Omniscient Reader - Chapter 491

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Chapter 491
That was Kim Dok-Ja . That sentence, it definitely came from him . She didn't need to hear his voice to know that .

Han Su-Yeong wrote the next sentence .
⸢What's this, you were alright?⸥
Being an author didn't mean you were in control of every word you write . And also, she was the type of person who could only write stuff like that . However, Kim Dok-Ja should be able to read that fine . Because he was the greatest reader she knew .
Knock .
Along with a slight knocking noise, she heard his laughter . Sounds of weapons clashing coming from everywhere hurt her ears . Her companions were still bitterly fighting . No time to leisurely waste time, in other words .
⸢You knew this would happen from the get-go, didn't you?⸥
⸢ . . . . . ■■■■■⸥
She couldn't clearly see the sentence written on the wall . As if, the communication earlier was just a pure fluke of really low odds .
⸢Hey, you! Write legibly, will ya?!⸥
Even though Jang Ha-Yeong was helping out here, Kim Dok-Ja's message still couldn't be seen .
['Wall of Impossible Communication' is unleashing its power!]
Far too many sentences were aimlessly floating above the wall .
Every single one of them happened to be what she and the rest of the companions said to Kim Dok-Ja . Some of them were clear to see, while some were indistinct .
"Su-Yeong-ah . "
" . . . . . I know . "
While listening to Jang Ha-Yeong's voice, Han Su-Yeong reached out to the wall one more time . She tried really hard to find Kim Dok-Ja's message by combining the floating sentences .
[Fable, 'Predictive Plagiarism', has begun its storytelling!]
[Target is an existence you can't understand!]
What connected each letter was context . Letters cast out in the sea without context were akin to a book that had been created to be unreadable .
⸢"I'm going home now . "⸥
⸢"You'll lend me a spare battery when we go camping?"⸥
All she could do now was to connect those context-less sentences somehow . Inject context into these nonsensical sentences to give them meaning . Shuffle those that weren't plot development so that they looked like it .
However, it was not enough . No matter how she connected them, there would always be some part without meaning .
"Kim Dok-Ja! Say something! What is the plan?! Just what do you want us to do here?!"
No reply came back to her . The roaring Outer God King was still battling the Constellations . The heavily-bleeding companions were collapsing within the storm of aftermaths .
Han Su-Yeong gritted her teeth . It was fine if Kim Dok-Ja didn't want to say it . The important part was reading his intentions . His intentions of making such a move without letting his companions know of his plans .
It was to figure out his thought process on choosing to become the Outer God King .

It was then words began gathering one by one .
⸢If the Ways of Survival was behind a paywall, just how much have I used it so far?⸥
⸢If I had ₩20,000,000 in my bank account, what would I feel?⸥

⸢If there are two rooms, then how does the remaining one get filled up, usually?⸥
" . . . . If I had met you back in the normal world, I would never ever have become your friend . "
Those words seemed randomly thrown out like a memo . She still collected those words and sentences, anyway .
An excellent writer had to be an excellent reader first . And Han Su-Yeong knew a way to read such things .
⸢How does one go about making money?⸥
One had to accept that sometimes, you'll run into a sentence you can't comprehend yet and flip the page over . Just so that, one day, you'd able to read that sentence when you did return to the very same page later .
[Target is an existence you can't understand!]
There was no choice but to desperately flip the pages over and over again, and then some more, to gather as many clues on those impossible sentences .
⸢Doesn't my life have money-making Probability or something?⸥
Tsu-chuchuchu . . . . !
She saw Jeong Hui-Won kneeling down in the distance . Yi Seol-Hwa ran over and supported her, while Yu Sang-Ah and Yi Hyeon-Seong blocked the weapons flying in her direction .
[Bureau's Probability is restricting your interference in the scenario!]
Kim Dok-Ja was right . Probability was to blame for everything .
The reason why he was poor, why they ended up in this state .
[Bureau's Probability is confining your body!]
Probability in this world was basically power . The scenario would flow towards those possessing more plausible Probability .
[Your Nebula has violated far too much Probability . ]
Han Su-Yeong knew that . This storm of aftermath was the reward for overcoming many dangerous situations through sheer luck . They had so many companions yet none were lost on their way to the Final Scenario .
On the other hand, other Incarnations had to sacrifice so much more trying to get this far .
⸢Why only they . . . . . ⸥
⸢This is unfair . ⸥
⸢Do you know how hard we had to struggle to get this far?⸥
<kim dok-ja="" company=""> had violated far too much Probability . No one was sacrificed when one was needed . Or, more correctly, only one person got continuously sacrificed .

