mantis that disturbed its vision . Lee Gilyoung used dazzling hand movements to control the praying mantis . I looked at Lee Gilyoung with a fresh mindset .

Wasn't this guy actually a hugely fraudulent character? No wonder why Yoo Jonghyuk coveted him .


Thanks to Lee Gilyoung's success, the battlefield quickly became advantageous . The T-Rex's movements became duller while a red light shone in Jung Heewon and Lee Jihye's eyes .

[Demon Slayer] .

It made them vulnerable to mental attacks but it was a good skill that made them stronger when they were excited . The sight of the two women's eyes burning as they watched the rainforest was truly spectacular .

It was a pity that I had lost Lee Jihye to Yoo Jonghyuk . However, Jung Heewon also had overwhelming growth potential . Judge of Destruction was a good attribute and she didn't have a sponsor yet .

It felt like the T-Rex's stamina had decreased considerably . It was time to deal the final blow .

[Blade of Faith is activated!]

I started to focus my remaining magic power . I didn't have a sponsor, nor was I as fast as Jung Heewon or Lee Jihye . But that didn't mean my attack power was weak . I had a fraudulent system that overcame all of this .


Ether Blade .

[The special option of Unbroken Faith is activated . ]

[The ether property is converted to 'fire . ']

An enormous amount of magic power was sucked in and my physical fatigue became extreme . But I didn't mind because there was a way to supplement it later .

The blade increased by one metre and was surrounded by flames .

I ran to the rear of the Tyrannosaurus .

"Everybody out of the way!"

The moment that the Tyrannosaurus hesitated and its movements slowed, I climbed its tail . I almost fell over a few times because I didn't have the 'Sense of Balance' but I somehow held on by stabbing the blade into the epidermis .


The T-Rex poured out blood and its body rolled across the ground . I rammed the blade in wherever I could . Flames poured into the wounds caused by the blade .

The yellow eyes of the T-Rex stared at me as it gasped painfully, before finally dying .

[You have succeeded in being the first to hunt the 7th grade species 'Tyrannosaurus Rex!']

[You have obtained 1,000 coins as compensation . ]

"Ah…we really got it . "

"I knew we could do it . "

Jung Heewon breathed heavily as she spoke with a proud expression on her face . She could be proud because the T-Rex was top-ranked among the 7th grade monsters . Lee Jihye belatedly rushed towards me .

"I had it!"

"What? It would've taken a long time if you continued hitting it like that . "

I wiped off my sword while speaking . Jung Heewon asked .

"But was a Tyrannosaurus killed in this movie?"

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"No but isn't this more fun?"


"The genre is fantasy, action and adventure . This should be enough . "

At this moment, a system message flashed in my head .

[The theater owner is satisfied with the changed ending of the movie . ]

Jung Heewon screamed like it was absurd .


Yes . The strategy of Theatre Dungeon wasn't to see the 'real ending . '

If so, Yoo Jonghyuk wouldn't have been able to beat this dungeon . It was to create the desired ending for the 'theatre master' at the core of this dungeon . Please note that the theatre owner was an extreme psychopath .

"Do you understand now? We just need to smash it . "

In other words, if we removed all the obstacles to the ending, the movie would end naturally .

[Now you can move to the next floor . ]

[Go to the helipad on top of the research laboratory . ]

"We will move in a little while . We have to get some rewards . "

I started exploring the area around the T-Red . Soon after, I found one of the guys who entered before us . The rest were eaten or mutilated by the T-Rex .

"Hey, wake up . "


Blood was constantly flowing from the man . The wounds were from the T-Rex's claws . The bones were revealing, making it obvious that this person couldn't recover .

"Breathe slowly . "

"C-Cough! …Alive…"

I fed the man drinking water I had brought in . The man drank some water before coughing up blood again . I was forced to urgently ask him questions .

"How did you come here?"


"Who are the prophets?"

The man's breathing was getting rougher .

"R-Revelation… received…"


"I want to… live…"

Blood burst out from the man's mouth . He finally died . Jung Heewon and the others came up behind me .

"That person…?"

I shook my head and looked down at the fallen man .

'Revelation . ' What funny bullshit .

As far as I knew, only Anna Croft had the ability of 'Future Sight' in Ways of Survival .

Then there was only one answer .

…There was someone else besides me . But they didn't know as much as I did . The proof was that they didn't dare come here in person to test out the information .

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"Take a break . "

We covered the man's body with a large lead and gathered near the dad T-Rex . W had to hurry to pursue Yoo Jonghyuk . But if we didn't get enough rest, the party would be wiped out before we met him .

I searched the T-Rex's body .

