Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi - Chapter 113

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Chapter 113
–Aegir POV–

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In the underground space, the dwarf called Balbano stands in the middle and faces me .

「You’re pretty big . 」

「Is that so?」

Balbano, with his log-like arms and legs, looks up at me while saying that . His height is perfect for me to rest my arm on his head, but it might provoke him to fight me if I did that……which makes him about the same height as Celia . Comparing his height with his incredible muscles makes him look really unbalanced . Even so, he still looks much taller than the surrounding dwarves .

「I hear you destroyed our entrance . 」

「There wasn’t any response, so I knocked, but it broke . Sorry . 」

Balbano didn’t ask anything further, then hands me a metal cup and fills it with alcohol . I casually accept it with my hand, but that cup is made with an elaborate design and is shining like gold . I’m glad Nonna isn’t here .

「Drink . 」

I take a sip after being prompted .


An intense sensation caused me to believe it was poison for an instant, but it was just an unbelievably strong alcohol beyond anything I’ve drank before . However, the man’s face relaxes slightly after I drain the cup quickly .

「What do you want from us?」

「I want to dig out the iron from this mountain, but it seems there was a preceding visitor . I just wanted to address them . 」

「Where did you hear about the dwarves?」

「From the ones striking iron and barely living under the shade of the rocks . They only mentioned demi-humans, but I guess they were referring to the dwarves . 」

Balbano exhales .

「Do you intend to make our mountain full of holes?」

「I’m not saying I want to live in the mountain . Nor am I saying you need to move where you sleep . But are you perhaps unhappy about the iron being taken?」

「Don’t be ridiculous . There’s iron everywhere in the mountain so I’m not interested in something like that . 」

But that doesn’t match what was said . The guys who were making iron said that they faced trouble whenever they dug in the mountain .

「Then why were you angry when the fire nation dug in here?」

「That’s obvious . If I think about those gloomy guys coming in the mountain, I get frightened . When we first met with them, I tried asking them ‘what they were doing?’ but……prattling on about not liking conflict and being segregated, I can’t even drink a single cup of alcohol . 」

I understand how he feels . The fire nation are living poorly with the lack of food and water, so there is a gloomy atmosphere about them . It can’t be helped because of their harsh lifestyle, but they aren’t people who you would want to talk with for a long time or live together with .

I push my empty cup in front of me . Balbano looks slightly surprised but a slight smile appears on his face as he refills my cup with alcohol .

「So you don’t mind if we dig?」

「Well you seem like a slightly interesting man……」

Balbano stands up and grabs the axe standing against the wall with both hands .

「I hear that human men are just long, lanky and weak . It’s boring to face those guys . 」

He holds an axe in front of me . I grab it with one hand, but the axe is too heavy and drops to the ground .

「Let’s see who’s stronger . If you win, you can dig iron or do whatever . 」

He takes another axe from the wall and swings it above his head .

I prevent Celia from jumping at him and I also grab the axe with both hands, then hold it up . I don’t know what it’s made from but it’s tremendously heavy . It’s several times heavier than my spear .

「So you lifted it!」

Seeing me get into a stance, Balbano shouts happily . I just need to hit him to win . I’m fine with it being so easy to understand .


Balbano shouts by exhaling all the air out of his body and swings his axe down . As swordplay, that move is extremely slow, but I’ll still take it head on with all my strength .

An unexpectedly loud roar erupts from the slow movement and the both of us are knocked back . With such heavy weapons, you’ll get crushed if you block it half-heartedly, even though they aren’t the quickest .


Using the rotation of being repelled, Balbano attacks once again . Spinning once and using the centrifugal force, I also meet his attack with my own full-powered swing .

A dull clash resonates once again and I succeed in receiving his strike, but the recoil knocks me back . I wonder how long it has been since I was able to go blow for blow in an upfront battle like this .

「Next is my turn . 」

The distance between us increased, so I can use the strength from a running start to power my downswing, then I twist my body and swing the weapon horizontally . The weapon is heavy and slow, but there is still a sufficient amount of power behind the strike .

「Oooh, heavy! It’s heavy!」

Still, Balbano blocks the strike head-on without even taking a step backwards . His height is almost the same as Celia’s height but in terms of weight, he’s probably heavier than me . With a short stature and short legs, he has a stable center of gravity and I can’t budge him . It’s the first time I’ve clashed with an opponent like this using an axe .


I lift the axe with both hands and wield it with my full strength . It’s an unlikely stance full of openings, but the opponent doesn’t seem to have any intention to take advantage, but rather turns his axe to look to block the attack .


