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Chapter 350

Jun Mo Xie raised his wine cup, and drained it with closed eyes . He remembered a poem and couldn’t help but sing, "What is today’s death? It’s tough to fight the battles of life . This is just the plot of the deceased from the past . The Kings of Hell beheads many a banners!"

Then, there was a "BANG!"… Jun Mo Xie had thrown his cup down . His body appeared tall and lofty as he sat atop his horse, and declared, "It’s needless to say that the families of you three-hundred men will be taken care of by the Jun Family from now . Whether in their old age… or their marriage… they can count on our family as long as a Jun still lives! I — Jun Mo Xie — won’t allow a single one of them to be wronged!"

"Many thanks, Young Master Jun! We will return this favor from the Jun Family in the next life!" The faces of all the three-hundred men were grateful . They had steeled themselves for the decisive battle . But, not only because of the lofty and heroic Jun Wu Yi… but because of martial law as well! Their parents, their children, their wives… their entire families would suffer from the stigma of their cowardly reputation if they became scared in face of battle . So, they had to keep their head up . The situation was extremely difficult, but they simply couldn’t refute .

However, they were afraid of dying in the end . The great and towering heroes may have met their fates with dignity… and without any complaints since ancient times . But, they hadn’t necessarily desired to die . And, it was the same for those ordinary men at this moment .

However, they felt like they were going to die for a "bosom friend" when they heard Jun Mo Xie speak! They knew that they would die in the decisive battle ahead . And, they couldn’t help but wonder about their families in this moment . However, the person they had looked at with the most dislike had become the source of their comfort . And, his solemn promise had left them to feel relieved .

What does a man live his life for? For whose sake does he toil and labor so hard? What does he fight those bloody battles for? He does it for his parents, wife and children . The thoughts of glory and wealth take a back seat… especially before a final battle to the death .

The only thing they felt anxious about was the family they were leaving behind . But, Jun Mo Xie had promised to deal with the issue . They were unaware that he had made that decision due to the feeling of guilt . But, they still felt assured .

They would face death with a peaceful mind!

The three-hundred men then took a knee, and drained their cups . Then, they gave Jun Mo Xie a profound look before they got up to their feet . They then went their way… without turning… or even looking back .

"This is just the plot of the deceased from the past . The Kings of Hell beheads many a banners!" Jun Wu Yi laughed and continued, "This is a good poem . There are indeed countless of my good brothers there!"

Then, he ordered in a low voice, "Move!"

Twenty-thousand cavalry men dismounted, kneeled, and spoke in unison, "We pay great respects to the commander! May he return safely, and with glory!"

"May he return safely, and with glory!" these words made Jun Wu Yi's body stiff . But, he didn’t turn to look . The three Dongfang brothers’ bodies were straight as a ramrod as they slowly pushed his wheelchair forward . . .

Faint sobs could be heard behind them . The twenty-thousand kneeling soldiers couldn’t get up .

The Southern Heaven City's war banners fluttered .

A force of four-thousand was silently waiting at the city gates in formation . Jun Wu Yi was on his wheelchair; he looked tranquil . Whether he would live or died . . . was irrelevant . He had already disregarded the thoughts of his life and death .

Xiao Han and the others also stood in formation . They gave Jun Wu Yi a meaningful look . Their clever trick had succeeded . So, they looked complacent at the moment . That thorn in the back wouldn’t be so lucky that day… no matter what! They needn’t act themselves since this plot had worked in the coy of the most legitimate excuse . He would now be forced to go into danger, and wouldn’t return from this road!

Li Jue Tian, Solitary Falcon, Lei Wu Bei, Shi Chang Xiao, Feng Juan Yun stood not too far from there . Those five men looked into the distant from their side . Li Teng Yun and the others from every powerful family stood behind them as spectators of the battle . Each individual had a differed expression on their face . They obviously had different thoughts going through their minds .

"Are the odds of today's battle genuinely unknown?" Feng Juan Yun graced black clothes, black hair and black scabbard on his body . He stood as straight as a javelin as he looked at the tranquil Jun Wu Yi who was at the head of the formation . He felt sorry in his heart . [Such an excellent man of his generation will die before my eyes, and I still can't do a thing to help!]

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"There’s no scope of any odds!" Solitary Falcon's face was gloomy . And, his eyes had hint of anger that was already teetering on the edge of fury . He was on the verge of exploding . He had never harbored an iota of respect for Li Jue Tian . But, his resentment towards that man had reached a point of extremity at this juncture . That day was the first time that these two men who had been rivals for half their lives — Solitary Falcon and Feng Juan Yun — were of the same opinion .

Shi Chang Xiao stood on the side . He also had an expression of eventuality on his face . Lei Wu Bei stood stoned face . And, Li Jue Tian stood with his hands behind his back . His expression was tranquil . But, he was brimming with the arrogance . This showed his belief that only he reigned unbridled and supreme .

Li Jue Tian regarded himself as impervious; other people's point of view didn’t matter to him . [I will decide whether my way of handling things is brilliant or dishonorable! I will take out anyone who refuses me! Even if you're a Great Master of equal fame… it doesn’t matter to me! I'll fix you the moment you dare open your mouth! The clenched fist is the strongest argument!]

Feng Juan Yun sighed .

He suddenly became determined to become the strongest Great Master . The man couldn’t understand this strange feeling . But, he was sick of Li Jue Tian's conduct . [In what way is his bearing that of the second strongest man in the world? He’s overbearing when he hides his flaws, and acts in a tyrannical manner! There isn’t a single good thing about him… except for his earth-shattering strength!] 

