Omniscient Reader - Chapter 63

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Chapter 63
Lee Sungkook was surprised by the system message and muttered . "Another new scenario…" It certainly wasn't good timing . Another scenario appeared before we could complete the clear conditions of the existing scenario . I opened up the new scenario as soon as it arrived . + [Main Scenario # 4 – The King's Qualifications] Category: Main Difficulty: A Clear Conditions: Occupy the 'Absolute Throne' located at Gwanghwamun . Time Limit: 8 hours . Compensation: 10,000 coins Failure: ― * This scenario can only be challenged by those who have completed the hidden scenario 'King's Road . ' * The absolute king has absolute commands over all the other kings . * There are additional special clear conditions for this scenario . + The situation wasn't good . Our group hadn't been able to take the target of the Struggle for Flags yet . The burden had doubled . I must complete the scenario related to the throne while taking down the Tyrant King and occupying Changsin Station . The intermediate dokkaebi said . [Look at your confused faces . Please don't worry too much . This scenario will proceed slowly . ] Gwanghwamun was still despite everyone being in a state of agitation . It was natural . The surviving kings knew how important it was to listen to the dokkaebi . [As you have guessed, the fourth main scenario is to be the only king to sit on the throne . Of course, being a king doesn't mean that everyone can sit on that throne . Only a person who has proved his/her qualifications can sit there . ] The intermediate dokkaebi said with a bad laugh . [Then I will reveal the first qualification . ] + [King's Qualification] 1 . 「 The owner of the throne should be braver than anyone else . 」 -The Absolute Throne never wants a 'weak king . ' To challenge the throne, you must own at least a black flag . (Additional qualifications will be released after a while . ) + A black flag . It was disgusting from the very beginning . [Huhu, the motive wa given . Now make a fun story!] The intermediate dokkaebi disappeared and Yoo Sangah made an anxious expression . "If it is a black flag… you need to occupy 20 stations?" "That's right . " Our group had a brown flag . It was a flag that could be obtained after occupying 10 stations . "What do we do? In order to create a black flag, we need 10 more stations . If there are vacant stations nearby…" "This is a condition that appeared because there are no empty stations . " "Huh?" As far as I knew, no king had achieved the black flag at this point . "Did you forget? There isn't only one method to change the colour of a flag . The achievement value of the flag went up when taking over a station . However, there was a way to get achievement values much faster . "Ah…!" It was to take the flag of another representative . Right now, there were a bunch of kings with flags in Gwanghwamun . I calmed down the party members . "Don't worry . This wasn't unexpected . We will proceed as planned . " As planned . I said this but it wouldn't be easy . There were clouds of war hanging over Gwanghwamun . It was a breathless tension just before the storm blew . The sound of weapons being pulled out and the organization of battle lines could be heard . People would soon start moving . Those competing for a promotion would now kill each other with real swords . Those who wanted a wider territory would take each other's flags to occupy more stations . Kill each other and get better items . It was in order to survive . Lee Sungkook watched the buildings around them and muttered in a surreal tone . "It is scary . Is this really South Korea?" "It is South Korea . It is still South Korea . " "Representative-nim, aren't you scared?" "I'm afraid . " It wasn't a lie . I was obviously scared . To be honest, I often felt that way . Even if I read Ways of Survival, I was still a regular office worker . I didn't express it but I often wondered if I could survive . Of course, my worries didn't last long . It was because it was useless to think about it . It was the same in any world . Kim Dokja who worked at Mino Soft was now Kim Dokja who lived in the world of Ways of Survival . Death would come whether I wanted it to or not . The most important thing was… "At least I feel like I am living right now . " [The exclusive skill, 'Fourth Wall' is activated!] I suddenly turned around and saw Lee Sungkook looking at me with reverent eyes . "When I look at Representative-nim…" "Attack!" Someone's shout was heard before Lee Sungkook's words were over . 