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Omniscient Reader - Chapter 54

Published at 23rd of November 2019 11:44:55 AM

Chapter 54

Episode 12 – First Person Protagonist’s Point of View (1)

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One of the most painful deaths in the world was burning to death and I had just experienced it .  The neurons in my brain seemed to emit light at once .

[The exclusive skill ‘Fourth Wall’ has attenuated the mental pain . ]

The pain was slowly reduced .  It was once again the Fourth Wall .  I always felt strange when I escaped from trouble with the help of this skill .

Ways of Survival had become a reality and I was living in it .  Then… what was this ‘wall’ that I felt every time?

····· .

No, these thoughts were futile .  I was safe thanks to the attribute ‘King of No Killing’ and had to move again .

It was an attribute that could be gained only when the conditions of King of No Killing was met . Unlike its name, the privilege of the attribute was more like ‘immortality’ than ‘no death . ’ It was conditional but…

In any case, I would soon return to my flesh .  At least that was what I thought .

[Due to a conflict error with your exclusive skill, the privilege of King of No Killing would be delayed . ]

Huh? A skill conflict error?

[Thanks to your death, your consciousness has been completely liberated from the constraints of your body . ]

[Exclusive skill, Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint stage 3 has been activated!]

I was overcome with a dizzy feeling .  No, wait a minute . What was happening this time?

「 “Damn, if only it wasn’t him . ” 」

The dizziness flooded in and my vision brightened .  Then I was watching a ‘scene . ’

「 Gong Pildu licked his lips as he observed the people around the platform . Now he couldn’t run away . He thought about it but he knew better than anyone that he didn’t have the courage to do so .

“Um… Dokja hyung . ”

There was a weight pressing against his knee and Gong Pildu looked down . It was a boy around 10 years or so . There was a boy sleeping on his thigh .

“Why am I like this…?”

Gong Pildu wondered as he looked down at the sleepy Lee Gilyoung .  His old memories surfaced .  A young child .  Lee Gilyoung was his daughter’s age .

He shook his head and sighed .

–Pildu-ssi, we should stop now…

–Daddy .  How long are you going to keep talking about land?

There was a time when he was the breadwinner of the family .

He earned money to feed his family and buy land . If he was lucky, he would become a landlord and then get tenants…

Finally, he became a ‘big investor’ in Chungmuro but it didn’t take long to find out that he couldn’t keep his small family .

“Isn’t this surprisingly okay? You get along well with people . ”

He looked up to see a beauty with a nice face .  Yoo Sangah .  Two days ago, this woman had become the deputy of Chungmuro .

“Quickly stop talking nonsense . ”

“You were smiling just now…”

Gong Pildu made a look of distaste .  Yoo Sangah sat down hesitantly next to Gong Pildu .

“Ahjusssi, how many times did you buy land?”


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“When I look at the people in the Landlord Alliance, only you are the one with the ‘Land Owner’ attribute . ”

“…It isn’t good to have a lot of land . It needs to be good land . You are naive . ”

“Then what is good land?”

“Expensive land is good land . ”

“What type of land is expensive?”

“It is land that many people want . ”

“Was your land like that?”

“Yes . ”

It wasn’t land that he wanted .

Gong Pildu looked into Yoo Sangah’s eyes .  This woman’s curiosity had an oddly sharp corner . She was smiling on the outside but he couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable .

Duduk .  Duk .  Duk .

Then a sound was heard in the distance .  Yoo Sangah’s expression hardened while Lee Gilyoung woke up in a flash from where he was sleeping on Gong Pildu’s knees .  The antennae of the cockroach on his back shook .

Ku ku ku ku!

Line 4, the tunnel from Hoehyeong .  Something was coming this way .  Yoo Sangah stood up while Gong Pildu used a skill .

[The character ‘Gong Pildu’ has activated ‘Armed Zone Lv . 8!]

Gong Pildu bit his lips .  This might be an intuition only rich land owners got . There was something like that .

“Hey! Huddle up!”

It was the feeling of someone trying to take away his land .


Gong Pildu turrets fired all at once into the darkness and something fell . They were ground rats .

“The enemy! Gather around Gong Pildu-ssi! We will go with the large-scale exercise we practiced in the morning!”

