Omniscient Reader - Chapter 392

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Chapter 392: 392
The strength of was incredible .

The army of the Underworld that entered the 121st regional conflict completely swept away the combatants from both the 'Good' and 'Evil' camps and reverted all 'Good/Evil' within the battlefield to 'neutral . '
Constellations participating in the 121st regional conflict saw the army of Hell encroaching their battlefield and either they ran away, or ended up being incapacitated .

[121st regional conflict has been forcibly concluded . ]

[Applicable battle's outcome can't be decided . ]

[Lack of will to fight by the participants of the applicable battle has been confirmed . ]

[Applicable regional conflict has been excluded from the category of 'Great War of Saints and Demons' . ]

I glanced at the now-concluded battlefield and without taking a break, shifted my gaze over to the next Gate .

[117th Gate is currently in activation . ]

[119th Gate is currently in activation . ]

[123rd Gate is currently in activation . ]

According to the plan, my companions should be in the middle of a dogfight inside the 117th and 119th Gates right now, having split up earlier . Jeong Hui-Won and Yi Hyeon-Seong were in the 117th Gate, while the 119th was manned by Han Su-Yeong and Yu Jung-Hyeok .
Which means, I should help with the situation in the 117th, rather than 119th… .

[Constellation, 'Mass Production-type Maker', says that you must enter the 123rd Gate . ]

… . 123rd?
But, there shouldn't be anyone there?
I focused on the blurry images of the battlefield that could be seen from the Gate . And then… .
"What the f . . . . . ?"
… . I immediately issued a new order to advance .
"All personnel, we march through the 123rd Gate!"
My order prompted 30,000-plus combatants from the Underworld to march through the Gate . The great army of the netherworld riding on the pitch-black clouds crossed the portal and began arriving on the skies of the 123rd regional conflict zone .
"Yu Jung-Hyeok, you stupid bastard!"
There he was, bleeding profusely and dying . And then, Anna Croft carrying him on her back .
I kind of understood why that fool decided to not stick to the plan and participated in this particular battle .
"'Demon King of Salvation'!!"
I heard her urgent calling and at the same time, I spotted the enemies hurriedly chasing after her and her human cargo .
They were Constellations from the very angry and . Most of them were Historical-grade, but there were a few Fable-grade among them, as well .

[Your affiliated camp is 'Evil' . ]

Meanwhile, Yu Jung-Hyeok and Anna Croft were on the camp of 'Good' .
In other words, the enemies pursuing them were 'Evil' . If this was the 'Great War of Saints and Demons' of the original storyline, then they would've been my comrades, instead .
" . . . . Kill them all . "
Unfortunately, my allies in this battlefield were neither 'Good' nor 'Evil' .
[For the glory of !]

The Three Judges riding on the Hellsteeds burning in hell's flames roared out in unison and dashed towards the enemy ranks .
Aeacus of Mercy and Righteousness .
Minos of Wisdom and Law .
Rhadamanthys of Impartiality and Incorruptibility .
When alive, they walked the path of the king, and now, they tread on the paths of the netherworld's judges . They unleashed the auras befitting the Fable-grade Constellations that they were and began cutting down the approaching enemies' numbers .
[How come the has . . . . !!]
I landed next to Yu Jung-Hyeok and Anna Croft while watching the enemies bleed out Fables and die .
His entire body was covered in grievous wounds . Even his coat featuring strong resistance against heat couldn't withstand the high temperature and had melted half-way down; I couldn't really hear his breathing, either .
I observed his left leg, now gone . There were traces of it 'disappearing' due to the internal expansion force .
… . This idiot, he must've used 'Shooting Star Slash' .
He might be able to fool the others, but there was no fooling my eyes . This was a truly stunning rate of growth .
Originally, the 'Shooting Star Slash' was Yu Jung-Hyeok's hidden trump card that he barely managed to learn after going past the one-thousandth regression turn . But here he was, managing to reach that realm on only his third turn .
"He's still breathing . "
"How did he end up like this?"
"He was trying to save me . . . . . "
"Yu Jung-Hyeok was saving you??"
She quietly stared back at me, but her gaze eventually dropped lower . Her ensuing voice sounded bitter .
"He said that my death isn't a part of your plan . "
For a moment there, I felt at a complete loss .
Why would Yu Jung-Hyeok . . . . .
I took over his care from Anna Croft . I pressed his pressure points to stem the bleeding, and after laying him down, I took a better look at his current condition .
The 'Shooting Star Slash' was a technique the current him couldn't handle yet . The left leg that somehow managed to withstand the explosive forward thrust was beyond saving . Limb dismemberments couldn't be healed even with [Elaine Forest Essence] .

