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Omniscient Reader - Chapter 410

Published at 25th of August 2019 07:15:04 PM

Chapter 410: 410
Cheok Jun-Gyeong unsheathed his sword as he stepped forward . His Fables, tempered on the 'Isle of Reincarnators', wrapped around him and rippled about like real muscles .

[Let us get going, small Transcender . ]
Kyrgios climbed up on Cheok Jun-Gyeong's shoulder . They once worked together to fight the 'Indescribable Distance' in the past .
The latter leapt up towards the heavens, and Kyrgios's [Lightning Transformation] danced on his blade next . And as the bright, pure-white electrical current enveloped Cheok Jun-Gyeong's figure, he began glittering like a god of lightning .
[I, Cheok Jun-Gyeong, have been waiting for this day!]
A splendid Status revealed itself .
The enemy that his sword, used to cut apart mountains and the seas, couldn't cut was now right before him .
He trained hard to perfect the incomplete 'Fourth Sword' for this very moment . In order to fight against that sheer, immeasurable emptiness, he spent countless hours creating a sword skill .
And this was the result .
His Fable, condensed tightly until it was almost ready to burst, was ignited, and Kyrgios's electrical current violently spun around in their vicinity .
Constellations on the ground all looked up .
One Constellation, and one Transcender .
As if to mock these two's Statuses, the clone of the 'Indescribable Distance' opened its maws wide towards them . And just before the open jaw of the fog of darkness swallowed up the starlight . . .
'The Fourth Law' .
… . Light gushed out from Cheok Jun-Gyeong's sword .
'Fourth Sword that Beheads the Emptiness' .
The centre of the fog slowly split apart; just like the belly of a beast being sliced open, something began leaking out from that exposed centre .
The yellowing eye protruding from the fog of darkness began to disintegrate while spewing out Fables .

[Many Constellations cannot take their eyes away from the martial glory displayed by 'Goryeo's First Sword'!]

[The jaws of many Constellations have fallen at this unbelievable spectacle!]

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All the Constellations on the ground were astonished by what they saw .
Even if it was just a clone, their opponent was still the 'Indescribable Distance', the cleaner of and the calamity that devoured all distorted Probability .
The calamity widely known as undefeatable, was cut in half by Cheok Jun-Gyeong . No one even managed to clearly catch the shape of that sword strike .
Only Yu Jung-Hyeok managed to recognise that attack . Even the man who previously sliced a star in half looked utterly stunned right now .
"The Will-formed Blade . . . . "
The power to cut the world down with nothing but one's own determination; the pinnacle reputedly only reachable through training in martial arts . And Cheok Jun-Gyeong had reached that lofty height after becoming a Constellation .
[There is no existence that cannot be cut down by my blade!]

Standing within the exploding light show, Cheok Jun-Gyeong watched the scattering fog and felt the sense of release wash over him .

Just how long did he endure just to be able to cut that thing?
That ecstasy of the moment, when he stepped into the realm of empty-mindedness and his will itself became the sword . The Four Sword Style's 'Fourth Sword that Beheads the Emptiness' was the cumulation of all the martial arts he had mastered .
He looked in Yu Jung-Hyeok's direction and shouted out . [Now go, Descendants! Go and bring Kim Dok-J . . . . . ]
Unfortunately, he didn't get to finish what he was saying; an incredible impact force from behind managed to wreck his entire Incarnation Body . He fell like a meteor and crashed deeply into the ground .
As his vision rocked unstably, he forced himself to look up, and that's when he realised what had happened to him . Someone began muttering near him .
[Oh, dear lord . . . . might be finished at this rate . ]
He couldn't understand it; Cheok Jun-Gyeong felt his body tremble uncontrollably .
… . But, how?
I cut it down just now, so how?
As if what happened a moment was all a joke, the giant eye in the sky was still looking down on him .
There was more than one clone .
So many, in fact, the whole sky seemed to be covered by them . Clones of the 'Indescribable Distance', dozens upon dozens of them, were descending to the ground in order to devour every living thing down below .
Historical Figure-grade Constellations, overcome by terror, began running to the other side of the horizon . Unfortunately, the calamity also flooded in from that side as well .
Fangs rising up from within the fog crushed the Incarnation Bodies of the Constellations like the soft pulp of a fruit . There was no place to run nor hide now . Although slightly better than dealing with the Apocalypse Dragon's shockwaves, this situation was just as despairing, nonetheless .
[Everyone, calm down! You all saw it, didn't you? We can fight back against this creature!] Dionysus shouted until his voice turned hoarse, but Constellations simply couldn't fight together . [Damn it . . . . ]
Constellations from had spent a considerable amount of their Statuses while enduring against the two previous shockwaves and couldn't display their usual prowess now, and even had used up far too much of its Probability and was searching for the right Fable . At least, Uriel and the Black Flame Dragon were still putting up a good fight .
"Get lost!! I said, get the hell away from me, you stinking bastards!"
Yu Jung-Hyeok, Han Su-Yeong, and Jeong Hui-Won unleashed their Statuses, their backs pressed against each other .
They were planning to continue fighting against the fog of darkness and rush towards where Kim Dok-Ja had disappeared into as soon as an opening was created . However, no such gap opened up for them . At this rate, they would be wiped out before they even began rescuing him .
"God damn it! Isn't there anyone else? Isn't there any other friends of Kim Dok-Ja still left somewhere?!"
No matter how much Han Su-Yeong racked her brain, she couldn't come up with anyone that could help .
Both the Statuses of the Black Flame Dragon and Uriel were gradually declining now .

