Omniscient Reader - Chapter 498

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Chapter 498
Yu Jung-Hyeok was running towards the bridge, while <asgard>'s Constellations were chasing after him .

The Bald General of Justice shouted out . [Do your best, descendants!]
That prompted the One-eyed Maitreya to retort . [Your bald head is caked in sweat . ]
[Worry about your own head first . ]
[Aren't you going to help them?]
[I don't have an Incarnation, so how can I?]
[You can simply incarnate directly . ]
[You must've lost your mind after being trapped here for too long . With the remaining Coins, it's impossible even to send a symbolic form down there . ]
The Bald General grumbled unhappily and while wiping his head, looked behind him . That's where the boring monotone-coloured training hall lied in wait .
The 92nd floor scenario location, the 'Infinite Sanctum' .
One could only escape from this place after clearing a total of ten separate trials . And several Historical Figure-grade Constellations, including the 'Bald General of Justice', have been trapped in here for many decades .
The One-eyed Maitreya complained bitterly . [That damn Cheok family fool . What a terrible hardship this is all because of that man . ]
The first one to sniff out this <infinite sanctum=""> was the Goryeo's number one swordsman .
⸢If you're a true martial art practitioner, then you simply have to go there . The challenges are very easy, so you could say that place is more like an undiscovered, hidden candy . ⸥
The next person to clear this scenario after Cheok Jun-Gyeong, the Maritime War God, said this:
⸢Indeed it is quite doable . You'll be accomplishing a great achievement by clearing it . ⸥
The Historical Figure-grade Constellations that longed to reach the level of martial prowess attained by Cheok Jun-Gyeong and Yi Sun-Shin all headed to the 'Infinite Sanctum' after hearing those words .
And then, this was their sad state after several decades of failure .
[We've all momentarily forgotten that we are not the same as Cheok Jun-Gyeong or Yi Sun-Shin . ]
Regardless of where or what, talent would always pose an issue .
The Bald General spat out one sigh after another .
The collision noises of weapons repeatedly rang out from the centre of the training hall .
[Are those idiots still fighting?]
The One-eyed Maitreya's lone eye shifted over to the location where two old men were still duking it out . One was a tiger-like man with massive, rippling muscles, while his opponent was a fox-like man who enjoyed slim yet firm muscles himself .
Blinding shower of sparks exploded as two swords clashed in the air .
[Kim Yu-Shin! I'll definitely defeat you today!]

[Gyebaek, you're still no match for me . ]
The ⸢Stage Transformation⸥ suddenly activated around them and the Hwangsanbeol's battlefield spread out . It was none other than the very same battlefield Kim Dok-Ja had recreated in the past via [Ganpyeongui]
Kim Yu-Shin's Fragrant Dragon Flower Unit attacked Gyebaek, and the latter also unleashed his grandiose Status and crisscrossed the battlefield like a phantom .

It was indeed an amazing battle, but the other Historical Figure-grade Constellations simply looked on with bored expression on their faces . The 'Slumbering Lady of Fine Brocade' shook her head helplessly, while 'Founder of Hannamgun' tutted disapprovingly .
The One-eyed Maitreya sneered . [Even though they are showing off like that, they know the truth . They know that this isn't Hwangsanbeol . ]
There should have been a time when they fought earnestly . There was this deep-seated grudge, the resentment that couldn't be resolved even with one's death, after all .
These two betted everything of themselves and fought in Hwangsanbeol . Such a thing definitely did happen .
[Fable, 'Sun Setting on Hwangsanbeol', is continuing with its storytelling every now and then . ]
The fastest thing to get shaved away after becoming a Constellation was their own 'Fable' . The more a Constellation depleted its story, the weaker its power would get . They would grow bored, disinterested, fall into depression, or lose themselves in tedium .
Constellations would desperately seek out other Fables in order to escape from such a quagmire . In other words, they would search for a new tragedy to escape from this horrible eternal cycle, even if it was only for a brief moment .
As the sounds of the weapons clashing got faster, 'Seo Ae One Stroke of Brush' spoke . [Still, aren't they fighting a bit more spiritedly than before?]
[It seems that the fire's been rekindled after the 'Demon King of Salvation' summoned them back then . ]
What the 'Slumbering Lady of Fine Brocade' said caused the Constellations to simultaneously shift their eyes over to the scenario channel . There they were, Kim Dok-Ja and Yu Jung-Hyeok crossing the bridge .
Han Su-Yeong had arrived on the other side and was busy shouting out .
- Kim Dok-Ja!! Faster!
The noisy clashings of weapons also ceased . Both Kim Yu-Shin and Gyebaek stopped recreating Hwangsanbeol before anyone had noticed it and began holding their breaths . One by one, beings gathered around the display panel out of curiosity .
Several of them saw the bridge Kim Dok-Ja was crossing and pretended to know what it was .
[Hold on, isn't that the 'Even-numbered bridge'? How nostalgic . ]
[What rubbish are you spewing now? You weren't even a subscriber back then . ]
[Hmph . . . . ]
Odin was chasing after the fleeing Kim Dok-Ja and Yu Jung-Hyeok . The godly spear Gungnir, famed for never missing its target, was now taking aim at the former's back . Not only that, the storm was growing stronger, gradually slowing down the duo's fleeing speed .
The One-eyed Maitreya shouted out . [What's this?! Odin, that guy is a Myth-grade Constellation, so what about saving his face . . . . ]
[Dok-Ja-gun is also a Myth-grade Constellation . ]

