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Chapter 338: 338

She was not stupid and could fathom Jiang Yutong’s ulterior motive .

This woman was out to get information from her .

She was not naïve, so why would she tell her anything?

She might look meek, but she was not . Rather, she preferred to stay out of competition . She did not like to play mind games or go out of the way to please others .

For those whom she could get along with, she would continue to do so .

For those whom she could not get along, she would never exchange her heart with .

“Shishi, why don’t you say something? Are you worried that I won’t keep your secrets?”

When she saw the former maintaining her silence, she slapped her chest with confidence . “Nay . No worries; I won’t betray you!”


With that, she slipped in front of her and made a solemn sign of promise with her fingertips pointing to the sky . “I swear; if I can’t keep your secrets, then I deserve to be struck by lightning!”

To her, it was just a matter of opening her mouth to make this oath . She did not believe in retribution in the first place .

Yun Shishi glanced at her and was suddenly drained by her harassment!

“Why must I tell you of my relationship with him?” she asked quizzically . “What do you have to gain from that?”

Jiang Yutong was stunned for a while before she hastily defended, “No . I have nothing to gain! I’m just worried for you, that’s all!”

“What are you worried about?” Yun Shishi was curious now .

Jiang Yutong put on a worried look as she soothed the back of her head with her hand . “Shishi, you already signed a contract with Huanyu, right?!”

“Eh . ” The woman was right in this aspect; she had indeed signed the agreement with the company, but what about that?

“Did you read all the terms and conditions inside the agreement?”

She replied, “Yes, I did carefully . ”

“Then, you should know that it is against the contract to be in a relationship . ” Jiang Yutong earnestly told her .

On the surface, she seemed concerned for her, but, in reality, she was just trying to disguise her threat with good words .

Yun Shishi pretended to think hard about her words, yet what she was actually doing was trying to figure out the latter’s real intention .

“Listen to me; defying the contract is a very serious matter . Not only will Huanyu keep you away and ban you, you even have to pay an exorbitant fine, which will suck you dry . ” The woman continued with her pretense of goodwill .

She simply replied nonchalantly, “This is not an issue . He is not my boyfriend . ”

Even if he were, how would that matter?

Mu Yazhe owned Huanyu Entertainment .

However, when she recalled how that man had tried to demand an astronomical fine from her for the breach of contract, she felt a chill run up her spine in that instant .

That man was apparently capable of such things .

If she made him unhappy, he could easily crush her without lifting a finger of his .

When Jiang Yutong saw her going all quiet and the way she coolly and firmly denied their relationship, she began to question her judgement . The latter’s face was calm, devoid of any guilt or uneasiness, so it appeared she was not lying .

Is that man really not her boyfriend?

She secretly thought to herself, That man is rich, handsome, and charismatic; he is like the perfect male protagonist of a teen show . If she were to admit that such a perfect man is her paymaster, that would invite many unwanted jealousy and hatred!

Her eyes seemed to spark with an idea as she dropped her volume to whisper conspiratorially, “Shishi, is that man your secret sugar daddy?”

Hearing that, Yun Shishi jerked her head up and stared deadly at her with deeply furrowed brows .

She finally somewhat understood what this woman was after .

Jiang Yutong’s heart skipped a beat when she saw the violent reaction from Yun Shishi . Her hunch was right, after all!