Omniscient Reader - Chapter 493

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Chapter 493: 493
Seeing him smile with such a thick skin, she suddenly felt compelled to hurl several choice words at him . She wanted to say, she'll definitely kill him if he went ahead and did something like this again .

Just like how it had been . She really wanted to do that, but . . .
"Han Su-Yeong . "
. . . She couldn't .
When she lowered her head, she saw Kim Dok-Ja's ankles . The battle-ready formal suit crafted by the Mass Production-type Maker was now in tatters .
His entire body, having fought Constellations as an Outer God King earlier, was riddled full with wounds, so much so that it'd not be strange for him to keel over right now .
" . . . . Are you alright?"
And him worrying about her instead of himself only made Han Su-Yeong unable to figure out how to digest her current emotions .
[Constellation, 'Father of the Rich Night', is looking at you . ]
[Constellation, 'Queen of the Darkest Spring', is satisfied with your reply . ]
[Constellation, 'Maritime War God', is nodding his head . ]
… . . . .
The gazes of the stars shone from the sky . Even though the indirect messages continued to rain down, Han Su-Yeong's back remained cold . The blacked-out channel of a few moments ago still remained vivid in her mind .
⸢If she had made even the slightest mistake . . . . ⸥
Constellations might not have lent their help . Probability might not have flowed in a way she planned . Her companions might not have endured .
What had been entrusted to her up until a few moments ago was not some simple manuscript that could be revised at will .
This burden of knowing that one misstep would bring down everything they had built up together – Kim Dok-Ja had been completing the scenarios while constantly feeling that emotion .
He supported Han Su-Yeong tottering unsteadily . She was about to slap his hand away, but instead, sighed and spoke up . "Don't ever make me do that again . "
"Only you could've done this . "
She bit her lip the moment she heard him .
"You know better than anyone what the readers want, right?"
⸢What was the 'end' Kim Dok-Ja wanted?⸥
What Han Su-Yeong thought about even when she found herself in a desperate situation of making the whole world her enemy, was that very question .
And perhaps, the current her should be able to reach the answer .
"Is this the end you've been thinking about?"
"Well, it's the beginning of that end . "
There were many creatures brushing past them to enter the battlefield . Only until a few moments ago, they had been the 'Outer Gods', but now, they were existences with faces and their own names .
[[Attack them!!]]
[[Those Constellation dogs!!]]
Some faces they almost recognised, some others they couldn't . Someone resembled Kim Nam-Woon, while a face resembling Yi Ji-Hye could be seen, too . However, they weren't Kim Nam-Woon nor Yi Ji-Hye; no, they were simply extras from those stories that ended a while ago .
⸢And every single one of these existences was fighting to change this world-line's conclusion . ⸥

Everyone from the abandoned world-lines, from the 0th turn to the 1863rd, had gathered here .
[[Go!! Everyone!!]]
Han Su-Yeong felt emotions swell up in her chest after watching their march . These people gathering here to resist the pre-determined conclusion were all <kim dok-ja="" company="">'s allies .
[Nebula, <kim dok-ja="" company="">'s entire roster has become the 'Enemies of the Story'!]
Companions approached them in their unsteady steps . They too, could finally see Kim Dok-Ja's world .
[Fable, 'Predictive Plagiarism', is sharing its understanding with the rest of <kim dok-ja="" company="">'s members!]
[Fable, 'Saviour of the Star', is sharing its thoughts with the rest of <kim dok-ja="" company="">'s members . ]
All the Fables were talking to each other now .
Companions scanned their surroundings with dazed expressions . They too were witnessing the sight of the horrifying masks covering up the Outer Gods slipping away .
Han Su-Yeong observed each and every one of her companions, before abruptly realising something .
One of them was still nowhere to be seen .

