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Omniscient Reader - Chapter 406

Published at 23rd of August 2019 07:45:04 PM

Chapter 406: 406

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- The 'First Tail-Flick' will commence three minutes from now .

- The 'First Tail-Flick' is the Apocalypse Dragon's 'Revival Calamity' .

- The 'First Tail-Flick' will annihilate a quarter of .


A quarter of would be destroyed .
Quite literally, that was a bombshell of information .
However, the Constellations that read the scenario message didn't seem to realise the severity of the situation .
[A quarter of us will die? So, the Bureau did have a sense of humour, then . ]
[Dokkaebis have been exaggerating more and more lately . ]
Most of the Constellations present here were more adept at watching the scenarios happen, rather than clearing it . They were beings that exploited the stories of others so that they could comfort themselves .
They were Dokkaebi's customers, and because of that, they believed the Bureau would never create a scenario that would annihilate everyone .
Unfortunately, these people had no idea .
No idea, that certain stories in this world even turned the audience members into the subjects of the scenario, too .
And these Constellations simultaneously dashed towards the Apocalypse Dragon that was charging up its power just beyond the atmosphere .
[The Great Fable will be ours!]
Greed was so clear to see in their eyes .
[Final Dragon of the Book of Revelation] was the scenario that replaced the 'Great War of Saints and Demons' . If they manage to bring down the 'Apocalypse Dragon' here, then they would acquire potentially the best 'Great Fable' there was .
Perhaps feeling pressured by their movements, Constellations of the Nebulas that were already present began dashing towards the atmosphere as well .

[Constellation, 'Morning Star Goddess', is unleashing her Status!]

[Constellation, 'God-King of Yakshas', is unleashing his Status!]

The first ones to take the lead were 'Morning Star Goddess', Vakarine, and 'God-King of Yakshas', Kubera .

[Nebula, , is allocating Probability to its affiliated Constellations!]

[Nebula, , is allocating Probability to its affiliated Constellations!]

My companions watched the distancing backs of the Constellations and became urgent themselves .
"Shouldn't we go after them, too?"
"We must never join them," I spoke in a resolute tone of voice .
Excluding those jumping in like moths to the flames, the majority of Constellations with many years behind them were standing still, just like us . They already knew the result of the upcoming fight .

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I kept a straight face and asked Metatron, who was wordlessly observing the situation . "Metatron, are you going to create the 'Sealing tool for the Apocalypse Dragon'?"
The Archangel quietly stared at me for a little while, before forming a warm, bright smile . [Yes, of course . That's what happened back in the 1863rd turn as well . A great 'Evil' has appeared in this world, so we should try to save everyone, don't you agree?]

As if he had already forgotten all about the struggles to kill each other a few hours ago, Metatron's eyes were filled with an almost-holy light . I'd been sensing that something was a bit off about him from some time ago, but I was sure of him being utterly insane now .
"But, if that plan is successful, you'll definitely die . And with that, 'Good' in this world will disappear . "
[No . It'll be I that disappears, not 'Good' . ]
It felt like I was talking to a wall . I shook my head and turned around .
I saw the 'Abyssal Black Flame Dragon' that had shrunk to the same size as Biyu, and Han Su-Yeong quietly petting it . The fatigued Black Flame Dragon spat out a lick of small flame towards the sky .
Han Su-Yeong spoke . "Kim Dok-Ja . "
"What now?"
"You . You're still withholding something, aren't you?"
I flinched just a little, before asking back . "What are you talking about?"
"No, well, it's just too suspicious . Now, normally, you'd start by giving us the information first… . But, why haven't you told us anything concrete with this scenario?" She narrowed her eyes and glared at me, before continuing on . "You do have a way to win, right?"
"I do . "
"Oh, so you can give us your assurances, then? You aren't going to resort to another weird method, right?"
"And what might that weird method be?"
Han Su-Yeong drew a straight line beneath her chin with her finger .
I grinned and replied to her . "Don't worry . I'm not going to do that . "
Unfortunately, she did not look convinced . At all .
It was Shin Yu-Seung who followed up after that . "Ahjussi, then why did you activate that Stigma?"

[Stigma, 'Sacrificial Will Lv . 8', is currently in activation!]

