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Chapter 46

Chapter 046 Beating Around The Bush

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Thankfully, Fatty Tang has nerves of steel, a big heart, fat body and most importantly, an optimistic attitude to life . Even after having suffered sessions after sessions of scolding and beatings, becoming subject of gossip to the point of wanting to commit suicide, as long as he returned to his own room and took a nap, he would clear it out of his system, considering it to all be a thing of the past . If this was a depression prone person, then the rope would already be hanging taut from the ceiling and the person would already be reincarnated a number of times .

Although, this so-called optimistic attitude to life, big heart, nerves of steel was but a better way of putting it . A harsher way of putting it, he was simply a thick-faced, shameless person .

Finally, this fatty was able to use the coming Autumn Festival as an excuse to slip away from his house . The first thing he did after escaping was to come complain to Jun Xie . Coincidentally, Jun Xie was busy pondering what it was that he had obtained . For Fatty Tang to come, they both hit it off, heading to the Drunken Immortal Establishment for some drinks .

Fatty Tang drank a cup of wine, then gave out three sighs . Then, he stretched out his radish-like index finger to the skies and let out a mouthful of curses as he vented his anger . Drinking another cup, he repeated… again and again… such violent intensity, such vicious deep-seated hatred, the resentment he discharged was tantamount to old woman widowed for life…

All the guests on the upper floor frowned! Even the bodyguards on the side tilted their heads, acting as though they do not know him: To have to accompany this kind of Young Master out, this is simply… humiliating…

The Young Master Jun himself rolled his eyes . Even though he possessed a calm temperament, the one that the fatty was cursing included himself; and yet, he had to sit here and pretend that he did not know anything, being unable to do anything else, how can he not roll his eyes?

“I say, Fatty, what exactly was stolen from your home? With you cursing out with such bitterness, I no longer have the mood to drink anymore,” Jun Xie looked at the cup of wine before him . He really could not stomach it, being cursed at was one thing, after all with his calm temperament something like that could be brushed off easily . The wine on the other hand was made so that its fragrance would assail one’s nose, and yet tasted like water . Drinking it does not make one feel tipsy in the slightest and it tasted just like rice water!

If Jun Xie were to give his evaluation on this wine: This wine is just like a woman whose body is even fatter than Tang Yuan, who applied a whole bottle of inferior and expired perfume on her whole body .

Having drunk this wine, Jun Xie could not help but recall Old Song’s wine from the night of the heavy rain . Jun Xie now felt a longing for the wine that he had once contemptuously considered as trash .

This was the so-called the “the dead should compared with other dead person; the living should be compared with other living person” . The wine was something hard for Jun Xie to swallow and could not hold a candle to the top-grade wines of his past life . But now, he finally understood . The man’s words back then of how this wine was a rare wine in this capital city and were sold in limited numbers was actually… the truth!

Jun Xie suddenly recalled that he had brewed some wine! After having placed them aside for the fermentation to take place, he totally forgot about them . Counting the days… Oh, I should be able to take them out in a few days’ time . I should quickly get this wine done . Even if it is not for the sake of making money, at least I should do it for my own sake!

If I have to keep drinking this kind of swill, how am I supposed to live? Once I take the wine out from fermentation, I too will sell in limited numbers! Son of a bitch! Ten thousand silver liangs per jug! Love it or leave it, if you don’t want to buy then just leave . I will drink it all myself . If I cannot finish it then I will just feed it to the pigs! Son of a bitch! Just saying it feels unbearable!

He thought viciously to himself while smelling the cup of “garbage” wine . With his heretical temperament, feeding it to the pigs was not a far-fetched possibility…

“Sigh…” Tang Yuan paused, his fat, chubby face, comparable to a poached egg was etched with a twisted expression . “Third Young Master… Brother, I am really having a miserable time . Those bastards, could they not have brought this calamity onto others? Why did it have to be me? Damn their eighteen generations of ancestors! This senior will wipe them out forever! And then there are the damned thieves! They were the ones who stole the items, why is my grandfather singling me out? I curse them… this senior curse them to be crippled forever…”

The more he said, the more agitated he became . Tang Yuan stood up in agitation, slamming his leg down, bringing a raging wave of fat down upon the chair he was seated upon . The slabs of fat on his body surged magnificently as he roared fiercely towards the skies! Thankfully, the chairs in the Drunken Immortal Establishment were quite decent and were able to withstand the full weight of this fatty!

