Omniscient Reader - Chapter 523

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Chapter 523
It had already been two months since I started observing the 0th turn .

There was this one thing I got to learn during this time period, and it'd be the fact that regardless of which regression turn it was, Yu Jung-Hyeok would always be Yu Jung-Hyeok .
"I'm not selecting anyone . "
[Incarnation 'Yu Jung-Hyeok' has not selected his Constellation backer . ]
And with that, the second sponsor selection came to a close .
If I were to include the sudden, unannounced sponsor selection that happened in the middle, then this would be the third time .
Yu Jung-Hyeok didn't choose his Constellation backer during all three occasions . He couldn't choose during the first one because of me, though .
Tsu-chuchut . . . .
My palm that smacked the back of his head still stung quite a bit . Well, I did forcibly butt in during the beginning scenario and knocked out an Incarnation about to enter an important event, so even I wouldn't be able to escape from the after-effects .
Whatever the case might have been, Yu Jung-Hyeok began showing an unbelievable level of wariness during the 'sponsor selection' events afterwards .
⸢Constellations . . . They are capable of knocking me out cold without the slightest warning . I must not carelessly trust them . ⸥
It surely was an unfortunate turn of event from my perspective . Still, others also didn't get selected, so it wasn't such a big loss either way .
[Constellation, 'Abyssal Black Flame Dragon', complains by asking why he was not chosen . ]
[Constellation, 'Mouse that Eats Fingernails', is drooling after Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok's fingernails . ]
[Constellation, 'Founder of Humanity', is interested in Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok . ]
[Constellation, 'Demon-like Judge of Fire', is puzzled by Incarnation Yu Jung-Hyeok's action . ]
Time passed and Bihyung's channel gradually grew larger, and the number of Modifiers I knew had increased somewhat in the meantime .
[Constellation, 'Demon King of Salvation', is greeting the 'Demon-like Judge of Fire' . ]
[Constellation, 'Demon-like Judge of Fire', is snorting derisively . ]
Uriel . . .
[Constellation, 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband', is cackling . ]
[Constellation, 'Demon King of Salvation', is happily greeting the 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' . ]
[Constellation, 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband', has started picking his nose . ]
Right, this was how the proper 'Ways of Survival' should be .
I was remembering the figures of the Constellations I knew and had forgotten about that fact for a moment there .
[Constellation, 'Abyssal Black Flame Dragon', warns other Constellations that the 'Demon King of Salvation' is an attention seeker, so others should be wary . ]
Of course, the one I found most annoying of all was this dude . Just as I was about to say something even at the cost of wasting Coins, Bihyung opened his mouth first .
[Conquering King Yu Jung-Hyeok, will you really not select any Constellation backer? I advise you to think about this one more time . ]

"No, I'm not choosing . "
[Hmm, well, then . Dear Constellation-nims that applied to become the sponsors . Allow me to present you with a special opportunity to appeal to this particular Incarnation!]
Bihyung came to be blessed with several 'Find the Incarnation' groups all thanks to Yu Jung-Hyeok, and as a result, that huge grin refused to leave his face the whole day long . He probably had figured out that this was his chance to score big .
A short while later, a new message window popped up before my eyes .
[Dokkaebi Bihyung presents – a special sponsorship opportunity!]
[Please sponsor an item to the Incarnation of your choosing . ]
I was about to thoughtlessly tap on the 'Confirm' icon only to spot a very small fine print all the way at the bottom of the window .
*3500 Coins will automatically be deducted when purchasing the applicable item .
I spat out a soft sigh .
[Current Coin balance: 500 C]

