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Published at 21st of January 2017 11:22:06 PM

Chapter 99

Chapter 99: The wicked have evil thoughts

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Shouldn’t have made a move to that woman? Are they referring to Yun Shishi?

But thinking about it, around that time he didn’t provoke any other woman, aside from Yun Shishi,

So, Brother Qiang got furious .


Yun Na owed him five hundred thousand but she can’t pay him . So she delicately and charmingly asks for mercy and said that she has a sister that looks beautiful and pure . Brother Qiang felt happy and satisfied that she found and gave him such a pure woman to pay off her debt . In his satisfaction, he also promised that he will give her the audition letter .

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As a result, Yun Na used any means to lie so Yun Shishi will come . Yun Na really didn’t talk nonsense, she really has a stunning sister . But, she put aside and didn’t mention that Yun Shishi has an illegitimate child .

But, who would have thought that this woman was not simple and there was a gold master behind her? And that gold master was actually the capital monstrous and powerful man from Mu family .

If you provoked the Mu family, no doubt that it was equivalent to provoking all the influential family in the capital .

From that moment, Brother Qiang almost threw his opportunity to get a connection . After this event, how will he get mixed in the East street?

Brother Qiang’s anger grew more and more and started threatening Yun Na .

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However, thinking about that this woman still owes him money, he decided to endure .

But, he didn’t expect that when he went to their house Yun Na was still penniless and doesn’t even have a single penny . At that moment, Brother Qiang anger burst .

“You shameless woman, I was having a good life in the East Street, but you ruined everything! I even asked all my connection just to get you a piece of invitation! But, I didn’t expect you to be this shameless!”

Thinking about that he lose both his influence and financial resources, Brother Qiang’s breathing becomes heavier . He immediately grabs her in the bedroom and beat her mercilessly like a meat .

Yun Na felt shame and got angry . Although this was not the first time that she got into fights, but she hasn’t experienced anything like this so she got so scared .

Yun Na started screaming and crying . Brother Qiang took out a butterfly knife and pressed it to her throat and cruelly threatened her: “Yun Na, why don’t you try to call me Brother Qiang again? Because of you, I lost everything, but you’re just living quietly!”

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Because of his threat, Yun Na keeps struggling . However, she can only cry and be obedient . Brother Qiang forcefully pressed her in the bed twice, while recording the whole event on his phone . But still, it didn’t lessen his anger so he decided to play with Yun Na .

Originally, he wanted to do the same method he used to Yun Shishi to make Yun Na’s body feel hot .

That’s it!

She and Yun Shishi is incomparable . So, is Yun Na worth 500,000?

In Bother Qiang’s heart, Yun Shishi is like a black and white lotus, while Yun Na is like a rotten wild rose that acts humble .

After three hours, Yun Na’s clothes were all stripped and was forced to make several unsightly positions, while Brother Qiang took a lot of shameful photos of her .

Brother Qiang really has fun this time and before leaving, he saved all the unsightly photos on his cell phone and coldly threatened her: “Five hundred thousand! When I come back and you still don’t have the money to pay . Then, you can perish with me!”

Yun Na got scared and turn pale, she repeatedly begs for mercy .

But, Brother Qiang completely ignored her and walked away, leaving the house in a total mess .

Yun Na was physically and mentally exhausted . She actually collapsed and fainted .

When Yun Yecheng went back home, he saw how messy their front door is . He went to Yun Na’s room and saw her bare naked . He doesn’t want to think about what exactly had happened . He angrily spilled a cold water on her to wake her up .

“How did I get such an unfilial daughter!”

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