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Chapter 700: 700

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Mei Xue Yan's lithe body struggled intensely, and her beautiful large eyes widened with anxiousness and pleading . She couldn't help but tears formed in her eyes as she looked at Jun Mo Xie's face, which was only inches away from her .

Please hurry up and get away from me!

Please release me from your embrace!

Only when you are safe will I have the courage to endure and pass this trial!

I beg of you, hurry up and leave me!

Although she did not voice her words out loud, Jun Mo Xie could clearly hear the cry in her heart!

However, Jun Mo Xie did not move and instead used more strength to control Mei Xue Yan's body . He was practically exhausting all of his energy . For the sake of controlling her, he even retracted his essence Qi from the most vulnerable parts of his body and moved them to where Mei Xue Yan was struggling the most! If Mei Xue Yan were to forcefully break out of his grasp, the first thing that would break, would be Jun Mo Xie's four limbs!

This kind of method was desperate to the extreme! If his four limbs broke in this place where lightning and thunder gathered, even the tiniest shock would be enough to claim his little life! Thus, Mei Xue Yan did not dare to struggle at all!

Her usually calm eyes were filled with panic and despair . She could feel the clouds growing larger and closer, and the lightning flickering in the clouds was becoming more concentrated . At this point, her tears were fallingl like the rain, and she was near desperation as she looked pleadingly at Jun Mo Xie . Her mouth was gagged, but the hopelessness in her heart was apparent!

In that moment, Mei Xue Yan's heart completely broke…

My love, if you're not in this world, what meaning would there be even if I broke through the realms above Saint King?

Please… release me ah…

Jun Mo Xie stared intently at her eyes, and the warmth in his eyes became stern . His pupils were ice cold as he looked directly at her . The rigidness of his eyes was clearly warning her: Do not move! Try moving and see what happens!

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Mei Xue Yan finally stopped struggling completely . Her tears flowed like a flood, and her chest heaved inconsolably . She could feel the extremely pure Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi flooding continuously into her veins, and finally… Hong!

The bottleneck to the fourth level of the Venerable realm had finally been breached!

An ocean of Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi flooded into her body like water in a desert . And in this moment, Mei Xue Yan also truly felt the whole new powerful and mysterious realm before her! This was the kind of feeling that countless people in the world had hoped to experience for themselves; it should be a time of happiness and rejoicing… however, Mei Xue Yan did not feel even the slightest bit of joy in her heart!

What she felt right now was instead complete despair!

Because, the entire sky had completely lit up by now, and it seemed as if the the heavens and earth had changed color! Two thin bolts of lightning, the thickness of a finger streaked across the sky with impeccable speed, striking down with terrible might!

Their target was Jun Mo Xie's head!

Mei Xue Yan closed her eyes tightly and removed the Xuan Qi protection around her body as well . My beloved, since you are not willing to leave, then I shall accompany you! Don't think for a moment that you can make me live on alone in this world if you're gone…

That's an impossible matter!

Do you know…

A strange smile that was impossible to describe slowly crept onto Jun Mo Xie's face in that moment . He felt the Hongjun Pagoda in his sea of consciousness move, and a powerful aura suddenly rose up . In an instant, a funnel shaped vortex of Qi that could be seen with the naked eye opened up welcomingly, as if it were receiving something…

The Young Master Jun was naturally not a rash person, and would usually not do something so risky . But when the anomaly in the sky appeared, he had instantly felt a very distinct intuition; that the Hongjun Pagoda could block this heavenly might!

In fact, it could do so effortlessly!

This kind of feeling was extremely abstruse, but it appeared clearly in his heart!

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It was incredibly mysterious and impossible to describe with words!

Jun Mo Xie had always believed in his own intuition, so he did not avoid it at all!

Since he had such confidence, why was there a need to let Mei Xue Yan risk the trial? Right now, he could clearly determine that this power of lightning was quite likely the Heavenly Tribulation that was recorded in the Hongjun Pagoda!

There should be no mistakes about it!

The question is, what level of Heavenly Tribulation was this? Jun Mo Xie could not clearly determine it . Besides, there weren't sufficient time for him to research it now . The only thing he needed to know was that the Hongjun Pagoda could definitely block it .

The lightning arrived above his head in an instant, carrying a powerful force with it!

Mei Xue Yan could clearly sense that Jun Mo Xie's hair was already standing on its ends!

It's here! She finally could not bear it and opened her eyes to look deeply at Jun Mo Xie's face… Could it be that this was the last time she would be looking at him in this life?

But in that moment, she only saw a scene that even she did not dare to believe; when the two bolts of lightning struck down on Jun Mo Xie's head, the expected agonized reaction had not appeared . Instead… the lightning bolts had disappeared completely, without a single sound…

They'd disappeared tracelessly and soundlessly, for seemingly no reason at all . The disappearance was so abrupt and so clean, that there didn't seem to be a reason to explain it at all!

What was going on? Just what was going on?!

Mei Xue Yan nearly forgot that she was supposed to be feeling despair . Her mouth hung wide open as she watched yet another lightning bolt, another two bolts… three bolts… Numerous lightning bolts rained down accurately, carrying powerful might and momentum . However, all of them disappeared without a single trace and in the most mysterious way into his head .