I sighed for a brief moment there, before pulling out a certain item from my inner pocket . And it was something that reminded one of a tentacle belonging to a dark, sooty-coloured squid .

[Fragments of Squid Kim Dok-Ja's seventh tentacle]

Anna Croft glared at the item with suspicious eyes . "What is that?"
"I got it as a gift not too long ago . "
"A gift? … . . That?"
I was at a loss again as to how I should explain this .
Actually, this item was a 'not-for-sale' bonus article available only during the "Kim Dok-Ja Company Collaboration" event held by 'Mass Production-type Maker' just before the 'Great War of Saints and Demons' went underway .
I remembered that those who purchased a brand-new [Ferrarghini] received this on a first-come-first-served basis . I can still vividly recall the conversation I had with the 'Mass Production-type Maker' back then .
- Thank you . All thanks to you, this season has been a huge success . The tentacles of Squid Kim Dok-Ja were all gone in less than one minute, you know .
No matter how hard I thought about it, this just didn't make any sense . There were Constellations who bought Ferrarghini just to get their hands on my 'legs'?
The 'Mass Production-type Maker' grinned slyly and asked me .
- What's wrong? Do you wish to know who they were?
- … . . No, not really . Besides all that, how did you acquire the fragments of my tentacles?
- Eh? Of course, they are not your real tentacles . No, those were simply [Kraken legs] . Here, why don't you take one yourself as a souvenir?
I was too lazy to explain all this to Anna Croft, so I simply handed the item over to her and ignored her question altogether . Once she got a hold of it, though, more suspicion clouded up her expression .
"Why is your name attached to this [Kraken leg]?"
"You don't need to know . Just activate the [Elixir Maker] attribute, instead . Mix your blood with this item and have him eat them . "
A [Kraken leg] possessed the effect of healing grievous wounds such as dismemberment, as well as to maximise the user's base self-healing ability, as well . And then, Anna Croft's blood carried the effects of elixirs, so when the two were mixed together, it'd be possible to heal any serious injuries pretty quickly .
For some reason, though, she seemed to be hesitating, however .
"But, if I feed him my blood . . . . "
"He won't become your subordinate . "
It had been said before; Anna Croft's blood possessed a power to make anyone who drinks it come under her influence .
"Because, the current Yu Jung-Hyeok has higher Status than you . "
She flinched slightly when she heard my words .
Meanwhile, I observed the unconscious Yu Jung-Hyeok sleeping quietly on the ground . He wouldn't become her subordinate or some such .
I didn't see any trace of him activating [Recovery], though . It seemed that he was planning to keep that power to the last possible second . He made a wise decision; if he wasted Recovery in this place, then I'd not be able to borrow his powers when it was really needed later .
" . . . . Gotta hand it to this sunfish bastard . "
I grumbled a little and turned around to see the sight of the Underworld's soldiers sweeping the enemies away like an incoming tidal wave . But then, upon taking a closer look, I could see that wave falter unstably .
As if the ends of the wave were being blocked by a massive dam and were crumbling away . And in the middle of the waves, a stupendous amount of sparks were dancing and exploding .

[Constellation, 'God-King of Thunderbolts', is roaring out in pure rage!]

… . . The God-King of Thunderbolts?

Anna Croft spoke with a stiff expression . "But, that can't be… . I witnessed his Half-God Body getting destroyed, so how??"
With that, I could figure out more or less on what had transpired here . It seemed that the 'star' Yu Jung-Hyeok had cut down was that dude over there .
"Indra possesses many Incarnation Bodies . He must've called one over here after paying for the Probability . "
Out of all the Constellations of , Indra had so many Incarnation Bodies that one couldn't count them using one's fingers .
It was a pretty famous anecdote of the three main gods of asking Indra "Which number Indra are you?" all the time .