Each of the blows had the strength of our entire bodies behind it, causing yet another roaring crash . Neither Balbano nor I were budging from our spots and a cloud of dust was raised directly under our axes, illustrating just how powerful the impact was . The impact was so strong that it was enough to make my bones creak and my face warp, but he is similarly gritting his teeth . It seems we’re even at this point .

「It won’t be settled like this . 」
「I guess not . 」

The battle won’t be decided like this . To be honest, I could kill him . I could parry away his strength and I have enough skill to send his head or legs flying . But that would be meaningless . This is a battle of strength .

I set the axe down where it is . If it’s just a simple comparison of strength, there is a much better method .

「Fine with me!」

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Guessing what my intent was, Balbano also leaves his axe behind and charges at me . With our bare hands, we lock with each other firmly and push against one another . I already knew, but this guy is unbelievably muscular .

My legs are slowly sliding backwards, but when I push back, his body floats in midair .


He quickly separates from me and throws off the clothing on his upper body . For some reason, I also do the same and remove the armor on my upper half and drop it to the ground .

Having become half-naked, the two of us close the distance and collide with vigorous momentum . There was an intense thud when our bodies come together, and I get a little chill from the feeling of his hairy body, but now is not the time for that . The both of us are putting our bodies and souls behind every attack, but our strengths oppose each other and none of us end up moving an inch . There is only sweat dripping down our bodies .

「Two muscle-heads are colliding with each other……a man’s body is sexy……how wonderful . 」

Who was that just now? It’s going to distract me .


Balbano seems to think he’s won and lets out a remarkably loud shout while pushing . As expected, I am unable to withstand and am gradually getting pushed back .

But it’s not over yet . I can put strength in my hips and support his weight .

I’ve swung my hips on top of girls many thousand times every night . I am more confident about my hip muscles than anything else .

「You’re lifting me up!?」

Slowly but surely, Balbano’s body floats in the air . He has probably never been lifted up before, so his face was dyed with astonishment . I grab his arm and use my hips to support his heavy body, then send him flying backwards with all my might .


「He threw him!」「Balbano is flying!」「It’s settled!」

Before we knew it, a whole bunch of dwarves formed a ring around us to spectate the battle . Well, I wonder if that’s okay .

I couldn’t afford to hold back so I threw him back with all my strength, but as expected of a sturdy man like Balbano, he gets up as if nothing happened, even after rolling on the floor and smashing against the wall .

「I lost!!」

He shouts with a hoarse voice . The surrounding dwarves all cheer . I don’t see any jealousy or discontent in any of them . They purely enjoy watching us compete to see who’s stronger .

「It’s your win! Drink!」

Balbano pours into a cup, that appears to be at least five times bigger than the previous cup, and hands it to me while it’s still overflowing with alcohol . Then he does similarly with another cup of the same size and drains it instantly . In the end, you drink whether you win or lose, eh?

Honestly, this alcohol is strangely harsh and I’m spinning already from the earlier two cups, but it would be boring if I refuse so I gulp it down .

When I finish, he refills my cup, so I turn around and pass it to all my companions too . If I drink anymore than this, I’ll collapse . Also, Celia absolutely can’t drink . She’ll collapse from just a single sip .

「Don’t push yourself so much……here, your armor . 」

Celia, who hands me my armor, has a red face and glances here and there at my exposed upper half . She’s supposedly used to seeing me naked already though .

「What amazing muscles . 」

Leah also pokes my sweaty body lightly .

「Haa, haa, a sweaty man……hah! Don’t mind me . 」

That was you earlier, right Claire? You nearly caused me to lose .

「So does this mean you’ll allow us to dig in the mountain?」

「Of course . You’re an interesting guy and you’re strong too . It would have been better if you were born a dwarf and not a human . 」

「Our new friend!!」

One of the dwarves shouts loudly, everyone holds up their cup of alcohol in one hand and gulps it all down at once . If I look carefully, there are female dwarves and small childlike dwarves who are also gulping down alcohol . They probably treat it as a substitute for water .

By the way, the female dwarves are similar to the men in which they look like compressed versions of a regular female – which is fine – but I feel a differing sense of values when I see their beards and chest hair . I’m glad that I brought Celia and Leah with me .

「Stay over tonight . The inside of a mountain might not be the most comfy for humans but it should at least be better than camping outdoors . You can have as much alcohol as you want too . 」

I don’t need alcohol, but I’m grateful for a soft bed without needing to worry about monsters . I’ll gladly accept your offer and stay over .

Night time

「Say……isn’t it about time you give this guy some attention?」

「Just a little longer……I’m sorry . 」
「I’ll do anything later so just a bit more……」

Celia and Leah are repeatedly kissing and rubbing my arms and my chest . My dick has already gotten hard and is standing at attention, but they won’t touch it just yet .