[Are all Myth-grades the same?? Our Kim Dok-Ja is a still weak wet-behind-the-ears Myth-grade!]
As if to say their fight earlier was a lie, Kim Yu-Shin and Gyebaek sat side by side before the screen and shouted at the same time .
[It seems that the descendant was negligent in his training . ]
[He might summon me again through Ganpyeongui . I should prepare for . . . . ]
[You think he'll call you, Gyebaek?? Obviously, he'll summon me when in that sort of a situation . ]
When the hint of Hwangsanbeol being recreated showed itself again, the One-Eyed Maitreya quickly issued a stern warning . [Both of you, shut your traps and just focus on the screen . ]
[Anyways, that man isn't going to throw Kim Dok-Ja again, I hope?]
Sparks were dancing around Yu Jung-Hyeok's right arm as he ran on the bridge . Just as Constellations began worrying, he suddenly grabbed Kim Dok-Ja by his collars with that arm .
[I knew it!! I bloody knew it . . . !!]
Yu Jung-Hyeok then powerfully threw Kim Dok-Ja forward, but also stepped onto the latter's back – and they began scything past the storm as if he was surfing the waves .
Right next second, the Gungnir thrown by Odin caused a massive explosion along with the blinding wall of light .
When the light rescinded, only the debris of the destroyed bridge, [Bifrost], remained there .
[… . What happened? Did they make it?]
The screen changed to display Kim Dok-Ja's group safely entering the next cabin .
[… . Oh, oh . They made it!]
As if this event also concerned them too, the Korean Peninsula's Constellations looked at each other and celebrated . Even Gyebaek and Kim Yu-Shin awkwardly glanced at each other before lightly bumping fists . Unfortunately, their happiness couldn't last for long .
- Chase after them .
Because, the <asgard>'s Constellations began moving after the enraged Odin issued the order .
⸢<kim dok-ja="" company=""> will not be able to escape for long . ⸥
Everyone here understood this fact . Even if this was Kim Dok-Ja they were talking about, he still shouldn't be able to escape for long from the large Nebulas in such a disadvantageous stage .
Not only that, the channel had been opened publicly again, so other Nebulas in the ark should start aiming at <kim dok-ja="" company=""> as well .
As a heavy silence descended on the group, someone muttered out in resignation .
[I guess it'll be difficult this time . . . . ]
[Honestly, that friend should've died a long, long time ago . ]

