Omniscient Reader - Chapter 64

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Chapter 64

Episode 14 – Master of the Throne (1)

Kim Yushin’s stigma ‘Gather the Hwarang’ was a skill that called the elite Hwarang that died in history, the Dragon Flower Tree .

To put it simple, it was a ground version of the ‘Ghost Fleet’ that Lee Jihye used .

It wasn’t comparable to the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare’s power but it was still a great stigma used by a constellation .


The buried bones were removed and the Dragon Flower Tree unit rose to fight with Baekje’s army . Some Hwarang had no eyes while others had no arms or legs .

It was cruel .  They would raise their blades as long as Kim Yushin was here . This was despite their souls being worn down, their anger erased and even their hearts gone .

They were soldiers who fought to prevent the fall of their kingdom .  Now they were fighting for a fallen kingdom .

“You are still a coward Kim Yushin! Now you are even pushing your dead men!”


“Come on! Let’s have a one-on-one fight!”

I was still at Gyebaek’s provocation . It was because Kim Yushin didn’t want to move . He would crush Gyebaek with the overwhelming force of the Dragon Flower Tree . The magic power that emerged from his sword mercilessly filled the air .

“Kim Yushin―!”

The shout filled the air and even the emotionlessly Dragon Flower Tree hesitated for a moment .

This was Gyebaek .  The last master of Baekje, Gyebaek .

Gyebaek was a constellation that overwhelmed Kim Yushin just in terms of physical buff abilities . In fact, Gyebaek never fought one-on-one against Kim Yushin in the Battle of Hwangsanbeol .

To be exact, it right to say that Kim Yushin avoided the confrontation .

[The character ‘Chu Wangin’ has used the stigma Prepared to Fight to the Death for the Country Lv . 2!]

In history, Gyebaek’s army fought against Kim Yushin’s army that outnumbered them by several times and won a few impossible battles .

The last winner might be Kim Yushin but Gyebaek wasn’t defeated until the final battle of Hwangsanbeol was held .

He united his soldiers with patriotism and his shouts were close to insane .

I carried Kim Yushin behind me right now but if things were different, I might’ve called Gyebaek .

Gwanchang’s incarnation shouted, “General!”

“Don’t move . ”

Kim Yushin spoke through my mouth . My expression was unchanged despite looking at the dying Dragon Flower Tree members .

Kim Yushin’s serene image was conveyed .

Gyebaek shouted, “Your cowardice hasn’t changed despite you becoming a constellation!”

That’s right . Kim Yushin was a coward .  He was afraid of death and afraid of defeat .  That’s why he was strong .  His emotions were unshakable and he didn’t commit rash acts .

Defeat the enemies in a way that achieved victory .  That’s how he won the final battle of Hwangsanbeol, despite being defeated four previous times .


The hundreds of Dragon Flower Tree members clashed fiercely with Gyebaek . His incarnation was so severely hurt that he could no longer survive . His whole body was bloody while there were fatal wounds on his arms, thighs and sides .

However, Gyebaek kept moving through the crowd of Dragon Flower Tree members towards me .


[The stigma ‘Request for Reinforcements’ has been activated!]

Ghost soldiers appeared like shadows from behind Kim Yushin and sprang towards Gyebaek . Based on the different articles of clothing on the soldiers, they might not be Silla troops .

Perhaps they were the Tang Dynasty troops called to destroy Goguryeo .

As expected from Kim Yushin . The only thing important to him was winning . Using foreign forces wasn’t an important issue for him .

Numerous spears pierced his chest .  Gyebaek’s incarnation couldn’t overcome the pain and fell to his knees .


The incarnation of the strong Gyebaek was now at his limit .

Gyebaek laughed .

“…I am resentful . I can’t touch you even on this fake stage . I wanted to exchange swords with you just once . ”

Gyebaek’s red eyes made me feel confused .  Gwanchang was alive, history had changed .  But this was one part that didn’t change .

Kim Yushin asked, “Gyebaek . Why did you do this?”


“If you die in this state, you can’t choose another incarnation for a while . Why did you suddenly abandon the scenario?”

Gyebaek had a distant look on his face and then he gave a meaningful smile .  Kim Yushin waited before pulling out a blade .

I hurriedly took back control of my voice .

“He can’t be killed with my hands . ”


“…There are restrictions . ”

The King of No Killing meant I couldn’t carry out direct slaughter .  As soon as I killed one person, I would lose my throne .

Kim Yushin nodded like he understood .

[…I see . I roughly understand . Don’t worry . The stars will honour your commitment . But it is I, Kim Yushin, who will deal with Gyebaek, not you . ]


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[…There is a lingering attachment, please understand . ]

Kim Yushin gestured and one of the Dragon Flower Tree members nodded .  I handed over my voice to Kim Yushin .

“Gyebaek, let’s meet in the next world . ”

Gyebaek’s incarnation looked up at us silently . He wanted to say something but he couldn’t open his mouth . At the last moment, his face looked like a minor actor who completed his scenes rather than Gyebaek .

Then the incarnation’s head quietly flew through the air .

[Stage Transformation has ended . ]

[You have experienced the Battle of Hwangsanbeol . ]

[1,000 coins have been earned as experience compensation . ]

I looked around and saw that all of Baekje’s army was wiped out .

[The authority of King of No Killing is retained due to the indirect nature of the killing . ]

It was fortunate .  King of No Killing was only lost when I killed someone directly with my own hands .  The life that the Dragon Flower Tree member took wasn’t recognized as me killing someone .

“Representative-nim! Are you okay?” Lee Sungkook’s voice was heard from behind me .

