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Omniscient Reader - Chapter 53

Published at 23rd of November 2019 11:44:57 AM

Chapter 53

Episode 11 – Night of the Prophets (5)

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The self-styled No . 1168 looked at the flames beyond the shield and asked,

“My identity? What are you talking about suddenly…?”

“Have you forgotten? I have Sage’s Eyes . ”

In fact, this guy’s information wasn’t available to me .

[The exclusive skill, Character List is activated . ]

[The information of this person can’t be read in ‘Character List . ’]

[This person isn’t registered in ‘Character List . ’]

What was the difference between an updated person and a non-updated person? I still didn’t know the exact reason why .

But whatever the reason was, deceiving this person wasn’t difficult .  It was because he believed I was Yoo Jonghyuk .

“…I didn’t think Yoo Jonghyuk-nim would notice . ”

“You are an apostle . Right?”

“That’s right . You already knew it . ”

The fact that he said it so easily meant there were ulterior motives .

“This is a trap . Is it because of the Butterfly Effect?”

“Haha, that’s right . ”

I wondered if my words were funny as No . 1168 smiled and looked at the other people around .

“If there are a lot of flying butterflies, unnecessary storms will happy . ”

The prophets who couldn’t find a foothold were melting like moths in the midst of the flames .  The terrible screams and the information they knew disappeared into dust .  It was the price they paid for trying to obtain a star relic without the proper information .

“You are killing the larvae before they become butterflies . ”

“The larvae that are about to become pupa are the easiest to kill . ”

The fierce heat died down and the chemical reactions in the surrounding area were subsiding .  The Absolute Shield was soon turned off .

[After one minute, the positions of the footholds will be recreated . ]

The hidden scenario would end when footholds appeared 10 times and they survived the attacks .  We had just passed one so there were nine left .

I tried pressing against the shield with my feet .  The heat was high but it was enough to endure .


I waved my hand to stop those running from afar .

Now wasn’t the time to take care of them .

–The attack patterns are familiar so please learn them and avoid them on your own .  I can’t take care of you right now .

The party members noticed something strange and stopped moving .

In a situation where the power of the apostles wasn’t clear, it was dangerous to drag them with me .

No . 1168 looked at me and said, “This isn’t like what I saw in the Book of Revelations . Is this really your third regression?”

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“Shut up . Where did you get off?”

“Hrmm? You would know if you checked it yourself . ”

“I like a person who is the same on the outside . I can’t make a deal with a person who has two different sides . ”

The apostles’ eyes widened .  “How interesting . ”

“There must be a reason why you would so easily identify yourself . ”

The tail of the lesser dragon flew through the air and struck the spot where we were .  It was easy for me to avoid it with my over level 30 agility . However, No . 1168’s astute movements were amazing .

I triggered Calm Observation that I got from Theatre Dungeon .  It was a skill I saved for those who Character List didn’t work on .

His perspiration, speed, breathing interval… The sum of his physical body stats was around 49~50 .  It was a significant level among the prophets I had seen .

I moved behind him and he opened his mouth .  “I’ll formally greet you . I’m No . 1195 . Among the apostles, I am the 5th Apostle . ”

The number of views for Ways of Survival’s first chapter was 1,200 .  If he was 1,195, he was among the top five of the latest people to stop reading .  Then he knew about the ‘red meteorite . ’

“What is your purpose? “Do you also need my help?”

“Huhu . To save Yoo Jonghyuk-nim… what would you say to that?”

“It is more plausible than the lie about mosquitos becoming butterflies .

“Indeed, you have Lie Detection . ”

He licked his dry lips .  Should I do it now?

…No .  A little bit more .  Just listen a bit more .

“However, I’m not lying about my desire to save Yoo Jonghyuk-nim . Things would be difficult if you die here . The revelations will be greatly ruined . ”

“You knew I was coming . ”

“We discovered it a few hours ago . Therefore, we hurriedly revised the plan . ”

There were sparks and a few more prophets near us died .  There were still those who were hanging on .  It was like they knew the patterns of the lesser dragon .  I kept an eye on those people .

