Only with Your Heart - Chapter 6

Published at 18th of April 2019 02:17:14 PM

Chapter 6


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Calling - 3


Taking a step outside proved that the rain was much harsher than it had appeared from behind the glass windows .

However, the wind itself was not too bad, which meant that the rain would not hit you from the sides . When Chizuru opened the umbrella and gestured for Karasawa to move under it, he took the handle from her and carried it himself .

“Um, I can hold it…”

"Oh, but I am much taller . I won't be able to turn my neck if you hold it . So allow me . "

Indeed, Karasawa was on the tall side, and Chizuru was more on the average side . She would have to hold the umbrella quite high to avoid him having to lower his head . She felt that there was little point in being stubborn when this would be over in five minutes . And so she gave her consent, and they began to walk .


The rainwater flowed over the asphalt roads, creating fantastical reflections of the neon city lights, which numerous cars busily drove over .

The sidewalk was protected by a guard rail, as people flowed down to the station on their way back from work, holding their colorful umbrellas .

This really was a world of convenience . . . Chizuru thought dully .

Lukrov's world, of course, did not have streets paved in asphalt . During the worst rainfalls, you could not walk without getting covered in mud up to your knees . They did not even have umbrellas, so you had the choice of either going out and getting wet or staying under a roof until it stopped .

One time he…

“Why are you laughing, Ayase?”

“Uh . ”

He suddenly asked, and Chizuru looked up in surprise . And then she realized that she had been chuckling over a memory . Her cheeks flushed .

“S-sorry . I just thought of something amusing . ”

“Is that right?”

Karasawa did not seem irritated by this, but Chizuru suddenly felt awkward . And she felt that she should change the subject . She knew that frantically running your mouth under these circumstances tended to have unfortunate results, but sometimes you couldn’t stop it .

Chizuru quickly scanned her surroundings for a topic to bring up .

There was a small Italian restaurant with a sign a dozen meters away .

“Uh, that place over there has really great food . It’s quite small, but the place is always packed during lunch hours . ”


"It just happened to be empty recently, so I went inside . It's very nice and…"

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“Hmm, I didn’t know that . ”

He said with interest as he looked through the menu that was written on the sign . “Ayase, are you hungry? I really would like to eat right now . ”

“Uh, I, I don’t really…”

If she was honest, she was, in fact, hungry . She would have gladly succumbed to the lure of some delicious pasta and a salad, but she wanted to avoid the direction that she knew this was going, and so she lied . Ahh, so stupid . How could she talk about restaurants when they were on their way back from work?

And so it was no surprise when Karasawa pointed this out .

“It is your fault for talking about food at this hour! I’ll pay for you, so please indulge me . I can’t enter an Italian restaurant alone . Let’s just see if they have any empty tables . ”

“Bu-but, uh…”

She wanted to object, but it was Karasawa who held the umbrella . And so when he changed direction, she had no choice but to follow him . Before she knew it, they were both standing in front of a building covered in white tiles . The first floor was the restaurant, the second was a beauty parlor and the third floor was a lawyer's office with a stern-sounding name . A small and completely normal looking building .

She squinted through the glass passed the droplets of rain, and saw that while more than half of the tables were occupied, that there were still some that were empty .


She began her final protest, but he had already started to open the door .

The wet bell let out a dry ring at it opened . They immediately heard a cheery greeting echo from inside . Chizuru was the type of person who would feel bad about leaving after hearing that .

“Don’t look so worried . I’m not going to eat you . I’m just hungry, and you liked this place . There just happened to be empty tables . So stick with me for a while . ”

Karasawa smiled with this last push . Chizuru started to feel like it would be stupid to resist any further . Perhaps the inviting smell that came from inside had something to do with it .

And so she followed him inside .


Dark wooden tables and chairs lined the interior of the restaurant . The overall appearance of the place was unified in a relaxed, European taste .

A single waitress in a black apron was busily moving from table to table . There were two recommendations that day, and Karasawa and Chizuru each picked one and returned the menu . The waitress also suggested some wine, but Chizuru politely declined . Karasawa did not object to this .

When the waitress left them, they stayed silent for a while as they faced each other .

“I . . . am sorry that I forced you in here . And you only just rejected me recently . ”

It was Karasawa who opened his mouth first as he folded his hands on the table . Chizuru stayed silent but shook her head as if to say that it was nothing . He smiled weakly but nodded as if relieved .

They were silent again, but the place was so lively that it didn’t bother them too much .

Karasawa was looking at their surroundings .

“Places like this can be nice and relaxing . I only eat ramen or beef bowls when I’m out alone, so this is quite refreshing for me . ”

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This time, he sounded much more casual and happy . Chizuru couldn’t help but chuckle along .

“You eat ramen all alone?”

“Of course . Being single can be lonely . And I don’t have a girlfriend to make me lunch . ”

“There are many women in the company who would be interested . I know it . ”

“Is that right…”

Karasawa had the kind of conflicted expression, as if he didn’t know if he should laugh or feel depressed . He looked away from her . “ . . . I suppose you aren’t one of them . ”

It was a low mumble, like he was talking to himself . But Chizuru heard it clearly .

