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Chapter 67

Other World’s Monster Breeder

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Chapter 67 – Discussion with the Hero

[Hey . I thought you’d never come . ]

That night .
When I went to the designated tavern, Gard was there with a refreshing Ikemen smile .

Apparently, this was a tavern for the rest of all SaintBell’s adventurers .
When I stepped inside the building, a manly smell seemed to come out of it .

[Excuse me . To tell you the truth, I haven’t yet decided to take the job…]

[I see . I’ll hear the story of why for the moment . I’m going to order a drink, do you have any requests?]

[No . In particular…]

[Cantinero, the house special drink for him!]

The next moment Gard snaps his fingers .
An employee with a Kaiser beard shows up from behind the counter and brings me a drink .

Are there really people who call other people just by snap their fingers!?

Is the first time I see it in real life .

[… well, then let’s move on to the request . Have you ever heard of a demon who has settled in this city?]

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[No . This is the first time I’ve heard it . ]

[… In fact, there are rumors that he’s settled in the east residence of SaintBell . The guilds are secretly investigating high-ranking adventurers… there is no exception and that’s coming back . ]

[What about the Devil Lord?]

Something smells bad .
First of all, from the image of the Devil Lord I have, it is like someone sitting on the top floor of a magnificent tower built between space and time .

follow a ordinary thought… wouldn’t stay in the residence of a city .

[… Although I can’t determine that, I think the odds are good enough . The predictions of the Demon Lord’s rebirth are famous stories . What I want to ask you… would be the subjugation of the demon who settled in the East residence . ]

[………… . ]

It’s an unbelievable story!
But if you’d said it in the first place, we could have saved time .

[I’m sorry . I can’t trust that story to be…]

[I’ll pay the reward . If I put 30 million col in your hands?]

[30 million!?]

I-Is not too much reward?
30 million col from Adelheid is equivalent to 33 million yen in modern Japan .

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[Oh, since I’m a person born into a family of venerable heroes, it’s easy for me to make that kind of money . ]

I didn’t know that .
Did the hero’s descendants lead such an affluent life?

On careful thought, the conditions offered by Gard seem to be convenient .

Why is that so?
From what I have heard from Gard’s story, the creatures who settled in the city residence did not feel like the Demon Lord at all .

If you consider it, if you can get 30 million Col just for defeating a fake demon king, it will unquestionably be a request .

Immediately after completing the money fever in a mine search, it is best to have more assets .

[I understand . I don’t know if I can defeat him, but I’ll do my best . ]

[Really!? What a joy! Let us fight together to protect the peace of the world!]

When I responded to the deal, a refreshing ikemen smile floated on Gard’s face .


1 hour later .
Gard, who decided to leave Souta at the tavern, was walking in some ruins waiting for his comrades .

These ruins were a hideout of a group of demon hunters called the 『The Feast ofRoses』 used for meetings .

[Kuhaha, apparently it seems to have worked well . ]

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In the hideout, Gard was talking to his partners about the tavern .

They were outlaws hired by Gard . These were powerful people who didn’t mind killing others if necessary .

[But the boss also has a terrible personality, trying to get for himself the fishermen’s profits . ]

[Fufu . That’s a story I won’t tire of telling . ]

Supposedly, a contract was signed that said, 『If you defeat the demon who lives in the mansion, you will be given 30 million col』… but Gard’s intentions were different .

Gard intended to take credit when Souta and the Demon were fighting and would have weakened .

If the opponent was a stronger demon, he should abandon Souta and flee .

Using adventurers attracted by money to use them as bait was routine for the Gard group .

[…I don’t like it . Even if it’s a imitation of the demon lord, even if it’s a demon or something, I’ll take it down with a single shot . ]

Who unloaded his annoyance in the group that was animated was the outstanding member of 『The Feast of Roses』 ———Domon .
Domon had a delicate sword technique, that sword coming out of his gigantic body that was 2 meters high, and he had been supporting Gard since the group’s begin .

[Domon, don’t worry . I’ve bought your abilities, but… is this the way we do all our jobs?]

Gard pours sake into Domon’s empty glass to ease his mood .

――Gard’s family that bore the blood of the hero was in a position where a large grant was taken from the country every time they made an achievement in the subjugation of demons .

However .
In the past, the descendants of the house of the hero who possessed an invincible glory, with the passage of time would become normal people .

Gard’s family managed to maintain their current position by gathering thugs under the name of the Hero and hunting demons .

300 years later, the hero’s family was completely corrupted .

The Incoming income in the country was proportional to the level of threat from evil demons .

In particular, they emphasized the existence of the 『Demon Lord』 because it was possible for them to extend the story and earn more income from the country .

[Son, let’s celebrate success with the demon king business and get a drink!]

Gard, who was convinced of the success of the strategy, emptied his glass with his good humor friends .


(… I see, so that’s what happened . )

In the meantime .
Carolina, who was seeing the state of Gard with bat eyes, had a blue vein on her forehead .

It was a story from the past about the existence of the demon lord who reigned over Adellheid and was feared in the past .

Now he lacked such prestige, even there were those who used his name as a tool to make money .

(That indignation, to use the name of… the Maou-sama for such vulgar purposes . )

Carolina, who had listened to Gard’s conversation, was burning with killer intent .