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Jun Xie was about to lose himself . He propped his palm onto his face, feeling a desire to just run out… being together with this fatty was simply too humiliating…

The entirety of the third floor of the Drunken Immortal Establishment suddenly became deathly silent! Everyone turned their heads, observing the pile of fat trembling in agitation .

Panting, Tang Yuan removed his leg from the chair, sat back down without wiping it, and started to violently drink again .

“Third Young Master, the item that my family lost this time is something extraordinary!” Tang Yuan twisted his face . “Due to this item, my life was a living hell for the last five days . My old man gave me at least ten plus times worth of beatings, my grandfather fiercely beat me with a big stick even as he was chasing me . Look at me… do you think I can run fast? Brother, look at me . I am now as slim as a horse,” Tang Yuan sadly measured his body as he sat on the chair; his soft belly fat fell down, covering his knees .

“Err… you have indeed lost a lot of weight,” Jun Xie spoke against his conscience, and then added . “Seeing you lose so much weight, your face have no wrinkles at all . ”

Tang Yuan let out a “pei” . He had originally wanted to ignite Jun Xie’s curiosity, but instead Jun Xie chose not to continue asking about it at all . Nonetheless, this matter had brought so much misery onto Tang Yuan . It was only natural that he would have the desire to talk about it . Otherwise, why would he drag Jun Xie out here?

“Third Young Master, that item is a Xuan Core, a Xuan Core!” Tang Yuan moved close to Jun Xie and whispered into his ear . “In addition, it is a Xuan Core from a peak Ninth level Xuan Beast! That is simply a Heavenly defying treasure!”

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“So, it is just a Xuan Core . And here I thought it was something incredible . ” A Xuan Core from a peak Ninth levelled Xuan Beast? Jun Xie’s heart jumped, but he turned his face away dismissively . “What is so extraordinary about that toy? I too have one . ”

“You think this is the same as those Fifth and Sixth level crap? You dare take your little toy and compare it with my family’s?” Tang Yuan snorted . “Let me enlighten you, that thing in my home is a pinnacle grade Ninth level Xuan Core . If this information is to be leaked out, I fear that the whole world would quake as a result! If an Earth Xuan ranked expert were to utilize a Ninth level Xuan Core, that person would be propelled from the beginner stage of Earth Xuan up to the peak stage of Sky Xuan! If a Sky Xuan ranked expert of the middle stage was to utilize it, then that person would be able to charge all the way into the realm of Supreme Divine Xuan! Third Young Master! A Supreme Divine Xuan! The number of such experts could easily be counted!” Tang Yuan moved his short, fat hands in an exaggerated embracing posture, signifying the world .

“It has such a potent effect?” Jun Xie’s heart was somewhat pounding, but he looked at Tang Yuan with a face filled with suspicion . “You dare boast so heavily in front of me? If it truly has such a potent effect, then wouldn’t the Chamber of Commerce around the world sell it like crazy?”

“Which son of a bitch is bragging will have his entire family die!” Tang Yuan felt insulted . Raising his fingers, he made an oath, his fat face becoming red . “Sell it like crazy? Did you think that this is something that can be found everywhere? If this was not an extremely rare item, would my grandfather become so angry? I am a real son of a bitch! To think I would complain about this to you son of a bitch! I have really found the wrong son of a bitch to complain to!” Fatty Tang became agitated and began uttering his catchphrase “son of a bitch” with wanton abandon .

“Oh… I truly feel sympathy for your mother,” Jun Xie gave out a long “oh” . In his mind, he was considering what to do . If this was truly such a Heavenly defying treasure, then he really should not return it to the Tang Family . This treasure would be of much better use if he were to use it to increase the strength of his own family, creating a super level expert . That would certainly be much better than letting it go to waste in the hands of the Tang Family .

Tang Yuan whose eyes were currently both red grinned . He felt that in these past few days, Jun Xie was the only one who was willing to hear him out . This caused him to feel moved, suddenly causing some nasal mucus to rise . He easily bounced it off before turning back to face Jun Xie and continue his heartfelt conversation . It was at this moment…

“Who was it? Which son of a bitch was carelessly bouncing off his snot? Get your son of a bitch ass out here! Watch as this senior exterminates your nine kindred!” A sharp, angry voice rang out loudly, bringing with it an unparalleled aura of violence and wickedness .