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Chapter 352

The Lord of Tian Fa was acting crazy, and had a sinister air about themselves . The shrouded person desperately wanted to wage a war . Meanwhile, Big Bear was leading his squad of terrestrial Xuan Beasts on to charge forward .

Then suddenly, a soft voice spoke to his ears out of nowhere, "Big Bear, you will lead the first play in today’s battle?"

Big Bear was surprised at first . He felt that there was someone right beside him . It was as if this individual were talking to him while walking with him… as if they were right next to his ear . But, he couldn’t even see a shadow of anyone’s figure beside him .

However, Big Bear could feel that it was Jun Mo Xie who was walking besides him . It was only that he couldn’t see him . The Xuan Beast King almost laughed as the corners of his mouth drew back . He couldn’t help but sigh after he had identified who the speaker of these words was . [A supremely skilled expert is a supremely skilled expert! How many people in this world can use such an astonishing method?]

He replied in a respectful tone, "Yes, the Lion King, the Tiger King and I are going to lead today’s battle . So, Lion, Tiger and Bear Xuan Beast Kings will lead our forces to battle against Southern Heaven City!"

"Uhh, I’ve sprinkled the powder you had given me on five people," Jun Mo Xie chuckled and continued, "Pay attention, and don’t mistake their identities . "

"Of course . " Big Bear thought that there was something wrong with the mysterious senior . [Isn’t he being a bit too verbose today? And, how could we make a mistake?] What he didn’t know that Jun Mo Xie was quite anxious . So, he was acting a bit off .

Then, Big Bear suddenly felt a cool sensation as pure Qi entered his body through the mysterious seniors’ . It cycled through his body once, and left him to feel extremely comfortable . The injuries his meridians had sustained due to Li Jue Tian’s ‘Elusive Heart and Vein Splitting Sword Attack’ had suddenly healed . He couldn’t help but become overjoyed . So, he spoke-up in an extremely gratefully tone, "Many thanks, senior!"

Big Bear’s injury was originally quite serious . However, the Lord of Tian Fa had treated him, and had improved his condition to near normal . Therefore, Jun Mo Xie’s aura had acted like the ‘right medicine at the right time’ . And, it had completely cured his injury . Moreover, Big Bear had taken that ten years’ dan . So, his cultivation had grown rather significantly .

He looked to his right as he heard the voice speak again, "The circumstances of those five people are far from encouraging in today’s battle . They face danger from your side . And, they also face danger from their allies! There are many amongst their allies who will try to fire cold arrows at the backs of these five men . I will entrust that matter to you . Not a single one of those five individuals should be harmed in any way!"

"Please don’t worry Senior . I will do everything in my power… even if I have to put my own body on the line!" Big Bear vigorously thumped his chest .

"Good! I’m relieved if that’s the case! You don’t need to show any mercy to the rest; especially to the people of the Silver Blizzard City and the Xue Hun Manor!" Jun Mo Xie laughed softly and concluded, "I will leave now . "

Big Bear looked around in a daze . But, he couldn’t spot anything . The Beast King would’ve thought that he had only dreamt of this encounter if it weren’t for that comfortable feeling that had arisen from the healing of his internal injuries .

Jun Mo Xie had left using the Yin-Yang Escape . He had then crossed paths with Long Crane . He had exhorted him in a similar manner . Then, he used the Yin-Yang Escape, and returned after he felt satisfied .

[That ought to settle everything . ]

Jun Mo Xie had gained a lot in these last two days . However, he still felt quite sullen . Li Jue Tian had shielded his son . He had openly and shamelessly entrapped Jun Wu Yi . And, the Silver Blizzard City had only added the fuel to the flames . Moreover, the rest of the powerful families had simply agreed to everything . These things had made Jun Mo Xie extremely angry .

[Would my uncle be in such a situation if it weren’t for their scheming? It has become difficult for him to escape death! And, this has happened when we’ve brought our forces to help the Xue Hun Manor! This matter has gone beyond despicable — it has become obscene!]

[You’re being so heartless . So, don’t blame me for any devilish injustice! I have a strong backing from the Tian Fa forest! You people will lose much more than you stood to gain if you’re not careful with your schemes! You think our Jun Family can be bullied that easily?]

[Li Jue Tian and Li Teng Yun… I will prepare such a big surprise for you father-son pair that you will wish you were dead!]

… . .  … . .

Venerable Mei and Li Jue Tian were in a violent fit of rage at that moment . Shi Chang Xiao hurriedly stepped forward in a brave manner . He then smiled and said, "It looks like Venerable Mei isn’t in a good mood today . He he… there’s no harm in taking rest for a while . We can continue to talk later in the evening after we’ve all taken a short break . "

The Master of Life and Death had spoken those words since he had realized that Venerable Mei must’ve had an unforeseen accident at that day . [But, his words were too excessive . You shouldn’t have showered down these maddened abuses at him in front of his son even if he weren’t the Second Greatest Master!]