"Where did that guy disappear to?"
When she thought about it, she found it really odd .
That guy hated the Constellations more than anyone out there . That guy, who fought the hardest among the companions, was nowhere to be seen within the battlefield for a while now .
Kim Dok-Ja promptly answered her .
"Over there . "
Han Su-Yeong hurriedly scanned her surroundings .
An explosion occurred in the frontline and thick dust cloud was kicked up . Constellations from Asgard were busy crushing the Outer Gods .
[… . You disgusting bastards . ]
Dozens upon dozens of 'Nameless Ones' died every time Constellations crossed the battlefield .
If it was before, this scene would've been one of monsters dying; but now, it depicted the deaths of actual persons . 'Nameless Ones' lost their arms, their legs were torn off, and their guts were spilt .
They couldn't even mount a proper challenge . Most of the 'Outer Gods' that heeded Kim Dok-Ja's call and showed up here were the lower-ranked variety . Although there were a few higher-ranked creatures mixed within, they had already been felled after being subjected to a concentrated barrage of attacks from the Myth-grade Constellations . Defending against the concerted attacks of the Constellations with the remaining forces was impossible .
However, something was wrong .
⸢Even when there was such an overwhelming difference in combat capability, they were still ably holding on . ⸥
Upon closer inspection, she realised that there was 'something' at the very front of the Outer Gods' ranks .
Darkish-blue sword light swept across the battlefield .
Golden afterimages scattered in the air where the sword's trajectory scythed by .
The head of a Constellation stomping on an 'Outer God' just now flew away without warning . And then, another one . Then, yet another one . A pitch-black figure, currently bathed in the baptism of spewing Fables rather than blood, was continuously wielding his sword .
"Isn't that . . . . ?!"
She was well aware of the fact that there was a seriously powerful individual among the 'Outer Gods' fighting out in the furthest front . Initially, she thought that, 'since this is the Final Scenario, the really strong ones have come out of the woodwork . '
This 'Outer God' continued to cut down Constellations like pieces of papers, its sharp tail wagging this way and that .
But now that she took a closer look, that was no tail at all but a pitch-black sword, instead .
[Attribute, 'Iron-Blooded Conquering King', is activating!]
Corpses of Constellations formed a mountain . And on top of this very mountain was a throne of blood . The master of this throne was arrogantly looking down on all the stars of the world .
"This swordsmanship . . . . you, you're Yu Jung-Hyeok . "
Anna Croft gritted her teeth and emitted her sword aura .
The greatest Incarnation in America, Anna Croft, reputedly strong enough to never lose in a tactical battle .
"I'm the strongest on the continent!"
Soon after, Fei Hu's long spear stabbed through the air and flew right in .
China's number one Incarnation, Fei Hu – master of one on one combat .
"This will be my first time fighting you . However, I shall emerge victorious nevertheless . "
And lastly, Ranvir Khan's palms made their move; his palms left behind clear shadows like Kali's hands, while pouring out around hundred or so ripples .
The battlefield was rocked by yet another loud explosion . Fables continued to tell their stories beyond that explosion noise, however .
[Fable, 'Comrade of Life and Death', is continuing on with its storytelling . ]
[A portion of Fables are being shared due to the special effect of 'Comrade of Life and Death' . ]
[Fable, 'Hellscape of Eternity', is continuing on with its storytelling . ]
While witnessing this spectacle of swords slicing down indiscriminately and both Constellations and Outer Gods dying with their bellies cut wide open, Han Su-Yeong abruptly recalled a certain old question that circulated among the gossipers .
Who was the strongest Incarnation in the world?

