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Chapter 671

Murong Feng Yun rode his horse to the front of the tombstone . He dismounted and almost fell . Looking at the grand-looking tombstone through his blurry eyes, he could roughly see the poem inscribed on stone . I do not regret planting this deep affection and am willing to travel alone; if we are still destined in our next life, I would rather betray the heavens and not you!

"Xiu Xiu… my beloved daughter… are you really gone?" Murong Feng Yun stood lifelessly and motionlessly as tears dropped onto the ground . Only his snow white hair was blown by the wind . He touched the tombstone, just like how he would gently stroke his young daughter…

The violence before the graveyard stopped as he became everyone's focus .

Suddenly, Murong Feng Yun hollered madly, "Xiu Xiu! How shall I live without you…" His voice was filled with pain and pity . It was as if his poor girl was still standing before him just like eighteen years ago, begging him…

He sighed and reached out with his hand . The deep blue flare of Sky Xuan emerged and stone fragments slid down the surface of the tombstone . A new line of carvings appeared .

"My beloved daughter rests here in peace! — Murong Feng Yun, Father"

Then, he continued to stare at the tombstone for a long while until he finally whimpered and covered his aged face with his hands . After that, he mounted his horse and began returning home . He didn't raise his head nor turn back .

The stubborn old man had finally accepted .

Although he didn't acknowledge Ye Gu Han, he did negate his daughter's marriage! He no longer recognized his daughter as the empress!

He was only commemorating his daughter!

The cold wind blew . The pine trees were like sea as they rustled and swayed to form wave-like patterns . It even sounded like Murong Xiu Xiu bidding farewell…

When Murong Feng Yun reached home, he immediately ordered all members of the Murong Family to immediately quit their official positions . From then on, the family would no longer participate in power struggles! Anyone who disobeyed would be beaten and expelled from the family!

Murong Feng Yun's carvings on the tombstone signified that the Murong Family acknowledged the graveyard and the absurd reality!

The remaining royal guards quietly left .

Or they would only be faced with death!

Jun Mo Xie had announced that from that moment on, they would not show mercy!

The Grave of the Affectionate Couple then officially became a landmark of Tian Xiang City .

The huge tombstone would stand upright for ten thousand years! No one dared to remove it for the Evil Monarch had established it, and it became one of the miracles left by the Evil Monarch in the world! It was a miracle because the whole graveyard was built by Jun Mo Xie alone, in a split second!

For the coming ten million years, numerous talents would appear on the continent, but no one would be able to create such a miracle! Commoners would come here to view the sight, but the experts would be here to be amazed . They couldn't imagine how the Evil Monarch had created it… it was clearly beyond the limits of a human…

Shortly after the war, another stone monument was set up beside the tombstone . It recorded in detail the love story between Murong Xiu Xiu and Ye Gu Han as well as their life story . Countless couples would be so touched and shed tears before the Grave of the Affectionate Couple .

Young couples in the future generations would visit the tomb to seek blessings when they were about to be married . They would hope that their love would also be long-lasting and unfaltering…

But just as Tian Xiang City was thrown into turmoil, the whole continent was as well!

Far in the north, there was another super family in the Blizzard Silver City .

There was a great sense of urgency there .

Xiao Xing Yun looked at all the intelligence coming in just like how snow would blow into his opened window and sighed . He regretted that he did not completely destroy the Jun Family in the past and allowed them to rise again! How were they going to confront the Jun Family now?

A mysterious expert that defeated ninety men from the three Holy Lands…

The King of Tian Fa, Venerable Mei, who was the woman of that rascal Jun…

All sorts of unbelievable things had happened to Jun Mo Xie!

And there was no reply from the Three Holy Lands for the letters Xiao Xing Yun had sent them . The men he sent were also not back yet…

Xiao Xing Yun could hardly eat or sleep these few days . Is the Xiao Family going to perish just as we were near the glorious victory of unifying the Silver City under us?

Han Zhan Meng, the master of the Blizzard Silver City, had always been asking him about the whereabouts of the last group that had left .

It was very unusual for them to not return to the Silver City for new year . It was especially concerning as the little princess Han Yan Meng was also in the group .

Although the someone who impersonated as the Third Elder returned with some news, Han Zhan Meng still felt that something was wrong . What's more important than coming home for new year? With Yan Meng's usual attachment to us, how could she stay outside for so long and still not miss home?

