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Omniscient Reader - Chapter 89

Published at 23rd of November 2019 11:43:05 AM

Chapter 89

Episode 18 – A Reader’s Fight (3)

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I looked at the system messages that appeared after Myung Ilsang’s death .  He left this world with just a few lines of messages .

[The constellation ‘Prisoner of the Golden Headband’ is satisfied . ]

[The constellation ‘Secretive Plotter’ nods with slight discontent . ]

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ is greatly pleased with your story]

[Someone has recommended your scenario to the Star Stream . ]

[25,000 coins have been sponsored . ]

I got up and slowly looked around .

Gangdong-gu was ruined . The disaster had only briefly passed but the ground was destroyed and the tall buildings collapsed .

On the road lit by the glow of the sunset, people covered with black dust crawled out .  They were all people who ran here to obtain items .  People who wanted to be the protagonist but had to remain as ‘characters . ’

Some people held their injuries while others wiped their tears . I could also see people bowing down to me . However, most people were lying on the ground as cold bodies .

I had read all of Ways of Survival .  I understood the settings, the meaning of the explanations and finally thought that I had figured out the author’s intentions . But in Ways of Survival, there were no sentences describing these deaths .

I turned and saw Yoo Jonghyuk watching the same scene as me .  Perhaps Yoo Jonghyuk had seen this scene alone many times .

“Yoo Jonghyuk . ” He turned to look at me .  I rolled the words around the tip of my tongue for a bit before shutting my mouth .  “…It is nothing . ”

The scenarios would continue in the future and I would see this moment many times . I would encounter scenes that weren’t expressed in the text several times .

Then a translucent window appeared in front of me and I heard an unexpected message .

[The dokkaebi ‘Dokgak’ has invited you to his channel . ]

…Who was inviting me to a channel? I was confused for a moment but decided to ignore it .  Then the message flashed again .

[The dokkaebi ‘Dokgak’ has invited you to his channel . ]

I looked up at the air and saw one dokkaebi looking down at this side .  It was a one-legged dokkaebi with an unpleasant smile . Bihyung was behind him with a terrible expression and looked between us .  There was a gap even among dokkaebis of the same rank .

…Yes, I had a rough idea of this situation .  I took a deep breath and deliberately spoke in a loud voice, “What? You won’t give me the rewards?”

Dokgak’s eyebrows twitched at my words .  However, his mouth was still relaxed .

[Oh, of course . I’m sorry . I made a mistake . ]

Dokgak was a scary dokkaebi . He wasn’t silly like Bihyung but had a different constitution from the intermediate dokkaebis .  Not just anyone could be a streamer of a major channel .

[The sub-scenario – SSS-grade Hunt has ended . ]

[The compensation settlement will begin . ]

[You have obtained 50,000 coins as compensation . ]

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I felt better when I received a huge number of coins .  This scenario gave me 50,000 coins in one go .  It was a great scenario .

Given the fact that sub scenarios were formed at the discretion of the dokkaebi, most of these coins would come from Dokgak’s pocket . I thought his stomach would hurt but Dokgak was smiling softly .

[It is a great pleasure to see interesting stories . How can I not be amused?]

He muttered like he read my mind .  Well, he had a big channel in Tokyo Dome so this level of coins being bled wouldn’t matter .

Why did he leave Japan now? Chances were high that great players like Oda Nobunaga or Miyamoto Musashi would still be active .  Yes… was he full because the incarnations in his house were so busy?

“Then give me the extra compensation quickly . Is this all?”

[Ah, of course . I should naturally give it to you . You are the one who made this scenario interesting . ]

I somewhat became angry at his sarcastic tone .  If it wasn’t for this bastard, the Disaster of Questions would’ve been a lot easier . Bihyung glanced at me from behind and communicated with me .

–Hey… you know .

However, Dokgak interrupted Bihyung before his words could be conveyed .

[Bihyung, prepare the compensation . ]

Bihyung made a surprised and angry sound .


[Prepare for compensation . Do I have to tell you twice?]

Look at this? Bihyung hesitated before opening his mouth again .  [You are currently in charge of the sub scenario…]

[How interesting Bihyung . You dare act like this in front of the incarnations?]

A fierce aura started to crush Bihyung’s body . The power of the dokkaebi depended on the size of the channel .

[It seems to be true that the size of your channel has grown lately . ]

Bihyung shrank back as Dokgak kept talking .

[N-No! It is a misunderstanding!]

[You do know that the sixth scenario involves Korea and Japan together? Have you already forgotten?]

[I-I’m really sorry . I’ll prepare it right away!]

[Get started right away . ]


I didn’t feel good because Bihyung was the one managing my channel To be honest, Bihyung and Dokgak’s relationship seemed similar to how Song Minwoo bothered me during high school .

[Additional compensation settlement will begin . ]

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[You have acquired Parasite Species’ Benefactor as a basic reward . ]

[An additional selection reward exists . ]

[You are the largest contributor to this scenario . ]

[You have the first choice of additional compensation . ]

I saw a translucent catalogue appear in front of me .  Once again, it was quite useful to catch a disaster .

[Infinite Dimension Space Coat] – SSS-grade .

[Dark Fire Half-Gloves] – SSS-grade .

[Sylphid’s Jump Boots] – SSS-grade .

Triple S-grade compensation items .  I quickly looked at the options of the items .

The Infinite Dimension Space Coat had a special option of a ‘inside pocket space’ that allowed him to carry many things .

Dark Fire Half-Gloves greatly amplified skills with the dark and fire attributes .

Finally, Sylphid’s Jump Boots allowed me to use the ‘jump’ effect three times a day .

