Omniscient Reader - Chapter 472

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Chapter 472: 472
The forged steel expanded and protected both me and Yi Ji-Hye .

[Constellation, 'Master of Steel' is revealing his Status . ]
Yi Hyeon-Seong's Sponsor was the original 'Master of Steel' . However, he was killed off during the <oz> incident the last time . Before that, though, he managed to successfully hand his Modifier over to someone else .
[[King of Silverlight Heart . ]]
The King of Silverlight Heart, that was the new 'Master of Steel' . He was yet another existence who witnessed the 999th turn's Conclusion, alongside the 'Master of the Sunken Island' .
And it was none other than Yi Hyeon-Seong from the 999th turn .
[[Stop with your ridiculous charade as a Sponsor . What do you think you're doing?]]
Was it because she was facing another 'King' like her? The 999th turn's Yi Ji-Hye was rapidly regaining her reasoning .
[[You kept silent when we were calling for you, so why are you appearing like this now?]]
The 'Master of the Sunken Island' continued on .
[[It was you who suggested that we follow the rules . We promised to find our stories again even if that meant we'd become the apocalypse of another world . To get our scenarios back from the <star stream=""> . . . . . That's what you suggested, right?]]
The Fables flowing near them helped me to guess what their lives had been like .
⸢Ji-Hye-ya . We must stick to the rules . Even if we become the 'Outer Gods', do not forget that rule . ⸥
⸢Only that rule will protect you when the world tries to inflict you with pain . ⸥
⸢It'll speak up for you – that you are not wrong . ⸥
Just like how Yi Ji-Hyes from different regression turns were still Yi Ji-Hye, Yi Hyeon-Seongs found in the same turns were also undoubtedly, Yi Hyeon-Seong . Even after he became an Outer God, his original nature didn't change .
The 'King of Silverlight Heart' stared at me next . I couldn't decipher the emotions contained within his gaze .
[[This is my rule, Ji-Hye-ya . To prevent the re-enactment of the 999th turn's tragedy . ]]
[[What rubbish are you talking about? Is 'rules' something you can easily change on a whim like flipping your hand around??]]
[[I've heard several stories from my Sponsor who used to live this world-line . In some ways . . . . this world-line could very well be the one we've been searching for . ]] The 'King of Silverlight Heart' was glowing coldly as he spoke . [[The world-line where the 'end' of everything could be witnessed . ]]
Those words caused the 999th turn's Yi Ji-Hye to hesitate . [[Such a world-line can't exist . Besides, this world-line is about to end, anyway . Even if you interfere, even if I stop . . . . ]]
It seemed that the 'King of Silverlight Heart' chose not to become the calamity of the 'Great Apocalypse' . I expected something like that, though . If he really was thinking of harming us, then he'd have done so back in the <oz> .
And since I knew that, I decided to bring our Yi Hyeon-Seong here . As a final hidden card prepared for that one off-chance .

[[These people aren't that weak . Uriel alone won't make it . ]]

The 'King of Silverlight Heart' ended his words there . The 'Master of the Sunken Island' then replied, her empty, wandering eyes staring at the distant horizon . But then, life returned to her eyes right next moment, with an expression of someone who saw something quite unpleasant .
[[What if she's not alone?]]
And then, pitch-black darkness blanketed the world beyond the horizon .
Something we failed to foresee was revealing itself over yonder .
The rest of <kim dok-ja="" company="">'s companions were camping out near Dokdo Island, waiting for 'something' to show up .
A short while after Kim Dok-Ja had disappeared towards the Pacific Ocean, they started hearing the drumbeat-like noises bellowing out from there every so often . They flinched every time they heard those noises . No one said anything about their intermittent flinching movement, but they all knew what it meant, anyway .
'I want to go and help Kim Dok-Ja . '
However, they endured it . This was all part of their strategy . If they carelessly made a move here, then forget about saving Kim Dok-Ja, they might end up losing everything, instead . They simply had to stick to the plan . According to the plan, this place was . . .
Ku-gugugugu .
It was right then they felt the heat coming from the sky . Powerful heatwaves completely blanketed the entirety of the ocean . When they reflexively raised their heads, they were treated to a truly unbelievable spectacle .
Kim Dok-Ja was right .
⸢The burning, seething sun was falling towards the middle of the ocean . ⸥
Han Su-Yeong in charge of the control tower shouted out from the top of Gong Pil-Du's fortress . "Get ready for battle!!"
This heat was so intense that it felt like even their souls were melting . And within the solar flames, the bewinged 999th turn's Uriel floated silently .
[[Where is the 'Secretive Plotter'?]]
⸢The Outer God King, the 'Living Flame' that rises up from the east . ⸥
Han Su-Yeong swallowed back her saliva after sensing the enormous Status wafting in front of her . More correctly, she tried to . However, she couldn't sense any moisture within her mouth as if all of her salivae had evaporated . She forced her parched throat to speak up .
"And now, we commence with the 'flame extinguishment' . "
The flame extinguishment – that was the mission the first team was tasked with . Han Su-Yeong recalled the last words Kim Dok-Ja said to her before he disembarked .
- Don't kill her . She's also 'Uriel' .
… . That damn Kim Dok-Ja . He wanted them to subdue such a thing without killing it??
The silence continued and the 'Living Flame' narrowed her eyes . [[If you aren't going to answer . . . . ]]
"Yu Sang-Ah!"

