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Published at 26th of March 2020 10:30:06 AM

Chapter 1256: 1256

This was why the man had the support of the two major figures in the household—Mu Sheng, the family head, and Mu Linfeng, his second uncle . This was how he had made it so far, too .

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Like a ruler in ancient times, he was prepared to put down all his glory and achievements for a woman . How could everyone not be slack-jawed by this news?

Giving away his shares to Mu Lianjue would also mean that they must be prepared for another member to be in charge of this gargantuan empire .

This was by no means a small piece of news to the directors .

The change in the CEO would have a direct effect on their benefits!

When Mu Yazhe had taken over the reins from Mu Sheng a few years ago, everyone was doubtful!

At that time, the man was only in his early 20s; everyone resisted the idea of giving him the power over a conglomerate!

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Disheng was facing a life-and-death crisis at that time; the CEO could decide its fate!

All achievements over the years might be destroyed in a moment’s folly!

The board of directors desperately needed a wise ‘ruler’ to steer the company in the right direction .

For the first few days when he came on board, a few shareholders had tried making his life difficult . They reckoned that this green-horn would be unable to lead them out of the crisis .

The man proved them wrong in just a year, though!

He showed them that he could strike a perfect score and do more beyond and above!

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By now, Disheng had assets all over the world—shopping malls, holiday resorts, properties, entertainment industry, internet…

It could crush the competitors in every arena it branched into .

This silenced his critics and made them fully recognize this capable and outstanding CEO .

This conglomerate’s quarterly financial reports in these five years had increased a few hundred folds compared to the past!

There was a saying within the company’s management .

Just 1% share of this conglomerate in Mu Sheng’s hand would let one have endless riches to enjoy for the rest of his life, worry-free!

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However, when it came to the Disheng in Mu Yazhe’s hands, the yearly dividend from 0 . 001% share would be equivalent to one year’s profit of an industrial company .

This was to say that the young man would not leave with nothing when it was time for him to go . After so many years, he had built sufficient business network, plus his capabilities, to establish his very own empire!

On the other hand, Disheng would likely regress to its pre-glorious days when he left!

The country’s economy would be shaken as well . Foreseeable outcomes in the future would be economic recession, industrial failure, and stock market volatility…

As what an idiom described, ‘a country can’t do without a ruler for even a day . ’ It needed to have a consolidated, correct, and effective management .

Likewise, running a family business would require the same principle .

Disheng Financial Group could not go without a wise leader, too .

“This rascal, are you really intending to transfer your shares to that wily old fox?!” Mu Linfeng slapped the table angrily and bellowed .

His nephew sniggered inwardly, knowing well that his second uncle had brought the group of directors to interrogate him!

Still, he could very well understand what his uncle was feeling!

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