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"Kim Dok-Ja . "
He died multiple times and got resurrected again .
He even revived someone that should've died . While using the revival attribute, or even visiting the Underworld, and going so far as to alter the future .
⸢And that's why Kim Dok-Ja had to become the Enemy of the Story . ⸥
Because all the Great Fables <kim dok-ja="" company=""> had compiled didn't have enough Probability .
Han Su-Yeong grasped at the sentences as if she was scratching the wall . It was then a new sentence suddenly floated up .
⸢"For the time being, you take over the Nebula's safe . "⸥
This was a conversation she had with Kim Dok-Ja not too long ago .
⸢" . . . . What's this? I might end up spending it all, you know?"⸥
She received the authority to manage the safe via the system . She wondered what possessed Mister Miser Kim Dok-Ja to do this . Back then, she figured that he was simply too lazy to manage the finances and dumped the job on her shoulders, instead .
[Would you like to confirm the current balance?]
However, would that Kim Dok-Ja really hand over the 'safe' to someone else with that reasoning?
As if she had been entranced, Han Su-Yeong opened the safe .
⸢"Wow, you saved up a lot, haven't you . What a miserly guy you are . What are you planning to do by saving up this much, though?"⸥
⸢"They have their uses . "⸥
There was a humongous amount of Coins saved up in the safe . More than enough treasure to tempt any star was hidden inside there . And this was the most basic currency of sponsorship, and the power source to move the scenario .
⸢One of the most powerful Fables in this world is [Coins] . ⸥
However, there weren't all that many things one could do with Coins now, whether that was reinforcing the Incarnation Bodies or purchasing stuff from the [Dokkaebi Bunble] .
That's why she was quite curious . What was the point of so obsessively hoarding all these Coins?
[Will you spend these Coins for the growth of the 'Great Fable'?]
And then, Han Su-Yeong finally realised that very reason .
"I will . "
[Nebula's cache of 143,245,199 Coins will be paid to the Probability!]
The moment her declaration came to an end, Fables rushed in like wild predators lusting after fresh meat . Entrancing golden light blanketed the companions .
[Great Fable, 'Demon World's Spring', is greedily gorging on the Coin's Fable!]
[Great Fable Torch that Swallowed the Myth's figure is ballooning up!]
[Great Fable Season of Light and Darkness's contrast is getting even clearer!]