The unique Stigma that I created was busying pumping more power to my companions while floating up a message in the air .
Jeong Hui-Won spoke . " . . . . Can't you just switch that off now? It's been getting on my nerves for a while now . "
"And why is the Stigma's level so damn high, too . . . . ?" Yi Ji-Hye also grumbled loudly .
I spoke as if to make an excuse . "I only left it switched on in order to increase your powers, everyone . Really, I'm not thinking of doing anything weird . "
This time, Yi Gil-Yeong jumped in . "But that Stigma, it only comes on when you're trying to sacrifice yourself for your comrades, right?"
"Ahjussi, you're lying to us again, aren't you?"
"Dok-Ja-ssi, could you be, again . . . . . ?"
Enormous amounts of Statuses rose up from my companions and that caused the Constellations nearby to flinch and tremble slightly . Yu Jung-Hyeok watching us from a bit of distance away was about to unsheathe his sword, too .
I hurriedly pointed at the Apocalypse Dragon .
"N-no, hang on . Now isn't the time to mind something like that . Well, a really fun spectacle is about to start unfolding over there, so we should just watch that . "
The lengthy comet-like tails of the Constellations were about to reach the striking distance of the Apocalypse Dragon .
"All those friends up there, they are going to die soon . "
"Get ready . It's about to begin," said Yu Jung-Hyeok, as he unsheathed the [Dark Heavenly Demon Sword] . "The creature's Tail-Flick is divided into three different stages . Fitting for a powerful calamity, three separate shockwaves will reach us . "
"Three of them?"
Yi Ji-Hye's surprised question was answered by me, instead . "It's easier to offset the shockwaves the closer we are to their origin . And the first two can be defended against if we do our absolute best, so you don't have to worry too much . "

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The really important part, though, was the 'third shockwave' .
If we failed to defend against that, then every single one of us would be dead, and a quarter of would be blown away .
We could see the clash between the Constellations and the Apocalypse Dragon in the far distance . The waves of light fired by Vakarine landed directly on the Dragon's body, while Kubera's great sabre sliced into the creature's back . It was around then that the Dragon's tail made its move .

['First Tail-Flick' is commencing!]

['First shockwave' is being generated!]

In that moment, I couldn't tell what happened .
Pure-azure light exploded in the distance . I realised much later that the light was actually from the spark that had been condensed to an absurdly high degree . It was the electrical shock of destruction that became the storm of aftermaths itself after far too much of 's Probability had been gathered and spent in that one attack .
That was none other than the 'first shockwave' created by the Apocalypse Dragon's tail .
[A measly little thing dares… . Dares to . . . !]
Kubera, resisting until the end, roared out, while the shocked Vakarine screamed loudly . Dozens of Constellations that challenged the Apocalypse Dragon all unleashed their Statuses at the same time . And then… .
… . Something broke .

[Constellation, 'Morning Star Goddess', has been extinguished . ]

[Constellation, 'God-king of Yakshas', has been extinguished . ]

[Constellation, 'Deep Night's Wolf', has been extinguished . ]

[Constellation . . . . . ]

Indirect messages fell like raindrops .
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Stars in the whole surrounding area were exploding at the same time and turned into ashes .
Yi Ji-Hye muttered in a dazed voice . " . . . . You say we can withstand that?"
I had nothing to reply with . Because, it was also my first time witnessing the Tail-Flick today .
The electrical shockwave that grew even larger after burning away the Constellations finally finished getting ready to spread to the rest of .
And we stood in its starting point .
[This is insane! Run away!]
Several terrified Constellations turned around to flee . Unfortunately for them, that attack was not something they could outrun .
I shouted out in my true voice . [Everyone, calm down! There is a way to block that . ]
[Stop with your insane babbling! Didn't you see that??]
[Either we use Status of the same attribute to absorb the shockwave created by the Tail-Flick, or we cancel it out with the Status of an opposing attribute . That is, as long as we have enough Probability to shore our efforts . ]
The electrical shockwave's rate of spreading gradually gained pace . Now rushing in at a fair knock, the wave bared its fangs at us, as if to devour us all .
[All of you, step aside . ]
A Constellation stepped forward . Blinding arcs of lightning coiled around his figure, as he raised a giant hammer, his Star Relic, high up into the sky .

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[I am the son of Odin, 'Thursday's Thunder . ']
Indeed, it was 'Thursday's Thunder', Thor, whom I'd met back in the Gourmet Association .
[I shall bury the Apocalypse Dragon's thunder right here!]
A streak of lightning from above crashed into the Star Relic [Mjolnir] . He sprinted forward with a vigour befitting a Viking, and without a shred of fear, threw himself into the Apocalypse Dragon's electrical shockwave .
Surprisingly, he managed to survive against the shockwave .
The majority of the wave rushing in was being concentrated towards his hammer, [Mjolnir] . Like an electrical rod being showered by the lightning, his entire body writhed in pain . Every Constellation of was lending him Probability .
Not too long afterwards, every blood vessel on Thor's flesh bulged, and his bloodshot eyes began to pop out from their sockets . His statue-like muscles were scorched black as well . The first shockwave was not the Tail-Flick itself, but merely a by-product of that action, yet such a measly thing was utterly, horrifically killing a Fable-grade Constellation .
Just as Thor could no longer endure and was about to let go of his hammer, someone reached his side and grasped it together with him .
[… . I was never interested in the myths of northern Europe before, but who knew, you aren't so bad . ]
He was someone completely unexpected, actually .
Thor freaked out and roared . [Let go! This hammer is not a relic that someone like you can touch! Besides, you can't even handle lightning!]
[Actually, I can . Just a little . My old man is a god of lightning, you see . ]
He was the successor to the Lightning Throne .
It seemed that, after Zeus had left, Dionysus had become 's successor . The only one among them who could inherit the Status of Lightning was Zeus's descendant, after all .

