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Omniscient Reader - Chapter 388

Published at 6th of August 2019 03:31:54 PM

Chapter 388
After sharing brief goodbyes with my companions, I immediately sent a message to the . A reply came back in no time at all .

[Constellation, 'Father of the Rich Night', has permitted your entry . ]

[Constellation, 'Queen of the Darkest Spring', has permitted your entry . ]

[Nebula, , has opened a portal that will summon you . ]

Now originally, it was not easy to leave beyond the scenario's boundaries when a massive scenario was already underway . However, the had willingly spent an enormous amount of Probability for my sake .
I was really grateful for that .
I might be called their successor, but, I haven't even paid them a proper visit to say hello after getting their help the last time . . . . .
Now that I thought about it, I was kind of apprehensive, too; what if the reason for them permitting my entry without any issues was to beat me up for not visiting the until now?
- Kim Dok-Ja .
A message suddenly came flying in and startled me . I quickly looked up . It wasn't via [Midday Tryst], which meant there could be only one who had sent me this message .
- What's this? I thought you'd be busy after becoming the branch manager . But you still have enough leeway to mind what's happening this side, too?
- No, I don't . I made time, though .
Bihyung, floating in the air, grumbled a bit while sucking on leaf tobacco . This guy… . It looked as if he was fatigued from overworking after becoming a manager recently . He stared at me with complicated eyes and let a long sigh escape from his lips . I sensed the surrounding channels' transmissions get blocked off temporarily .
- You're trying to do something really dangerous .
- When did I ever not do that?
- This is different from the past . This time, the entirety of the is paying attention to the things you're doing .
- I think I've heard that hundreds of times by now .
- You keep this up, and all the Probability's karma you've accumulated so far will blow up in your face . You know what that means, don't you?
I nodded my head . I clearly saw all the horrifying things that happened after the twisted Probability exploded forth back in the 'Demon King Selection' .
And honestly, I'd been often feeling as if I was standing on a Jenga tower missing quite a few blocks lately .
- You be careful now . You can't stay lucky forever . Even if you are under protection by Great Dokkaebis or Outer Gods . . . . .
- Under the protection of who??
- … . Forget it . I shouldn't have said anything .
Bihyung shook his head and lightly spread some smoke in the air . When he did, the frozen channels began opening up once more with the tobacco smoke as the centre .
- Come back alive . Don't die .
- Is that something you should say to a guy heading to the netherworld?

He didn't have to say anything, but I knew that, most likely, Bihyung had been stopping all the interference attempts coming from the Bureau . He was just a measly little low-ranked Dokkaebi the first time we met, but now, he became big enough to help me out in this manner . Indeed, one had to live long enough first to see something like this .

[Transmission through space-time has begun . ]

All sensory perception seemed to split apart before me and when I opened my eyes again, the blackened and withered grounds of the netherworld greeted my presence . It was the . Originally, I needed to utilise the services of the boatman Charon and cross the river first, but that step had been omitted this time .
I walked on the gravelled banks of the dried-up river and headed off towards Hades's palace for a while . The moment I stepped inside the outer castle, though, tens of thousands of gazes landed on me as if they had been waiting for my arrival .
From the three Judges of the to the innumerable number of souls – judging from how ferocious the overall atmosphere was, I had to conclude that their gazes were not friendly at all .

[Judges of the have discovered your presence!]

As expected, there was another purpose in summoning me here, wasn't there?
Shu-shu-shut . . .
Emitting Statuses that might turn every living thing into withered, mummified husks, the three Judges of the approached me as if they were gliding in the air .
Each judge was a Fable-grade Constellation .
I quickly grasped the [Unbreakable Faith] attached to my hips . Even if I had grown stronger, it was not going to be easy trying to fend off against these three when we were in the .
It was right then that the leading Judge's eye level began lowering towards the ground . That was the start; the second and third Judges also lowered their eye level . All three of them were now kneeling before me .
… . . Uh?
And the army of the following after them all began settling down like a violent but low tidal wave . I took a closer look, and that volatile atmosphere I felt earlier was a bit different in nature to what I was assuming earlier . In fact, the Judges of the were looking at me while wiping away at their eyes – as if they were deeply moved about something .
The itself seemed to have knelt before me to open up a path .
It was the path that led into the inner sanctum of the palace . Only two Constellations were allowed to walk on this path up until now .
[We welcome you to the Kingdom of the Night, oh, Heir to the !!]
Along with the Judge's declaration, a system message floated up in my view .

