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Chapter 266

Chapter 266: Exchanging blows (1)


On the other hand, Yun Tianyou didn’t show any surprised emotion, he only nodded his head .

Li Hanlin was still laughing on the side .

This mother and son are both amazing!

The son falsely introduced him, his personal assistant as the Kindergarten Principal . While the mother falsely introduced the biological father as College Professor .

The father and the son are also both amazing . They know each other’s real identity, but they kept their mouth shut . They kept Yun Shishi in the dark!

Yun Shishi simply doesn’t expect that her son will recognize his father just by looking at a magazine . After all, her son is only six years old, right?

Just by thinking about it, Li Hanlin’s mouth twitched .

Uh, right, Yun Tianyou is only a six-year-old kid… …

After listening, Yun Tianyao lightly chuckled and politely said: “Oh, he’s mommy’s college professor ah! But, doesn’t he look so young? He only looks like 28, right?”

Yun Tianyou’s face was brimming with a smile, but his eyes were tightly locked on Mu Yazhe .

Mu Yazhe couldn’t help but chuckle .

The little guy’s mouth is very poisonous which is not normal in his age .

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So, he stretched out his slender fingers and took the little guy’s hand .

The man’s hand is wide and warm . His hand is also white and smooth . His fingers are long and beautiful .

The little guy’s hand is small and slightly cold . His hand also looks pale and only has a bit of meat .

Due to the presence of Yun Shishi, Yun Tianyou couldn’t push away the man’s hand and can only put a fake smile .

Mu Yazhe smiled and shake the little guy’s hand, then he said: “Youyou, you can call me Uncle Mu . ”

Mu Yazhe’s voice is mellow and enchanting as if it was an old wine that can easily intoxicate a person .

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Yun Shishi was a bit surprised . She didn’t expect that this man will go along with her lies . His face looks so natural as if he is really her college professor!

Yun Tianyou smile and said: “Uncle Mu, you must be very busy, but you still came to see me? I really appreciate it! Also, thank you for taking care of my mommy back in college . She must have caused you a lot of trouble, right?”

Mu Yazhe lifted his eyes and deeply looked at Yun Shishi . Then, he smiled and lightly said: “No, your mommy is always shy . ”

Somehow, when he said those words, it felt like it has a deeper meaning .

Yun Shishi’s face abnormally pale and her thin lips become stiff .

While in the middle of a conversation, someone suddenly knocked on the door and pushed the door . A man in a white suit led by several doctors came inside!

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Yun Shishi was a bit surprised . Because she knew the man in a white suit . That man was this hospital director, Meng Qingyan!

Why did he come here?

While suspecting, Meng Qingyang walks over to Mu Yazhe’s side with a humble and passionate smile .

As soon as Meng Qingyang received the news that the President of Mu Family’s consortium appeared in his hospital . He hurriedly comes!

He doesn’t know why the president come in his hospital, but it was a very big news!

As every knows, such a noble person shouldn’t be neglected! He must inevitable entertain him . Who knows if he could ask his help in the future ah!

Meng Qingyang slightly lowered his figure and smile with flattery . Then, he respectfully opens his mouth . But, he hasn’t said a word, when Mu Yazhe raises his hand to stop him and said: “I just came to see my student’s child . ”