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Chapter 43

Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 43

Translator: Jason

To the Mine

We promptly walked out of Saint Bell, and finally arrived at our destination .

“This is Ares Mine, huh?”

How do I say it, it seemed like cheese filled with holes .

There were countless entrances along the vertical slope of the mine .

Goblin Elite Rank F LV 4/10

Vitality: 35

Attack Power: 39

Magic Power: 22

Mana: 11


Isn’t that the evolved form of the goblin, Goblin Elite, over there!?

I guess the goblin elites live on this rocky mountain .

They’re precious materials for combinations, but let’s ignore them since the ball won’t reach if I throw it from here .

“Ares Mine is an area where many miners once commuted to from Saint Bell .

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But I heard that the mining has been left to adventurers because recently the profits have been going down and the number of monsters appearing has increased . ”

“As expected of Caro . She’s well-informed . ”

“…Thank you for those words of which I am unworthy . However, if it is regarding knowledge in this field, Sheryl-san should know it much better . ”

“That’s right . Cause Sheryl’s a weapons dealer . ”

Since that point was raised, I looked to Sheryl, but somehow her body was trembling oddly .

“Uoooooo! It’s the mine after a long time! My blood iz boiling!”

Suddenly Sheryl brandished the guild-issued pickaxe with a hum .

Hold on .

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Being motivated is good, but no matter what, isn’t her tension too high?

“Ah . Right . Perhaps Sheryl’s race, the gnomes, really loves earth and stone?”

“Az expected of Souta-zan! That’s exactly it!”

The knowledge I cultivated in games is useful .

It seems that my expectations were right on the mark .

“We gnomes were originally called ‘Spirits of the Earth’ . We eat the ores taken from places like this . If tasty-looking ores are found, we head right over!”

“I-is that so…?”

No matter how much her appearance is that of a beautiful girl, the figure of her happily eating ore would be somewhat severe .

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Let’s pretend I didn’t hear what she just said .

While thinking that, I headed inside the mine .


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