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Omniscient Reader - Chapter 403

Published at 21st of August 2019 03:54:16 PM

Chapter 403
The Final Scenario .

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Acting as if they already knew what I wanted, the two Dokkaebis wearing the contrasting black and white formal suits pressed me for an answer .
[You must decide now . Die in this place, or head off to the Final Scenario with us . ]
The Great Dokkaebis, Heoju and Heoche .
I knew a few things about these two Great Dokkaebi siblings . Well, they did appear frequently in the latter half of the 'Ways of Survival', after all .
Besides that, though . To think, they would mention 'Final Scenario' with their own lips… . It seemed that the Dokkaebis were finally getting ready for the end of this world as well .
Just as Constellations and Incarnations repeatedly fought to ensure their continued survival, the storytellers also had a story that they needed to convey at any cost .
And the Great Dokkaebis were getting ready for that final story .
- Final Scenario? What are these two talking about?
Han Su-Yeong didn't seem to know .
Herself from the 1863rd regression turn must've not told her of it, it seems .
I recalled that version of Han Su-Yeong, wearing the exact same white coat as me . That meticulous person wouldn't have forgotten about it, so it was more likely that her choice was deliberate .
- It's too long to explain right now .
I couldn't really tell . However, she might have believed that not knowing would be more advantageous for herself in the 3rd turn .
I felt just a bit strange after recalling Han Su-Yeong from the 1863rd turn after such a long while .
That turn, when I went to visit it, was already facing its final battle . Did Han Su-Yeong survive that battle? If she did, what kind of person would she have become now?
I shifted my head to find Yu Jung-Hyeok staring at me .
- Are you going to accept their offer?
- You're actually asking me that?
As if he knew it, he turned his head away .
He looked as if he was rueful about something . If I had accepted the offer, then he might have lobbed my head off right this instant or something .
Meanwhile, Great Dokkaebis were still waiting for me .
[Your decision?]
"Well, I'm sure you've already guessed it… . No thanks . "
[And your reason is?]
"Because it's suspicious . "
"From the get-go, the offer itself is strange . Give up on the 'Great War of Saints and Demons', and you'll take me to the Final Scenario… . Can't you really see what's missing from that? You're a storyteller, yet your degree of understanding towards my Fable is strikingly low . "
Great Dokkaebi Heoche looked at me in dumbfoundedness, before eyeing Great Dokkaebi Heoju .
The latter nodded his head and spoke . [If you accept the offer, then we shall lend our aid to ensure the survival of every member present in this place . ]
Both Yu Jung-Hyeok and Han Su-Yeong looked at me simultaneously at that unexpected declaration .
A path that would save everyone from present here, plus taking us right to the Final Scenario?
"Even if it's the Bureau, wouldn't doing something like that as you please tilt the balance of Probability?"

[That is something for us to worry about . ]
This could be a once-in-a-lifetime chance, an opportunity to save everyone and reach the Final Scenario . An offer so tempting that one wouldn't even dare to think about rejecting it .
Even then, my head was colder than it was ever before .
"It sounds like you're in a really tight situation right now . Surely, me giving up on the 'Great War of Saints and Demons' can't be everything there is to your offer?"
[… . . !!]
"I'll have to sign the 'Stream Contract' with you guys in exchange . Am I correct?"
The Stream Contract . A type of contract that I had with Bihyung once upon a time .
The two Great Dokkaebis formed surprised expressions . I decided to land another blow . "In order to become the 'Final Storyteller', you are trying to take my Fable and use it, aren't you?"

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[… . How do you know things like this?]
"I'm not interested in your offer . "
[Then, your group will die here . ]
"We don't know that . Didn't you say it earlier? It's 'almost' a guarantee . In that case, there's a very low chance of us not dying . "
[Have you not seen the Calamity from the other world-line?]
This time, it was my turn to be surprised . It seemed that Great Dokkaebis were now more or less aware of the events of the 1863rd regression turn .
[The Apocalypse Dragon isn't some simple Calamity that a single Constellation or Nebula can stop . ]
I knew that . I knew how horrifying the Status of that Dragon was . Well, I did directly sense it back in the future world-line, didn't I?
Even then, I still smiled . "I thought creating an entertaining scenario was the duty of the Dokkaebi? You should just get ready to start the broadcast, instead . "
As if she was reacting to my words, Biyu popped up in the air with a well-timed 'ta-da!'

