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Published at 3rd of September 2019 09:01:44 AM

Chapter 129
President Grant makes good with his words . In less than an hour, his entourage arrived with a celebratory Champagne and a basket of fruits and a wide grin on his face as soon as he saw his two children .

When Alexa saw her father come in, she ran so fast and gave him a very tight embrace . "I missed you so much! When was it the last time you visited us a year ago?" Alexa complains and acting like a child with a pouted mouth .

"Hahaha! You sure know how to make this old-man feel bad, don't you? I missed you too! My Princess . I know, it had been a while . . . , but we could never be careful, Especially now that Presidential election coming soon . Remember our deal?" President Grant asked while giving his daughter lite kiss on her forehead .

Daniel decided to intervene, "Enough of that, I thought dad is here to congratulate me, why is he hugging your first?" He teases President Grant and Alexa, whose still embracing each other .

President Grant let go of Alexa and gives his son a tight hug and patted him on his shoulder . "Good job, son! Good Job! I'm proud of you and your sister's accomplishment . There's nothing else in this world that I could ask for, except to be able to announce to the whole world that she's your sister . " He then sighed . . .

Daniel knows how it feels; it's also his dream for the last five years since he found out that he has a sister . He loves Alexa so much, and proud of her and wanted to let the whole world know about her . . . - Unfortunately, he must be careful, or President Grant could lose in the next election .

Andrea came in wearing an apron and her hair in a tight bun, looking like a homemaker . She walked, elegantly, and confident . When she saw President Grant, she went straight to him and greeted him without hesitation . She no longer the timid, shy, and innocent Andrea that came from the Philippines Five years ago . She's now a famous designer and a fiancee to a newly elected Senator . Therefore she must act like one .

"Good evening, Mr . President! How are you in this fine evening?" She asked with endearment .

President Grant let go of Daniel and turned his attention to Andrea, before greeting her with a lite embrace instead of a handshake . He then whispered to her loud enough for the two siblings to hear .

"I'm as beautiful as my future daughter-in-law, and how are these siblings treating you? If they are giving you a hard time, don't hesitate to inform me and I will make sure to get it . " President Grant jokingly replied sternly, acting all serious .

Andrea let go of President Grant and went next to Daniel, and wrapped her arms around him without getting embarrassed . "They're fine, Sir, they could never bully me . I bully them . Hahaha!"

"Oh?" President Grant asked curiously then turned to look at Alexa for confirmation .

Alexa only nodded for confirmation, while Daniel made himself look pitiful before jokingly replied . "See this bruises . . . - She gave them to me, and she always bullies me!"

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"Hahaha! Hahaha!" President Grant laughs out loud, in turn, Daniel, Alexa, and Andrea joined the laughter as well .

President Grant stayed for dinner and after they played some cards before they realized that it was late already and the First Lady would be questioning him if he comes home too late . Therefore, as much as President Grant wanted to stay, he must go back to the White House or else . . .


For the past Five years, whenever Andrea and Daniel show their affection with each other right in front of Alexa . She would remember certain someone . . . , and she would feel a twinge of pain in her heart until now . She sometimes tries to search for any information about him on the internet, but some odd reason . She could never find anything, no matter how hard she tried .

Several times she thought she saw him when she was doing a fashion show in France, Italy, and Milan . But, as soon as the show was over and she would go and check if it's in fact, Prince Alex- The man would disappear in a flash .

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There were a few times that she wanted to ask her Manager, Ms . Garcia if she heard anything about the wedding . However, she would always change her mind in the last minutes . - Afraid to listen to the answer . . . , deep down inside Alexa's heart, she knows she's still in love with Prince Alex, but he's now a married man and out of reach .

She needs to get on with her life and find her happiness- her own Prince for life . . .


Meanwhile, at the Stonasia Kingdom, Prince Alex was screaming his head off at the King's advisor, which is currently his advisor- as the temporary Ruler of the Kingdom .

"What do all mean that I must get married soon or else?! What do you all mean by else?! I said it before, and I will repeat it- I'm not marrying that snotty princess Angelica . I don't love her, and I already have someone in my heart!" Prince Alex was shouting loud for the whole Kingdom to hear .

"We understand your Highness, and we're with you one hundred percent . But, the people of Stonasia would not accept a commoner as their Queen . It was never done before- unless . . . " One of the advisors said .

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"Unless . . . - what?!" Prince Alex asked angrily .

"Unless the King himself change the doctrine and announce it to the people that's his accepting whoever this young woman might be . " The advisor informs Prince Alex calmly .

"And how am I supposed to do that when he's in a coma?!- Pray, tell me . " Prince Alex asked calmly, face all haggard, and an eye-bag was visible under his eyes for lack of sleep- thinking of Alexa .

Every single one of the Kings advisor couldn't refute any longer . What Prince Alex had said was the truth, the King had been in a coma for a long time now . The only thing that was keeping him alive was the contraptions that were hooked up all over his body — the more reason for the Kings advisor to pushed Prince Alex to marry . In case the King passes away, Prince Alex would be crowned the new King .

"If there's nothing else, I would like to take a break from all this, will resume once I rested . Meeting adjourns . " Prince Alex walked out as fast as his step would take him . He quickly went to his sanctuary, a small hidden room inside his bedroom- where Alexa's picture was hanging all over the wall .

"How are you doing? Did you eat yet? I missed you so much- you know that? . . . How I wish you're here with me right now, with your beautiful smile-telling me that everything would be alright . Ahhh . . . " Prince Alex was speaking like a mad man with one of Alexa's picture . - It was the most recent one from a cover of a magazine where she's the front cover . - He then cupped his face and began sobbing uncontrollably .

Unknown, to Prince Alex and Alexa that sooner,- not later . . . - they would be meeting once again . How they would handle the reunion would be for another chapter . . .

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