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Chapter 40

Chapter 040 Xuan Core

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As Jun Xie was walking away, his heart felt sorry for his sister-in-law . Guan Qinghan was only twenty-one years old, the prime of her life . Not to mention, she was a heavenly stunning beauty, and yet she willingly entered the Jun Family and became a widow! If this was his old world, then this kind of occurrence was simply unthinkable!

However, here it was treated as a natural way of life, what a great tragedy .

This is simply a waste of resources! If only I could… Eh? This thought suddenly emerged from Jun Xie’s mind, giving him a shock: This does not feel like something that I would think of . I may sympathize with her, but how could I possibly end up with such a nasty kind of thought? This is simply not something that I would even consider! Unless…

You despicable Jun Moxie! Your soul had already left, and yet you still left this kind of residual effect! Jun Xie cursed inwardly .

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Jun Xie walked into his room . Without acknowledging the little Lolita’s greeting, he sat down with a frown on his face . He reflected on his every action since the day he transmigrated over, something did not feel right . In the past, he had also shown a frivolous side of him, but it was meant as a method of getting close to the target or as a cover . No matter what, it was only an act .

Jun Xie’s character had always been cold and arrogant, and was even ruthless . At times, he could even be described as cold-blooded . However, he came to realize that his personality had drastically changed since he transmigrated over . Admittedly, Jun Moxie’s identity as a trouble-making debauchee was the best possible cover . However, he needed to have a good grasp on his own mind!

I cannot allow the original character of this body, of Jun Moxie to prevail! However, I also need this personality as a form of camouflage!

Maintain my state of mind, complying with the outer layer, and yet deep down, I am still me… Evil Monarch Jun Xie!

A burst of light shot forth from his eyes, heartless before Heaven and Earth, tens of thousands were but disposable fodder in his eyes! The ruthless Evil Monarch has stepped into this other world!

Having resolved himself, he felt his body relaxing and was instantly reminded of other things . He removed the small parcel from his bosom .

This parcel was obtained at the expense of the life of twenty experts . Even though he did not know who the mastermind was, Jun Xie was confident that no ordinary people would dare steal from the Tang Family . In addition, no one would take such a huge risk unless this was an unbelievably high-grade treasure!

Having such thoughts running through his mind, Jun Xie could not help but feel highly curious . He had originally thought of returning it to the Tang Family however he was now overwhelmed by the desire to open it up .

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Acting on his desires, this was the Evil Monarch’s way! With a scoff, Jun Xie tore open the parcel . Within it was a square wooden box; a box that emitted a faint scent, its top was covered with pale gold lines . This wooden box was surprisingly made of top quality Goldensilk Sandalwood!

In addition, the material for this box of Goldensilk Sandalwood was cut out from the tree as a whole! This box alone was worth a fortune!

Opening the box, he felt a cold air wafting outwards . Inside the box was another snow-white box . Touching it, he felt a chilling cold . This was a high-grade Cold Jade!

Judging by the colour of the box, this Cold Jade was a mysteriously potent object!

Jun Xie inhaled deeply! Just what exactly was it that was so important? They even used such a precious Cold Jade to keep it covered .

Carefully opening the jade box, he found a round object within the box . The object was wrapped within a layer of colourful skin fur, which possessed a strange sheen . Jun Xie who had no knowledge of what this was did not feel bizarre at all . If a professional were to lay eyes on this, they would likely become shocked . This was the pelt of a Ninth levelled Xuan Beast! A Ninth levelled Xuan Beast was an existence akin to that of a Supreme God expert! Goldensilk Sandalwood box, high-grade Cold Jade and the pelt of a Ninth levelled Xuan Beast; any of them could be considered a priceless treasure!

These three priceless items were actually just part of the package!

Jun Xie removed the object wrapped by the layer of pelt with his hand . It was a round object the size of a ping-pong ball . Looking at it, Jun Xie could not help but feel somewhat disappointed .