The signal was given and Yu Sang-Ah extended her arms out . As her Buddhist robe wavered gently, a gigantic Mandala spun around behind her and it shot towards the sun . The strongest debuff skill <kim dok-ja="" company=""> currently possessed was activated .
[Fable, 'Hour of Mandala', is activating!]
It was really negligible, but the movement of the sun had become just a little slower .
The 999th turn's Uriel muttered out . [[… . Interfering with time and space? Is Sakyamuni in this place? I haven't sensed his aura, though?]]
She clenched her fist and the space-time of the surrounding world shook powerfully as if it'd shatter at any moment .
Blood leaked out of Yu Sang-Ah's lips . "This is the best I can do!"
"Jeong Hui-Won! Shin Yu-Seung!"
Two of them dashed forward after hearing Han Su-Yeong's order .
The first one the 999th turn's Uriel discovered was Shin Yu-Seung . The shadow of a huge Dragon was cast on the ocean's surface . And then, the Poison Breath blanketed the sun's destructive conflagration .
[[So, you're this world-line's 'Beast Lord'?]]
A portion of Uriel's Incarnation Body touched by the Breath changed colour, but that lasted only for a short while . Her skin reverted back to normal in the blink of an eye .
"Why don't you try to block this, too!"
That voice came from right beside her, and the 999th turn's Uriel reflexively swung her sword .
[Flames of Retribution] and [Judge's Sword] collided .
Just one collision and Jeong Hui-Won had to retreat while vomiting out blood .
[Incarnation 'Jeong Hui-Won' is currently activating 'Hour of Judgement'!]
[[The Hour of Judgement? How are you using that technique against me?]]
"Who knows?"
The [Hellfire] covered Jeong Hui-Won's sword, and the wings of Archangel spread out from behind her back . The 999th turn's Uriel confirmed them and her expression hardened as she unleashed her Status .
[[… . So, you are my Incarnation . ]]
As if to oppose that statement, the power of the Constellation emanated from Jeong Hui-Won's body as well .
[Hui-Won-ee is my Incarnation, not yours!]

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Two Uriels unleashed their Statuses at each other and began colliding .
The first exchange, then the second; as the collision increased in frequency, Jeong Hui-Won's expression quickly grew more and more agitated .
"What kind of power is . . . !"
[[I won't get fooled by those ridiculous memories again like the last time . ]]
Jeong Hui-Won was forced to go on the defensive in an instant, leading Uriel to urgently shout out . [■ck! Are you just going to watch and do nothing?!]
Almost at the same time, jet-black flames sneak-attacked the 999th turn's Uriel on her back . The 'Living Flame' frowned heavily and spoke up . [[The Black Flame Dragon . ]]
The Black Flame Dragon shouted out triumphantly, the bandages unwrapped from both of his arms now . [Kekeke . How did that feel, you stinking Angel!]
The Absolute Good and the Absolute Evil . Two Fable-grade Constellations who used to be sworn enemies once upon a time were fighting together in order to stop this calamity .
The [Hellfire] and [Black Flame] bore down on the army of the sun . And as she was bathed in the storm of blinding light rays, Han Su-Yeong quietly shuddered .
'… . So strong . '
With just one hand, the 'Living Flame' was fighting against those two powerful Constellations . This opponent couldn't be pushed back even when the two of them combined their strengths .
[[Me of this turn only amounts to this much? Where is <eden>? Why are you fighting alongside these people?]]
[■ck, Eden has been destroyed already!!]
[[… . <eden> is no more? And you wish to confront me without the blessing of the Nebula?]]
The Living Flame then turned her head away as if to indicate that she had no more reason to fight these two . The sun's rays seemed to grow even stronger, then some things began crawling out from the intense heat . They were 'Outer Gods' that followed her . An army numbering several thousand was waiting for her command .
[[Go . Find the 'Secretive Plotter' . ]]
Their march began . Countless 'Nameless Ones' possessing burning wings began descending to the world below . At this rate, the whole of the Korean Peninsula might get swept aside in an instant .
[Incarnation 'Shin Yu-Seung' is activating 'Superlative Diverse Communication Lv . ???'!]
Shin Yu-Seung made her move .
Countless aquatic creatures burst out of the ocean's surface and leapt up to bite the ankles of the 'Nameless Ones' before dragging them down .
Then, the Master of the Armed Fortress, Gong Pil-Du joined her as well . Automated turrets installed atop the defensive walls began spitting out licks of flames, and the Nameless Ones turning into Swiss cheese all screamed in pain .
The 999th turn's Uriel spoke up . [[You even accepted such an evil man as your comrade? How pathetic . ]]
The 'Nameless Ones' continued to march towards unfazed towards Gong Pil-Du's fortress . And just as one of the outer walls was about to be destroyed by the constant attacks of the Outer Gods, Han Su-Yeong cried out .
"Yi Gil-Yeong!"