⸢Stu pid Kim Dok Ja⸥
As I've completely emptied the <kim dok-ja="" company="">'s coffers while clearing the Final Scenario, obviously I wouldn't have any Coins left to my name now .
I pondered if I could mass-produce Coins somehow by abusing the authority of the 'Most Ancient Dream', but the efficiency of that was not very good with my current power level so that plan had been put on hold for now .
[Constellation, 'Abyssal Black Flame Dragon', says that if you sign the contract with him, he can turn you into a really cool Black Flame Dragon . . . . ]
[Constellation, 'God of Wine and Ecstasy', says that if you sign the contract with him, the legendary brew of the Olympus will specially be . . . . ]
[Constellation, 'Slumbering Lady of Fine Brocade', says if you sign the contract with her, the mid-rank starter pack will be . . . . ]
The sponsorship messages from the Constellations rained down from the sky .
Hell, Constellations promising to shower him with early-stages special items, the kind that even I didn't get to use, were practically lining up in a queue here .
Even in the original novel, Yu Jung-Hyeok from the 3rd turn didn't enjoy this level of attention . So, how did a mere 0th turn become this famous? Quite simple, actually .
[Incarnation 'Yu Jung-Hyeok' is rejecting the offers of Constellations . ]
"That's not enough . "
That was all because the 0th turn Yu Jung-Hyeok was way too full of himself .
"There are far too many willing to give me such useless things . Isn't there anyone willing to share information on hidden pieces?"
[Constellation, 'Slumbering Lady of Fine Brocade', is sweating profusely while replying that she doesn't know much about such topics . ]
"Is there anyone who can show me something similar to the revelations of the future?"
[Constellation, 'Master of Sky Walk', says leaking such information is against the rules . ]
"You all are worse than this Demon King of Salvation, then . "
[Portion of Constellations are seriously curious about the true identity of the 'Demon King of Salvation'!]
And so, the 'Demon King of Salvation' began to enjoy an unprecedented level of popularity during the 0th turn regardless of his wishes .
- Demon King of Salvation! Leaker of the future revelations?
- <olympus> reveals leaking predictions is impossible, Probability-wise . . .
- No Demon King named 'Demon King of Salvation' exists, declares Demon King Association .
- Abyssal Black Flame Dragon: Modifier 'Demon King of Salvation' is similar to the one he used to have . . .
By reading the information coming in through the <star stream="" daily="">, I gained new appreciation on what the life of a Constellation entailed .
So, an Incarnation becoming a Constellation, and being one already at the start of the scenarios, could be this different, is it?
[Your fame has started spreading around <star stream=""> . ]
[Portion of gossipers have created a song called 'Conman Demon King of Salvation' and have begun spreading it . ]
[You have acquired 5000 Coins through the rise of your popularity . ]
Whatever the case might have been, it wasn't such a bad deal for me .
[Heheh . Dear 'Demon King of Salvation'-nim . Will you continue with your patronage of my channel this month as well?]
[Constellation, 'Demon King of Salvation', replies with 'of course' . ]
[All thanks to you, dear Demon King-nim, this month's revenue has shot up by a noticeable amount . If it's not too much trouble, may I enquire about your true name . . . . . ? Honestly, I've never seen anyone treat Probability like ratshit as much as you, Demon King-nim . Ah, hahaha . That was a compliment, of course!]
[Constellation, 'Demon King of Salvation', says he can't reveal his true name . ]
[Is that so? How unfortunate . Honestly, I'm slightly puzzled by why someone as great as you decided to stick by this lowly one's channel . It's not like I've got an amazing backing or anything . . . . ]
Bihyung's expression showed his lack of confidence . I quietly stared at him for a bit before replying with these words .
[Constellation, 'Demon King of Salvation', says he's simply repaying his debt . ]
A book you've read once before could be read again without too much hassle . However, you could also run into a road block in unexpected places .

That's how the 0th turn felt like to me .
[Incarnation 'Yu Jung-Hyeok' has not selected his Constellation backer . ]
In a certain way, Yu Jung-Hyeok's 0th turn was pretty similar to my own world-line . Here was a tale that had deviated greatly from the predetermined plot development .
… . Now that we were this far along, it should be impossible to go back to the plot of the original 0th turn, right?
"Jung-Hyeok-ssi . Will it be fine to install the barricades over here?"
The Emperor of Steelsword, Yi Hyeon-Seong .
"Oii, Captain! You promised to teach me that swordsmanship, didn't you?!"
The Demon of Delusions, Kim Nam-Woon .
"Master . Can I go item farming for a bit after this scenario ends?"
The Naval Admiral, Yi Ji-Hye .
And also, one more person had been added to the ranks, someone who shouldn't even be there during the 0th turn .
⸢When you're about to pass by the Geumho Station, you must recruit that person . ⸥
Maybe this was me just being greedy . In this world, Yu Sang-Ah, Yi Gil-Yeong, and even I didn't exist, but . . .
But at least there was one person that <kim dok-ja="" company=""> could recruit .
"Hyeon-Seong-ssi, it's not level over there . "
The Judge that Destroys Evil, Jeong Hui-Won .
I watched her go through the checklist of all the things her companions had missed, and fell into the reminiscence of the past .
⸢"I was really happy back then . When we went to the department store together to buy new clothes and visited <eden> like a bunch of celebs . "⸥
Although I handed over a large portion of my memories to the 49% Avatar, I still retained quite a lot . I focused myself in order to stay on the right path as the pages of memories rushed in like an incoming storm .
⸢"That's why, you are someone who can only do this, right?"⸥
The 'Jeong Hui-Won' I remember should be alright .
Well, the story of that world came to a good end, after all . Companions in that place should be going to the Han River and to the ocean, spending their peaceful days with a version of me .
I murmured that as if hypnotise myself and tried hard to focus on the world immediately before my eyes .
⸢Th is isn t yo ur wor ld ei ther⸥
I know .
⸢Kim Dok-Ja's world couldn't be found anywhere now . ⸥
To an existence that saw all the worlds as dreams, there was no meaning to something like 'one true reality' . And to forget about that fact, I poured all my being in observing the spectacle laid out before my eyes . I found it preferable to become a thoughtless Constellation at this point . If I were to become a greedy devourer of stories that enjoyed scenarios and created situations he wanted to see, then I'd get to forget about everything else .
"Orabeoni! Your Mi-Ah has done it!"
And fortunately enough, this story happened to be the one I loved the most .
"I told you not to use such a manner of speech in front of others . "
"Hiiing . "
A bitter chuckle floated up on my lips while I observed Yu Jung-Hyeok reprimand his little sister's manner of speech .
You should fix your own first, dude .
Even if he was supposed to be a pro gamer, he must've held normal conversations with other people before . How was it even possible for him to live in society with that crappy manner of speech?
Was it all down to his face's 'Probability'?
"The fourth scenario will soon begin . Everyone, get ready . "
Through the information I conveyed, Yu Jung-Hyeok grew stronger little by little .
⸢Manage Kim Nam-Woon well so that he doesn't stray . He really respects you, so if you use that, things will become easy for you . Don't forget that no one starts as an evil person . ⸥