I looked at the head and heart but unfortunately, I couldn't find any monster cores . That didn't mean there was no income . Jung Heewon drooled as she watched the T-Rex being cooked over the fire .

"…Can we eat this?"

"We can eat it because it is cooked with magic flames . The unripe parts can be cooked with the Magic Power Stove . "

We sat side by side around the T-Rex's leg . As we cut the cooked flesh of the T-Rex little by little, steam rose . Lee Gilyoung shouted .

"Fresh meat!"

Lee Jihye hurriedly rushed up and grabbed a pierce first . The rest of the group, including myself, also picked large pieces of flesh . Meat of this size? It was a luxury that couldn't be dreamt of back when I was an office worker . Lee Jihye closed her eyes while enjoying the taste . Then she murmured in an ecstatic voice .

"Ah, the best taste in the world…"

It really was delicious .

The fat was properly wrapped around the muscles, making it different from the ground rats . The feeling every time I took a bit… If Yoo Sangah was here, she would've cried .

After I consumed the meat, I felt my stamina recovering . The meat of an advanced species had these special effects . However, caution was required in some cases . Jung Heewon sighed .

"Phew… I ate well . It is really delicious but I will cry if I eat anymore . "

We had a moderate rest and then headed straight to the laboratory in the centre of the island .

We encountered several raptors on the way but they were easy after the T-Rex .

There were many flasks and ampoules in the laboratory . There were small incubators containing dinosaur embryos and blood samples collected . There was only one thing missing .

My eyes caught a few items as we entered the inner corridor .

[Physique Enhancing Ampoule]

[Magic Power Enhancing Ampoule]

[Agility Enhancing Ampoule]

[Strength Enhancing Ampoule]

As expected, it was here . I started to pack the ampoules . Just like the Ichthyosaur's Core, these comprehensive stat growth items were available only in the early scenarios .

It wasn't just one or two ampoules . There were close to 20 bottles . If this was the case, my stats would be able to level up explosively . It was in anticipation of this hidden scenario that I saved coins instead of investing them in my stats .

These ampoules were only available when the corresponding stat was less than level 30 .

"Ahjussi, what did you find now?"

…Ah, this ghost-like girl .

"What? Physique Enhancement Ampoule?"

Lee Jihye's eyes shone as she grabbed one ampoule .

"Are you trying to eat these alone?"

"Eat them all? Of course I will share it . "

"Unni, look at this! Ahjussi…!"

The other people in the party came closer due to the turmoil . Jung Heewon was shocked when she checked the item information .

"Oh my god… what are these items?"

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"…This is a hidden scenario . "

I spoke with a bit of disgruntlement . Damn, this was a bit difficult . I didn't catch the T-Rex alone so taking all the items pricked my conscience…

[Some constellations are displeased with the situation . ]

Lee Jihye looked at the Strength Enhancement Ampoule and opened her mouth .

"Can you give me the Strength Enhancement Ampoule? I am a bit lacking in strength . "

[The exclusive skill, Character List is activated . ]

It was a summary version that only contained the comprehensive stats .

[Character Summary List]

Name: Lee Jihye

Private Attribute: Scarred Sword Demon (Rare)

Exclusive Skills: Sword Training Lv . 4, Demon Slaying Lv . 1, Absolute Sense Lv . 2, Ghost Walk Lv . 2 .

Stigma: Sea Battle Lv . 1, Large Army Command Lv . 1 .

Overall Stats: Physique Lv . 13, Strength Lv . 17, Agility Lv . 13, Magic Power Lv . 10 .

This damn girl…

"Huh? Heewon unni, can't I have it?"

"Um, Dokja-ssi was the one who discovered it so it is his decision…"

Frankly, it didn't matter if the other party members received them but giving them to Lee Jihye was a bit of a waste . She was part of Yoo Jonghyuk's group anyway .

[The constellation 'Demon-like Judge of Fire' expects your fairness . ]

Fairness… yes, let's pick the most unbiased game I knew .

I smiled and made a suggestion .

"How about rock paper scissors?"

"Rock paper scissors?"

"There will be one winner at the end . "

Greed filled Lee Jihye's face .


"Well… I will do what Dokja-ssi wants . But is it okay? It could be a mistake . "

"Then doesn't that mean he is unlucky?"

Lee Jihye asked . She was excited at the thought of getting a share of the items .

"Let's start with a Strength Enhancement Ampoule . "

I put out the Strength Enhancement Ampoule and said to Lee Jihye .

"You will face me . "

"I'm good at rock paper scissors . Will it be okay?"

"Ah, is that so?"

I smiled at Lee Jihye .

[Exclusive skill, Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint stage 1 has been activated!]

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