Yoo Sangah called out and the people scattered on the platform ran .

“Group A is near the turrets, group B will be at the centre of the gunfire and group C will be protecting Gong Pildu-ssi!”

The people moved in the orderly ranks that they had practiced in advance .  The ground rats collapsed due to the people’s quick response . It was much easier than when Emergency Defense was taking place .

As the dozens of ground rats collapsed on the ground, the same thought entered the minds of the Chungmuro members .  It was easy . It truly was worth everyone cooperating .

Then they heard a voice from the tunnel .

“As expected, Hamelin’s Flute isn’t enough?”

“How can the 9th grade species compare to a place eaten by Yoo Jonghyuk?”

A group of people appeared from the darkness .  Four men and one woman .

Gong Pildu’s expression hardened .  He didn’t know the reason . However, one thing was for certain .  These guys were different from the ones they had dealt with so far .

“Dammit… quickly call the samurai girl!”

“I am already here . ” There was a cold feeling as Lee Jihye came down from where she had been .  “And don’t call me a samurai . If you don’t want to get beaten up . ”

Despite the grumpy answer, Gong Pildu felt a bit calmer . Lee Jihye was a great power .  Yet Gong Pildu still felt uneasy .  He was anxious and growled like a frightened beast .

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“Who are you? Where did you come from?”

“It is real . The Maritime Admiral and Armed Fortress Master has become a team . ”

It wasn’t an answer that came back but words that were close to mocking .

Gong Pildu asked, “What nonsense are you saying? Quickly go back . Otherwise I will shoot to kill!”

However, the five men and women didn’t look at Gong Pildu . They just continued talking to each other .

“Who is on the dragon side?”

“Numbers 5, 6, 8 and 9 . They aren’t apostles but they are pretty good .

“With the exception of the one outside Seoul, there are five of us left . ”

“The five of us are enough . Quickly sweep them away . ”

The first one who came forward was a man in his 30s with a bulging belly .

He was a man with the number ‘7’ on his shoulders . He had thick eyebrows and looked at Lee Jihye’s white legs like they were to his taste .

“I will take the Maritime Admiral . She isn’t a big deal without the sea . ”

“What are you bastards saying?”

Lee Jihye cried out sharply and rushed forward . Gong Pildu realized it couldn’t be helped and infused magic power into the turrets .

“Damn, just go to hell!”


The man with a ‘4’ on his cloak laughed .

“As expected from one of the Ten Evils . If we came a bit later, we would’ve been swept away . ”

“Numbers 3 and 4 . You two take Gong Pildu . Be vigilant and attack the turrets one by one . ”

The man with a ‘3’ on his forehead nodded .

“Yes… I understand . One of the 10 Evils can be handled by both of us . ”

“Number 2, you handle the rest . ”

The woman with a ‘2’ on her cheek frowned .  She was holding a small flute in her hand .

“Why do I have to handle such petty reason?”

“It is the most appropriate for you . ”

“What are you going to do?”

Then the man with a ‘1’ on the dark cloak opened his mouth .

“I will be taking the flag holder . ” 」

The moment of immersion was broken and consciousness returned .  Now it all made sense .

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint .  I had a similar experience the last time I was in the ichthyosaur’s stomach .  At that time, I saw Yoo Jonghyuk .

By the way, it was amazing .  I thought I had prepared for the apostles but it wasn’t enough .  I was able to guess their thoroughness just from the items they brought .

There was Hamelin’s Flute that could control the ground rats and the Magic Power Bullet Shield that could defend against Gong Pildu’s attack .

They really wanted to capture Chungmuro, obtain Yoo Jonghyuk and devour this world .

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But it wouldn’t be so easy .

「 “W-What? Was the Maritime Admiral this strong in the beginning? Hey, isn’t something wrong?”

It was the 7th Apostle who cried out first .

Lee Jihye’s sharp sword pushed the 7th Apostle back little by little . It was natural . The current Lee Jihye was much stronger than the Lee Jihye in the original ‘third turn . ’

“Damn, why are these two turrets so hard?”

Number 3 and 4 were in trouble .