Moreover, Feng Juan Yun couldn't tolerate the collaboration between the Xue Hun Manor and the Silver Blizzard City in this matter . [How could they decide to settle personal grudges at such a critical point of time?]

[You are aware that this battle will decide the future interactions between the Xuan experts of this continent and the Tian Fa forest! Yet… you're conspiring at such an important juncture to entrap that man into leading the troops . Moreover, you’re even rushing to save your own high-ranking members! Where is your conscience? Where’s your morality?]

[Moreover, Li Jue Tian and the Silver Blizzard City have enough power to individually retreat to safety if the Xuan Beasts win this war against the humans . But, the lives of millions of the general public will be in grave danger if this uprising makes its way to the inland!]

[It will be a huge calamity! This Li Jue Tian and the other Spirit Xuan experts can’t see it? The Silver Blizzard City may retreat to the top of the mountains, and distance itself from everything . But, it can’t hope to stay away from the outside world eternally!]

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Feng Juan Yun was a lone and free swordsman . But, his cold exterior hid a warm heart, and a chivalrous personality . He didn’t indulge in crafty plots . Nor did he use his strength to bully the weak . Such lowly tricks and schemes weren’t fit for a hero in his mind . He couldn’t tolerate them at all .

[What’s the point of being a Great Master if one has such a temperament? Wouldn't the name of the Great Masters be blackened if we lose this war, and this catastrophe travels thousands of miles inland? How will we shed this infamy off? How will the Great Master rise to fame after this?]

"How would I know the odds of life and death in this battle? Oh… . just let those four-thousand go fight, and risk their lives? What can we do, right? So, let’s just look at the drama, right?"

Feng Juan Yun sneered and continued, "I came from afar to help in the fight for the Southern Heaven City! Even the common folk around the world have lent their strength . And, the Xue Hun Manor has only sent its henchmen . Why don't you send me to fight? You have only sent some Sky and Earth Xuan experts . What’s the use of that?"

He was a proud man, and had already endured a lot . But, he couldn’t endure it any longer at that point . In fact, this man would’ve spoken candidly even if he were in front of the Emperor .

"What is the use . . . I'm afraid that isn’t for you to decide, Feng Juan Yun . And, my Xue Hun Manor can’t use a high-level expert like yourself in place of a lackey!"

Li Jue Tian crossed his hands behind his back . He didn’t even turn as he softly spoke, "Brother Feng can voluntarily leave if he finds this unpleasant or wrong . And, he’s wholly welcome if he feels that I have been mistaken, and feels like teaching me a lesson for it!"

"I don’t have the capability to teach Great Master Tian . I know this . " Feng Juan Yun replied coldly, "I don't wish to teach you a lesson . " His meaning had been clearly implied in his words… 'I will have to go looking for my teeth if I attacked you . '

"Feng Juan Yun, I respect you as a Great Master! But, you're still not happy with what you've got! Who do you think you are? Who do you think this is? Since when did you have the guts to be so unreasonable in front of my father?" Li Teng Yun stomped his foot, and shouted from behind .

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Feng Juan Yun's expression became as cold as ice .

"Bang!" Li Teng Yun went flying, and somersaulting . His face had swollen .

"You impudent bastard! Are you calling Feng Juan Yun's name into question?" Two figures had flitted into action . But, the attack had been the Solitary Falcon’s doing . He was the only one who could catch up to Feng Juan Yun's speed in that gathering .

He had seen Feng Juan Yun's hand move, and had understood the discouraging outcome of it . Therefore, he rushed to slap Li Teng Yun first . In fact, he had already struck Li Teng Yun by the time Feng Juan Yun's hand reached the top his sword’s hilt .

Who was Feng Juan Yun? Was he someone Li Teng Yun could insult? Li Teng Yun was the son of the second Great Master . But, he was like an ant in Feng Juan Yun's eyes . Jun Mo Xie would’ve perhaps used an ancient poem to describe Feng Juan Yun, "Kill a man every ten steps . And, no one will be left after a thousand miles . "

No one in this world would’ve been able to save Li Teng Yun if Feng Juan Yun's hand had reached his sword’s hilt unless the Solitary Falcon hadn’t moved into action . Even Li Jue Tian couldn't have helped his own son! Feng Juan Yun had the strength of a Great Master once he had his sword in his hand . No other sword could’ve saved Li Teng Yun if he had attacked .

Solitary Falcon took action, and taught Li Teng Yun a lesson . He not only saved the boy’s life in doing so, but he also saved Feng Juan Yun's life . After all, Li Jue Tian would’ve chased him around to kill him if he had killed Li Teng Yun . Then, Feng Juan Yun’s life would’ve ended as well .

The trade would’ve ended with Feng Juan Yun life for Li Teng Yun’s . But, that lowlife scoundrel wasn’t worth it!

Solitary Falcon and Feng Juan Yun had been fighting each other for decades, but had slowly recognized each other's worth over the years . They had become natural friends as a result; despite the fact that they were rivals . Therefore, it was only natural for Solitary Falcon to diffuse the situation in his stead .

The other person who had moved into action was Shi Chang Xiao; contrary to what everyone would’ve expected . He had thought of the same thing that the Solitary Falcon had . In fact, he had gone one step further . The alliance would’ve collapsed if two Great Masters were to start fighting against each other . It wouldn't bode well for the mainland’s sake if the allied forces were to witness an internal strife, and collapse as a result . It was just that Shi Chang Xiao was a step behind the Solitary Falcon in terms of speed .