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Information that I sent his way by sacrificing an incredible amount of Probability every single time .
⸢Don't get cocky in the cinema dungeon and calmly clear it . The last boss there uses mental attacks, so before you face it, get this skill first and . . . . ⸥
⸢If you tie Gong Pil-Du down well during the early scenarios, he'll continue to be useful later on . He's not completely irredeemable, so do your best to reform him . The hint is . . . . ⸥
At first, Yu Jung-Hyeok didn't trust me, but after my revelations came true one by one, he began to believe me more and more .
About damn time . Just who was responsible for you coming this far, anyway? Honestly speaking, I was still a bit miffed by the fact that he hadn't chosen the 'Demon King of Salvation' as his Constellation backer yet .
"By the way, how come you know so much about the scenarios, captain?"
" . . . . Someone is helping me out . "
"Helping you out . . . . ?"
Thankfully, the 0th turn's Yu Jung-Hyeok wasn't someone who'd forget all about his benefactor .
- Hand over the next revelation .
Yu Jung-Hyeok spent a huge wealth amounting to over 30,000 Coins and opened up a one-on-one secret communication line . It was an obvious thing to do since I kept feeding him important information, but still, I wanted to praise him for it .
[Constellation, 'Demon King of Salvation', is granting 'a portion of revelation' to Incarnation 'Yu Jung-Hyeok' . ]
⸢The core of the fourth scenario is the 'Absolute Throne' . Remember that you must never . . . . ⸥
Tsu-chuchuchuchu . . . .
An incredible amount of Probability was being exhausted every time I handed over the information to him .
The standard denomination of this world was 'stories' . So, it was rather obvious that spoiling the future events would damage the Probability far more than smacking Yu Jung-Hyeok in the back of his head .
"It's them!!"
Yu Jung-Hyeok's companions all pulled out their weapons at the same time while staring at the enemies flooding in . The closing chapters of the 4th scenario should soon begin .
[The 4th Wall] addressed me . ⸢Y ou kn ow what y ou ve be en d oing, ri ght?⸥
Along with 'Pah-sususu' noise, the ends of my hand were melting down .
I observed the figure of Yu Jung-Hyeok confronting Seoul's 7 Kings . The gleaming [Heaven Shaking Sword] gripped in his hand howled out a courageous roar .
⸢No ma tter how h a r d you t r y⸥
The 0th turn's story had completely changed from the original . Yu Jung-Hyeok of this world-line would walk on a different path compared to every other Yu Jung-Hyeoks .
⸢Th at guy can ne ver see wh at's be yond the w all⸥
I knew the meaning behind [The 4th Wall]'s words .
There was no method of acquiring [The 4th Wall] in this world-line . Meaning, the last key to open the [Final Wall] didn't exist . Regardless of what he did, the 0th turn Yu Jung-Hyeok would never be able to get his hands on that key .
However, him failing to cross the [Final Wall] didn't mean he was fated to be unfortunate . Because, as long as I was the 'Most Ancient Dream', his world-line wouldn't be destroyed even after the scenarios came to an end .
⸢Certain truths would make everyone unhappy simply by their existence . ⸥
Even though I couldn't show him the 'truth', I could show him the 'ending' perfectly suitable for this story .
[Congratulations! Incarnation 'Yu Jung-Hyeok' has passed every trial of the 'Absolute Throne'!]
Eventually, Yu Jung-Hyeok defeated Seoul's 7 Kings and stood before the Absolute Throne . The attention of every Constellation within the Seoul dome, as well as all the citizens gathering in the Gwanghwamun, was closely focused on his actions .
He slowly unsheathed a certain sword hidden within his inner coat . It was the [Four Yin Demonic Beheading Sword] .
I substituted for the Lord of the Big Dipper constellation and lent him my powers .
[Constellation, 'Demon King of Salvation' is looking at Incarnation 'Yu Jung-Hyeok' . ]
One by one, seven stars grew brighter and brighter . And the [Four Yin Demonic Beheading Sword] held in his hand emitted blinding light as it evolved into a Star Relic .
[Outer Gods are astonished by your incredible strength!]
[The Lords of the Big Dipper constellation are startled by your presence and are passing out from shock!]
[All the Constellations of the Korean Peninsula are . . . . ]