They weren’t star relics but it was enough to go to the 10th scenario .  People might say, ‘It is SSS-grade but it is only to the 10th scenario?’ But the world of Ways of Survival was originally like this .

The item grade inflation was substantial in the world of Ways of Survival . The difference in performance of the items obtained in the early stages to the middle stages was huge, despite having the same grade .

Of course, it wasn’t necessary to throw away SSS-grade items now but special materials would be needed to transcend equipment .

This was why it was good to have star relics .  Unlike other items, star relics didn’t need transcendence . Once scenarios opened, the star relics would recover their inherent power that was beyond the constraints of probability .

[…Please choose a reward . ] Bihyung told me with a grouchy expression .  He was exhausted by the harassment .

At this moment, I heard Bihyung through the dokkaebi communication .

–Personally, I recommend the Infinite Dimension Space Coat .  There is one more hidden option . It is easier to transcend later .

He was working as my manager .  The quick-witted Dokgak was staring at Bihyung .



[You must explain the items to the constellations . Have you forgotten?]

[I-I understand!]

Bihyung quickly started to explain the items to the constellations of Seoul Dome .  I used this break to talk to Yoo Jonghyuk .  “Yoo Jonghyuk, what are you going to choose?”

I had first choice but I decided to give it to Yoo Jonghyuk since I received his help .

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…Of course, this was if Yoo Jonghyuk didn’t hit me into the ground .

“Yoo Jonghyuk?”

He didn’t answer .  He was just staring at me .

“Did you pass out again?”

I waved my hand in front of his eyes several times but his pupils didn’t change .

[The character Yoo Jonghyuk is currently using Recovery Hibernation Lv . 3 . ]

…Indeed, it was abnormal for him to move with that body .  His body must be half broken to be able to use Recovery Hiberation .  I couldn’t just pick so I left a message with Midday Tryst . Han Sooyoung watched by my side and interrupted, “…Perhaps I should choose instead?”

“Only if you want to be hit by Yoo Jonghyuk later . ”

Han Sooyoung became silent in an instant .  I spoke to Bihyung, “I will choose Infinite Dimension Space Coat . ”

However, the answer didn’t come from Bihyung .  Dokgak nodded and turned off the catalogue with a flick of his fingers .

[You have picked a good item . Then let’s go the payment area . ]

Payment area?

[The additional compensation can’t be paid here . ]

Look at this .

“Where are you going to take me?”

[I’ll take you to my ‘Dokkaebi Official Post’ . ]

The Dokkaebi Official Post . (Official post in Korean also means a horsehair cap worn by officials)

In folk tales, it was a type of clothing but here it was different . It was a ‘room’ that all dokkaebis had . It was a room that hid their true colours .

“That is a problem . Just give it to me here . ”

It was their unique space . I didn’t know what to expect .  As far as I knew, there was no procedure regarding moving to a Dokkaebi’s Official Post in order to receive additional compensation .

It was obviously this guy’s suggestion to go to his official post .  Bihyung was watching me anxiously from next to him .  I watched Dokgak with narrowed eyes .

[Hrmm… do you want me to cancel the additional compensation?”

“Try it . ”

The scenario’s compensation was a fixed rule of the Star Stream .  Even a sub-scenario made with a dokkaebi’s discretion couldn’t take back an item that was given after the scenario was over .

A smile flashed on Dokgak’s face .

[How interesting . ]

–This isn’t a good idea .

The dokkaebi communication .

As Dokgak opened his mouth, two voices were heard .

[Kim Dokja . I’ve heard your story . You are so famous that the constellations of the lands beyond the peninsula know about you . ]

–I know about your contract with Dokkaebi Bihyung .  But among the dokkaebis, it is possible to ‘transfer incarnations . ’

[I’ve heard that you act proudly in front of dokkaebis and today I have discovered that the rumour isn’t false . ]

–I will speak bluntly .  Come to my channel .  I am going to expand my channel to the Korean Peninsula . I will be happy to meet your desired items and conditions .

Interesting .  He made me a scouting proposal in this manner .  The suggestion from Dokgak could be seen as moving from a team in the Asian League to a top team from La Liga .

It was an attractive offer .  The problem was… the transfer .  I knew this guy called ‘Dokgak . ’

“I might look like this but I’m actually really scared . I’m trembling while talking to you like this . So give me the item quickly . ”

Dokgak’s expression hardened at my words .

[How interesting . You are humble . ]

–You are too arrogant .  You will be humbled one day .

“…What does that mean?”

–Bihyung’s channel will soon disappear .

A laugh emerged from Dokgak’s mouth .

[Then it can’t be helped . I originally wanted to announce this after paying the ‘compensation’ but I’m sorry . ]

…An announcement? What announcement?

Dokgak looked up at the sky .  He looked at the constellations emitting light and slowly opened his mouth .  His voice seemed to echo in all of Seoul .

[I have regrettable news for the constellations who have watched the scenario with interest so far . ]

The low-grade dokkaebis quickly withdrew from Bihyung’s vicinity . Bihyung made a bewildered expression . It wasn’t good whenever the dokkaebis acted like this .

[Unfortunately, among the channels operating in Seoul Dome, there is a channel that has been illegally manipulating the scenarios . ]

[Many constellations are paying attention to ‘Dokgak’s words . ’]

[It is the #BI-7623 channel of Dokkaebi Bihyung . As a result of a survey, the low-grade dokkaebis in Seoul Dome have concluded that ‘probability’ has been infringed due to excessive channel scenario manipulation . ]

…Wait, what?

[On behalf of the low-grade dokkaebis of Seoul Dome, I am formally asking the Bureau to determine the ‘probability conformity’ of this channel . ]

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