“Originally, we had no plans to participate . If only you Yoo Jonghyuk-nim wasn’t here . ”


“Don’t you already know the answer?”

[The positions of the footholds will be created!]

[The 5th grade fire dragon species, ‘Lesser Dragon Igneel’ is preparing the ‘Flames of Destruction’ . ]

My party members successful found footholds this time .  The apostle and I also found a foothold that fit two people .

To be precise, the apostle tossed the person already occupying it out with force . The drops of blood landed on the brutal apostle .  He wiped it off and said, “We have to slay the lesser dragon . ”

Ku ku ku ku!

[The 5th grade fire dragon species, ‘Lesser Dragon Igneel’ is using the ‘Flames of Destruction’ . ]

The Absolute Shield activated and once again blocked the flames .


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Only two stages had occurred but there were less than a quarter prophets remaining . The party members had been keeping pace but it was uncertain how long they would last .

[A hidden piece penalty has occurred . ]

[The number of footholds created in the next turn will be reduced . ]

I spoke with narrowed eyes, “With your power alone?”

“It is possible . I have prepared enough . ”

I felt uneasy as I heard his confident voice .  That reminded me, he was shedding a single drop of sweat in this heat .  A bluish chill spread over his skin .

This was… I see .  Their preparations were outstanding .

“It is the ice pill . ”

“That’s right . ”

A pill that had a certain probability of appearing when a 7th grade elemental species was hunted in the Gangseo-gu area stations . They already managed to get their hands on this pill .  It would release a powerful ice attribute for at least 30 minutes .

In other words, they had a foundation to hurt the lesser dragon .  The problem was the attack power .

“It is impossible with you alone . ”

“Who said I was alone?”

I looked at the survivors .  There were a few people I was particularly keeping an eye on .  I looked closer and saw that their bodies were covered with a bluish chill .

“Huhu, how can I come here alone?”

I counted and there were five of them .  They had committed half their power for this operation .  The five apostles must have confidence after eating the five ice pills .

But .

“A few more people won’t make a big difference . ”

“That’s why I am seeking help . I will give an ice pill to Yoo Jonghyuk-nim if you decide to help us . ”

“If I refuse?”

“All of Yoo Jonghyuk-nim’s party members here will die . ”

“Do you think you will be safe like that?”

“Even if we can’t take care of the lesser dragon, we can at least take care of our bodies . ”

He was brimming with confidence .  They would’ve already lost their heads if I was the real Yoo Jonghyuk .

“Do you think I am worried about my party members? People die anyway . I can gather other people . ”

I raised Unbroken Faith to his neck .  Then he shook his head .

“Huhu, you are truly like the revelations . But you better think carefully . ”

“What do you mean?”

“By now, Yoo Jonghyuk-nim’s main base would’ve entered our hands . ”


“Maritime Admiral Lee Jihye, a child who uses strange abilities . And one of the 10 Evils . It is different from the original revelation but you have made a fairly good party . If they all die, won’t Yoo Jonghyuk-nim face problems starting again?”

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They had already investigated up to here .  These bastards…

“Won’t it be worse if we take away Chungmuro Station? Right now, it is just a proposal . But don’t think this proposal will last forever . Our group has already completed the King’s Road scenario by taking over 10 stations . You should know the gap between a group with a ‘king’ and a group without a king . ”


“Perhaps the situation would already be over by now . The king will be waiting for Yoo Jonghyuk-nim’s choice in front of Chungmuro’s flag holder . ”

…I see .

I knew their plan .  These guys, they planned to hit Chungmuro from the moment they received information I was coming to the Night of the Prophets .

“If you pledge to join us, we will promise the safety of your party as well as our full support in the future . This is a promise on the king’s honour . ”

My heart was pounding from the precise threat .  They were actually this bold against Yoo Jonghyuk .  It was rare to find this in someone who read Ways of Survival .

