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Published at 25th of October 2017 10:37:52 AM

Chapter 351

Feng Juan Yuan coldly looked at the Solitary Falcon . He then turned to Li Teng Yun, and spoke in a cold voice once the boy had fallen to the ground, "You must learn who you can offend, Li Teng Yun . You are lucky . I would kill those who provoke me… even if they're the Emperor’s relatives! I haven't killed you for the sake of your father's reputation . More so… because I couldn't ignore my friendly relations with the Second Great Master…!"

"Feng Juan Yun, you are truly very mighty!" Li Jue Tian finally turned and spoke-up . He didn’t hide the killing intention in his eyes as he looked at Feng Juan Yun with a cold stare . Shi Chang Xiao and Lei Wu Bei moved forward to mediate the situation . [Do you have to renew your fighting when we're faced with such a formidable enemy?]

Feng Juan Yun didn’t back-off either . He returned the stare, and pressed on his word . Then, a cold smile escaped the corners of his mouth after a while as he spoke while he shook his head, "It seems that I shouldn't have come today . " Then, he turned around and continued, "This Feng bids goodbye to everyone for now . "

His figure flew into the air as he finished speaking . Then, his stern voice resounded from mid-air, "Jun Wu Yi! We will drink wine and talk freely if you survive this day! I — Feng Juan Yun — see your tragedy and helplessness . I wish good fortune to the Jun Family for the days to come, but bid my goodbye for now!"

The echoes of his voice hadn’t subsided when his body suddenly moved, and a bright sword light shot out from him . Feng Juan Yun's body shot out like a comet along with that light, and disappeared without a trace . However, he left one lingering sneer behind, "Silver Blizzard City, Xue Hun Manor… their reputations are great, but they're nothing beyond that! He he . . . "

His voice echoed throughout the valley, "But, they're nothing . . . but, they're nothing . . . "

Jun Wu Yi looked up from his position at the front of the battle formation . His cold and lofty expression was suffused with a hint of warmth as he looked at the brilliant sword light in the sky .

"Many thanks . " Jun Wu Yi spoke lightly… as if he was talking to himself . His heart was flooded with warmth . He had realized that ‘justice’ did exist in this world . And, that good people also existed in society .

However, this event had instantly made Li Jue Tian's calm face turn ashen .

He looked his son’s swollen face; blood was flowing out of his mouth . And then, he looked at Solitary Falcon and Shi Chang Xiao . They also had displeased expressions on their faces . Then, he asked with resentment, "May I venture to ask the two Great Masters if they too believe that this behaviour was ‘inappropriate’?"

"Do you genuinely believe that your scheming in this matter is in accordance to heaven's will, and will be considered as reasonable? Do you actually believe that it’s some sort of majestic justice?" Solitary Falcon rolled his eyes . He continued with anger, "Li Jue Tian, can't you tell the right from the wrong despite being the Second Great Master?"

"Who in this world dares to say that this old man is confusing himself between the right and the wrong?" A light flashed in Li Jue Tian's eyes as he gave the Solitary Falcon a severe look, "Solitary Falcon, don’t forget that this old man has only one son! I’m willing to make the entire world my enemy to accomplish his desires!"

"Ha ha! Where was this heroic spirit of yours when you were facing that 'Venerable Mei' a few days ago? I’ve heard that your son is the main reason behind this debacle . Do you dare to deny it? Oh, and he’s your only son, ah? Did it ache your heart when this old man smacked your son, and sent him rolling on the ground? True, I did do it . But, the palm of my hand saved his life in reality . Otherwise, the Li Family would’ve never been able to continue its bloodline! So, why aren't you rushing to show this old man your immense gratitude?"

Solitary Falcon's straightforward temperament resurfaced . He straightened his neck, and narrowed his eyes as he ridiculed in a sharp manner by disregarding everything else . He genuinely hadn’t held back by even though he had confronted Li Jue Tian .