[Constellation, 'God-King of Thunderbolts' has summoned Star Relic 'Vajra'!]

Along with the loud boom akin to the skies splintering, the front of the army began splitting apart .
The 'Vajra', Indra's main weapon capable of shooting thunderbolts containing an incredible amount of magical energy .
But, I simply snatched up the incoming thunderbolt with my bare hand .
And then, I threw it back where it came from .
I could see Indra making a stunned face . But, it's still too early for that .
[So, you're the 'Demon King of Salvation' . ]
"And you're Indra . "
[Why is the helping you?]
"Do I have a reason to explain that to you?"
Indra stared at me with a look of a person discovering a mysterious lifeform . [You are 'Evil' . Behave according to the scenario's rules . I shall overlook your disrespectful manners this time in consideration towards other Demon Kings, so . . . . ]
"It was you who caused my comrade to end up looking like that . Right?"
[So? What about it? That is the price to pay for an arrogant human when he opposed a Constellation . Do you wish to avenge him, then?]
Avenge, was it?
"That guy hates it when someone else pays the debt for him . Right, he's the kind of a guy who must settle the score himself even if it kills him . So, the reason why I'm going to kill you now isn't because of Yu Jung-Hyeok . "
[A Demon King with a uselessly chatty mouth, aren't you . ]
Beams of blinding thunderbolts blanketed the sky and rained down on my position . I managed to deflect a few and defended against others . Some did land on me, but the pain was rather tolerable .
Indra did possess many Incarnations, but accordingly, the dispersion of his powers was just as great .
On top of this, he suffered irreversible damage from Yu Jung-Hyeok's attack during his Half-God Body state, so he'd be unable to even summon up half of his usual power right now .
However, Indra was still smiling away . [Oh, you foolish Demon King . You shall regret this!]

[Nebula, , has blessed 'God-King of Thunderbolts' with its grace!]

The Nebula had spent Probability for him .
The power enveloping the God-King was growing even greater . Rapid changes took place on Indra's Incarnation Body, and soon, golden rays of light began shooting out from his entire figure . He grew humongous, and the one thousand eyes he possessed began opening up one by one .
"We can't let him continue!"
Anna Croft must've seen something through [Precognition] because she began crying out next .
… . Hell, it looked like to me that Indra and had made up their minds for good this time .

[Constellation, 'God-King of Thunderbolts', has activated the Stigma, 'Eyes that Observe Everything'!]

When all those eyes fully open up, Indra would be able to display the power of his true self through an Incarnation Body . Currently, about half of those eyes had opened .
At this rate, every Incarnation participating in the 123rd conflict would be swept away by the overflowing electrical shock .
However, I was getting progressively happier watching that electrical energy filled to the brim with < vedas'=""> Probability, instead .
"Actually, I have a score to settle with your Nebula . Make that a very big score . "
I remembered everything the Nebula did to me . Well, anyone who had suffered that badly would be the same as me .
I unsheathed [Unbreakable Faith] and continued on . "Because of you lot, I had to become a Demon King . "
During the Dark Castle's last scenario, I became the 73rd Demon King .
"I had to order my comrades to kill me, and in the process, ended up inflicting them with terrible memories back then . "

[You have activated 'Demon King Transformation' . ]

The Status I earned after becoming the Demon King flooded out with my heart as the centre . Black wings tore out from the back of my shoulders, and horns broke out from my head .

[Fable, 'Demon King of Salvation', has begun its storytelling . ]

Back when I lost my life to the swords of my allies and was cast out to the scenario's horizon, I looked up at the heavens and swore to myself over and over again .

⸢Wait for a little while longer . Because I will bring all of you down from the damn sky . ⸥

The stars in the distant sky, seemingly out of reach no matter what Fables I managed to acquire .
The distance so far away that it induced despair .
Now, I could clearly see the locations of the stars that previously seemed so high up .
I spoke in my true voice . [Back then, all of you seemed so high up . . . . ]
I grinned and stared at Indra .
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[But, it seems that you lot were actually located lower then I thought . ]

Fin .