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Chapter 51

Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 51

Translator: Jason

The Smell of Treasure


Carolina’s support was successful .

Our exploration of the mine continued to go well .


The appearance of Mud Puppets increased as we continued to the center .


This was a place where normal adventurers would give up, but I had the one-hit Capsule Ball skill .


In particular, the Mud Puppets were essential for making Golems, so I was capturing them all without leaving even one behind .


“S-souta-san! Stop!”


When we had walked for a little while, Sheryl called out excitedly .


“Hm . What is it, so suddenly?”


“Inside this wall is the smell of precious orez!”




“Furthermore, many of them! It’s the first time I too have seen a place with such an abundance of orez!”



Has the time come for my dream to be fulfilled!?


I never thought that we would get results so quickly!


“Fufufu . It seems my turn has come! Watch closely my mining technique!”


The one who jumped at this moment faster than anyone else was Aphrodite .

Aphrodite took the pickaxe in hand and took a big swing at the wall .




A sharp metallic sound echoed in the cavern .

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But .

Even though she hit it with all her might, there wasn’t even a scratch on the wall .


“Gyaaaaaaaa! My hand…my hand is nuuuuuumb!?”


Having received an unexpected recoil, Aphrodite was writhing on the ground and her hand was inflamed and swollen .


“Master . It seems that this area…has become exceptionally hard . I believe it would be ill-advised to dig with something like a pickaxe . ”


Carolina announced while placing her hand on the wall Aphrodite had attacked .


I see .

It’s natural when you think about it .


To say it another way, the ores that hadn’t been mined by adventurers up until now were protected by this unique region that was unyielding to a pickaxe .


“What should we do? I think my magic can damage it sufficiently . ”


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“No . That’s not necessary . I’ll use this guy for this mining operation . ”


Fufufu .

I had a monster prepared just for this kind of manual labor .


“Gugo…gugo… . ”


“…The Golem? As expected of Master . Certainly, if it’s this monster, it can probably break through the wall . ”


Its total height was about 10 meters . [i]

That body was so huge it seemed as if it would go into the ceiling .


(Golem! Face this wall and punch!)


At my command, the Golem very slowly raised its arm overhead .


The Golem’s punch, which carried its own weight, unmistakably hid the strongest power out of all my monsters .


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A thunderous sound resounded throughout the cave .


“This is…!?”


I was at a loss for words when I looked into the hold the Golem made .


From here on out…we couldn’t help but sense treasure .


Inside wasn’t the rare ores that Sheryl had mentioned— .


There was a hidden staircase that continued deep into the mine .




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