The 2nd Apostle playing Hamelin’s Flute was also struggling due to Yoo Sangah’s Binding Thread and Lee Gilyoung’s Mjolnir’s Thunder .

In the end, it was the 1st Apostle who came forward .  He frowned before pulling something out and lighting it .  Then he threw it at the Chungmuro party .

Kwaaaaang―! 」

There was a loud roar and Chungmuro’s platform was covered with explosions .  I was startled .

…This son of a bitch?

[Mass Destruction Magic Bullet]

It was hard to deal huge damage to top monsters but against humans, it was the most powerful weapon of mass destruction .

It was a weapon that could be made with some items that appeared in the Gangseo and Gangnam areas, as well as some items bought from the Dokkaebi Bag .

Then he was the ‘king’ of the apostles .  The purple flag on his back proved it .

The dust settled down, revealing the Chungmuro platform .  My chest was becoming stuffy .  If the apostles had this then the situation was unfavourable .

The dust cleared and the fallen Chungmuro group members were seen .  People were coughing up blood .

Yoo Sangah and Lee Gilyoung were lying on their floor . Even Gong Pildu couldn’t completely avoid getting injured despite using Protective Wall .

「 “Phew, now it looks good . Right?”

The 7th Apostle grabbed Lee Jihye’s head while her uniform was torn . She was in the front and received the biggest blow from the explosion .

“Aren’t you just a supporting actor, huh?”

“Bastards…cough!” Lee Jihye screamed as she was punched in the stomach .

“Can I have this gurl?”

“What will you do with her? There is no time . ”

“What will I do? Looking back, isn’t she destined to follow the main character and be miserable? Then I would rather…” 」

Lee Jihye’s small body shook in the air like a rag doll .  Her lips were trembling .  She was staring at me .

「 He…lp…me . 」

Impulsive anger filled my head .  It was unlike me .  Lee Jihye was clearly just a ‘character . ’

[The exclusive skill, ‘Fourth Wall’ is activated!]

[Excessive immersion has restricted some of the features of Fourth Wall . ]

I was too immersed .  I became dizzy and nauseous .

[Excessive immersion lads to a profound increase in the proficiency of Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint . ]

[Changing your viewpoint to first person . ]

My consciousness narrowed and stretched like a rubber band .  Then I opened my eyes .  I was really in Chungmuro .

…How? Lee Jihye was looking at me with shaky eyes .  It wasn’t just her .  At this moment, everyone on the platform was watching me .

My field of view moved slowly .  I walked towards Lee Jihye .  To be exact, my body was moving regardless of my will .

One step, another step .  Slowly but steadily, I was closing the distance to her .

The 7th Apostle frowned and asked, “You are…?”

I was uncomfortable, like I was wearing clothes that didn’t fit my body .  The height of my gaze was different from usual as well as my five senses .

At this moment, I realized who ‘I’ was .  I couldn’t help laughing .

I disliked it . I really disliked it .

Lee Jihye’s lips moved a little bit .


My hand gripped the hilt of the sword like it was something I had done millions of times .

The grip of my fingers was strange .  It was natural and beautiful .  I was thrilled with the fantastic feeling that I felt for the first time in my life .

The blade moved silently .  No one could see anything .

Just .  It went through something .  Something was cut off .  Something fell to the ground .

Some people were shocked while other people’s mouths dropped open .

The 7th Apostle holding onto Lee Jihye slowly sank down . Blood gushed from his neck .  My hands moved and I caught the falling body of Lee Jihye .

“Ah, ah…”

I lightly placed Lee Jihye down on the platform .  I raised my eyes and saw the apostles looking this way .  The first one to speak was the 3rd Apostle .

“You… who are you?”

How funny .  It was a stupid question .  I slowly opened my mouth .  It was like I was this guy from the start .

“I am Yoo Jonghyuk . ”

The coldest and loneliest voice in the world .  The sleeping prince had finally woken up from his deep sleep .

“And you shall die here . ”

Now Chungmuro would be safe .



My consciousness escaped from Yoo Jonghyuk’s body and slowly returned to its original body .

[Exclusive skill, Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint stage 3 has been turned off . ]

[The skill conflict error is normalized . ]

[The delayed privilege of the King of No Killing has reappeared . ]

[Your body is resurrected from death . ]

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