[There’s a saying, "Respect is as important to a man as bark is to the tree . " You may be the greatest expert in the world . But, you can’t bully someone so openly! Can’t you see that this senior master is so angry that his lips have turned green? He has nearly become breathless with rage…]

However, the event had turned into a very dramatic one . Li Jue Tian had relied on his superior cultivation a moment ago, and had acted in a bossy and domineering manner with the Solitary Falcon and Feng Juan Yun . In fact, he had chided them . But, the roles had been reversed . And, the one being chided in a bossy and domineering manner was now Li Jue Tian himself…

The Solitary Falcon was smiling . In fact, he had beamed with joy as he had heard this . [You can be reaping great harvests one moment, and then you can be on your way to the underworld the next! Just look at this . How did the fates change over so quickly?] He blinked a few times, and felt immense joy in his heart .

"My mood isn’t good? Humph!" Venerable Mei heard this and snorted . Then, they pointed at Li Jue Tian and spoke in a stern manner, "Who said this senior is in a bad mood today? It’s just that this loser is courting his death! And, this ‘three legged toy’ is actually the Second Great Master! He’s shameless and ridiculous! This loser needs a good smack across his face . Just see that sharp expression of his’! He dares to flaunt his strength in front of me?! You are a sissy master! How dare you?"

Li Jue Tian became furious at this, and hissed . His killing intention raised his robes in the air even though there was no wind . His face twisted with rage, and an expression of malevolence and fury broke upon it . He roared, "Venerable Mei, I respect you as the Lord of Tian Fa . And so, I wish to keep the peace! Yet, you have humiliated me for the third time today! Do you think that Li Jue Tian fears you, and won’t do a thing in response to your insults?"

Even a clay figurine has some heat inside it . However, this man was the Second Great Master! What could one possible speak of him? He had been insulted to no end . Would he be able to call himself the Second Great Master if he didn’t retaliate in the face of such a situation? His reputation would turn to waste . A soldier doesn’t smell of perfume if you defecate on his face!

Venerable Mei snorted with disdain and said, "This senior is openly humiliating you! What can you do? What can you dare to do?"

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The man’s silhouette flitted, and nobody could stop it . In fact, nobody tried to stop it . Shi Chang Xiao, Lei Wu Bei, the Solitary Falcon, and the others were too busy watching passively to be capable of stopping him .

Li Jue Tian’s body moved forward in rage; like a violent storm . He used his trademark skill called "Thirteen blade of Jue Tian" . A cold squall arose from the handle of his blade . Everyone felt a sharp Qi arise from it, and strike against their faces . It made everyone’s clothes flutter, and left them to feel a slight tinge of pain on their faces . Therefore, none of them could help but take a step backwards .

Li Jue Tian left a deep trench under his foot as the dust rose all around .

Venerable Mei shouted loudly from mid-air, "Well, come on then!" His large black cloak looped around as it faced resistance from the wind . Then, it turned into a thick black mist which could cover the entire world . He then loudly charged straight ahead to meet his foe instead of avoiding him .

The arrangements for the decisive battle hadn’t even started in earnest . But, the top leaders of both the sides had already broken into a violent fight .  

The situation had become very intense!

Li Jue Tian’s heart was brimming with violent rage and indignation . Venerable Mei had suffered untold humiliation and anger a couple of days back . Therefore, the two had displayed their full strength in only three moves . Moreover, they had actually displayed their killer moves .

More than once at that!

The area of this decisive battle was a small valley between two mountains . The distance between the bases of the two mountains was at least five kilometers . However, the two men contesting for power were moving so fast that it seemed as if they had mounted the clouds . Their movements were too quick for any eyes to see . It was like a lightning strike… first here, then there… and then far-off… and then back again at the first place…

There was an explosion in the air soon after . It sounded like a thunderbolt that had been sent by a God gone insane . The sound of the explosion echoed through the air . And then, a black figure could be seen rising in the air like a rocket . Then, another figure was seen crashing down towards Solitary Falcon and the others like a comet .

The person falling was Li Jue Tian…

He had been hit by the crazy and frightening offensive of Venerable Mei . And hence, he was falling down . Nobody had seen what had happened, but Li Jue Tian was aware that he had been hit between his shoulders, chest, and guts by three palm attacks!

Great Master Jue Tian had done his best to brace for that attack, and had tried to maintain composure in order to prevent himself from cutting a sorry figure . However, his fall was too fierce, and he couldn’t control it in any way . He hit the ground with a loud bang, and a large whole appeared in that spot . However, his fall hadn’t come to an end yet . He continued to stagger downwards into the ground in recoil . In fact, it almost seemed as if an inverted mountain had been dug up in the ground of the hilltop he had landed upon . His foot soon touched the subterranean rocks, and trenches!

Venerable Mei seemed as if he was in pursuit of this man’s death; he still hadn’t stopped .

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One could hear a sharp and intense roar coming from the air . A dark shadow had shot down from the air at a great speed . Even the huge black robe he wore had been rendered apart by the wind as he charged downwards . And then, a faint blue smoke arose from the hem of those robes .