Such a powerful lightning storm actually did not do even a single bit of damage to Jun Mo Xie!

How is this possible?

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Mei Xue Yan opened her round eyes dumbly . She had been shocked to the core by this sight…

The thunderous sounds in the sky grew louder and louder, and the lightning struck down with greater frequency and power, growing thicker and thicker . It was as if they wanted to tear the heavens apart! Lightning flashed across the sky unceasingly, lighting up the entire sky!

Right under the flashing storm, a pair of lovers sat together, hugging and kissing sweetly as the lightning struck down on them . It was as if the earth splitting lightning storm around them did not exist at all!

Far away, the three groups of people that were rushing toward the area all stopped on the spot . Only the three people in the lead flew over to take a look . The sight alone caused their faces to be contort with shock! Such a powerful lightning tribulation was something that even they had never seen before!

Among the three, two of them had already reached the fourth level of the Venerable realm . But when they broke through, although it was also accompanied by lightning tribulation, the scale of that was many times smaller than this one! In fact, they could not even be mentioned together in the same breath! This lightning storm had already persisted for close to two hours; however, it did not show any signs of waning at all . In fact, it seemed to be growing fiercer still!

Could this be the lightning tribulation attracted by a Saint realm expert breaking through?

These three Venerables and the forces they led were exactly the reinforcements Xiao Tian Ya and the rest were urgently waiting for .

The Wandering Venerable Mo Xiao Yao, the Venerable of Life and Death Wei Kong Qun, and the Savage Venerable Jia Qing Yun!

At this moment, the three had stealthily sneaked into the area after leaving a majority of their forces to wait 10 li away . When they saw the heaven encompassing stretch of storm clouds in the sky, all of them could not help but draw a breath of cold air with shock . This was especially the case for the two who had experienced the might of the lightning tribulation before . Their scalps had become completely numb, and their backs turned as cold as ice .

"Looking at this situation, the person in the middle of this should most likely be able to overcome it . We'll go over together in a moment and see if we can make our acquaintance with this person . At the very least, we can't let such a powerful person stand in opposition of our three Holy Lands . If it's a recluse expert, that would be the best…" Mo Xiao Yao's eyes were filled with worry, but also a trace of excitement .

The other two nodded, their faces similarly heavy .

Mo Xiao Yao furrowed his brows lightly and continued, "Later on, we must take extra caution to watch the tone of our speech . We experts of the three Holy Lands have grown too used to our arrogance, so if any of our words end up infuriating that person, it wouldn't be good . After all, there's no sense in creating a powerful enemy for ourselves out of nowhere!"

The other two laughed and raised their chins, "All of use rose up to our current level step by step from the bottom . If we hadn't gone through the stage of toadying up to the powerful, would we have been able to walk to our current level? Relax, there definitely won't be any misunderstandings!"

Mo Xiao Yao could not help but chuckle a little as well . "In any case, if that person does not accept our goodwill and insists on opposing us, we must not be merciful either . The moment I give the word, all of us will attack together! We'll make use of the fact that this person is at his weakest after just breaking through and eliminate the threat! Remember, if that scenario truly comes into play, we must go all out with the first strike! We cannot be lenient no matter what! Take out all your trump cards right from the start!"

Jia Qing Yun and Wei Kong Qun nodded slowly as their expressions grew grim . "In that case, we shall prepare for both scenarios! No matter how it turns out, we'll handle the outcome cleanly!"

Mo Xiao Yao was the Elusive World of Immortals Palace Lord's blood sibling; they were born of the same mother!

Mo Wu Dao was in charge of leading the Elusive World of Immortals, and his younger brother, became its guardian .

With Mo Xiao Yao's cultivation, he could have originally been a joint leader . But in order to please the masses, Mo Wu Dao demoted him by a rank, making a fourth-level Venerable do the work of a protector . But Mo Xiao Yao never complained even once and continued to aid his brother with all his effort . His intelligence was already far above his peers, and he was also extremely meticulous in his work . One could say that apart from the Venerables, everything else in the Elusive World of Immortals was managed by him, to a point of perfect order!

This time, the three groups had—whether consciously or subconsciously—all acknowledged his position as the leader . His plan at this time was also the best!

All of a sudden, the thunderous rumblings stopped, and in practically an instant, the dark clouds in the sky dissipated . If one raised their eyes, it would be a clear and cloudless sky above them for as far as they could see!

Countless stars twinkled dazzlingly, and the bright moon hung high in the sky!

This terrifying heavenly wrath had finally passed!

The ordeal was shocking, but there was no hurt!

Jun Mo Xie finally stumbled backward, away from Mei Xue Yan's body . It wasn't that he didn't want to take things one step further but that this was currently Mei Xue Yan's most critical moment . All her comprehensions and experiences of the new realm needed to be properly digested . Her cultivation and her new abilities needed to be solidified!

Now was not the time for him to be take liberties with her!

Mei Xue Yan was already in a state of deep meditation!

Jun Mo Xie looked at Mei Xue Yan, and his expression grew warm . He carried her up gingerly, and the two disappeared into the snow like two drops of water merging into the ocean .