300 metres away, there was a king who started marching north . He was a king with a brown flag like me . I couldn't see his face because he was too far away but he was probably the king of a small district . At almost the same time, the warlords hiding in Gwanghwamun started to appear . They were each armed with excellent self-defense equipment . The most prominent one was a man wearing a kilt in splendid colours . I could tell who he was without looking . Our target, the Tyrant King and the rule of Dobong-gu and Seongbuk-gu . The vibe he gave off was new . The Tyrant King who had the largest forces among Seoul's Seven Kings . Now that he moved, the 1st apostle and the kings of the three kingdoms would act . "Maybe most of them will go after the Four Yin Demonic Beheading Sword . " In fact, the direction of the kings' march was the northern Palace Museum where the Four Yin Demonic Beheading Sword was located . I didn't see him but the plagiarist would also be moving to that side . Some forces ignored any damage and were running towards the museum . It was understandable . Since the qualifications of the absolute king wasn't clear yet, they thought it would be more advantageous to obtain a good item . If the item was the Four Yin Demonic Beheading Sword, they could fill in the lacking achievement points of their flag at once . Lee Sungkook asked anxiously, "Shouldn't we go? The Four Yin Demonic Beheading Sword is a pretty good item . " "We will just be defeated if we go . " We didn't have a lot of people . Moreover, there were many high level sponsors among them . "Go to the west . " I moved while leading the party . All the kings were heading for the northern Palace Museum so the west was relatively lacking . It was the historic Gwanghwamun so there were museums all over the place . Presseum, Korean Financial History Museum, Korean National Police Heritage Museum… Yoo Sangah asked, "We aren't going to these places?" "We should avoid the modern and contemporary exhibits . " An old relic was better . Of course, the relic simply being 'old' wasn't enough . The hoe used by farmers in the Iron Age was also such an item but it was only F grade . The important thing was that it have a relationship with a famous person or a narrative . "Let's go here . " The place we stopped at was the Seoul History Museum facing Gyeonghui Palace . A light flashed in Yoo Sangah's eyes . "What are we looking for here?" "We must find the Ganpyeongui . It is a relic of the Joseon Dynasty that resembles a disc, but I don't know what floor it is on . " (Ganpyeongui is an astronomical observation device . Image will be provided below) "Okay, I will try and find it!" "We have to find it quickly so let's scatter . Gilyoung, you move with Sangah noona . And Lee Sungkook-ssi―" As I was speaking, something sharp flew from behind me . I reflexively crouched down, pulling the party members with me . The exterior wall of the building was pierced by an arrow . There was a trace of magic power on the shaft . I got goosebumps . [Strong Magic Arrow] . This person had learnt the archery skill properly . Who was it? The unexpected ambush complicated my thoughts . Was there someone who read the movements of my party? "Everybody go inside! Quickly!" Several more arrows flew . [Blade of Faith is activated!] I swung my sword and struck the flying arrows . Fortunately, the amount of magic power wasn't high so they weren't difficult to block . The problem was the number . One arrow flew out and pierced my thigh . I quickly retreated and hid behind cover . "Hahaha! Where is the novice king wandering to?" A voice echoed through the area . A group of men armed with bows and swords appeared 500 metres away . Their flag couldn't be seen . In other words, they sent out a detached force . Some kings were smarter than I thought . Was he going to eat up items while taking away the flags of the smaller kings? [The exclusive skill, Character List is activated . ] I used a skill on a person in the lead . + [Character Information] Name: Chu Wangin Age: 33 years old . Constellation Support: The Last Hero of Hwangsanbeol Private Attribute: Minor Actor (General) Exclusive Skills: Weapons Training Lv . 4, Acting Lv . 1, Weak Investigation Lv . 1 . Stigma: Baekje Kendo Lv . 4, Prepared to Fight to the Death for the Country Lv . 2, Detached Force Management Lv . 3 . Overall Stats: Physique Lv . 19, Strength Lv . 19, Agility Lv . 21, Magic Power Lv . 15 . Overall Evaluation: It is a case where even a nobody can grow if he meets an excellent sponsor . Due to the high degree of sympathy with the sponsor, the strength of his stigmas is significant . + Damn, a tiger had come . I didn't expect to meet Hwangsanbeol's master here . Those with actor attributes tended to cling to these types of constellations . "If you know honour as a king, surrender your flag . Then your group members won't lose their lives . " The poor dramatic tone told me why he was only a minor actor . The Last Hero of Hwangsanbeol was attached to such a person . It seemed that bad luck with partners applied even to constellations . But this was difficult . The level of the stigmas Baekje Kendo and Detached Force Management was too high . Considering the number of people, it would be hard to handle all of them without raising my overall stats . [Coins Possessed: 68,150C] …Should I use my coins here? However, the difficulty of the last phase of the fourth scenario would increase sharply if I used coins