Omniscient Reader - Chapter 58

Published at 18th of January 2019 07:02:46 AM
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Chapter 58
[What is happening? Things have turned completely upside down . What skills do you have? Why can't I access the information even when I ask the Supervisory Bureau?] I was curious as well . I also wanted to see my attributes window . 'So what happened? Am I going to be penalized?' [Where did you hear that? Hey, do you know how hard I defended you? Administrator, please listen to me . Kim Dokja isn't a scammer or a strange person! He is just a very hard worker!] He speak in a convincing manner . [Fortunately, my earnest appeal was taken into consideration . I've analyzed the entire scenario and found that you only used a few skills . It isn't enough to destroy the ecology of the scenarios . ] It was as I expected . I didn't learn passive skills for no reason . The more good skills I used, the easier it was to attract the attention of the Bureau . [Besides, there are some loud guys in other areas… the Bureau is busy right now . ] 'Then it worked out well?' [In fact, there are a few jerks… but instructions came down from the upper management and the 'great dokkaebi' said to dismiss it . ] I was amazed by the unexpected words . The great dokkaebi interfered? [Sigh… listen to the intermediate dokkaebi . I shouldn't be here . There are suddenly more eyes on me . You should be careful . This is the jurisdiction of the intermediate dokkaebi and he has a firm grudge against you . ] 'Grudge?' [Don't you know . The probability meeting is like a tax investigation . In any case… you will have a hard time for a while . ] Bihyung disappeared . Then there was a huge spark in the air and the intermediate dokkaebi showed up in a formal suit . He looked around for a while before speaking in a gruff voice . […I'm sorry everyone . There was a bit of friction and the compensation was late . It is late but I will now reward you . ] [3,000 coins have been acquired for clearing the hidden scenario . ] [You have earned 15,000 coins as compensation for killing the 5th grade fire dragon . ] [You have obtained the 'Protection Symbol of the Imyuntar' for being the first to prevent a disaster . ] [In the future, you will get the favour of the Imyuntar people . ] Fortunately, the compensation was paid normally . In addition, the Protection Symbol of the Imyuntar . Now that I got this, the upcoming fifth scenario wouldn't be so bad . It wasn't as much as what I got but the faces of the other party members were hilarious once they received a clear reward . By the way… stingy bastards . I caught a disaster and these were the only rewards? Then the intermediate dokkaebi started talking . [By the way, you worked so hard that there was a bit of a problem with the scenario . ] There was something sarcastic and ominous about his tone . [As a result of discussions with the Bureau, it was reported that the average skill of the local incarnations doesn't match the difficulty of the scenario . Therefore, I have arbitrarily adjusted the difficulty level in my area using my own judgment . ] …What? A random adjustment? [The time limit of the fourth scenario has been significantly reduced . ] The mouth of the intermediate dokkaebi curved up strangely as he looked at me . …No, this bastard? [There are 48 hours left until the end of the fourth scenario . ] [All group representatives and members who haven't taken over the target within the next 48 hours will die . ] Yes… this was what he was planning? Jung Minseob stared at me from where he was picking up the fallen items . Everyone had probably heard the message . "Who has Changsin Station now?" "T-The Tyrant King . " One of the seven kings of Seoul, the Tyrant King… I said with a sigh, "Then let's return to Chungmuro . " By the way, I didn't know if Yoo Jonghyuk was doing well or not . Let's wrap up the fourth scenario . *** The distance from Anguk Station to Chungmuro was further than I thought . During the journey, we exchanged a few stories . Jung Heewon and Lee Hyunsung walked ahead, while I walked in the rear with Lee Sungkook and Jung Minseob . I couldn't take the entire body of the fire dragon so I put half of it on the exchange . The other half was also placed on the exchange, but I deliberately put it at a ridiculously high price . It wasn't for sale but a trick to use the exchange as a warehouse substitute . Bihyung grumbled but I ignored it . Jung Minseob opened his mouth . "By the way, Representative-nim . " It felt strange because I really felt like a big company's president when I kept being called 'Representative-nim . ' "Is your name Kim Dokja?" "Yes . " "Ah… it really is your name…" "Is it unusual?" "…Yes . Honestly, you are more like a prophet than we are . " His voice was rather subdued . "Sigh… if only I hadn't stopped reading…" It was a belated regret . At this moment, I had a moment of doubt . There was something I wanted to ask but I had forgotten . "Jung Minseob-ssi, I want to ask you something . " "Yes . " "How did the prophets gather so quickly?" This was a point that I always found strange . It hadn't been more than a month since the initial scenario started . However, these guys had already been working as a group . Furthermore, the apostles were even worse . Based on the first person protagonist's point of