[Many Constellations are astonished by your choice . ]

[A small number of Constellations believe that you're insane . ]

[Constellation, 'Abyssal Black Flame Dragon', is cackling away . ]

[Sponsorship community's big whale has sponsored 300,000 Coins for your ambitious spirit . ]

As expected, thanks to the enormity of the situation, the incoming sponsorship amount proved to be rather sizeable, too .
The Great Dokkaebi glared at me with unreadable eyes for a little bit, before slowly vanishing from the view .
[You shall regret this decision . ]
Their figures scattered like smoke . And with that, the certain method to save every one of my companions had vanished alongside them, as well .
[… . Your decisiveness always surprises me . ]
Even Surya seemed to be impressed by my decision this time .
I looked at the unconscious Gabriel within my arms .
Han Su-Yeong, looking at her, asked me a question . "Kim Dok-Ja . "
"What now? What? What do you want . "
" . . . You thought about this long and hard before answering, right? It's not because of some cheap sympathy or a momentary rush of blood or something, right?"
I nodded my head .
" . . . . In that case, fine . "
A faint trace of resentment could be felt from her tone of voice .
I spoke . "It's okay for you to get angry . I did reject an incredible opportunity just now, after all . "
" . . . . . "
"However, by not doing that . . . . "
"Yeah, well, sure . You have your reasons . Honestly, I knew you'd say no, anyway . "
"What? Why?"
Han Su-Yeong's sigh-filled replies were followed up by Yu Jung-Hyeok . "Because that's how you operate, you fool . "
Looking at him glaring back at me with his usual eyes, I instantly realised what these two had to give up for my sake .
Right . This was how I lived my life . And it was not how Han Su-Yeong or Yu Jung-Hyeok lived theirs .

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" . . . . Sure, this type of method does suit the stupid Fable of the best . I'm definitely recording today's events in my memoir later . Obviously, after surviving this place, that is . "
"You better worry about what to do next, instead . "
Han Su-Yeong and Yu Jung-Hyeok, two very different people .
I realised something just then . I managed to get this far because these two lived on their own terms – respected my decisions in their own ways .
I began thinking; with these two around, maybe not all hope was lost, after all .

[Members from the same camp have clashed!]

[Current Chaos Points: 96]

Sparks were still flying around in the sky . The battle taking place inside that grey sphere should be winding down by now . The Good and Evil, planning to survive by driving this world to destruction, would soon reveal themselves from there .
Han Su-Yeong asked . "Are we going to stop that?"
Yu Jung-Hyeok shook his head . "It's impossible to breach that sphere from the outside . "
"What then?"
"We can't stop the Chaos Points from reaching the 100 mark . The Apocalypse Dragon will revive . And with that, the 'First Tail-Flick' will begin . "
The First Tail-Flick .
It seemed that Yu Jung-Hyeok knew about that Calamity . I recalled the prophecy of the Apocalypse Dragon appearing within the 'Ways of Survival' .

⸢From the centre of the hottest Hell, a Dragon with seven heads and ten horns will awaken . ⸥

⸢It will be a Dragon among Dragons . A leader of all Dragons born within the centre of Chaos, and the world's oldest hatred . ⸥

⸢The Dragon will look at the heavens and the earth once, before flicking its tail . That single tail-flick will cause stars to fall, and one direction of the world to vanish . ⸥

Back in the 1863rd turn, I didn't get to witness that 'Tail-flick' . Back then, the Apocalypse Dragon wasn't in the fully-revived state . However, things would be different this time around .
Yu Jung-Hyeok spoke in a resolute tone of voice . "We have no other choice but to fight it head-on . "
"Fuck… . I knew you'd say something like that . "
Han Su-Yeong sounded resigned in her reply .

[Members from the same camp have clashed!]

[Current Chaos Points: 98]

Only two more points remained in the Chaos Points .
I saw my companions rush over here from the distance .
"Dok-Ja hyung!"
I saw Shin Yu-Seung and Yi Gil-Yeong, and Yi Ji-Hye leading the battleship as well as Jeong Hui-Won . Uriel was accompanying them, her expression complicated .
She saw Gabriel in my arms and was taken greatly by surprise .
[… . Gabriel!!]
I handed the wounded Archangel over to her . I quickly looked at my companions first as there wasn't a lot of time for a detailed explanation .

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"Ahjussi, is the Apocalypse Dragon really going to wake up?"
I nodded my head .
As if to instil discipline, Han Su-Yeong began shouting out . "You all better be ready for this . This isn't going to be a picnic . "
"When was it ever?"
Along with Yi Ji-Hye's reply, the companions quickly finished with the preparations .
Everyone… Han Su-Yeong, Yu Jung-Hyeok, Shin Yu-Seung, Yi Gil-Yeong, Jeong Hui-Won, and Yi Ji-Hye, all carried a hardened, determined expression .
Finally, I shifted my gaze over to the face of the still-unconscious Yi Hyeon-Seong .

[Members from the same camp have clashed!]

[Current Chaos Points: 99]

And then, the Apocalypse Dragon's imminent revival drew near .

[Many Constellations are in a state of terror!]

[Constellations of have fallen into a chaotic state . ]

[Nebula, , is getting ready for the Calamity!]

[Nebula, , is getting ready for the Calamity!]