[Everyone, kill that guy! We can break through as long as that man is dead!]
Now, she could answer it without a shred of hesitation . There couldn't be differences in opinion on this one .
⸢The world's strongest Incarnation was Yu Jung-Hyeok . ⸥
Constellations that had long discarded any semblance of their pride pounced on him . Even though his shoulder split open and his thigh ruptured, Yu Jung-Hyeok's expression remained calm as he blocked the Constellation army rushing in at the frontlines .
Such a battle was only possible because he had regained a portion of his past memories . However, there was one thing she still couldn't figure it out .
[Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok is currently the 'Enemy of the Story' . ]
"How can that guy be the first . . . . ??"
How did Yu Jung-Hyeok join Kim Dok-Ja even before Han Su-Yeong or the rest of the companions could?
Yu Jung-Hyeok's battlefield was steadily being pushed back after the Myth-grade Constellations pitched in . The closer he got, the more visible the murky aura of Chaos surrounding him became . It was the power of Chaos usually seen from the 'Outer Gods' .
⸢Yu Jung-Hyeok had become one with 'Secretive Plotter' once upon a time . ⸥
Only then she understood it – the reason why he could become Kim Dok-Ja's ally faster than everyone else .
Han Su-Yeong immediately flew off her handle . "You sons of bitches, not even saying a single thing to me . . . . !"
⸢Yu Jung-Hyeok was well aware of Kim Dok-Ja's intention . ⸥
Sometimes, rage would be accompanied by deep understanding .
⸢This tragedy could only be established when the characters deceived each other . ⸥
Because Yu Jung-Hyeok hated Constellations more than anyone, he was able to read Kim Dok-Ja's intentions . And that was how he could make his move without hesitation .
⸢That was the only way to hide the fact that this was simply a 'story' from the Constellations watching on . ⸥
Yu Jung-Hyeok had arrived in their vicinity before long; he sheathed his sword and spoke up .
"It'll be hard to continue defending like this . "
He looked back with disinterested eyes, only to meet Han Su-Yeong's glare .
He opened his mouth first . "You were late . "
"Shut the hell up . "
Three of them lined up side by side .
Yu Jung-Hyeok's [Dark Heavenly Demon Sword] roared out a keen, vicious cry, while Kim Dok-Ja's pair of black wings spread wide open as if to protect the two people next to him .
Han Su-Yeong clenched and unfurled her fist currently enveloped in [Black Flame] and spoke up . " . . . . I can't figure out why this feels like it's been a really long time . "
Their companions finally reached their rear .
"Dok-Ja-ssi! Su-Yeong-ssi!"
Yi Hyeon-Seong knelt down and protected everyone with his shield, while Jeong Hui-Won stood next to him and held her sword upright .
The Chimera Dragon carrying Shin Yu-Seung and Yi Gil-Yeong roared out . Yu Sang-Ah's lotus pedestal spun around and surrounded the companions' sides . And lastly, Yi Ji-Hye's battleship protected the sky above them .
"Load the cannons!"
Cannons were shoring up their strengths at the ends of the vessel .
Gong Pil-Du established his fortress atop the battleship and aimed his own cannons at the ground as if to imply that he could take care of everything here .
[Every star in Nebula, <kim dok-ja="" company="">, is shining brightly!]
Biyu was shining like a blue sun amidst the dancing sparks; she was sweating profusely while receiving the Coins pouring in the <kim dok-ja="" company="">'s direction .
Probability gleaming richly was now giving them blessings .
Kim Dok-Ja then spoke to his quiet companions manning his sides .
"Everyone, thank you . "
Their expressions faintly trembled when he said that .
Jeong Hui-Won bit down on her lip, while Yi Hyeon-Seong wiped tears welling up in his eyes .
Han Su-Yeong could feel it .

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⸢From the start, Kim Dok-Ja didn't plan on sacrificing himself . ⸥
Maybe, he had thought about it over and over again – the way to make everyone happy at the end of this world .
He should know fully about the wound his companions suffered when he sacrificed himself, and then, he must've foreseen the destruction they might suffer as the price for fighting together .
And that was why he chose this scenario .
A scenario that changed scenarios . A scenario that didn't stick to the pre-determined conclusion . A scenario where everyone could reach the end together .
Han Su-Yeong thought that it'd be nice for this story to end right here .
Every emotion permeating within the words got transmitted vividly . She felt as if she now knew what Kim Dok-Ja was thinking about, and what he truly wanted here .
Only after reaching the end of everything did he finally open up his heart .
⸢And that was precisely why Han Su-Yeong thought that things must not end here . ⸥
"Let's talk about that later . "
Jang Ha-Yeong opened her mouth first, and . . .
"Everyone, fight to your heart's content . I won't let anyone die . "
… . Yi Seol-Hwa ended the conversation .
"Here they come!"
The march of the Constellations commenced once more .
[Do not panic! Their numbers have grown a little bit, that's all!]
[They are nothing more than a small Nebula!]
The story that couldn't find its bearing continued to flow within the rapidly-changing scenario .
Han Su-Yeong swung her fist; [Black Flame] shooting out from her knuckles pierced through the heads of the Incarnations . Yu Jung-Hyeok's [Breaking the Sky Swordsmanship] deflected both Anna Croft's and Fei Hu's blades, while Jang Ha-Yeong's [Breaking the Sky Force Punch] shoved away the group of Constellations trying to rush in from the side .
['Hour of Judgement' is activating!]
Jeong Hui-Won's [Hellfire] burned away the stars rushing in from the front . And Yi Hyeon-Seong's forged-steel shield blocked the unseen weapons cutting through the air .
"Everyone, get down!"
Yi Ji-Hye's turtle ship finished loading its cannons and began spitting flames out . Along with blinding flashes of explosions, the enemies in the frontlines were swept away .
"Bring down that ship first!"
Incarnations waiting for their chance all leapt up into the sky . That prompted Gong Pil-Du's turrets to spit out fire and noise, as well .
[You pathetic fools!]
A handful of Constellations used the falling Incarnations as their footholds to fly up . They flew up higher than the turtle ship and began firing their charged-up magical attacks .
[Die . . . . . ?!]
Even before the Constellation could finish its words, its body was torn apart in half . The Chimera Dragon roared out and ripped the Constellation's body to pieces with its massive maw .
"Hyung! Behind you!"
Yi Gil-Yeong's locusts stopped the Constellations trying to fly in .
The companions advanced forward bit by bit . Just like the time they had tread so far, they inched forward on the road where the starlight couldn't reach .
Han Su-Yeong began thinking .
In the eyes of other Constellations, they must've looked like monsters trying to destroy this world . However, that didn't matter – because that was the more exciting alternative, after all .
"Kim Dok-Ja! Destroy that ark!"
They could see the ark beyond the Constellations rushing in like storm clouds to protect it . And even now, more Constellations were rushing out from the hull of the broken ark .
They were actually stars asleep within the [Ark], waiting to depart from this world-line .
['Enemy of the Story' is approaching the ark . ]
['Enemy of the Story' will destroy all Fables in this world!]
That ark had to be destroyed in order to end the influx of the Constellations .