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That prompted several Constellations to nod their heads .
Kim Dok-Ja's life so far had been a series of miracles . Back when he fell below the Dongho bridge, back when he destroyed the [Absolute Throne], when he became the 'Demon King of Salvation', or even when he went to the 1863rd turn – he should've died many times over .
When he appeared as the 'Outer God King', every single Constellation thought that he'd definitely die for real this time .
⸢The Incarnation who was stuck in a much lower scenario than them only a few years ago . ⸥
And now, Constellations were watching the back of Kim Dok-Ja striding forward in the scenario way ahead of theirs . Some watched with envious eyes, while some, contempt at themselves . Everyone wanted to say something, but no one dared to open their mouth .
The first one to speak was Gyebaek . [I once overheard the Shindansu's prophecy in the past . This world-line can supposedly become the final world-line . ]
No one could predict how far <kim dok-ja="" company=""> could go .
No one knew just where they would end up, or what kind of ■■ they would witness . Maybe, they might not even reach the end of this world like so many had predicted, and come to a dead stop .
Gyebaek grasped his greatsword and slowly got up from the spot . His glare was now locked on the portal in the centre of the training hall . That was where the final trial of the 'Infinite Sanctum' was .
Kim Yu-Shin asked him . [Could you perhaps be planning to challenge it? You might really die this time . ]
[If I die, then this place is my ■■ . ]
Gyebaek's reply caused Kim Yu-Shin to grin . [Our ■■ is Hwangsanbeol . ]
While cracking his neck muscles, Kim Yu-Shin also stood up from his spot .
The third person to stand up was the Bald General of Justice . [I shall challenge it again as well . ]
His eyes containing his resolution seemed to shine brightly .
That prompted several other Constellations to stand up as well – the 'Slumbering Lady of Fine Brocade', 'Founder of Hannamgun', 'Seo Ae One Stroke of Brush', and . . . . .
[I hope that you all haven't forgotten that time when we almost got slaughtered while attempting it as a party . ]
The One-eyed Maitreya's words caused everyone's complexion to grow gloomy . They kept failing to break past the last gateway of this scenario until now .
[However, we can't go and aid them if we don't break through that trial . ]
The thing was, the final pages of the 'Infinite Sanctum' couldn't be cleared with so few participants . It was just that the one-man-army Cheok Jun-Gyeong and Yi Sun-Shin leading an armada were freaks of nature, that was all . If only there were handful more Constellations here . . . .
It was then, a bright light exploded in the corner of the sanctum .
[Someone is entering the 'Infinite Sanctum's' tenth floor!]
The One-eyed Maitreya's complexion brightened as he shouted out . [Oh?! There are newbies incoming?]
Two beings revealed themselves from the receding light .
A short while later, the One-eyed Maitreya's jaw dazedly slackened after realising who these two were . One was a very big person, while the other was very small .

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The first one to speak was the smaller figure .
[It's just as Cheok Jun-Gyeong has said . You all are still stuck here? What a bunch of pathetic fools . ] Kyrgios spat out as vicious fighting spirit oozed out from his body . [My disciple might die because you lot have been meandering about . ]
As the rays of light shattered simultaneously, both Yu Jung-Hyeok and I got sucked into the worldview's exit . When I regained my wits, I found myself being trampled by his feet .
"I told you not to throw me!!"
He must've found stepping on my back rather unsanitary, because he began lightly dusting his combat boots .
Han Su-Yeong waiting for us quickly approached us . Judging from her expression, she must've been planning to give me another earful . Whether it was a fortunate thing or not, though, Anna Croft opened her mouth first, instead .
"I had no idea you'd utilise the Stage Transformation in that manner . Honestly, I'm somewhat impressed, Demon King of Salvation . "
Han Su-Yeong shifted her glare to Anna next . "Didn't you see all this through your [Precognition]?"
"I did see people crossing the bridge, but I had no idea that it'd be that kind of a bridge . "
"What a complete rip-off you are . "
I ignored these two's bickering and scanned our new surroundings . The corridors resembling a tree branch's vascular bundle stretched out in all directions .
It seemed that this was the corridor of the 'Final Ark' . I couldn't see the 'Zarathustras' that entered here before us anywhere, though .
Anna Croft closed her eyes and felt for something for a bit, before opening her mouth . "It seems that everyone has scattered in different passageways . Fortunately, no one has lost their lives yet . "
"Our companions seem to be safe too," said Yu Jung-Hyeok, and I nodded my head .
[Influences of other myths will be weaker in the applicable location . ]
[Nebula, <kim dok-ja="" company="">'s connection is being established again!]
Now that we were outside the <asgard>'s worldview, I could start detecting the Fables of my companions a little bit . I sensed that they had been scattered here and there .
[Fable, 'Demon King of Salvation', is letting its existence known!]
I strongly emitted my Fable in order to gather my companions in one place . If it was them, they should be able to locate me without too much fuss .
Meanwhile, a chain of explosions rocked out from the <asgard>'s exit we closed shut behind us . Some people were trying to open the door and come out . It was obvious who they were .
"Let's continue moving . "
<episode 95 . ="" gaecheon/開天="" (2)=""> Fin .