It's the new year! Even your father who has been always been training in seclusion came out . But you remained outside and said that you will only be back in spring?

Did something go wrong?

And is it true that the Jun Family is coming to seek revenge?

In short, there was something very wrong with the atmosphere in the Silver City recently .

So, Han Zhan Meng frequented the intelligence section lately, causing a lot of anxiety in the Xiao Family . They were afraid that Han Zhan Meng would discover their secret plots . It was no longer the time when they could kill the entire Han Family without concern . They now needed strong support against the powerful Jun Family, and the Han Family was obviously counted .

Today, Han Zhan Meng came again .

He was very suspicious . No matter how busy she is, she must be writing home . But every since she has left, she only wrote twice!

No matter how busy she is… shouldn't she at least have the time to write home?

Moreover… how busy can she even get?

How dubious!

"Great Elder, so you're also here . Do we have news?" Han Zhan Meng's handsome face was emotionless and greeted indifferently .

"Master . " Xiao Xing Yun straightened up . Although he was close to a hundred years old, he was still able to stand in a very upright manner . He had no wrinkles and only a youthful face . If not for his white hair, anyone would mistaken him for being only in his forties .

"It isn't very positive for us!" Xiao Xing Yun sighed . "The Jun Family appears very confident . I'm afraid the Silver City is already in a state of emergency . "

"Oh, still only about the Jun Family?" Han Zhan Meng frowned impatiently . You know what news I want and still try to flood me with Jun Family's news… And the Jun Family is only seeking revenge against your family… how is it related to the whole Silver City?

"Yes… the Jun Family now has the support of the beast kings of Tian Fa . It won't be a easy battle . " Xiao Xing Yun looked up at the grayish sky and sighed . "Master, we really have to prepare properly!"

Han Zhan Meng said okay and interrupted with a question . "Is there any news from the Third Elder?"

Xiao Xing Yun laughed and said, "Yes! We have just received a message from him . He says that everyone is tired, especially the young princess; they will be back in at most twenty days . "

"Let me see!" Han Zhan Meng was suddenly looking more alert .

It was a letter with a few thousand characters, spanning over eight pages . He saw his daughter's message only on the last page, and it wasn't even written by herself . The message described how the little princess was being naughty, and missed home and mother . And then it wrote that they would definitely try their best to settle the things occupying them now so they could head back to the Silver City…

As he finished reading, Han Zhan Meng only became more suspicious .

There is definitely something wrong…

It's eight pages long and Yan Meng can't write by herself? She misses home and they still dragged for months?

The elders of the Silver City always made quick decisions and acted quickly . They were never this slow!

It was even more dubious for the letter to say that there were no casualties . The matter they were dealing with caused them such trouble, so how could there be no casualties? If there were no casualties, wouldn't it be too easy a mission to occupy them for so long?

Han Zhan Meng was left speechless . His fingers holding the letter tightened on the sheet .

The ominous feeling that haunted him recently only grew .

He stood there in silence before finally asking, "Great Elder, what do you think of the message?"

He said this calmly with his back facing Xiao Xing Yun . It even sounded like a casual daily conversation .

"I also think it's strange . But I suppose it's at least fortunate that there are no casualties . Or perhaps they only reported the good facts…"

Xiao Xing Yun frowned and pondered deeply before saying, "But it is a large group . They have many competent men, yet they are still occupied . Clearly, the trouble they are facing is not as simple as they have described… Perhaps they are being trapped by secular powers and they can't do anything without losing face… well…"

"Hmm… that sounds reasonable . But… Yan Meng shouldn't be sending no messages home… what can the reason be?" Upon hearing what Xiao Xing Yun said, Han Zhan Meng felt more comfortable .

"Erm… is there the possibility that…" Xiao Xing Yun clapped on this own thighs as if he was suddenly enlightened . But after that, he stuttered and couldn't continue .

"What? What have you thought of?" Han Zhan Meng suddenly turned back and stared at Xiao Xing Yun fiercely .

"Well… I am just guessing… after all, it's indeed unusual that the little princess didn't send back anything…" Xiao Xing Yun looked awkward .

"What's on your mind? SAY IT!" Han Zhan Meng was losing his patience as he forcefully waved his sleeves .

"Is there the possibility that it is similar to what happened to the elder princess in the past…" Xiao Xing Yun frowned and said carefully . "In which a girl falls in love, causing her to forget everything… well… it's only my guess… it may not be true . "

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