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As if he was waiting for that, Yi Gil-Yeong immediately appeared above the wall . Jet-black Status was tightly wrapped around the boy as he roared out to the sky . When he did, yellowish clouds rushed in from somewhere and covered up the heavens above . It was only for a moment, but this new army was vast enough to hide that white-hot star .
[Constellation, 'Ruler of the Deepest Pit', is baring its white fangs . ]
[[… . Demon God Abaddon? Why is a bastard like you here??]]
Surprised by an unexpected enemy's entrance, the 999th turn's Uriel growled menacingly .
With Shin Yu-Seung and Gong Pil-Du, and now also Yi Gil-Yeong added to the mix, the battle had finally become evenly-matched . Abaddon's yellow locust swarm threw themselves at the 'Nameless Ones' and blocked them .
The Nameless Ones writhed in pain . The 999th Uriel furrowed her brows . While easily defending against the Archangel Uriel and the Black Flame Dragon's combined assault with only one hand, she began concentrating magical energy on the other . She was planning to break through the encirclement with her own [Hellfire] .
However, there was someone here capable of reading her thoughts first .
"Now! Attack!"
Han Su-Yeong's signal prompted a lengthy scythe to leap out from the surface of the deep ocean .
Accompanied by the slicing noise, a huge wound was inflicted on the former Archangel's wing . White feathers scattered alongside the Fable of the other world .
[[King of the <underworld> . . . . !]]
For the first time ever, the expression of the 999th turn's Uriel had completely stiffened .
[Nebula, <underworld>, is releasing the stored-up Fable!]
Hades and the portion of <underworld>'s elite forces crossed over using a portal . Which included the three Judges as well as Persephone .
The 'Nameless Ones' guarding the sun were brought down, and the <underworld>'s Status began pressuring the 999th turn's Uriel . However, she steadfastly withstood it .
The Incarnations of Sakyamuni and the Archangel Uriel, as well as the Abyssal Black Flame Dragon . And on top of that, the Myth-grade Constellation Hades, too . Even though one of her wings was torn from a sneak attack, and she was currently subjected under the combat force of a fairly-strong Nebula as well, she was not being pushed back at all .
No, it seemed that she was actually searching for an opportunity to overturn this situation, instead .
"What are you waiting for?! Hurry up and join them!"
[Constellation, 'Most Ancient Liberator', lazily makes his move as if he finds this whole affair bothersome . ]
Gloomy clouds rolled in just above the yellow-coloured clouds . Lightning emitting an ominous bluish glow suddenly crashed down to the ocean below without holding back .
The heavens breathlessly flickered; a figure of an aloof Constellation was revealed in between the lightning flares brushing by – a Myth-grade Constellation blessed with dancing platinum hair and a rather uniquely-arrogant grin stood there .
The moment the 999th turn's Uriel opened her eyes wide, the Ruyi Jingu Bang filling up her view powerfully smashed her entire body down .
She failed to withstand the impact force and her Incarnation Body slammed into the ocean with a deafening explosion noise .
<episode 90:="" one="" person="" (1)=""> Fin .