to raise my overall stats here . It would disturb my whole plan . If I closed my eyes and used around 20,000 coins… "Isn't it embarrassing for you to persecute the king of a weak nation using the name of the Three Kingdoms?" I looked around as I heard a voice and saw a familiar person approaching . The incarnation of Gyebaek, Chu Wangin made a fierce expression . "What is the queen doing here?" "Your crude tone is just as expected for the master of a ruined kingdom . " The woman shot back with a smug expression . King of Beauty Min Jiwon . Why did this woman appear here? …Surely she hadn't followed me? No . There was no way . Min Jiwon's eyes glanced at me . [The character 'Min Jiwon' shows a weak liking towards you . ] …Really? "Shut up! The cowardly Silla blood now claims to be rule of the Three Kingdoms? I won't recognize a girl like you as a king!" Chu Wangin's roar of anger burst from his body . He might be a minor actor without much skills but his voice was very loud . By the way, it was interesting . Gyebaek and Queen Jinseong were born in different eras but they could face each other like this after becoming constellations . I asked Min Jiwon, "Why are you helping me?" "Silla doesn't ignore weak countries . " "It is Silla who destroyed Gaya . " "…Did you also have a 1st-grade degree in Korean history?" "Any high school graduate would know this much . " Min Jiwon's expression became slightly gloomy . "I don't know because I didn't go to high school . " It was natural . Min Jiwon had been an actor since her teens . She became an actress at an early age and learned things other than history . "Your words are correct . I can't obtain people with money . I'm repaying the debt caused by my rudeness . That's it . " I knew Min Jiwon's history as an actress and could feel the sincerity in her words . It was still surprising . She was an incarnation with a high pride so I didn't think she would bow before me like this . Gyebaek's incarnation laughed at our conversation . "A king is swayed by personal matters? That's why a chick like you…" Min Jiwon's captain came forward on behalf of the Hwarang . "Rude! How can a man like you be the king of a country?" Gyebaek's eyes were drawn to the Hwarang . "Hwarang…? Very interesting . Did you sign with that constellation?" The Hwarang captain turned red at the words . It reminded me that the Hwarang captain's sponsor was Gwanchang . "Do you want your neck to be cut like your sponsor?" In the battle of Hwangsanbeol, Gwanchang died from Gyebaek cutting his throat . "Shut up!" Thank you for coming to help but the relationship between constellations was the worst . This was particularly bad due to their high level of sympathy . There was a hierarchy among the constellations due to the history of their lives . A person couldn't go against their king and the enemy was determined according to historical records . For example Kurushima Michifusa of Japan could never beat the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare . It was just like how Gwanchang couldn't win against Gyebaek . Min Jiwon also knew this and didn't look happy . I spoke first . "Just defeat the army . Or we can't win . " Baekje's army had slightly more military force . Gyebaek was a military commander . The more people he led, the stronger his power . Gwanchang was no match for him . Then Yoo Sangah's voice was heard . "Dokja-ssi! I've found it!" I looked back and found Yoo Sangah running with a small disc . She found it already? The Ganpyeongui . The relic resembling a wall clock glowed in Yoo Sangah's hands . At this moment, I had an idea . I looked at Ganpyeongui, then Min Jiwon and the incarnation of Gwanchang . Then I made a decision . Perhaps I could win this without using coins? "Attack!" [The character 'Chu Wangin' has used the stigma Detached Force Lv . 3!] The Hwarang kept falling under the hands of the Baekje forces . Min Jiwon looked towards me with a desperate expression and I said, "I think we can win . " "Huh?" "We will recreate the battle of Hwangsanbeol . " Many people knew this but Hwangsanbeol was a battle that Silla won . TL: I gave you a wiki link in the last chapter but I will give a short summary, since this information is important to understand what is going on . Battle of Hwangsanbeol was a major battle that took place between Baekje and Silla . The commander of Baekje was Gyebaek and the commander of Shilla was Kim Yushin . The Silla army was 50,000 strong while Baekje could only rally up 5,000 people but Gyebaek rallied his forces with a heroic speech . The Baekje forces won several skirmishes and the Silla forces lost morale . Then a general sent out his son, Kim Gwanchang to single-handedly fight the enemy . Gwanchang was captured before being released by Gyebaek . After returning to the Silla camp, Gwanchang once again charged to the enemy . Gyebaek captured him again and executed him this time . Thanks to Gwanchang's martyrdom, the Silla forces regained morale and Kim Yushin was victorious . Gyebaek died in battle .