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Chapter 154

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"Sorry, babe! I need to do this . If I don't, I don't know what would happen to you . I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" Chrissy heard the voice saying over and over .  Just when she was about to see who's speaking, she was knocked out . . .  She woke up with a bandage on her face and didn't have a memory of who she is . . .


Chrissy woke up, sweating from her dream .  She wasn't sure if it was a dream or it's part of her memory .  One thing she knows for sure; it was Dr . Garcia's voice that she heard before everything went blank .

She slowly got up and made her way to the bathroom to wash her face .  For the last couple of days, everything becomes much more clear to her of what had happened back then .  After carefully thinking it over, she realized that Dr . Garcia was not a bad person at all .  Yes, he had suppressed her memory, but in return, he gave her nothing but support and love .

Therefore, she decided to go ahead and confront him and let him know that she already has her memory back .  She's also willing to continue the fake marriage that they have .  No, she's going to tell him that she's ready to marry him for real if that's what he wanted .  

Chrissy took a quick shower and got ready .  She wanted to return to the hotel first before going to the Resort . ' If everything works out, Dr . Garcia could also come with her . ' With that thought, she came out of her room with a big smile on her face, and that's when Sophia runs into her in the hallway looking all happy .

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"Well, good morning, Chrissy! Must have a good rest, your shining brightly and walking with purpose . " Sophia jokingly told her .

"Yes! I sure did, and I have a piece of good news to tell you . " She linked her arms to Sophia and walked side by side towards the dining room .

"That's good! I'm glad to hear that, are you planning on visiting Uncle James before going to the Resorts or . . . " Sophia looked at Chrissy, who has a blank look on her face .  From the way she's staring at her looking all at lost, she wonders if she still hasn't remembered her parents .

"Don't tell me . You have not remembered your parents yet?" Sophia asked curiously .

"No, it wasn't that .  I'm just thinking of how they would take it when they find out that I'm still alive and have a full-grown daughter in tow .  How have they been, by the way?" 

"Why don't we continue this at the dining table .  I'm hungry and unable to think straight when I'm famished .  Hahaha!" The two slowly made their way to the dining room while happily chatting about their college year in New York City .


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Sophia told Chrissy everything that had happened in their lives .  Including the fall of the Wen Corporations to the hand of CEO Jeff Go .  Which is not being run by his younger brother Ethan Wright .  Chrissy's father James Wen was still with the company as President of one of the subsidiaries and doing well .

Chrissy's mother took it hard when she supposedly passed away and had a heart attack .  She died a year after her supposed death .  Leaving her father James all alone in this world .  

The last Sophia heard, James was dating someone a lot younger than him and planning on marrying her and bringing her into the family . [That would be for another chapter]


After breakfast, Chrissy bid her goodbye to the Tan family and left in a hurry to meet with Dr . Garcia, full of determination .  She's ready to start her new life with him along with her daughter Alexa .  She doesn't care about Alexa's father since he's already married and had forgotten about her .  

Unknown to Chrissy that Daniel was about to arrive in America and would tell the President everything . . . Including about her being alive . . .

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Alexa and Prince Alexander arrived at the Resort without delay .  The whole place was breathtaking, as soon as they stepped out of the perry Alexa's eyes were in awe for everywhere she lands her eyesight, it was magnificent .  She couldn't believe that she's actually stepping foot at the very place where the historical wedding had happened five years ago .

The Manager, along with other employees of the resort, was waiting for them at the entrance to welcome them when they arrived .  They had prepared some garland made out of Sampaguita [national flower of the Philippines], and the smell was terrific .  

"Welcome! Ms . Grant, Your Highness Prince Alexander!" The manager personally put the garland on Alexa's and Prince Alexander neck .  He then made a 90-degree bow to pay respect to the couple .

Prince Alexander was used to people bowing on him all the time .  However, Alexa was a different matter .  After the manager and the rest of the Employees made their bows, she also, in turn, did a 90-degree bend to thank them . . .

Prince Alexander thought it was cute of her to do that .  Then he thought of teasing her . . . - "Baby love, I hope you don't do that when you become my princess, for is not necessary .  They bow to you, but you don't bow to them .  You got it?" 

Alexa looked at Prince Alexander, still not believing what he said .  With a doe eye, she turned and faced him with asking him .  "So, when I become your princess, people would bow to me, and I don't need to return the respect by bowing .  What do I do then?" She asked innocently .

"You only stand tall and proud, then nod to acknowledge .  That's all! When you become my princess, everyone in the Kingdom becomes beneath you .  Therefore, you don't bow to them . " Prince Alexander proudly informs her of their custom .

"Hmmm, I like that! So . . . When do I become your princess?" She asked seriously without blinking .

Prince Alexander's heart was beating so fast . . . it's like 1000, miles per hour and he feels like he's going to pass out .  'Is she serious or she's joking?' He thought while looking at Alexa trying to read her face .

The manager and the employees of the resort were holding their breath, waiting for Prince Alexander's reply . . . So as Alexa .  [And probably all of you too!] 

Author's Note:

Later, when I get off work . . . Will finish the rest of this chapter .  [lol]