[Fable, 'Carnival of Lightning', has begun its storytelling!]

A Fable that I could've inherited once upon a time was running amok within Dionysus's entire figure . He gulped down a mouthful of wine from the flask on his hips and let out a cry in exhilaration .
[Kuwaaah~! Now that's good!]
Even though he was being burnt alive by the lightning, he still formed a hearty smile . and were cooperating, and the two managed to endure thanks to the powers of Fables their allies sent their way . Sadly, though, it couldn't last long; the Status of the Apocalypse Dragon crashing down grew even bigger than what the two Nebulas had combined . Seeing this, Surya moaned in shock .
[If only Indra was here… . I never thought that I'd miss that village idiot . ]
Indeed, even back in the original storyline, the first shock wave was neutralised by the efforts of the three gods of lightning .
But then, ended up defeating Indra, and that meant that one of the three gods was now missing .
[Isn't there anyone who can deal with lightning?]
I wasn't planning to step forward now, but there was no other choice .
"I shall help . "

[You have activated 'Demon King Transformation'!]

I was not a Constellation of lightning . But, I could use something fairly similar to that .

['5th Bookmark' has been initiated!]

[Exclusive skill, 'Lightning Transformation Lv . 23(+13)', has been initiated!]

[Your current physical constitution is different from that of the applicable character . ]

[Your 'Status' has overcome the physical constitution penalty . ]

The pure, untainted white light of inner energy circulated around my body . While scattering blinding rays of electrical lights, I joined Thor and Dionysus .

[Great Fable, 'Demon World's Spring', has begun its storytelling . ]

[Great Fable, 'Torch that Swallowed the Myth', has begun its storytelling . ]

The two Great Fables supported me as the storm of electricity pounced on my body .
Dionysus said that this was exhilarating; yup, he was definitely out of his mind .
[It's quite tolerable after a drink or two . Would you like some?]
Dionysus said those words, his entire lower half scorched black now . Thor, now resembling jet-black charcoal, cackled from the side .
['Demon King of Salvation', looks like we'll die together in this place . ]
[Dying together with you might go on to create a pretty good story, indeed . Let us become a fable passed down through generations, together!]
[Hmph, will that fable be 's, or belong to ?]
[Let's stop with the inane banter and concentrate . ]
Mind-numbing pain rushed in from the palm of my hands .
Thor, Dionysus, and I stood against the waves of electricity like a levee . And the first shockwave's encroaching speed gradually lessened .
Somehow, we needed to withstand this . Just a little bit more . A bit more .
Unfortunately, the speed at which we were being forced back was still much faster than the rate that the shockwave's speed decreased .
Dionysus cried out .
[Damn it, it's going to overflow . . . !]
If the electrical energy was discharged like this, then all of our comrades behind us would be dead .
We knew this, yet we had no way of stopping the shockwave's march . Just before I could shout out to them, telling them to evacuate . . .
… . Someone's hands supported our precarious embankment from behind .
There was another god of lightning left?
Well, there were quite a few beings capable of dealing with lightning in the fables scattered around the world, so . . . However, I couldn't immediately think up of anyone . On top of that, the rate of absorbing the electrical shock far surpassed not just my own, but both Thor's and Dionysus's, as well . Just where did a Constellation like him . . . . . ?
[It seems that you were negligent with your training, judging from your inability to withstand this level of electrical shock . ]
The moment I heard those words, a hollow chuckle left my lips .
Thor was taken back greatly and he quickly asked a question . [Who might you be? I've never seen a Constellation like you before . ]
Those words caused the great, noble Status to waver, as its owner began emitting auras of rage .
People would often say that a handsome man's face was on the smaller side; in that case, there would be no one in the world more good-looking than this man right here .
[I'm not a Constellation . ]
I stupidly had forgotten all about him .
I had forgotten that the one who could handle electrical energy the best in was not a Constellation, but this man . As his azure-coloured hair scattered in the air, his own pure, untainted white electrical energy exploded forth .
[I am Kyrgios Rodgraim, the teacher of this lazy pupil . ]

Fin .

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