[You are currently the Prince of the . ]


While moving through the palace's interior, I couldn't help but feel a bit strange inside .

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I figured that something like this might happen after becoming the 'successor to the ', but still, experiencing a near-vertical rise of my station made the inside of my brain go all soft and mushy .
I had never been treated this warmly before in my life . On top of that, what was up with this rather gloomy and decorative costume?

[Character, 'Ricardo von Kaixenix', asks you if you were also a prince . ]

The Fourth Prince of the Kaixenix Archipelago, sharing the same vision as me, decided to say something . As I deliberated on what my reply should be, the Judge attentively studying me also decided to address me . [Excuse me, your highness . ]
[I'd like to apologise for the matters of the last time . ]
Now that I thought about, this ajussi, he was the same Judge who 'greeted' me when I entered the in order to recover Shin Yu-Seung's soul . He was the one who drank lots of 'Yamata no Orochi's Snake Wine' and helped me in secret… . What was his Modifier again?
"No, it's fine . Things worked out well in the end so it's alright . I was actually grateful back then . "
The Judge lowered his head as if he was feeling apologetic, and pushed the doors to the audience chamber wide open . [The King of the is waiting for you . ]
I tensed up and stepped across the doorway along with the Judges . The confidence-inspiring Statuses from them guarding my side made me feel a bit weird inside, though .
If I become the master of the , I'd get to order around Constellations like them .
[… . Fufu . I see . So that's what happened . ]
Persephone's voice coming from the darkness interrupted my chain of thoughts . She sat on her throne and was busy chatting away with someone sitting on the top of her hand .
[Ba-aht, ba-aht . Aba-aht!]
[H-mm, it was the same story back then, too?]
[Ba-aht, ba-aht!]
It was a little 'mochi' bouncing around; I knew who that voice belonged to . And even before I could say something, Biyu discovered me first and cried out in happiness .
[Abahat! Abahat!]
[Our young successor has finally arrived, it seems . ]
I didn't know why Biyu was here, but still, this wasn't a bad development . Persephone seemed to be thoroughly entertained by her adorable antics, after all .
Hades's stony gaze and Persephone's warm, gentle one landed on me simultaneously . It felt as if my whole body was freezing up as this itchy sensation travelled all over me . As expected, just the glance of a Myth-grade Constellation contained enough power to overwhelm all existences .
I recalled Hades's incredible battle against Poseidon and performed a simple standing greeting with a bow of my head .
"It's been a while, oh, 'Father of the Rich Night', and 'Queen of the Darkest Spring' . "
[Indeed, it's been too long, my child . Have you been well?]
"Uh… . Yes, I have . How about you, my queen?"
[Fufu, we've been doing well . Although, we were a little saddened that our only son paid us a visit so belatedly like this . ]
The conversation we shared had this festive holiday vibe to it . Since I didn't have any experience in things like this, I couldn't figure out at all on how to carry on with the conversation .
Hades sitting on a commodious throne was looking down at me with an expression I still couldn't read, while Persephone carried a brightly-smiling face as she continued to talk to me .