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The strange object was dark red and almost black in colour . Its texture resembled that of a stone, yet was not a stone, resembled jade, and yet not jade . He gave it a pinch and found it to be slightly elastic . The impression given by this item was rather mediocre!

Suddenly, a thought flashed through Jun Xie’s mind and he blurted out . “Xuan Core?”

Although Jun Xie does not know how a Xuan Core looked like, he knew that it was a precious item . Only a Third levelled Xuan Beast or above could produce a Xuan Core . As for this Xuan Core, considering the strength of the Tang Family and how much importance they placed on protecting it and also the amount of attraction it caused for others, going so far as to provoke a “tiger” in order to obtain it, this item was no ordinary material! It should at least be at the Seventh level! Or perhaps, even higher?

Jun Xie was not aware just how much resources Grandfather Tang Wanli had spent in order to obtain this Xuan Core . This Xuan Core of a Ninth levelled Golden Winged Tiger Xuan Beast contained a huge amount of energy . For low-levelled Xuan Qi experts, this Xuan Core was useless . However, once their cultivation were no longer of a low level, then under the right conditions and using certain methods of stimulation, the vast energies within could be absorbed and claimed as one’s own! As for how much of the energies can be absorbed, that will depend on the person’s talent .

Once the Earth rank was reached, every step forward in Xuan Qi cultivation was accumulatively difficult . However, this Xuan Core could propel a beginner stage Earth ranked expert all the way up to the Sky Xuan stage! Within the world of Xuan Qi, this item was a Heavenly defying treasure!

The difficulty level involved in killing even an Eighth levelled Xuan Beast was already extremely high . As for killing a Ninth levelled Xuan Beast in order to retrieve its Xuan Core? This was generally an impossibility! It was certain that a Supreme Divine expert held a good chance of defeating a Ninth levelled Xuan Beast, but killing it? Even if two Supreme Divine experts were to join hands, they may not be able to kill a Ninth levelled Xuan Beast! The strength and speed of a Ninth levelled Xuan Beast could be described as terrifying, but when it came to running away, no one could even dream of stopping it!

Not to mention, this was a Gold Winged Tiger, a Xuan Beast with the ability to fly! Stopping it was something one would never even consider .

Back then, Tang Wanli accidentally found a heavily injured Supreme Divine expert . When he found out that the expert possessed this Xuan Core, Tang Wanli spent a fortune to hire tens of Jade, Earth and Sky ranked experts in order to snatch it . Several lives were lost before he successfully obtained it .

Regardless of how that Supreme Divine expert laid his hands on the Xuan Core, it would be an exaggeration to claim that it was the only one in existence . However, one can be certain that in this world, the number of these Xuan Cores do not exceed three .

Naturally, the reason Li Youran urgently desired this Xuan Core was because he had a pressing need to use it! His plan began since years ago from when he first received intelligence on this matter, involving the bribery of Tang Family’s figures, carefully arranging so that he could make his way in step by step, painstakingly keeping his eyes and ears out for any news until three months ago, when he finally found out the secret location of the item . However, Grandfather Tang never left the house and was always protected by four high-levelled experts, resulting in him having no chance at all .

This time, he finally chanced upon a rare opportunity . Not only did Grandfather Tang leave the house, he even took with him three of the four experts! In addition, there was also the heavy rain, which made the situation even more favourable! Grasping onto these favourable factors, he sent a first-rate expert to lure away the expert from the Tang Family before secretly sending in another twenty experts . Collaborating with their insider, they finally succeeded but at the cost of the life of nearly all the twenty experts!

Even then, it was successful . Sacrificing the lives of merely a few experts in return for the Xuan Core was undoubtedly an advantageous trade!

Unfortunately, just before they successfully finished everything, they ended up meeting Jun Xie…

Several years’ worth of meticulous planning, thousands of plans and ten thousand analyses, all of them ended with nothing to show for their efforts!

It ended up benefitting others!

One could only imagine how miserable Li Youran currently was!


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