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Chapter 497: Interrogation

The Young Lord spoke till here . And, a gratified expression swept across the Huang Ancestor's face . In fact, he even smoothed his beard and smiled . But, the Young Lord again spoke-up, "However, we need to divide these matters into two main parts . Our main aim is the Bone Tempering Pills . We mustn't fail at this . The second is the Huang Family's enmity . We have to take revenge for them as well . Therefore, we must balance this . But, I'm sure that Senior Huang has a plan for this…?"

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His words were so sleek that no one would be offended by them . But, he had still managed to point out that they couldn't fail when it came to the task of the Bone Tempering Pills . That was their most important objective .

The Huang Ancestor muttered for a while at first . Then, he spoke up, "We've determined that the Bone Tempering Pills are related to the Jun and the Tang Families . We can question them about the whereabouts of the Bone Tempering Pills if we move now . We could also ascertain the identity of the individual who has refined those Bone Tempering Pills . Perhaps we can get the recipe for those pills as well . Then, all our problems will be solved, and we can forge ahead . And, we can slaughter without misgivings after that happens — it wouldn't even matter whether it is the Jun, Tang… or even the Dugu Family . "

"Senior Huang is absolutely correct . But, we can't make a move against those three families before the matter regarding the Bone Tempering Pills is settled," the Young Lord spoke calmly .

"That's obvious . However, it would be impossible for us to find out those Bone Tempering Pills' whereabouts if we were to rely on the current strength of the Huang Family . I fear that we require a few people from our side to make it a sure thing," The Huang Ancestor looked at the several purple-clothed people, and flashed a dark smile .

The Young Lord nodded slightly .

Those people cupped their fists, and said, "We won't shirk from our responsibility . We'll do it for the sake of the Illusory Ocean of Blood!"

The Huang Ancestor snorted and said, "There's no time to lose . We'll make our move tonight!" His gaze underwent a transformation . And, his glare shot out like two sharp arrows from his eyes . They contained an unparalleled murderous aura…

… . … .

It was a windy and moonless night . Murder and arson had pervaded the skies .

Jun Mo Xie's predictions were about to come true . Tang Yuan was constantly cursing . [Damn him and his inauspicious remarks! His words are coming true! Things are about to get very bad!]

Everyone at the Aristocratic Hall was jittery and paranoid . They treated anything suspicious as an enemy . Many high-level experts had charged roaring, and had left screaming . Waves after waves of them had been coming . In fact, there was almost no time for rest .

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This night had been particularly busy .

The two Sky Xuan experts — Hai Chen Feng and Song Shang — had already dealt with three or four waves of attacks . And, one of those waves had been rather tough . In fact, they had to strive with their entire strength in order to repel it . They were extremely tired and sleepy, and were thinking of washing up and resting . But, this is when another wave arrived . The two men became extremely angry . [Dammit, you still won't let us go sleep!]

Consequently, the two men charged out somewhat crazily . They chased the attackers with red eyes till none of them were left alive . They had been sulking about their ordeal the entire time . They eventually returned victorious to the Aristocratic Hall, but found out that Tang Yuan was done for…

The window in Tang Yuan's room had noiselessly opened when Hai Chen Feng and Song Shang had rushed out . Two men had entered the room like floating clouds . Tang Yuan was on his bed at this time . In fact, his snores were loud enough to shake the heavens…

The two men saw that huge monster on the bed, and looked at each other . Then, they shook their heads…

[This one is too fat!] They had planned on dragging him out the room before setting about the interrogation . However, they saw the elephant-like size of that man . And, both of them dispelled their initial idea on the spot .

[Flying away while carrying this huge and obese man would be an extremely difficult task . In fact, even the prospect of getting him through the Aristocratic Hall's door could be challenging . After all, the target is too big . Moreover, it would extremely difficult to find a place to hide him if needed . ]

[This amount of effort would be akin to a test of strength for us . And, just look at him… He looks extremely fat and greasy . ] Merely looking at him was disgusting for them! What could one speak for the idea of carrying him away…? Anyway, couldn't they get right to the point and interrogate him there itself?

It had to be said that growing fat wasn't a good thing . But, it would turn into a blessing for Fatty Tang whenever he'd run into such matters . In fact, it was an excellent thing! Heavens knew how much he would've suffered if he was kidnaped by those two men . In fact, he may not have returned even if he had told them everything .

This situation was a great illustration that even a single peck of the grain can provide help when everything seems lost . . .

The two men floated to the bedside . One of them extended their hand, and patted Tang Yuan's forehead . But, Tang Yuan turned to the other side . His muscles continued to palpitate, and he kept snoring…

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The two men were stunned by this . They had never expected him to be so unvigilant and at ease . [He didn't wake up even after his head was hit . ]

Then, there were two "Bangs!" as they slapped Fatty twice on the face . However, he was still in deep sleep . One of the men got mad . He grabbed the collar of Fatty Tang's night clothes, and forced him to sit up on the bed . Fatty's huge and elastic belly covered his legs as this happened .

Tang Yuan's hands drooped, his head tilted, and saliva streamed out of his drooling mouth . Even his snoring hadn't ceased…

"Damn!" One of the two black-clothed men had a good sense of humor . He found this rather funny . He gave a long sigh, "This Old Man has lived for nearly two-hundred years . But, this is the first time that I'm seeing someone who can sleep like this! Didn't this guy get any sleep in his past life? We've beaten him so much, and he still hasn't woken up . This is simply legendary!"

"Let's make it a little more painful for him . He'll surely wake up after that!" the other man suggested .

"We can't do that . This Fatty will wake up the entire nine heavens if he starts bawling! The sound will be very loud . And, that won't be good for us," The black-clothed man who held Tang Yuan's collar sighed . Then, he extended his other hand, and pinched the Fatty's nose to a close . However, the slimy and greasy feeling made him feel like he was holding the uncooked intestine of a pig .