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[The loneliness from your absence has been filled by our littlest granddaughter here . To think, I'd get to see a Dokkaebi granddaughter in our old age… . Indeed, one needs to live long enough first to see such a thing . ]
She must've really liked Biyu still going 'Ba-aht, ba-aht'; Persephone gently patted the small Dokkaebi sitting on the back of her hand . [Although we have a grandchild, you still regretfully lack a partner . When are you planning to introduce us to your mate?]
"Ah, that, I still need to think abo . . . . "
The top question nobody wanted to hear during the holidays flew in at me right away .
It was right then the silent Judges decided to step forward .
[According to our investigations, there are several potential candidates, your majesty . ]
[Ho-oh, is that so?]
[Yes . This data has been compiled after investigating through the Olympus's Fate Matching System ⸢Cupid's Arrow Shot⸥ and ⸢Help us DUO Venus⸥ . ] (TL: DUO is apparently a match-making company in South Korea, specialising in finding marriage partners . Not sure if I got the reference right, though . )
[Judges, you seem to have done something productive for once . ]
… . N-no, hang on a minute here . Why were these geezers called Judges investigating my private life??
Unfortunately, a hologram floated up in the air without giving me a chance to stop them .
[Firstly, this is the Candidate no . 1 . ]
What popped up on it was a certain footage .
- Dok-Ja has a dokja's life to live, after all .
- A Dok-Ja's life… . Dok-Ja-ssi, that's a wonderful assertion .
What the… . Out of all the footages available, why did they have to go and bring out such dark history?
The Judge spoke in a composed tone of voice . [Candidate No . 1 is a deeply considerate woman . Not only can she accept our Prince's peculiar sensibilities with tolerance as vast as rivers and oceans, but she also possesses a gentle, warm personality and natural decisiveness, as well as a wonderful outer appearance . Honestly speaking, she may even perhaps be out of our esteemed Prince's league . . . . ]
It felt as if the more I heard him speak, the more dazed I got .
[Next up is Candidate No . 2 . ]
Following her, a certain woman sucking on a lemon candy and blessed with prim eyes as well as a distinctive beauty spot just below one of them appeared on the screen .
- Dummy .
- Why are you crying on a nice day like today? I mean, it's even snowing, too… . I promise to think up a nice Modifier later on, okay?
The Judge formed a contented smile while looking at the footage and continued on with his story . [Although Candidate No . 2 possesses an abrasive personality and often resorts to biting, sarcastic remarks, she also happens to share a special relationship with our Prince . She is the sole existence who fully understands our Prince's dark hobby, and not only that, they can even converse freely regarding that hobby . Truly, a special being, with no one else like her in the . . . . . ]
Yup, the match-making system of had definitely lost a lot of its marbles, hadn't it?
Before the face of the third candidate could appear, I summoned up all my courage and shouted out . "No, hang on a minute! I don't have any thoughts of marriage yet!"
The Judge lowered his head as if he wanted to apologise and backed off . [If the esteemed Prince isn't ready yet, then the introduction of the next candidate can be delayed until the next time . . . . ]
[Hmm… . I wonder who'll be able to tame this stubborn Prince of ours . ]
Persephone complained in a tone of voice eerily similar to my real mother .
[Well, if all else fails, it'll be fine to bring the Dokkaebi that gave birth to this child as your partner . Both Hades and I are not bound by humanity's trifling and old-fashioned idea of one's preference . . . . ]
Marry Bihyung? I'd rather kill myself .

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[Hades and I will not interfere even if you possess the sexual preference of 'Man Who Knows His Ignorance' and 'Sage of Idea' . . . . . ]

[Judges of the are waiting for your choice with keen anticipation . ]

[A small number of Constellations are getting interested in your preference . ]

[Constellation who enjoys changing genders is paying close attention . ]

I lightly sucked in a breath and quickly opened my lips to speak . "Mother . "
Persephone's eyes trembled after she heard my words . [What did you . . . ]
"I believe you already know why I came here . "
[… . . . . . ]
"I've come to ask you for a favour . "
Even if the time flow was slower in the , I couldn't dither about for too long . From the get-go, I had only one reason to pay a visit to this place, anyway .
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"Please, lend me the army of the . "
My words finally prompted Hades to break his silence . [Do you understand what that implies?]
A voice that seemed to blanket the world in pure darkness began pressing down on the entire palace .
An existence of the permitted to lead the army – there was only one such being, and that was the master of this realm, the King of the .
"I am aware . "
[Does that mean you shall officially accept the position of the successor?]
I nodded my head .
[If you agree to become the King of the , then once all these scenarios are over, you must remain here to rule this realm . Do you truly understand what that means?]
"It means that I cannot go to the world of the living without special circumstances . "
[Are you saying that you shall willingly succeed the throne of the and be locked up here for the rest of your life?]
"Yes," I unhesitantly replied .
Hades slowly stood up from his throne and stared at me with a certain air of aloofness .
Even though I've grown much stronger, fighting against Hades was still out of the question . My heart felt as if it'd explode from the nervousness, but since I was doing it, I had to see it till the end .
The power of the was essential if I wanted to win the 'Great War of Saints and Demons' .
"I shall become the official successor of the throne of the . "

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