[Constellation, 'Demon-like Judge of Fire', is glaring at 'Scribe of Heaven' . ]

[Constellation, 'Abyssal Black Flame Dragon', says he still can't use the 'Right Hand of the Void Destruction' . . . . . ]

The fog of darkness had enveloped the 'Isle of Reincarnators', which was about the same as it having finished its preparation to devour this place whole .
It was around then when the specks of light akin to a car's headlights shone from the distance . Along with loud screeching, something arrived by their side after breaking past the deflagration .
A vehicle rather familiar to the members of appeared from beyond the choking dust .

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[Hmm . It'll get rather troublesome if you get injured here . You still have three more adverts you need to shoot for me, after all . ]
The door to the [X-class Ferrarghini] opened, and the grey-haired middle-aged man waved his hand with a smile . He wore a pink-coloured polo shirt with images of pineapples etched on it, plus a torn pair of jeans . Han Su-Yeong saw his outrageous fashion sense that simply didn't match the current battlefield and her jaw fell to the ground .
" . . . . Mass Production-type Maker??"
Several Constellations fighting against the Calamity began muttering to each other after hearing her .
[Mass Production-type Maker? Is he a strong Constellation?]
[No, that geezer won't be of much help . ]
[I think I've heard about him before . Blinded by Coins, he continues to pump out trashy Fables . . . . ]
Han Su-Yeong stared at that 'Mass Production-type Maker' . He was supposed to be a Fable-grade Constellation, but contrary to his rank, the Status she could feel was nothing to write home about .
The Mass Production-type Maker chuckled good-naturedly . [Huhuh . It seems that I come across as not all that reliable . ]
His relaxed observation prompted Thor to stop chugging wine down his throat and shout back . [Oiii, Mister Steady! Since you came, hurry and lend us a helping hand! We urgently need any help we can find, even from a geezer!]
[Hmm, but, I didn't come here to fight . ]
[Then why the hell did you even come here for?]
[Well, I was thinking of sponsoring some Coins, you see . ]
[You mad geezer… . What good will that do right now?!]
Constellations couldn't hold their anger back and shouted out .
[If you showed up to spout nonsense, then get the hell away from here! A stinking old man blinded by Coins . . . . !]
Strangely enough, the Mass Production-type Maker didn't show any signs of cowering . It was at that moment Han Su-Yeong recalled a certain conversation she had with Kim Dok-Ja in the past .
While she was glancing at the 'Mass Production-type Maker' chatting to Dokkaebis outside the recording booth, she asked him .
- Hey, Kim Dok-Ja . Just who is that Constellation, anyway? He doesn't seem all that strong to me… . Why are those Dokkaebis grovelling before him like that?
Kim Dok-Ja replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world .
- Because . . . he's got a lot of Coins .
Like Kim Dok-Ja back then, the Mass Production-type Maker was grinning brightly right now . [I can't understand you young ones . Why do you all dismiss Coins like that?]
[Who cares about those consumables . . . . ?!]
Along with a spinning noise, a Coin popped up on top of the Mass Production-type Maker's palm . It was just one single Coin . [Now, look closely . Does this Coin look like nothing more than 'consumable' to you? Haven't you ever wondered why uses these 'Coins' as the standard trading unit? Don't you find that strange?]
[What bullshit are you trying to say now?!]
While staring at the clones that had encroached right before his nose, the Mass Production-type Maker spoke up . [Let me give you a hint . Everything within is created through 'Fables' . In that case, what about 'Coins', then?]
[… . Is this the sign of senility? I'm busy, so stop talking to me!]
Constellations focused on shooting out their magical energy at the space around them as if they no longer wanted to hear an old man's ramblings . Han Su-Yeong, however, continued to listen even when still trapped in this urgent situation .
And, goosebumps broke out all over her skin .
It was as exactly as the Mass Production-type Maker had said; everything in was a 'Fable' .
In that case, why was the trading unit of not 'Fables' but 'Coins', instead?

