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Chapter 132.1

Chapter 132: Noble and commoner? (Part 1)

When Qin Zhou and others saw Little Yichen, they all felt surprised . After all, Mu Yazhe has been hiding his image for six years and he never let him get expose in the media .
How come he is wearing an elegant British Armani small suit? Is he going to show up his face at tonight’s cocktail party?
At rst glance, Qin Zhou felt so surprised . He felt that Little Yichen’s facial features look so familiar . But, where did he exactly have seen that face ah?
Qin Zhou suddenly reacts, he turned his head and look at Yun Shishi . But, he saw her lowering her head and biting her lips .
She looks a bit sad and helpless . Her eyebrows are tightly knitting and she was hiding behind Gu Xingze, while holding her right arm in defense position .

you will look at her and Little Yichen separately, it is very difcult to link them together .  
However, now that he see them at the same time . It is very easy to compare the two of them .
When the rumors spread that Little Yichen’s biological mother is not Mu Wanrou, he had some doubts . But now that Little Yichen is standing in front of him . With his sharp mind, he noticed that there is a big difference .
Blood is denitely a mysterious thing, it won’t be able to deceive anyone .

Another mysterious thing is the genes .  
Little Yichen and Mu Wanrou are standing together, but they don’t look like a mother and son .
If that little guy will stand right next to Yun Shishi, he will think that Yun Shishi is more likely his biological mother .
Qin Zhou looks at Yun Shishi and Little Yichen’s face back and forth in secrecy .
Gu Xingze got aware on what Qin Zhou is doing . And gave him a warning sign .
Apparently, Qin Zhou received and understand his warning signal, so he zips his mouth .
But, he doesn’t know that Gu Xingze’s heart couldn’t calm down for a long time now .
Just like everyone here, he never met Mu Yazhe’s son . And this is the rst time he saw him .
But, he is not actually the same with them . After all, he saw the child around Yun Shishi and that child’s face looks very similar with Mu Yazhe’s son .

As if their face got mold together .
If they will say that those children are not brothers, he will denitely not believe them .
His heart got shocked, but his confusion was greater than anyone else .
At this moment, the atmosphere is rather awkward and quiet . As if every one of them got frozen stiff .  
 Alan took the initiative to break the silence . And respectfully call the oppressive man: “President Mu!”

“President Mu … …” Shao Dong also recovered his thoughts . His face that full of anger change and respectfully look at Mu Yazhe and said: “President Mu, I hope you are doing well!”
And his attitude that was previously so proud suddenly turns into a dignied and respectful man .
Gu Xingze might be a famous superstar . But, Mu Yazhe is so different from him .
Mu’s consortium is a big family and owner of businesses . They are far above the Shao’s consortium small business .

Gu Xingze can’t put Mu Yazhe in his eyes .
Maybe, not now!
Hanyu Yan has never seen Mu Yazhe before, the successor of Mu’s consortium . He has always been mysterious and unpredictable . The only thing she knows about him are the gossips about their family .  
But, she knows when to act appropriately . So, when she saw the arrogant Shao Dong shows respect to that oppressive man . She also immediately put an elegant manner and raised a awless smile, while looking at  Mu Yazhe .
Shao Dong saw that Mu Yazhe didn’t gave him a response . So, he moves forward and stretched out his right hand: “President Mu, don’t you remember me?”
President Mu!
Could he be the rumored mysterious member of… … Mu Family? 
When Hanyu Yan on the side heard Shao Dong’s words, her heart beat stop again and again .  
The arrogant and unshakable Shao Dong put such a low posture just to please this noble man and respectfully called him ‘President Mu’ . Aside from the most inuential Mu Family in the capital, who else can make him act lowly?
Compared to Shao Dong’s face that was full of compliments . Mu Yazhe only nodded his head, but his face is still as cold as ever: “You are?”
Shao Dong’s face turns sullen and his face showed a crampy smile . “President Mu, you forgot me? We met in the Monsanto’s enterprise … …”

“I forgot . ” Apparently, Mu Yazhe doesn’t have much patience to listen to him and just walked through him .  
But, when Hanyu Yan saw Shao Dong who haven’t had the time to recover his right hand and was still showing an elegant smile was left all alone by Mu Yazhe . She felt extremely embarrassed .
Qin Zhou who was standing on the side could no longer hold back his tongue and laughter *Puchi*: “He’s only a ‘wanna be a rich guy’, but he’s still dreaming of climbing up a real noble consortium?”
His voice is very low as if he was only talking to himself . But honestly, he deliberately said those words for Shao Dong . At that moment, Shao Dong’s whole face turn green, while Hanyu Yan doesn’t know where to go and hide her red face due to embarrassment .
Qin Zhou’s attitude turns back into the respectable manner and completely disregard him . Shao Dong fume in anger, but could only sulk .
Arrogant man!
When Mu Yazhe went in front of Gu Xingze . Gu Xingze’s cold and indifference face eventually showed a trace of aw .