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[Collision of Probability has caused the rapid change to the scenario!]
[<star stream=""> has begun revising the Final Scenario's condition!]
But then, there were certain Constellations standing before the ark .
[Constellation, 'One Responsible for the Universe's Cycle', is intervening in the battlefield!]
[Constellation, 'Mirror that Emits Smoke', is intervening in the scenario!]
[Constellation, 'Master of Thunder and War', is intervening in the scenario!]
These Myth-grade Constellations had been observing the unfolding situation until now . Only by defeating them could the ark be within reach .
Each individual combat power was more than enough, but they still lost out in the overall combat force .
[Constellation, 'Spear that Draws the Borders in the Oceans', is greatly enraged!]
Poseidon and Zeus busy slaughtering the 'Nameless Ones' out by the frontlines joined in, leaving the companions stuck in a boxed-in position .
Yu Jung-Hyeok watched the spear slice past the ocean of corpses and return to its wielder, and spat out venomously . " . . . . Poseidon . "
Even if this was <kim dok-ja="" company="">, they still wouldn't be able to cope with these enemies all at once . There was some leeway still left to be found on the expressions of the Great Dokkaebis .
Han Su-Yeong was angry; they possessed this much Probability, yet why couldn't they surpass those creatures?
She cried out . "Hey!! When will our own Constellations show up?!"
Those that were supposed to come hadn't appeared yet . Uriel, her own sponsor, the Underworld's couple, and . . .
But then, Kim Dok-Ja asked back . "Does it have to be Constellations, though?"
"What was that?"
Kim Dok-Ja grinned . Han Su-Yeong really detested that smile .
"It isn't just the Constellations that can participate in this battle now . Because, there's enough Probability here thanks to a certain someone, you see . "
At that moment, Han Su-Yeong felt the back of her neck grow cold . The enormous amount of Probability that had been injected to <kim dok-ja="" company=""> was suddenly emptying out at once . Something that could only be summoned after using up that much Probability was arriving here .
⸢The existences that all Constellations feared . ⸥
The licks of flames belonging to the conflagration burned on the ground . A sun that burned away the Fable of eternity was rising up from the east .
⸢No star would dare to compare itself to her brightness – the 'Living Flame' . ⸥
And on the opposite side of the burning, screaming stars, a pure-blue ocean was crashing in . A tsunami wave flooded in from the west, as the 'Sunken Island' rose up once more .
⸢The calamity of the western world, 'Master of the Sunken Island' . ⸥
Constellations got swept away by the wave and dissolved away as sacks of Fables in an instant .
Soon afterwards, the northern skies grew jet-black, and Constellations there began crashing to the ground like falling raindrops .
⸢The ruler of the northern universe, 'Monarch of the Great Abyss' . ⸥
The 'Outer God King' smiled as he began bursting the heads of the stars like a rampaging hooligan .
And the existence incarnating into Yi Hyeon-Seong blocked the storm of aftermaths they had created .
⸢The 'King of Silverlight Heart', the ruler of the interstellar space in the south . ⸥
And then, an existence approached them from a place of nothing .
With every step he took, the gigantic [Heaven Shaking Sword] clawed the night sky and brought down many stars shining up there .
[[It's been a while, Poseidon . ]]
It was a man with the exact same face as Yu Jung-Hyeok, replete with a long scar on the cheek, too .
The 'Secretive Plotter' nonchalantly strode over and grabbed Poseidon by the latter's neck, before grinning brightly .
[[This will be my 26th time killing you . ]]
<episode 94 . ="" beginning="" of="" the="" end="" (1)=""> Fin .