「What amazing muscles……」
「Can’t get enough of them . 」

Something got into them after seeing my battle with Balbano . They’re rubbing my arms and chest and brushing their cheeks against me too . I can’t hold back, so if this goes any longer, I’ll forcefully fuck them . It was at that moment when I flipped Celia over, and thought all I had to do to make Celia submit to me is to slam my dick into her .

「Hey pal, are you awake?! Something bad has happened . Please wake up . 」

Balbano rushes into the bedroom without knocking . Because the two girls screamed and covered themselves with the blanket, I’m left exposed while naked .

「……What’s wrong?」

「The earth insects are breaking loose . I’d like to borrow your strength, pal, so please come . 」

I don’t really get what’s going on, but it doesn’t seem like something that happens everyday . I have no choice but to go but my dick is too hard and it won’t fit in my clothes . If Celia or Leah would use their mouths…… .

「Pal……your dick is pretty big . Mine is too, but not like that . 」

Maybe he also just woke up, but Balbano is half naked as he nods while saying that . I instantly feel my dick going limp and I am able to put on my clothes without a hitch .

「So, tell me the details, what happened?」

Celia and the entire escort unit, who are fully armed, gather beside me . Leah, Adolph and Claire are being protected by the dwarves in a safe room .

「Even though you say earth insects, I don’t get it . 」

「You’ll understand if you come . 」

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Balbano said just that and rapidly advances deep into the mountain . He is carrying the axe that he used when we were comparing strength on his back . It’s quite impressive that even with its weight, he’s able to carry it and walk easily .

As I watch the brawny dwarf’s back and advance along the winding path, the ceiling suddenly moves .

「It’s the earth insect!」

Balbano shouts and I thrust my spear at it faster than he could lift his axe . That thing lets out an unpleasant shriek, not resembling anything human nor monster, then falls to the ground with a splat .

「Is it……a spider? An especially large one . 」

「That’s what it looks like . 」

The shape itself is very similar to that of a spider we’re all used to seeing and usually sticks on the walls to scare the landlord . But its size is abnormal and it might be as large as a human if you include its legs . Like this, it would be able to bite off the head of someone like Celia .


The following insect is smashed to the ground by Balbano’s axe . The large spider splatters into pieces with one strike from the heavy axe . A green liquid sprays everywhere, resulting in a foul stench wafting in the air .

「There’s one over there too!」

Celia spots a spider crawling on the ceiling and throws two knives at it . She was able to hit its torso with pinpoint accuracy, but that wasn’t enough to finish the thing off .

「Get it!!」

Three soldiers from the escort unit pierce the thing with spears one after the other to drop it to the ground, and after slashing at it several times, it finally dies .

The only thing these spiders have going for them is their size, but it still takes time to finish them off . On top of that, the tunnel walls allow the spiders to climb up and down and left and right causing us to chase them around, making this environment the worse one for us to fight them in .

「How many more of these things are there?」

「Much more! We’ll have to seal off the hole they’re breaking out of……」

It seems Balbano is feeling a sense of urgency and has started to jog into the tunnel . It might be too late to notice, but his short legs make it seem like only his torso is moving and it’s quite comical .

Once the pass through the tunnel, we reach a hot and stuffy room . Several furnaces are burning hotly . This must be the room where the dwarves process the metal .

But right now, the sounds I hear are not of a typical blacksmith but of fighting . There are a large number of spiders crawling on the walls and ceiling, causing the dwarves to pick up hammers and axes to fight them .

「Pal, I’m counting on you!」

He doesn’t even need to tell me; there’s no other choice but to fight . I won’t be able to communicate with spiders either .

「Escort unit, form a circle . They’ll come from all directions, and don’t overlook the ceiling . 」

With that said, I wield my spear and charge in, stabbing the side of a spider, which was reaching for a dwarf with its forelegs extended, and swing it around before throwing it away .

I knock back the other spider that fell from on top of me with my handle and smash it against the wall . Another one that pulls its body back before charging at me gets pierced by me from the top and then pinned to the ground before I stomp on the place that looks like its head .

In the end, they are nothing but spiders; they aren’t solid but move quickly and irregularly . The weapons of the dwarves – the hammers and giant axes – are not compatible against the spiders though .


One of the dwarves near me looks like he got bitten and is holding his arm . I swing my spear from below to knock back the spider, who is coming to attack again, and then bisect the spider in midair .