That man resisted his nausea, and continued to pinch the Fatty Tang's nose close .

The sleeping Tang Yuan suddenly felt that his breathing had been forcefully obstructed . He opened his mouth to gasp some air in while he fiercely tried to tug-in air from his nose . However, he eventually opened his eyes in bewilderment whilst coughing . And, huge amounts of spittle darted out of his mouth as a result .

The black-clothed man who was holding Fatty's nose close couldn't believe that this guy was the Young Master of a noble Family . [This guy has no class . . . ] The assailant had never expected such a reaction . So, he wasn't able to evade it . But, he felt extremely uncomfortable and nauseated since his neck had gotten covered in spit now . . .

He wiped his neck in a flustered manner . Then, he snarled in a lowered tone while seething with anger, "Fatty! Don't fu*king move! This Old Man will choke and break your fat neck if you make a single move!"

Tang Yuan was shocked upon the sudden realization that he had landed himself in a very dangerous situation . His eyes became wide and round . He was about to cry out in alarm when he heard that threat . But, he choked and stifled his cry when he heard the threat . Consequently, his throat issued a sound similar to that of a hen laying eggs; it was unspeakably pathetic .

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"Where are the Bone Tempering Pills? Quickly hand them over to me! I'll let you live if you obediently hand them over!" the masked black-clothed man asked fiercely . He was a man of many years' worth of cultivation . And, he usually never got mad so easily . But, things had gotten miserably out of hand in this instance . He had resorted to the use so much strength on a mere Fatty . And, that too a pathetic Fatty who couldn't even fight back! But, the spit on his neck had filled his mind with enough anger that he didn't care about these points anymore .

"Bone Tempering Pills…" Tang Yuan was in a gaze after being woken up . He blinked and cried out, "Jun Mo Xie… you're the kind of person who makes the inauspicious happen with mere words!"

"You shut up! Don't you want to live?" The black-clad man nearly thought of running away at first . He then got hold of Tang Yuan's fat, and twisted it while he covered the Fatty's mouth with his hand .

Tong Yuan shouted in pain, but the sounds got choked inside his throat . So, he was only left to tremble from the pain . . .

"Bone Tempering Pills! Where are they? Who refined those pills? Where's the recipe for it? Fatty… I will slowly draw out that greasy fat from your body if you don't tell me where it is!" The masked black-clothed man fiercely threatened .

"Hey… hey… I'll… I'll speak…" Tang Yuan was wise-enough to know not to fight this . So, he surrendered, "Ow! But… let me go first… breasts… nipples… ow!" It turned out that the masked man in black clothes had grabbed and twisted a part of Fatty's chest . . .

The masked man was stumped at first by those last few words . But, he became angry a moment later, "You… call that a breast . . . ? Bullshit!" He found himself grabbing the chest . So, he couldn't help but curse while letting it go . But, he still felt a bit awkward… [Damn it! This Old Man has built his reputation over hundreds of years, but this Fatty has ruined it . People will say that I grabbed a man's tit… This Fat Man is too obese!]

"Speak quickly, you brat!" The old man was beginning to lose his mind .

"I don't know… who refined those pills . " Tang Yuan hissed for air as he quickly replied, "And, I don't even know about the recipe . I'm just the junior partner for auctioning them . "

"I do your mother! You dare to play with us?!" The masked man angrily tightened his grip on Fatty's throat .

Tang Yuan's eyes were rolling, but he respected his mother the most . He was about to surrender more information, but he became extremely angry when he heard her being abused by that masked man . And, he suddenly forgot the dangerous situation he was in . He then struggled and cursed, "I… do your mother! I… I… I wasn't done talking, you bastard! But, you dared to insult her?! I… won't… spare… your life…!" The grip on Tang Yuan's neck became tighter . So, the Fatty quickly returned to his main principle of knowing when not to fight and begged for forgiveness instead .

Tang Yuan's mouth was once again covered as two slamming sounds echoed . The pain was accompanied by soy bean-sized sweat drops dripping from his forehead . He had been put through that suffering a second time because of the sentence he had just spoken . . .

"Continue talking; and speak honestly!" the masked man said in a bad mood .

Tang Yuan decided to open-up about everything once he had suffered for a long-enough period of time . He spoke anxiously and quickly, "The Bone Tempering Pills are not here with me . They are extremely valuable . So, they are kept at the Jun residence . Those things will be secretly moved here before the auction . After all, they're very precious . So, keeping the pills at the Aristocratic Hall isn't safe! Moreover, I'll be killed if they're lost! And, I can't afford that!"

"The Jun residence…?" The two masked men looked at each other . Fatty's explanation made sense . They had analyzed the situation along similar lines as well .

"Which part of the Jun residence? Bastard! The Jun residence is huge! How will we find it? You're useless, you brat! You can go to hell!" The masked man snarled fiercely in a lowered voice .

"Don't kill me… I'll tell you… those are… in the Elegant Fragrance Courtyard!" It appeared as if Tang Yuan was losing his head out of fear, "Spare my life… I told you everything… now don't kill me…"

"What a craven and cowardly piece of trash! Elegant Fragrance Courtyard…? Isn't that where Jun Mo Xie's mistress stays?" The two men looked at each other and nodded . They seemed to have a good understanding of the Jun residence .

"Yes, yes, yes! It's there!" Tang Yuan nodded like a hen pecking grain .

"Elegant Fragrance Courtyard… okay… It's got to be there," The two masked men gave Tang Yuan a look of despise, "It is said that fat people are the most cowardly of them all . It seems that this saying isn't false!"