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Published at 22nd of June 2017 03:45:21 AM

Chapter 181

Chapter 181: Are you willing to be my partner?

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“Shishi …”

Gu Xingze just simply call out her name, but Yun Shishi couldn’t help but bite her lips tightly and then forcefully said with a voice that is as tiny as the sound of mosquito: “Why are you here… …”

“I got worried about you . So, how can I just go?”

After hearing his words, Yun Shishi bows down her head in sadness .

If things are still the same just like before, Yun Shishi can hold his arms without any hesitation and be his partner in this cocktail party .

But now, she felt like there was a big wall between them that is very difficult to bulge .

When Gu Xingze saw the emptiness in her eyes, he couldn’t help but fell silent .

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The two of them kept silent for a long time, so the atmosphere becomes very awkward .  

But just like before, Gu Xingze elegantly open up his hand and gently said: “Miss Beautiful, are you willing to be my partner?”

Yun Shishi got stunned and surprised with his words .   But then, she slowly put her hand in his palm .

“Willing… …”

After that, the two of them eventually smile to each other .


In the Reception Hall, the design was very magnificent and the crystal lamps that were lining shine brightly to the dance floor .

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Yun Tianyou (Youyou) look around in curiosity, but his eyes were full of despised .

“Is this the cocktail party where my mom is?”

“Yes, your mom is here . Do you want me to take you to the suite so could rest?”

“No need . ”

Inside one of the elegant VIP room on the second floor, Yun Tianyou and Li Hanlin were staying . Yun Tianyou, who was looking around, lazily sits while biting the straw and bubbling the glass of Coke he was holding .

Tonight is the Universal Entertainment Company’s Cocktail Party, so as one of the several major shareholders, Le Zhi Toy Company will definitely be invited . Li Hanlin who is working as the agent of the board of directors will naturally attend the event .

Yun Tianyou had no interest in attending such occasions . But, just by thinking that his mommy will dressed up beautifully . He unconsciously followed Lin Hanlin to mixed in .

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Tonight, he was only wearing a simple white shirt, flat black pants, and a bow, but because of his little handsome face . He looks so lovely and delicate .

Yun Tianyou who is still looking around noticed the decoration of the hotel, then said like an old-fashioned man: “The decoration sucks!”

Li Hanlin who slightly had a cold sweat on his forehead explained: “Yun, this is the most luxurious hotel in Asia . No one can compete with it . ”

But still, Yun Tianyou only frowned and didn’t change his opinion: “The taste is too LOW . ” 

And right at this moment, the reception hall suddenly had some commotion .

Yun Tianyou immediately jumped away from Li Hanlin, then went close to the fence to looked outside . However, he only saw Yang Mi and Hanyu Yan .

Yun Tianyou frowned his eyebrows and look away, then he said while pouting: “Where’s mommy?”

Li Hanlin also went near the fence and then squat down . He didn’t even notice that such posture is a big disgrace to this kind of event .

“Yun, your mom shouldn’t enter yet at this moment . ”

Yun Tianyou nodded: “Oh! right, the protagonist always enters last . ”

“Most attendees in Universal Entertainment Company’s Cocktail Party are popular artists and high societies noble ah . UEC’s big influence can be seen clearly . ”

“Hmph, looking at those faces that have thick powder is really boring . ” Yun Tianyou sticks out his mouth to pout .

Hearing such comment, Li Hanlin couldn’t help but look at the small child on his side and then secretly think .

This child’s eyes can only see his mother ah! She’s the only person important in his heart .  

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