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Chapter 145

Chapter 145 – The First Knife of Tian Xiang

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The moment he mentioned it, the questions immediately faded away from Dugu Xiao Yi’s mind, and she pouted her lips: “You’re a bad guy; since you tricked that lump of metal away from me, so now you owe me a knife!”

She paused, and then continued in an authentically angry tone: “If the knife isn’t good enough, and I’m not happy with it, then it will not count . ” Even though she was trying to appear angry, her face was still blushing . After all, as a girl, this would be the first time that she’d get to accept a gift from a boy; however, she was afraid that he may not give her one… .

“Then Mo Xie must produce a knife which is of enough quality to satisfy you . ” Jun Mo Xie smiled as he got up and said this . Then, he walked into his room and returned very quickly while holding a sheathed knife in his hands .

The sheath of the knife was very elegantly curved, and the onion skinned sheath seemed almost weightless in Jun Mo Xie’s hands, but anyone could tell that the weapon’s appearance was deceptive to say the least . The elegant and ethereal feel of the scabbard obviously seemed to be contradicting the solid feel of the blade inside .

Dugu Xiao Yi liked the weapon the moment she saw it, and started looking at Jun Mo Xie with big blinking eyes, expecting him to present the weapon .

Jun Mo Xie noted her expression, and slowly pulled out the knife by its hilt . The knife made no sound as it left its scabbard . A pool of light flashed from the surface of the blade, almost as if Jun Mo Xie was holding a shiny river which was flowing unrestrained through the galaxy .

It seemed as if the blade had its own Xuan Qi, which was flowing back and forth its body .

“A pocket knife . ” Jun Mo Xie’s fingers gently stroked the edge of the knife as he said: “This is a pocket knife which can be concealed in your sleeve; since this is first knife of its kind in the Tian Xiang City, I’ve named it ‘the First knife of Tian Xiang’!”

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“The First Knife of Tian Xiang! That’s a very nice name . ” Dugu Xiao Yi’s gleaming eyes were fixed at the blade in Jun Mo Xie’s hands as she impatiently waited to get her hands on it .  Hmmmm, what’s such a beautiful knife compared to that ugly piece of metal? I think that it’s a good thing that the raw metal fell into Jun Mo Xie’s hands .

“The curvature, length, and weight of this knife are perfect for concealing it in your sleeves . Take a look and see if this suits your hands?” Jun Mo Xie gently handed the knife over to her .

“This is really beautiful . Do you really wish to give this to me?” Dugu Xiao Yi took the knife and started twisting and turning it over and over again . She held the knife in her hands for a while, then she twisted her head slightly and looked at Jun Mo Xie expectantly .

“Of course . Do you like it Miss Dugu?” Jun Mo Xie faintly smiled at her .

“Of course I do . ” Dugu Xiao Yi shyly looked down, “But you’re giving me such a good knife, and I have nothing to give you in return……”

“I owed you this knife, so there’s no need for you to reciprocate . ” Jun Mo Xie almost laughed out .  This little girl is so naïve .

“So be it . ” Dugu Xiao Yi bit her lips, seemingly undetermined; she pulled off a thin thread from around her neck and placed a small jade pendant in her hands: “I …… I… . . give you  this in return . ” Dugu Xiao Yi’s head was still bowed down as she subconsciously started grinding her toes .

“Thank you . ” Jun Mo Xie received the pendant in a ‘well-deserved’ manner . Little did the extremely low emotional-quotient-owning hitman realize that this gift had a special meaning behind it . As far as he was concerned, this little piece of jade was the least possible compensation that he could have received for the amazingly refined and unique blade which he had crafted for her .

Given the built of the knife, it would face no resistance from the wind, and when in use, the curvature of the blade would glide through the air, almost to the point where it would remain hidden even while being in action . Even though this was a woman’s choice of weapon, but it was still extremely sharp and tenacious . So obviously, from his perspective, the tiny pendant which he had just received from her wasn’t a fair trade for his knife .

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“This jade…… you, you… . ” As she placed the pendant in his hand, she became even more self-conscious and started stammering, unable to frame her words properly .

“Does Miss Dugu have something on her mind? Oh, and I presume that Miss Dugu must be very proficient in using knives?” Jun Mo Xie smiled slyly . He had only used about two-tenths of the metal piece to create this knife, while the rest had been used to make throwing knives; so he naturally didn’t mind giving this blade to her .

“Knife? Uh, of course . ” Dugu Xiao Yi heard him say ‘something on your mind’, and couldn’t help but blush . But since Jun Mo Xie had also questioned her skill, she got excited as said: “I will demonstrate for you to see . ”

She was already finding it very hard to stand in front of Jun Mo Xie after exchanging gifts with him, so she withdrew backwards and raised her hand, brandishing the knife, and demonstrated her skills .

Although she had been trained using the conventional methods of this world, but her movements were far inferior to Jun Mo Xie’s skillset . Even though the blade was accurately designed to suit the little hands of women, the blade appeared longer and heavier in her hands; in fact, the extraordinary knife suddenly seemed very normal when she used it to demonstrate her skill .