He didn’t flinch… even though he knew that he was no match for Li Jue Tian . Then, he pointed at Jun Wu Yi, and turned his head as he spoke, "Li Jue Tian, your son is a son . But, have others' sons cropped out of stone? Those four-thousand men whose lives you're throwing away are also father to their children, and sons to their mothers . They will turn to bones after their death; just like your son! His flesh will also smell like theirs in death! So, what’s the point of pampering your son like this?"

The Cold-Blooded Master Lei Wu Bei's face turned cold as he spoke-up, "You’re arguing over such trivial things when the matter has already gotten to this point? This joke isn’t funny anymore! We’re damned to die at this rate, but we mustn’t die here . However, do you think that we can survive if you guys keep causing internal disputes like this? This old man had eleven disciples a few days back; I had trained them in stealth . But, eight of them have died due to some unfathomable mystery, and I haven't even been able to determine their killer yet . Shouldn’t I also be heading over to a different place to seek my revenge if I were to take advice from your theories?"

Shi Chang Xiao also restrained his anger, and tried to calm things down . Li Jue Tian hadn’t taken note of it, but Shi Chang Xiao was a respected and responsible entity in his native country . But, he had come over to this side of the border for the well-being of the common people . Shi Chang Xiao had never considered himself a good man, but he was surely amongst the best of them in this prevailing scenario; Shi Chang Xiao had rushed over to assist the Xue Hun Manor . Li Jue Tian's words were very unreasonable, but he knew that this wasn’t the time for ‘infighting’ .

Solitary Falcon was equally annoyed . [Damn it! I took action for Feng Juan Yun’s sake . But, I still saved your son's life in the end . You should be grateful to me; you should erect a stone tablet in thanks . Yet, you have this storm of evil ideas in your head! Where's the justice in this?]

[Do you think that you can bully me because I rank last in the list? Do you think I’m so weak that you can ‘daddy me around’ like that? I admit that you're stronger than me . But, I have my speed . Do you think that you could even catch-up with me in case you decided to kill me?]

The first-rate experts of the Spirit Xuan realm — like Xiao Bu Yu — also went forward to mediate the situation . The four Great Masters eventually snorted in a heavy manner, and turned away .

The Solitary Falcon was very fretful . He knew that Li Teng Yun was the main reason behind this entire debacle . But, he couldn’t understand why Jun Mo Xie had stopped him from going into battle alongside Jun Wu Yi . He didn't get how Jun Mo Xie had such assurance even though the Great Master himself was extremely perturbed by this . Therefore, the Great Master had no choice but to look around from time to time for a trace of Jun Mo Xie…

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The Solitary Falcon had no intention to participate in this matter; he had already received Jun Mo Xie's warning .

It was just that the Young Master Jun had flown off to somewhere, and no one knew his whereabouts…

Then, a dark cloud rose from the depths of the Tian Fa forest as numerous flying Xuan Beasts quickly made their way forward . Then, a thunderous sound was heard from the ground as terrestrial Xuan Beasts rushed ahead . None who listened to this rumbling sound could tell the number of Xuan Beasts that were a part of this charging army . However, the enormous prestige and the impetus of this charge was enough to frighten the entirety of Tian Xiang .

There was a burst of sudden fluctuation in the air as something broke at the speed of sound to greet them . It was Jun Mo Xie flying like a comet with the help of his Yin Yang Escape…

Then, a somewhat horse and broken voice pierced the air, "Are you ready, Li Jue Tian?"

A small black spot appeared in the sky along with that echo . It suddenly became bigger as a mysterious person — completely shrouded in black — suddenly flew over at lightning speed, and stopped thirty meters in front of them . In fact, this figure had stopped in a steady manner at that spot in mid-air .

Merely being able to stop at a precise spot after having attained such speed would’ve made anyone stomp the table and shout praises . However, this person had actually done so at an exact spot in the air, and that too in a single burst of deceleration . The level of Xuan efficacy required for such a display had left everyone flabbergasted .

"Venerable Mei!" Li Jue Tian cupped his hands, and saluted along with the other three Great Masters . "I trust you've been well since we last met!"

Respecting the genuine apex expert of the world would always be inevitable and reasonable in any setting .