「Are you alright?」

「T-this is……uu, guguguguguu……」

The wound itself seems to only reach the flesh, but the man starts to foam at the mouth and faints in agony .

「Be careful, they’re poisonous!!」

Balbano shouts . You should say that kind of stuff in advance .

「Celia, don’t get hurt . Be careful!!」


Celia rolls down her cloak below her thighs and takes out her short sword, throwing it around as if she was dancing . It’s difficult to kill them in one strike, but if she aims for the spiders hanging on the ceiling and drops them to the ground so they can be hit, it makes things a little easier .

「Watch out!! 」

There are two on the right, one on the left and one behind . As if matching their timing, they jump altogether, but I’m thankful they did that .


After holding my breath, I exhale all at once and swing my spear all around me . I can hear the sound of their soft flesh getting hit, and all four large spiders are instantly flung away . Three of them collide into a wall and get smashed, while the last one gets flung into a furnace and makes a dying screech unbearable to my ears .

「Is it over now!?」

I roar after I swing my spear down with all my might on the motionless spider and smash it to pieces . The spider’s fluids are disgusting, but at least they’re better than a human’s entrails .

The surrounding dwarves also cheer and seems to be regaining their spirit as they finish off the spiders one after the other . The ones who got poisoned are dragged to the back and alcohol is poured in their mouths . They use alcohol for everything, don’t they .

「There’s no end to them . What should we do?」

「The hole they’re breaking out of should be further up ahead! The cave-in might be connected to this hell . 」

I don’t really get what’s going on, but it’s up ahead, right? If the poison is enough to make a bulky dwarf collapse, then it will definitely be bad if Celia gets wounded . I have to deal with this fast .

With Balbano’s guidance, we advance further and reach a small plaza-like place with a slightly high ceiling . But there is a large sinkhole in the center of the room and most of the room has become filled with holes . The bottom of the hole is pitch black and I can’t tell how many of them there are .

「Is it here ……? This hole has opened all the way to hell! 」

With a disgusting fidgeting sound from the hole, the large spiders climb out .

「What should we do? Should we throw some fire in there?」

「That hell hole is large . It would be meaningless if we do that……we have to seal the hole……」

Stabbing the spiders that climb up and flinging them back down into the hole, Balbano heads above my head . Celia slices off the two forelegs of the one spider that turns back and stabs the head with her sword . Hurry up, Celia’s going to get hurt .

「Alright…… over there…… oh no!!」

When I thought Balbano found something, he turns towards me and his short legs are sent flying .

Getting a bad feeling, he grabs onto Celia and rolls backward . A moment later, something strange grows out of the hole and skewers one of the soldiers of the escort unit .

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The poor soldier doesn’t know what is going on as his stomach gets pierced through his armor and is dragged down into the hole .

「That thing is……oh no . 」

I figured out the identity of that unknown thing instantly . That was a giant spider’s leg……something incomparable to all the large spiders we’ve seen up until this point, an enormous spider that could be as large as 5 m .

「This is……」

Celia and Balbano seem to be at a loss for words . From first glance, it doesn’t look like it would be an opponent a human could win against . In order to defeat it, we need an open space and an army .

「No time to talk about luxuries . 」

If I let something like this back behind me, the other dwarves will be wiped out in an instant, and then Leah and the others will be in danger . I have no choice but to finish it off here .

I resolve myself and take a stance with my spear . My weapon really seems small at 3 meters compared to that huge thing .

「Can you do it!?」

「I’ll have to try . 」

After just saying that, I charge forward and swing at the spider’s forelegs . I felt the impact but its large size prevented me from splitting it apart . In a flash, countless legs come at me, but I block two hits while avoiding the rest of them .

The tips of the legs I dodged are swung down at me again but when I rolled out of the way, its fangs come for me next .


I reflexively slice at the spider’s head, but since there wasn’t much power behind that attack, it was far from being a fatal wound . This thing is annoying .

It is an opponent with eight legs after all . It uses four of them to support its body while it uses the remaining four legs to attack, whereas I only have one spear . Not to mention its attacks can inflict fatal wounds through armor as it just finished demonstrating with my subordinate . If only I had one more weapon .

「Balbano, lend me your axe . 」

「Axe? ……Alright . 」

Seeing how I don’t have much breathing room, he doesn’t ask anything else and tosses his giant axe over . The super heavy object falls straight into the ground and makes a dull thud .

「Here I go, monster . 」

I switch my spear over to my left hand and hold the large axe with my right hand . My spear is already heavy but the axe is more than twice as heavy . It’s really tiresome to support each weapon using only one hand, but unlike the time Balbano and I compared strength, my life is at stake here . Besides, this amount of weight should be enough to finish this thing off .