If . . . if she had no memories of Lukrov, perhaps she would have been one of those women who wished for Karasawa’s attention . That was how appealing he was . But .

“I am sorry…”

She said as she looked down . It was just as the waitress returned to bring them their cutlery .

“It’s fine . I knew that already… I’m just acting a little stubborn . I’m the one who should apologize . I won’t bring this up again, so let’s talk as normal colleagues . ”

Chizuru slowly raised her head to see that he was smiling gently .

“The head manager and a contract worker are hardly colleagues . ”

“Ah, we are not that kind of company . We work in the same office and receive our salary from the same boss . We’re colleagues . I used to be a contract worker myself . ”

“Is that true?”

And with that, the air of formality crumbled, and the two of them laughed . Perhaps it was because they had ordered the special, but their food also arrived early . And Chizuru was able to enjoy her dinner with a feeling of safety as she listened to Karasawa’s memories of joining the company .


At some point, the conversation shifted to talk of Karasawa’s former girlfriend . It was when they had finished eating, and were drinking their coffee or tea .

Surprisingly, he had only dated one woman up until now . And that relationship had naturally ended when they started working .

"One day I couldn't get in contact with her anymore . We were hardly meeting once work started . I suppose it couldn't be helped…"

Karasawa said with a shrug .

Chizuru was not sure what she should say .

She wasn't perplexed by what he was saying . He was only relaying an old story as if it were amusing . However, his reaction now had made her feel something . Like she had been stabbed in the heart .

“ . . . Can I . . . ask you something?”

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Before she had time to really think, the question poured out of her mouth .


“If a woman that you loved, suddenly disappeared . . . what would you think? Were you angry, or sad or…”

Karasawa’s eyes widened in surprise . He stared at her . He thought about it for a while, then answered slowly, as if carefully choosing his words .

“At first, yes… I was dumbstruck . It didn’t feel real to me . It was all a joke, and tomorrow, everything would return to normal as if nothing had ever happened . ”

“ . . . ”

“When the reality sank in and I understood the situation, I was angry for a long time… I think . But that feeling didn’t last . I was so lonely . It was more loneliness than sadness . ”

Every word that Karasawa spoke seemed to stab through her chest .

Karasawa and Lukrov were completely different in personality, the world they lived in and the way that they thought . But with a similar experience, the answer that one man gave her felt painfully real to Chizuru . Just thinking about how Lukrov might have felt the same made it difficult for her to breath .

“How long?”


“How long, how long were you able to stay in love with her after you separated?”

It might have been because her face was so serious . Karawa’s shoulders became stiff and his mouth tightened .

It could not be a fun memory to have to recall, but he looked at her and appeared to be trying to remember . And then .

" . . . I promised not to talk about this anymore . But to be honest, I think that I was dragging this with me until I saw you . In other words, until I fell in love again . "


Chizuru barely remembered what they talked about after that .

She had a vague memory of Karasawa acting as if his confession had not happened, and talking pleasantly about other things . But all of what was said had cleanly passed through one ear and gone out the other .

As he had promised, he acted like a gentleman until the end . And when they finished, the two of them walked to the station together . The rain had died down a little now . He bought one of the few remaining umbrellas at the convenience store near the station, and they said goodbye and went their separate ways .


She swayed alone on the train, arrived at her stop, left the ticket gate and opened her umbrella . . . and then it happened . Tears filled Chizuru’s eyes .

(Until I fell in love again . . . )

In the other world, where fifteen years might have already passed . Had Lukrov fallen in love again?

In Chizuru’s mind, she saw his hand touch the cheek of a woman she did now know . His deep voice whispered softly into the woman’s ear .

Her heart shouted in denial, and she tightly gripped the handle of her umbrella . The rain made it difficult to see, clouding her vision even further .

--Just then .


She was assaulted by a powerful ringing in her ears . Chizuru’s umbrella dropped to the ground .

At the same time, she felt a wave of dizziness that made it hard to stand . The ringing wouldn’t stop, no, it was getting louder . Her head throbbed with pain .

It was just like this morning .

It was the same sensation, the same mysterious sound that had led her to Lukrov’s world, and had taken her from it .

“Take . . . me…”

She pleaded with a trembling voice . “Take me! Take me back to Lukrov!”

The passersby looked at her oddly as she seemed to talk to herself . But she didn’t care .


‘Chizu . . . ru…’


From somewhere far away, she heard the ‘voice . ’

Her eyes filled with tears once again, but this time with a different emotion .


‘Will you . . . return… Will . . . you . . . save . . . him . . . this time…”


“I will! Let me! I will save the kingdom, the world, anything, but please take me back to Lukrov!”


She had a feeling that she would never get a chance again if she missed this one… It was the same resolve she had when she had returned to her sick grandmother .

However, unlike that time, there was no uncertainty . Her only regret was that she could not say anything to Mai before leaving her forever . But everything else meant nothing to her .

“Take me back!”

Yes . It was right after she shouted into the sky of a place unknown .

Her vision suddenly filled with golden light, her body began to float . . . and just like that, she was swallowed up by light and became unconscious .