view, they had a fairly high armed force that couldn't be obtained without occupying a large number of stations . It was a growth that couldn't be understood with my common sense . "There was someone who called us together . " "Called you together?" "Yes . Soon after the first scenario ended, he came to the station where I was . " Interesting . How was this possible? At that point, there would still be a barrier between stations . "He introduced himself as an apostle and said that he had read the great Book of Revelations . He recruited prophets to follow him . The odd thing was that it happened simultaneously in different stations . It is hard to believe it was done by one person…" "In any case, we gathered because of that apostle . He pulled us into the group . " "Yes, we call that apostle the 1st Apostle . " "Is he the king of the prophets? The person who hates being called someone who 'got off'?" "Ah… you already know . Yes . He likes to be called another name . " Another name? "He claims to be a 'true reader . '" …What? "There was a lot of talk about why he would call himself such a name . We couldn't come to a conclusion . He claimed to have read all of the Book of Revelations but…" As the story continued, this person's identity became more and more doubtful . When I thought about the information he took advantage of, he didn't seem like a 'reader'… I was busy thinking when Chungmuro approached . It hadn't been long since I left but I felt like I had returned to my hometown as I took in the air of Chungmuro Station . I restrained my companions from entering the station . "Wait a minute . " Thinking about it, I was still naked . Why hadn't anyone said anything? I spoke to Lee Sungkook . "Lee Sungkook-ssi, please take off your pants . " I took the lead to enter Chungmuro Station, while Lee Sungkook was forced to walk behind me in his underwear . I could see Yoo Sangah welcoming me in the distance . I looked into her moist eyes and could see how hard it had been . Something ran into me and I saw Lee Gilyoung attached to my right leg . "Have you been well?" The dusty Lee Gilyoung nodded . Lee Jihye had a serious injury and hadn't woken up yet . Gong Pildu scoffed and turned his head as soon as he saw me . [The constellation 'Defense Master' reproaches you on your late return . ] It was a reaction I could understand since his incarnation nearly died . "Yoo Sangah-ssi!" Lee Hyunsung and Jung Heewon didn't know what happened in Chungmuro and ran towards the people with an aghast expression . People around the platform were bleeding . In fact, Yoo Sangah had a cloth bound tightly to her shoulder . Some of the railroad tracks were covered with blood . They were traces of a fierce fight . Jung Minseob stuttered, "T-The apostles?" The heads of number 2, 3, 4 and 7 were lined up side by side on the railroad tracks . Their expressions seemed like they didn't realize their own death . I knew who was this skillful . I asked Lee Gilyoung . "Where is Yoo Jonghyuk?" As I spoke, I felt an ominous presence from the Hoehyeong tunnel side . I knew despite the distance . Our arrogant and dignified hero practiced the Alone Under Heaven and Earth scripture . "Yoo Jonghyuk?" He looked at me with no change in his expression . I thought he would say something about what happened in the Theatre Dungeon… but what was this? The cut off head of a person was still being held in his hands . Someone screamed while Yoo Jonghyuk threw the head this way . The head rolling like a toy was covered with a cloak with '1' on it . It was the 1st Apostle . Yoo Jonghyuk was really great . He chased this guy to the end and killed him . I was half relieved and half anxious . I still had questions but if the apostle died like this… At this moment, something ridiculous happened . "It is you! You screwed up my plan! Right?" The severed head suddenly started talking to me . "Waaack! What?" Jung Minseob screamed and fell over . The eyes looked up at me while he smiled smugly . It was impossible . The skills that could be used even when the head was cut off was extremely rare even in Ways of Survival . It was possible if he used the skill Immortal Delay but even with that skill, he couldn't stay in a state with his head cut off . Besides, there was no blood from the cut neck… Wait . Perhaps? The information that I received from Lee Sungkook and Jung Minseob started to run through my head . A man who revealed himself to all prophets and claimed to be a 'true reader . ' He appeared all over Seoul as soon as the scenario began and gathered people . In addition, it was possible to pass through the barriers, he didn't die when his head was cut and there was no blood… "The Avatar ability…" I was certain . The guy in front of me was a fake . The severed head continued to speak . "Wow, I am really impressed . Pretending to be Yoo Jonghyuk, beating the apostles and the dragon… What is your identity?" I see . This guy didn't know my identity? "What are you?" As far as I knew, there were very few people who could use the 'Avatar' ability in Ways of Survival . The occupation that received such an attribute was normally fixed . They were occupations engaged in creative work and frequently experienced dissociative personality disorder due to excessive stress . I slowly looked him up and down before asking, "You, are you perhaps a writer?"