His black robes were on the verge of bursting into flames because of their friction with the air… owing to his speed .

A spotless pure white hand jutted out of the black robe . This beautiful white hand appeared like an ornate carving . But, it shot down with an endlessly fierce aim to kill, and moved towards Li Jue Tian . There was going to be no mercy for him today!

Li Jue Tian roared madly . He concentrated the entirety of the remaining efficacy in his body in order to counter and escape .

Shi Chang Xiao, Lei Wu Bei, and Solitary Falcon were quick to realize Li Jue Tian’s emergency . He was a loathsome man, but these three men knew that he couldn’t be allowed to die at that moment . They would lose their greatest asset if Li Jue Tian died . Moreover, it was evident from Venerable Mei’s fierce disposition that everyone’s life would soon be in danger .

The three men sensed each other’s intention, and jumped forward with all their might . The Silver Blizzard City’s second, fifth, and eight elders also caught up with them to act as a second layer of defense .

The seven experts gathered together to resist the crazy strikes; strikes that were the deadliest in the entire world!

Venerable Mei let out a sharp roar in mid-air, and coldly challenged, "Come on then!" The black-robed individual neither dodged, nor avoided them . In fact, that person had seemingly added some more strength to his attack in a split second .


The sounds of repeated violent strikes resounded . And then, the black shadow flitted and appeared in the sky above the Tian Fa forest . Then, it slowly floated down to the summit of a tree, and stationed itself on a finger-thin branch . It then stood facing the wind .

A few groans were heard soon after . Xiao Bu Yu and the other two elders of the Silber Blizzard City had arrived last . But, they had been the first ones to drop . In fact, those three appeared like rubber balls as they crashed on land, and rolled about in pain towards the surrounding mountains .

The Solitary Falcon had spread his arms like an eagle spreads its wings, and had soared over thirty meters before he had suddenly dropped downwards . However, he stabilized himself at a lightning-quick speed, and began to float . His situation wasn’t as precarious in comparison to the others’ .

The comparatively stronger Lei Wu Bei was red in the face . He had spun to evade the attack, but his spinning hadn’t yet come to a stop . In fact, he had already spun his way away from the epicenter of the collision .

Shi Chang Xiao’s clothes had been torn . In fact, several strands of them had started to float in the sky like butterflies . He jumped back thirty meters as he evaded the attack, did a summersault, and then jumped back another thirty meters .

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However, the greatest damage was suffered by the Second Great Master Li Jue Tian . Blood spilled from his mouth as roared in a fierce manner . His body had been shot into the air . However, no one could tell where it had been sent flying to…

Then, an earth-shattering sound emerged as a mushroom cloud rose between the eight individuals with a loud "BANG!" It sent out tons of rocks and dirt into the air . A thin layer of earth had suddenly covered the sky .

The situation was very similar to that of a volcanic eruption! Rocks in a massive radius had been destroyed, and had been sent flying into air . They had been broken into such small fragments that even their shadows weren’t visible anymore . They continued to fly into the sky for a long, long time . Then, the larger of the rocks started to shower down like meteors . They smashed down into the ground at high velocities . And, loud noises were given rise to as a result of their impact against the ground . In fact, the ground itself had been left to shake from the impact of their fall .

The eight experts’ Qi had struck each other at the same time . This had somewhat contained-and-delayed the effect for a bit . It was like the Big Bang had been brewing up until that moment, and had finally burst out .

That immense explosion in the air was enough to greatly shock any expert . It sent a cold shiver through their arms and legs, and left them to shiver .

Li Jue Tian and the others had stationed themselves near a hilltop . However, this piece of land had gone up in the explosion . In fact, most of it had been leveled by this explosion . Moreover, a pit had been excavated in the ground because of this event . However, no one knew how deep it went . This was because the bubbling underground water had started to spout out after having mixed with the soil . And, this had given rise to muddy gurgles…

Everyone including the Xuan Beasts who had been drawn into an aggressive formation behind Big Bear had been left extremely shocked by this . Their mouths had fallen open, and they had been left to gasp for cold air .

[This is the actual result of his power!?]

[Good God! That’s extremely formidable!]

However, Big Bear was in the worst condition amongst them .

That extremely shocking explosion had left him to open his eyes and his mouth very wide . His cheek bones stood erect like the horns of a young dragon… and then, a stone the size of a hen’s egg came flying by… . either by a divine intervention… or by pure coincidence… and crashed into his mouth . "Crack!" the sound reverberated as it hit his teeth .

An ordinary person’s teeth would’ve been destroyed, and their tongue would’ve turned to pulp in such a scenario . But, who was Big Bear? He was a Bear King! And luckily, the Bear King’s teeth hadn’t been broken by this . However, his head had been left to ring and buzz by the impact . His lips moved up and down in an unconscious manner, and crackling sounds emerged as chewed on the rock in order to crush it . His tongue rolled as he unconsciously — and for a mysterious reason — swallowed the rock . Then, he found himself choking on it…