Jun Mo Xie watched her practice, and then sighed . Ever since he had been subjected to train under the guidance of Jun Wu Yi and Jun Zhan Tian, he had realized that the people in this world gave too much importance to the cultivation of their Xuan Qi, and barely paid any attention to their skills in general . Obviously, as long as the Xuan Qi of a person was higher than their counterpart, they’d be able to overpower the enemy with brute force, but would still be vulnerable in a way since they weren’t very well equipped to handle tricky opponents . It was almost unimaginable for the people of this world that a mere Silver Xuan could beat a Spirit Xuan by using better tactics… . .

It was this myth which had given rise to the notion, ‘Anyone under Silver Xuan realm is an ant!’ .

However, even in this world, when two people of equal strength faced each other in combat, then the winner would inevitably be decided by the superiority of techniques and skills in general .

This was especially more important in the case of women like Dugu Xiao Yi since if they tried to seek a competition on the basis of pure strength, then they were bound to lose!

The innate strength of a woman is lesser than that of a man; there are no two ways about it!

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“The chewing Ox ah . ” Jun Mo Xie sighed and made sure that he was audible to Dugu Xiao Yi: “That’s a good knife technique, but you see that this law is overly taxing on your knife!”

“You think that my knife skills are good?” Dugu Xiao Yi stood up straight as she looked at Jun Mo Xie with a sparkle in her eyes .

“Yes, but this won’t be enough . The problem doesn’t reside with the knife, but with the dull usage of it . ” Jun Mo Xie bluntly took the knife from her hands and stepped back diagonally . Then he tilted the angle of the knife and rolled it to demonstrate his skills . Even though the skill he demonstrated was elegant and seemingly harmless, it was still enough to push back four to five opponents in a fight .

“It’s a beautiful technique . ” Dugu Xiao Yi applauded as her eyes reflected a hint of desire .

“This is the first law of pocket knives: Pocket Knife soft winnowing . ” Jun Mo Xie stopped, smiled and said: “Pocket knives have a total of nine strokes . The pocket knife soul dance is said to be the best law… . Do you wish to learn it?”

“Of course!” Dugu Xiao Yi almost jumped up as she positioned herself right in front of Jun Mo Xie: “Teach me . ” Since the two of them were very close to each other at this point, her words sprayed a hot air on Jun Mo Xie’s face along with a strong sense of a fragrant aroma . As Jun Mo Xie’s nostrils inhaled Dugu Xiao Yi’s sweet bodily fragrance, his mind started feeling weirdly soothed .

He immediately recoiled backwards, and then thought to himself: teach, just teach, what am I afraid of? And then he again stepped forward .

Dugu Xiao Yi saw the manner in which he blushed, I never thought that such renowned debauchee of the Tian Xiang City would shy away and blush so much from the mere scent of a woman! With this thought in her mind, she deliberately moved closer to his body with the idea of menacing and teasing him; but as she moved forward, her body came so close to Jun Mo Xie’s, that their lips almost came in contact with each other’s……

At this point, Jun Mo Xie had just jerked backwards, and was moving back into his previous position, and was suddenly met with a shock – their lips were seamlessly in contact with each other’s, while their eyes were roundly staring at each other in shock… . .

Then, the knife left Dugu Xiao Yi’s hands and fell to the ground as her mind was sent into a state of complete inactivity, while her entire body stiffened, unable to comprehend a means of escape .

Jun Mo Xie had just moved forward and had felt the soft touch of her lips along with her sweet fragrance, but hadn’t yet been able to comprehend the meaning of it . Subconsciously, he stuck out his tongue and licked her upper lip; feeling a sense of enjoyment, he couldn’t help feeling her lower lip as well… . .

“Ah!” Dugu Xiao Yi screamed as her jade-shaded face suddenly turned red; it seemed as if her entire body was fervently blushing since even her neck had also become red at this point . She covered her face with her hands and squatted down to the ground, and started breathing heavily; but not loudly .

He, he kissed me! Dugu Xiao Yi’ mind was in a state of complete turmoil .  He gave me a knife, I gave him my jade pendant, and then he kissed me… . I, I, I , I, I… .

“Uh, it was an accident; really, it was just an accident . ” Jun Mo Xie was a bit embarrassed since he had subconsciously stuck out his tongue and had licked her upper lip, and had then proceeded to her lower one . His position of a teacher had inadvertently transformed to that of a rogue without his realization… . .

Little White had seen the action made by Jun Mo Xie’s tongue, and couldn’t help getting excited . He instantaneously jumped up into Jun Mo Xie’s arms and then licked his lips in the same manner .

Oh Gosh! I was actually just indecently assaulted by this little thing…… Jun Mo Xie quickly grabbed the cub and tossed it away . In the face of such trouble, Jun Mo Xie seemed to have lost his charms .

“Miss Dugu, you, you need to get up… If you remain seated with your eyes covered, then how will you learn the knife techniques?” Jun Mo Xie tried to rescue the situation .

“I’m not getting up!” Dugu Xiao Yi voice sounded like a mosquito’s hum: “You, you… . . are bad… . How can you call me Miss Dugu after treating me like that?”