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Ongaku no Shinigami - Chapter 11

Published at 9th of July 2018 08:15:41 PM

Chapter 11

Melody 11:Tournament begins

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“What is it?”

I ran as fast as i could to school,after seeing the noticed when i woke up,

I took out my smartphone and showed him the noticed.

“Oh,a tournament,good for you.”

“No,that not what i meant,look at the prize.”

                                              First place-30000¥
                                                                -1 wish  

                                              Second place-20000¥
                                                                    -No death           
                                               Third place-10000¥
                                                                 -No death
                                                Fourth place-No death        

Looking at the prizes,

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Kuroko’s eyes became bigger.

“Hibiki,you only have until school end before the tournament starts,so i want you to skip school.”


“I need you to win first place,so go and train.”


“Why you!”

Kuroko grab and collar,trying to punch.

“Sensei,what you trying to do?We’re in school you know.What do you think will happen it someone found you hitting a student?”

With a scary smile,Kuroko released me,

“I’ll be in the audience seat watching you,so don’t you dare lose.”



                   -Teleporting:player Otoya Hibiki,Guild leader Kyomei Kuroko-

Directly after school had ended,

I was teleported to a hall,

It was filled with 20 people.

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The Stage in the middle of the hall started to move,

“Welcome rookies,to the first ever Rookie tournament!”

A man wearing a black suit appeared in the middle of the hall,

Beside him was two man,each holding their smartphone.

“I’m Saiki yuuichirou,one of the producer of the game!”

He pressed a button next to him,

And a giant screen appeared behind him.

“This is how the tournament work,the winner get to advance while the loser dies.”

So,it’s like a sports tournament.

I went to check for my name,


“Found it,i guess i’ll be fighting…”



I heard a voice behind me and i was shock,

“I’m Mephisto Brando,a magician.”

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“Mephisto Brando,are you my first opponent?”

“Nope,he is.”

Mephisto pointed towards a muscular man,

His muscle is so big that it’s bigger than my face.

“I’m Iwano Inousuke.”

“O-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-Otoya Hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hibiki.”

I’m scared,

My first opponent looks like a titan that eat humans.

“Player of the first match,Otoya Hibiki and Iwano Inousuke please enter the arena!”

I slowly walk up to the stage,

Before the referee could start the match,

I asked a question.

“Is there a way to win without killing?”


“What’s he talking about?”


I could hear negative comments coming from the audiences,


Crap,i guess it to kill or be killed.

“Players,are you ready.”




I took out my manga blade and swiftly slash him into half,


“What the !”

“He defeated that muscular guy!”

“That coward got a OHKO!”

I put my hands together and gave him a prayer,

May you rest in peace.

I walk down the arena and was greeted by Kuroko,

“Nice job,brat.”

“He was much easier than you.”