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"I do not have any intentions of representing humans as disgraceful as you . " Yu Jung-Hyeok continued on . "I do not plan on becoming a plaything for you vulgar Constellations, and . . . I shall not sit on this 'Absolute Throne' . "
Those were words I thought I heard before from somewhere .
Yu Jung-Hyeok sword flashed next . "And I'll make sure no one else sits on this throne, either . "
The [Four Yin Demonic Beheading Sword], the weapon that could cut apart the Star Relic's connection to a Constellation . Yu Jung-Hyeok used this very sword to ceaselessly slam down on the [Absolute Throne] . He slammed down over and over again .
Soon enough, the loud 'Craaaack!' resounded out .
The night skies of <star stream=""> brightened as if a midnight sun suddenly materialised, and an explosion of messages flooded out . The storm of Probability's aftermath caused by the distortion of the scenario had begun .
I quietly extended my hand and blocked that overflowing storm .
[The world-line is dissatisfied by your excessive meddling!]
[The applicable 'Overwrite' is beyond your mastery level!]
[Portion of your Fable will be lost!]
The current Yu Jung-Hyeok was going through the 0th turn .
Since he wasn't a regressor, he had no information related to the future, and he couldn't regain the techniques he used in prior turns through [Inheritance] .
From now on, the scenarios would only get tougher . He couldn't use [Bookmark] like me, and couldn't rely on [Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint], either .
⸢As that was the case, Kim Dok-Ja knew very well what's necessary to fill that void . ⸥
Yu Jung-Hyeok would not have to go through the regression .
He'd not become the 'Secretive Plotter', and . . .
. . . And, he'd not become the tragic pilgrim wandering in between the world-lines .
Yu Jung-Hyeok would get to see his deserved conclusion in this world .
[Incarnation, 'Yu Jung-Hyeok' has acquired his first-ever Fable!]
[Incarnation, 'Yu Jung-Hyeok's' new Fable has been created . ]
He looked up at the sky . And also a Fable taking on the form of a white tiger was looking up at me from behind him, too . It was none other than that very Fable that protected me once upon a time .
[Fable, 'King of a Kingless World', is born . ]
I could see Yu Jung-Hyeok's elated face through my disintegrating right thumb .
'Kim Dok-Ja' should not exist in this particular story .
⸢Even then, this was the story Kim Dok-Ja dearly wished to create . ⸥
When I slowly closed my eyes, it felt like pages were floating up right before me . Ancient pages, with traces of someone already having doodled on them .
⸢In that moment, Kim Dok-Ja made up his mind . He decided to personally write the story that didn't exist in the original . ⸥
I began jotting something down above those pages .
One page, two pages – every time a page flipped by, time went by, too .
Fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth . . . . .
My fingers disappeared one by one every time a scenario was cleared .
They would regenerate some time later, but their size would always be smaller than before . I used those fingers to write the revelations – on the ending Yu Jung-Hyeok from the original desired, the conclusion I wanted to see, the mistakes I made, and things I gained new understandings of .
All these stories gathered as one, and soon, became a Fable .
And so, just how long passed by like this?
I slowly opened my eyes .
⸢Eventually, Yu Jung-Hyeok of the 0th turn had reached the final pages of the scenarios . ⸥
<epilogue 1 . ="" the="" world="" of="" zero="" (7)=""> Fin .