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An enormous amount of Probability was welling up all round the Mass Production-type Maker . And as he was bathed in the influence of that Probability, his own Status was rising up explosively .
That gob-smacking rate of increase shocked the Constellations of both 'Good' and 'Evil', and they all looked at the Mass Production-type Maker .

[A very old Fable has begun its storytelling . ]

The Mass Production-type Maker – he too was a Constellation pursuing his own version of 'A Single Story' .
In that case, what was the ■■ he was pursuing after?
[What rules this world is neither 'Good' nor 'Evil' . It's 'capital' . ]
He then chucked that Coin high up in the air .
Yu Jung-Hyeok saw it, so did Han Su-Yeong, and Jeong Hui-Won . But none of them saw how much was written on that coin .
[And I possess more Coins than anyone in . ]
More specifically, they would have believed whatever amount was claimed to be written on it . If one wanted to create a miracle like that with Coins, how much would one need to spend?

[Someone has spent a lot of Coins!]

[Fable, 'Materialism', has begun its storytelling!]

A short while later, a deafening boom resounded out from the other side of the sky where the Coin had disappeared to . Accompanied by the ripping sound, a doorway whirling about opened up there . It was a Gate .

[A one-way Gate has been generated . ]

The Gate that only the Dokkaebis and the Bureau could open up was actually opened by a mere Constellation .

['s Bureau is looking at the Probability of the applicable scenario's . . . . . ]

[Summoning has begun!]

Several humanoid shapes began appearing beyond the Gate itself . With a relaxed face belonging to a holiday maker, the 'Mass Production-type Maker' shrugged his shoulders . [Oh, by the way . You guys were right about one thing . I'm terrible at fighting . ]
Blinding rays of light exploded from the other side of the Gate .
The old man put a pair of sunglasses on as if he'd been expecting that and continued on . [Instead, I can bring a few friends who are very good at that by doing this . ]
Some people were being summoned to the battlefield through the Gate . The first one to recognise them was Yu Jung-Hyeok .
" . . . . . Master?"

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The Breaking the Sky Sword Saint and Transcenders were flying out of the Gate now . There were several other familiar faces among the group beside her, too .
Such as, the One Invincible Fist, Yu Ho-Seong .
One of the most powerful beings on the 'Isle of Reincarnators' had entered this scenario in order to lend them aid . The reason for the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint's belated arrival must've had something to do with persuading them to come here . However, Yu Jung-Hyeok's expression didn't improve even then .
… . Will they be enough to stop this calamity?
There were dozens of calamity's clones, each so powerful that Fable-grade Constellations couldn't even deal with a single one . No matter how powerful the Breaking the Sky Sword Saint and Yu Ho-Seong were, this enemy was not something a group of Transcenders could overcome .
But then, there was one more familiar face right at the end of the descending Transcenders .
"Seriously, now! Should've helped us get here from the get-go, you know!"
It was Jang Ha-Yeong .
A few companions shouted towards her, calling her over . She smiled embarrassedly and waved her hand back . "Sorry about being so late! I was trying to persuade someone . "
… . Persuade?
Jang Ha-Yeong couldn't continue on, however .
Because, the entrance of new, powerful beings caused the clones of the 'Indescribable Distance' to change the direction of their attacks .
Nervousness quickly dyed her expression as she watched the Outer God approach her location .
Jang Ha-Yeong had seen those things back in the Demon World . She knew very well that the current her couldn't even deal with a single clone .
That was with only her own powers, though .
Right in the next instance, a golden aura exploded out from her figure . An incredible amount of Status was being unleashed with her as its centre .
Her golden locks spread out like waves and a slender golden headband appeared above her pale-smooth forehead . And then, a beautiful golden-coloured fur coat covered her entire body .
She slowly opened her eyes to reveal the swirling ominous aura of 'Golden Gaze, Fiery Eyes' .

[Constellation, 'Abyssal Black Flame Dragon', is narrowing his eyes . ]

[Constellation, 'Demon-like Judge of Fire', is surprised silly . ]

[Constellation, 'Goryeo's First Sword', is sighing out . ]

[All neutral-type Constellations can't hide their astonishment!]

Everyone present recognised the owner of that Status . It was impossible not to .
Jang Ha-Yeong extended her hand out and the world's heaviest staff found itself in her grip in the next moment . Boundlessly arrogant and aloof eyes glared at the azure sky, and every cloud in the world trembled all at the same time .
[Go and rescue Kim Dok-Ja . ]
Those words were not spoken by Jang Ha-Yeong .

[Constellation, 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband', has incarnated into the scenario!]

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