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Only with Your Heart - Chapter 28

Published at 16th of September 2020 09:53:03 AM

Chapter 28

Love’s Fools Festive –1

The next morning, Chizuru woke up with a faint sound of someone moving around in the room .

It is immediately clear from the window that the sun is already shining brightly and it seems that a considerable amount of time has passed since sunrise . I shook my vague head because of my low blood pressure, slowly raised my upper body and looked around, and there was Arde, who was wiping the floor .

” good morning Chizuru . Did I wake up?”

Arde raised her face from the floor and greeted lively .

“no, it’s okay . Good morning Arde … how long have you been here?”

” not so long ago . I’m sorry . You must have been tired, Lukrov sama told me to let me sleep as much as you want . ”

” Lukrov did?”


Arde stood up from the floor and smiled at Chizuru while squeezing a cloth like a rag into the apron belt . “I’ve already heard rumors about last night from all over the place! It seems that Chizuru-sama was able to calm down Lukrov-sama and the Duke of Roan in a blink of an eye … ”

Chizuru sank her face into the sheets and groaned briefly .

Why are rumors so exaggerated and widespread in this world? Moreover, judging from Arde’s story, it seems that breakfast time has already passed . Even though it was a long night, I overslept in the morning .

Of course, Lukrov was no longer there .

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“Lukrov is already outside . I’m busy today because the Duke of Roan’s welcome party will start in the evening . I’ve given you some remarks because it’s unclear when we’ll meet . ”

Chizuru raised her face from the sheets and shook her head toward the maid who did not break her meaningful smile .


“First of all … it’s a feast, many stores are gathered in the training ground square . Lukrov sama said tha Chizuru-sama could buy as many things as she want . It’s wonderful!”

“No matter how much …? Hmm …”

Having trouble answering, Chizuru mumbled her words .

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I don’t know what kind of store will be opened, but even now, I’m pretty reluctant to spend Lukrov’s gold as I like . Chizuru isn’t a spender in the first place, and now that she’s heard Lukrov’s confession, I don’t think it’s okay to obey his favor anymore .


Well, if you buy something at a small food stall, you’re already taken care of both sleeping and eating, so isn’t there a big difference?

“Okay . Did he say anything else?”

“Yes . First of all, don’t drink alcohol even if offered . ”


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“After the sun goes down, the music and dance will start . I was told you to dress you up properly to go out with Lukrov . ”

Arde’s eyes are shining happily . “As the night gets deeper, people become more and more rude . There are many people who talk to young girls who are interested in it . I’m sure Lukrov is worried about it . ”

Lukrov is worried …?

I wonder if he is .

After their night, Chizuru was still not sure how the relationship between the two of them had changed . Lukrov’s trauma is so deep that the more she tries to look into the bottom, the less she knows how to fill the gap between them . Maybe time really heals everything, or maybe it doesn’t .

The current Chizuru could only wait .

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