[Nebula, , is . . . ]

Something from deep within the island writhed, causing the heaven and earth to shake violently . It felt as if everything was now enveloped within a gigantic flap of a wing; the surrounding view felt like it was precariously hanging on as if it was an ill-fitting block . Smaller Fables had already started breaking down bit by bit .
As if it wanted to deprive the names of all 'calamities' that had existed so far, an enormous Fable began waking up .
"Kim Dok-Ja . The ones at most peril when the Apocalypse Dragon awakens are the Constellations . "
"According to the prophecy, that's right . "
"And you're a Constellation . "
The First Tail-Flick would destroy a direction in the sky . Simply put, all the stars and the contexts for the Modifiers found within the applicable location would be destroyed .
Han Su-Yeong began smirking . "Hey, Kim Dok-Ja, which direction were you, again? East? Or was it the west? If you are unlucky, I guess you'll be the first one to die?"
"That could be true . So, I might as well pray for my survival before I die . "
" . . . . . What bullshit are you spewing now? Wait, are you and the Apocalypse Dragon acquaintances?"
Although her tone of voice wasn't exactly nice, Han Su-Yeong's eyes were sparkling brightly, nonetheless .
I decided to satisfy her expectations somewhat . "You see, the 'Apocalypse Dragon' isn't actually referring to a 'specific Dragon' . Just like how the 'Most Ancient Good' or the 'Most Ancient Evil' doesn't refer to any specific Constellations, the 'Final Dragon of the Book of Revelation' simply refers to the Great Fable itself . "
"Hang on . Doesn't that mean . . . . "
"At this point in time, it's not been decided on 'who shall become the Apocalypse Dragon' . "
Han Su-Yeong's jaw fell ever so slightly .

[Current Chaos Points: 100]

[Chaos Points have reached the limit!]

Along with the chilling sensation travelling down my back, the whole world began to dye in the jet-black colour .
The threatening aura breaking out from beneath the surface began encroaching into the entire island .

[From the hottest Hell, the 'Demonic Dragon Palace' is opening its doors!]

Blinding rays of light exploded out and the surrounding space shattered away . Giant shadows began appearing from there .
After excluding the Outer God-level beings, there were still other monsters in this world that managed to get near the powers of Constellations or Transcenders .
The peak of all types of monsters in the world… .
A Dragon's Roar, capable of freezing up the listener's body, resounded out . Shadows of the ruined cities seemed to fleet by, as the ancient Dragon Kings that had been forgotten under the lengthy period of time began waking up .
Constellations struck by the Dragons' Breaths screamed as they turned to ash . Hundreds of draconic shadows blanketed the sky; the Constellations of the freaked out as they were subjected to the ripples from the vast Statuses .
Every single one of them was a Dragon King, equal to the power of a Constellation .
All these countless Dragons had shown up here, hoping to be selected as the lone Apocalypse Dragon tasked with destroying this world .

[Great Fable, 'Final Dragon of the Book of Revelation', has begun its storytelling . ]

[Great Fable, 'Final Dragon of the Book of Revelation', has begun selecting the Dragon of Calamity . ]

I looked up at that overwhelming spectacle and spoke . "We have a Dragon among us, don't we?"
Shin Yu-Seung looked at me after hearing me speak . There was a Dragon with thick metal armour covering its entire figure sitting next to her .
1st-grade Dragon King, Chimera Dragon .
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Thanks to Shin Yu-Seung's diligent care, it had become strong enough not to get pushed around by any regular Constellations .
A Dragon that was born in the Demon World's Paradise, loudly roared into the heavens above . (TL: That's what it says in the raw . )
Han Su-Yeong watched it fly up into the sky and asked me a question . "You really think that guy will become the 'king'?"
I shook my head . Sure, the Chimera Dragon possessed an unbelievable rate of growth, but it was still too early for the creature to become a viable candidate for the role of Apocalypse Dragon .
"Then, why are you so confid . . . . . "
"We still have one more, right?"
"What? Where . . . . "
Han Su-Yeong formed a rather dumb-looking expression .
But then, her right hand began wiggling violently as if it was responding to something . Right in the next second, the empty sky split wide open, and the pitch-black darkness exploded out from within .
Dozens of Dragons nearby screamed pitifully and fell down . The heavens flickered as if the darkness had overtaken it, and black bolts of lightning crashed down to the earth .
Through the gap of the abyss, something began revealing itself . It was a Dragon, covered in elegant scales seemingly crafted out of pure obsidian .
A Status that other ancient Dragons couldn't even hope to match; eyes gleaming like the reddest of rubies; every time its wings, seemingly carved out from the darkness itself, flapped, entrancing black flames blanketed the sky .
I looked up at that lifeform possessing the beautiful, streamlined shape and spoke . "Let's all pray that your sponsor emerges victorious . "
It was the existence closest to being the Apocalypse Dragon at this point in time .

[Constellation, 'Abyssal Black Flame Dragon', has incarnated into the scenario!]

Fin .