However, Li Jue Tian could’ve never expected that those words of his’ were about to incite an extreme reaction from the other side… a reaction that would be as explosive as the eruption of a volcano!

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"I trust you've been well since we last met . " These words weren't rude in their make as far as a generalized context was concerned . So, Li Jue Tian’s words weren’t technically a problem from a generalized point of view . However, they had meant something entirely different to Venerable Mei —"You look like you’ve just recovered from a sickness!"

Venerable Mei had an extremely high cultivation . Yet, their body shuddered, and they suddenly dropped in mid-air when they heard the words, "I trust you've been well since we last met . " The mysterious person was quickly able to stabilize their body, and was able to come to rest in the air soon enough . But, they had still dropped at least three meters .

The mysterious individual clenched their teeth and spoke, "Is that all you could find to say, Li Jue Tian? Three days have passed since we last spoke, and all you have to offer is, ‘I trust you've been well since we last met?’ I think you that don't have a brain inside that big head of yours . Or perhaps it's gone rotten . Maybe it's just full of tofu! Can't you practice using your brain once in a while? How shameless! You’re a disgraceful bastard! Why don't you go to hell…?!"

This peerless expert had unexpectedly replied to others' greetings by thoughtlessly throwing abuses at them . No one could comprehend this action .

Li Jue Tian had spiralled into a maddening depression owing to excessive rage .

[Fu*k! Didn't I only ask, ‘I trust you've been well since we last met?’ Why should I be held guilty for that? This one is impervious to reasoning! This person reacted like something had exploded up their buttocks! I'm still the Second Great Master no matter what! But, this one didn’t leave even a single shred of honor for me, and directly discarded all pretence of cordiality in public! How can this shrew behave in such a manner? Venerable…? Bullsh*t venerable!]

How could Li Jue Tian endure such humiliation in public given his status? So, he asked with a cold expression, "Venerable Mei . . . seems to be quite angry today . . . don't you think… that you're being too rude?"

"Li Jue Tian, you disgraceful bastard! Do you know that you’re talking to your senior? Don't you know the difference between senior and junior?!" Venerable Mei’s voice became extremely sharp… like that of a cat whose tail has been stepped on .

This person wasn't someone without good self-restraint . But, it was just that Li Jue Tian was having a bad day . Li Jue Tian’s words had been comprehended by this venerable individual in a completely different meaning owing to the guilty conscience that this individual carried from their recent encounters .

The Venerable Mei had associated these words to the greatest humiliation they had suffered since birth…

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This was like a situation… a poem had once spoken about, "One can do whatever they want, but even the water from every river in the world isn’t enough to wash away the shame of a person’s heart . "

Venerable Mei's heart would nearly burst when they remembered that embarrassing event from the day-before . Their blood would rush against the stream into their brain . And, they would be left to seethe with anger .

[The vile, nasty, and horrible things that shameless man repeatedly did to me… only because I couldn't utter a word! This Li Jue Tian must know of it, right? Otherwise, why would he suddenly act so differently even though only three days have passed since we last met? He must’ve meant to poke fun at me!]

This was obviously Venerable Mei’s personal psychological issue . How could Li Jue Tian know about what had happened in the forest that day? This was a ‘muddle’ from the start!

However, Venerable Mei obviously hadn’t realized this . Therefore, Venerable Mei became increasingly furious as they saw Li Jue Tian’s expression become more and more ill-tempered . In fact, Venerable Mei had soon started to gnash their teeth . [You think you can just poke fun at me?]

[This Li Jue Tian must’ve fallen into fungi earlier in his life!]

As far as Li Jue Tian was concerned… he had been wronged with a mountain-worth of baseless accusations in front of the entire army that entire day . Particularly this time! He had been charged with crimes he hadn’t committed, and had been detained on baseless grounds like a common criminal . It could be assumed that it would start to snow in the month of June if Li Jue Tian were to die at the hands of Venerable Mei over this matter… the snow-flakes would perhaps be heavens’ way of offering tears of sympathy to the poor man!

It was extremely unjust!

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