Yoo Sangah sighed with relief while Lee Gilyoung was disgruntled that he couldn’t do much . Then Min Jiwon asked, “What the hell was that…?”

She looked like she had completely lost her soul .

I shrugged and said, “You should study history if you want to be a king . ”

I might’ve called Kim Yushin but I didn’t belong to Silla or Baekje .  I called Kim Yushin because he was the most appropriate one to deal with Gyebaek .

Anyway, I was glad that the result was better than expected .  I was able to thoroughly check the performance of the Ganpyeongui and I could get some coins and items from the Baekje members .

[You have earned 5,400 coins . ]

[Coins Possessed: 74,950 C]

Now I wasn’t afraid of the final phase of the fourth scenario .

“It is time to go to the north . ”

[The remaining duration of the call is three minutes . ]

Kim Yushin’s divine blessing still remained .  I should take advantage of the remaining time left on the Ganpyeongui .  It could only be used seven times so I couldn’t waste it .

“Rise up Dragon Flower Tree!”

The broken fragments of the Dragon Flower Tree unit rose again and I pointed north with my sword .


The consumption of magic power was huge so the operation time of the Dragon Flower Tree unit was short . The Dragon Flower Tree unit started to march north, randomly sweeping away the small and medium groups .

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It might be possible to wipe out all the forces of the other kings gathered at the National Palace Museum .

There were screams as forces fought all over the street .

“What are these skeletons? Aacck!”

The incarnations that ran towards me were crushed by the Dragon Flower Tree unit .

Since I wasn’t the one attacking, I didn’t get a penalty for killing .  Yes, this was an invigorating taste .

Kim Yushin’s holy voice was heard in my head .

[There is something strange about you . Your mind is intact despite hearing my true voice…]

“I have a strong mentality . ”

I was a bit surprised by the words .  The constellations used the ‘indirect messages’ to communicate for a reason .

Kim Yushin was just a low-ranking constellation but most people would pee their pants or faint hearing his holy voice .

In fact, I was a bit worried about that too…

[Remember, you owe me a big debt . In order to help you, I had to embrace more possibilities than necessary . ]

There was something sinister about his tone .  I quickly expressed my appreciation .

“I am thankful . I won’t forget General’s help . ”

[You are a hasty friend . You don’t have anyone to pass it onto yet…]

“…Won’t it happen one day? If I give birth to a child, I will surely tell them what happened today . ”

[Rather, you don’t seem to have a sponsor . ]

I had an ominous feeling .  Damn, this old fox kept talking .

[I like you . If you don’t mind, I would like to become your sponsor in this world . ]

His words were nice but it merely meant to be his slave .

“That will be a problem . ”

[Why? Isn’t my strength enough? You can become the strongest of this age with just my stigma . ]

The Gather the Hwarang stigma was good .  But that was when applied to Kim Yushin’s saga .

The strongest in this era? He was trying to scam me .

The words were ridiculous for someone who wasn’t a fable level . If the Great Sage the Equal of Heaven heard it, he would’ve squeezed Kim Yushin’s head tightly .

“Now isn’t the age of the Three Kingdoms . You are old and should take a break . ”

We had fun together but let’s not see each other again .

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[The constellation ‘Prisoner of the Golden Headband’ is laughing at ‘King Heungmu the Great’ . ]

[300 coins have been sponsored . ]

Kim Yunshin was silent for a moment, perhaps because his pride was pricked .  I thought he would back off but a sharp pain suddenly shot through my head .

[Have you forgotten that my divine blessing still remains?]

Currently, Kim Yushin and I were connected through the Ganpyeongui .  The muscles of my body spasmed in an unusual manner .  No matter what, wasn’t he a great person of Korea…? No, maybe he could do this because he was a great person of Korea .

Dammit .

[It would be better to think again . ]

Yoo Sangah looked at me with worry .


“Yoo Sangah-ssi . Get away from me . Quickly!”

My trembling right hand didn’t listen as it raised Unbroken Faith and started pointing it at Yoo Sangah .

Kim Yushin started to exert control over my body .

[Did you say there was a restriction on your actions? I wonder what the restriction is . What if I kill that woman right now?]

“Kim Yushin, this is your will . It isn’t my karma . ”

[Huhu, I don’t know . What if I disengage the moment I stab the blade? Won’t it be recognized as your actions? And this woman seems to be quite precious to you?]

“…Stop . ”

[Make a promise . In the next Sponsor Selection, you will choose Kim Yushin . ]

The intent of this old fox was obvious .  The second Sponsor Selection would begin the moment the fourth scenario was over .  Kim Yushin wanted to use this pledge as an opportunity to acquire me .

If I hadn’t read Ways of Survival, it might not be a bad choice .  Kim Yushin was a fairly decent constellation and there were a few scenario in the middle that could be cleared with Gather the Hwarang alone .

However, if I was going to pick a sponsor, I would’ve picked the Great Sage the Equal of Heaven in the beginning . Why should I choose Kim Yushin now?

“I said no . ”

In addition, I had the contract with Bihyung that didn’t allow me to choose a sponsor .

Kim Yushin’s voice hardened .

[You are a stubborn young man . But it is the wrong choice . How long can you endure?]

The blade in my hand started moving towards Yoo Sangah .

“Yoo Sangah-ssi, quickly―!”

Why didn’t the smart Yoo Sangah move? I looked at my right hand moving against my will and finally made a decision .  Dammit, I respected him as a great person but he forced me to do this…

I took a deep breath .  This was my body .  I would never give it to this guy or any constellation .

[The exclusive skill, ‘Fourth Wall’ is activated!]

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