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Published at 3rd of September 2018 02:30:39 AM

Chapter 358

Chapter 358: Not an example

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Although Li Lan’s answer was too shallow, Lu Jingtian didn’t ask anything again . She only smiled and said: “Tonight, I have an exclusive date with President Mu, but we were interrupted . I… am very unhappy!”

After a pause, her tone was slow and long . “Since that girl belongs to your company, then… … Sister Li, I hope this thing will not happen again . Never again! You know what to do, right?”

Li Lan slowly nodded her head, but the smile on her lips was somewhat far-fetched . Her heart was cold .

This sentence was a warning .  


At night, the evening breeze was a bit cold .

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Along the way, Yun Shishi’s face was pale, but the man next to him was even more gloomy than before .

She was almost carried away by him all the way around!

Her whole body was surrounded by his arms . Her whole body almost integrated to his bones and blood .

Yun Shishi looked up and saw the man’s face was very cold .

He seems to be angry . But, she doesn’t know why he was angry!

However, when she remembered the dialogue between Li Lan and Qian Shaohua, her heart felt cold .

Mu Yazhe hugged Yun Shishi to the back seat and closed the car door . The driver started to drive, the streamlined sports car ran outside the clubhouse .

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Right after she sat, Yun Shishi broke away from Mu Yazhe’s arms and leaned her body to the other side of the car . Then, she took a glance at Mu Yazhe . The man was sitting in a leisurely manner, but his eyebrows were slightly knitting . As if this was a sign of peace before the rainstorm .

Yun Shishi also involuntarily knitted her eyebrows . Her hand unconsciously clasped the leather cushion underneath the seat . And she felt like there was a stone pressing her heart .

Mu Yazhe looked at her coldly, but his lips were curving with a smile: “Come here . ”

Yun Shishi licked her lips, but she didn’t move . She doesn’t want to get close to him!

What’s more, right now, he was full of dangerous atmosphere, as if once she gets close, her body will be stabbed by the cold atmosphere around his body!

Mu Yazhe was dissatisfied with her stubborn behavior .

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“I never said my words for the second time!”

Mu Yazhe’s body emits a very dangerous atmosphere . His voice was very cold, his eyes become as sharp as a sword .

Yun Shishi was shocked . In the end, she moved a little bit closer towards the man . But then, the man wrapped his arm violently to her waist and slammed her body to himself . His big palm then grasped her chin . The more Mu Yazhe’s eyes become charming, the more he smiles dangerously!

Mu Yazhe whispered: “If I’m not around, you’re trying to seduce men?”

Looking at her face, a person can’t really help but get hooked!

Her knitted eyebrows looked very flirtatious and fascinating . As if it’s trying to grind his mind!

Although he hasn’t seen it for only two days, his heart was really longing for her!

Especially, when he was holding her in his arms like this, that deep desire of him was quickly triggered . As if all the hormones in his body was stimulated . He wanted to do her inside the car!

But of course, in this respect, he was also very stingy . He doesn’t want to show her beauty in front of the others . Aside from him, she’s not allowed to show her blooming beauty!

Therefore, after thinking that dirty old man Qian, Shaohua, not only staring at her but also wanted to touch her!

He felt so irritated!

If he didn’t happen to eat in the same dining place as her, then this little thing will be taken away by someone else!

That Qian Shaohua was very crafty and love women . He will do anything to get the woman he likes, and he will not give up .

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