“Who is your king? Where did they get off?”

“Hmm… the king dislikes being called someone who ‘got off . ’”

“So what do you call them?”

“Even if you are Yoo Jonghyuk-nim, please refrain from speaking about him like that . He is the only one among the prophets who has read all the revelations . He knows both Yoo Jonghyuk’s past and future . ”

…What? I was surprised for a moment but didn’t greatly panic .  This was interesting .  There was another reader who read all of the novel?

Laughter emerged .  It was a ridiculing laugh .  It was because there absolutely couldn’t be such a thing .


Finally, the third attack of the fire dragon was about to begin .  I looked at the apostle and quietly stepped out of the foothold .

The bewildered apostle asked as I walked forward .  “Yoo Jonghyuk-nim? What are you doing?”

The party members far away were also surprised .  I waved my hands .

–Don’t worry .  No matter what happens, you absolutely can’t move from there .  Understood?

I walked in the direction of the lesser dragon .  It was with slow but sure steps .  The fire dragon stared ferociously at me as it prepared the Flames of Destruction .

“What are you doing?! Come back!”

The apostle behind me hastily exclaimed .  I turned around and smiled at him .

“Did the king tell you about this future?”

As I listened to him, I kept thinking .  These guys shouldn’t be alive .  But they had a ‘strategy’ and I couldn’t kill them all by myself .  If so… I laughed and continued talking .

“You guys, have you forgotten what my stigma is?”

If I was them .  What would they ‘fear’ the most right now?

“I’m not afraid of death . I can just start over again . ”

The answer was simple .  They believed I was Yoo Jonghyuk .  If that was the case…

“I wonder . What will the effect be on you? You are unusual presences in this turn . ” The most ‘fearful’ thing to them was what I feared most .  “If I die here, will you exist in the next turn? Or will you end with this world?”

They didn’t want Yoo Jonghyuk to die .

“If you really read the revelations, you should know the answer right?”

The apostles’ faces paled .  There were times when it was easier to handle those who used their heads .

“Yoo Jonghyuk!”

The five apostles moved from the footholds and started to run towards me .  I knew it .  No matter how unconcerned they pretended to be, they were people who ‘got off’ and were caught up in this scenario .

What would happen to them in a world where the protagonist was dead? They didn’t know .

“Catch him quickly!”

Just like me .

[The 5th grade fire dragon species, ‘Lesser Dragon Igneel’ is using the ‘Flames of Destruction’ . ]

The moment that flames burst out from the centre of the platform, I exploded all the strength in my muscles and ran towards the legs of the dragon . Then I put my flag into the flag holder of Anguk Station located there .

[You have occupied Anguk Station . ]

[Currently Occupied: Chungmuro (Main Base), Myeongdong, Dongdaemun History and Culture Park, Dongdaemun, Dongmyo, Sindang Station, Cheonggu Station, Yaksu Station, Sinseol-dong Station, Anguk Station]

[The achievement points of the brown flag are rising . ]

[You have occupied 10 stations!]

[The hidden scenario – ‘King’s Road’ has been achieved . ]

[Depending on the path you walk, you will receive a new ‘king’ attribute] .

King of Arrogance and Hypocrisy King of Solitude and Taste King of No Killing ····· .

I replied without reading the rising options .

“King of No Killing . ”

[The new attribute, King of No Killing has been obtained!]

This was enough .  I hadn’t wanted to do this but it was necessary to get rid of the people here .

The apostles discovered the flames and hurried back to the footholds .  However, it was already too late .

“You should’ve been careful . You only have one life . ”

The wave of flames covered them .  It was an attack that couldn’t be endured even if they ate the ice pill .

[The durability of the External Enhanced Suit has decreased dramatically . ]

[The durability of the External Enhanced Suit has run out . ]

My vision soon became dim .  There was the feeling of flesh being burnt and I lost consciousness .

[You have died . ]



A moment later, a system message was heard .

[The privilege of the King of No Killing is activated . ]

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