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The Great Fables would grow to possess even more power by devouring the available funds . The Fable's details would be realised more faithfully, viscerally, and also more colourfully .
When the strengths of the Great Fables began resisting the Bureau's Probability, both the Great Dokkaebis and Constellations began panicking .
Jeong Hui-Won's sword grew lighter and lighter, while Yi Hyeon-Seong's shield was getting sturdier and sturdier . Monstrous beasts and insect kings Shin Yu-Seung and Yi Gil-Yeong summoned began tearing into the Constellations in the back .
Yi Ji-Hye's battleship began firing its cannons and the Incarnations in the frontlines dissipated without a trace .
Unfortunately, their higher odds of victory lasted only for a brief while .
[Bureau's Probability has increased its level of restriction!]
The jet-black rifts began spreading in the heavens from the excessive usage of the Probability . The entire stage for the scenario was shaking unsteadily .
Fables began leaking out from the mouths of several Great Dokkaebis . They had bet their lives on this must-win battle . In order to create the conclusion they wanted to see, these Dokkaebis personally jumped into the scenario and willingly became the part of the story .
"Black Flame Dragon!"
Powerful [Black Flame] wrapped around Han Su-Yeong . While filtering away attacks coming in at her, more [Black Flames] were fired out . Right next to her, Jan Ha-Yeong was relying on the Murim's skills to guard her back .
Why did Kim Dok-Ja entrust her with this role?
There was someone better suited for this job, the protagonist of a certain story . However, Kim Dok-Ja still entrusted this job to her .
Su-susususu . . . .
Jang Ha-Yeong's wall was scattering away again . It was going away after exhausting all its powers .
The Bureau's restrictions made it harder to even breathe .
Kim Dok-Ja, momentarily within reach, grew distant again . The flow of the story was once more going over to the Great Dokkaebis . Han Su-Yeong cried out .
[Your ■■ is 'Neverending Story' . ]
A story where none would be lost .
A story, where everyone would live together in a huge house at the end of all the scenarios .
The companions were fighting for that simple dream . However, their Probability wasn't enough and that dream couldn't become reality .
[Constellation, 'Abyssal Black Flame Dragon', is now looking at his own Incarnation . ]
It was right then, a lightbulb flashed brightly in her head .
Not enough Probability?
⸢The reason why Kim Dok-Ja entrusted this role to Han Su-Yeong and not Yu Jung-Hyeok . ⸥
[Constellation, 'Maritime War God', is looking at Incarnation 'Han Su-Yeong' . ]
Drip, drip . . .
Blood dripped down from her wounded shoulder . Han Su-Yeong haphazardly wrapped some bandages around the injury and looked up at the sky .
There they were, distant stars of <star stream="">, visible among the storm of sparks raining down . Far, far more Constellations than ever before were watching the last moments of this world .
[Many Constellations are dissatisfied with this scenario's development!]
[Quite a number of Constellations are criticising the tyranny of the Bureau and the Myth-grade Constellations . . . . !]
Han Su-Yeong suddenly smiled insidiously . "That's right . You were all Constellations . . . . "
Kim Dok-Ja should've known this . Because, he too was a Constellation .
He was a reader who knew better than anyone on how to make a scenario more entertaining and even tenser than before .
⸢And that's why Kim Dok-Ja hadn't said anything to his companions . ⸥
Han Su-Yeong clenched her hand tightly . Since she had spent all the Coins, she was now literally empty-handed .
However, Kim Dok-Ja hadn't just left her with Coins only .
" . . . . When the first scenario started, you all said this to us . That we had been living for free . So, we should start paying the price for that . "
What Kim Dok-Ja had left behind was . . .
[Constellation, 'Bald General of Justice', is focusing on Incarnation Han Su-Yeong's words . ]
[Constellation, 'One-eyed Maitreya', is focusing on Incarnation Han Su-Yeong's words . ]
. . . The entirety of their lives lived so far .
"What you said back then, I'm returning it in full back to you . "
Along with Han Su-Yeong's signal, Biyu shut the channel off as if she was waiting for that .
And then, the Constellations' channel went dark .
[Channel BY-9158's all broadcast screens have been blocked . ]
[Constellation, 'Heavenly Wind God', is panicking at the sudden blackout!]
[Constellation, 'Joseon's Number One Sorcerer', wishes to see what happens next!]
After the world had fallen into darkness, the panicky voices of Constellations from other scenario locations watching the channel could be heard resounding out .
Every subscriber had to go through Biyu's channel to watch the <kim dok-ja="" company="">'s story . Even those subscribing to other channels had no choice but to see this world through Biyu's, at least at this moment .
"From now on, our story will be a paid service . "
<episode 93 . ="" omniscient="" author's="" viewpoint="" (5)=""> Fin .