I rush in with my large spear and axe . I evade the swinging forelegs without getting hit and swing my ax with all my strength at one of the legs that stood in place . With a crunching sound similar to when a thick tree trunk splits, one of its legs is torn off .

「That’s one down!」

I approach the screeching giant spider even closer as I brush away the attacking legs . I intercept another leg swinging down from above my head with my axe, but because I was in a bad position, it digs halfway into the leg and stops . But I’m not done yet . I strike the axe with my spear and forcefully cut my way through the limb .

「That’s the second!」

However, it was then that the remaining two legs attacked me at the same time and although I intercept and block the attack with my weapons, I was knocked back . I crash into the wall and I feel the wind getting knocked out of me .


Celia hurls a sword instead of her short dagger, but the thick skin of its body prevents it from getting stabbed . You should just be good and wait . I won’t die yet .

A leg swings down to finish me off but I use my axe to split apart the limb vertically, then let the last leg swing-and-miss before grabbing it with my bare hands and squeezing . The hairy leg should be the most unpleasant feeling but somehow I’m starting to get use to it .


While continuing to hold the leg, I twist in the opposite direction of the joint, snapping the leg with a crisp, wet sound .

「That’s four! Is it over!?」

But the gigantic spider turns towards me while writhing in pain and uses all its effort to charge . It is using its fangs instead of its legs now……I might possibly have to crush its entire body .

「That’s fine though . I can reach you with my blade like that . 」

It’s so huge that I couldn’t attack anything but its legs if it was just standing, but now that the fangs are being used, its head should get closer too . Let’s settle this .

I hurl my spear at the charging enemy to get the jump on it . The spear roughly hit its mark and sticks into the head of the spider, but because of the hard exoskeleton, it doesn’t penetrate all the way through and isn’t a fatal wound . But that’s fine .

The spear is stabbed in between its eyes, causing the enemy to stop its movements for a brief moment and allowing me to run up and tackle it . It would be meaningless to do so on its main body so I aim to ram against the handle of the protruding spear .

Half of the 3-meter spear is buried in the arachnid’s head accompanied by an ear-shattering shriek . The giant spider writhes in pain, but it isn’t over yet .

I let go of my spear and swing the large axe with both hands .

I take a deep breath before leaping, then swing down my weapon with the full force of my body on top of the large spider’s head .

The strange screaming echoing in the cave stops suddenly and the large body of the spider crumbles slowly to the ground . Its head split open with a crack and a flood of green liquid flows out . Losing its strength, the giant spider slides down to the bottom of the hole .

Oh crap, it carried my spear along for the ride . I liked that one too .

A silence surrounds everyone around me . Neither Balbano nor Celia nor any of the escort unit soldiers utters a word . We still haven’t even controlled the situation yet though .

「Are you going to hurry and do something about the hole? If another of the same species comes out, I’m also going to run . 」

My words bring them back to reality and Balbano rushes to the front . He is holding a large axe, which looks more like a hammer .

「This crack……is it here?!」

Balbano jumps skillfully with his short legs and bashes a point on the ceiling with his hammer . When he did so, rocks start to split and shatter and shards of the stones start falling from above our heads .

「I’m caving this room in! Go outside!」

Everyone hurries outside the room and the ceiling simultaneously crumbles, with countless rocks falling down to fill the hole . The cave-in continues for a while until the room eventually becomes entirely buried in rocks and dirt .

「The hole is sealed……all we have to do is to plaster something to solidify it and we won’t have to worry about it anymore . 」

「That’s the most important . I’m so tired . 」

I stretch out my arms and legs and let Celia strip off my armor, who desperately checks to see if I got injured . I could use a little alcohol right about now .

「So ultimately, what were those things?」

I feel like lazing around and chatting until Celia finishes her inspection .

「In the depths of the mountain……there lies an abyss way deeper than the tunnel we have burrowed through . That abyss spreads out infinitely underground where the entire area is packed with unknown monsters . 」

He adds that there hasn’t been anyone who has come back after seeing it .

「There are rare cases in which the hole that leads to that abyss ends up connecting with the tunnel . Nevertheless, the abyss is deep and monsters shouldn’t be able to climb up so easily……」

「Spiders can climb up though . 」

「My friend, it would have been a horrible catastrophe if you weren’t here . The dwarves here may have all been killed . 」

「That is also fate . 」

I didn’t put my life on the line for their sake . I intended just to protect Celia and the others, but the end result is the same .

Celia finishes my treatment and after she confirms there are no major injuries, I re-clothe myself . Besides the single soldier who got killed, the escort unit didn’t suffer too many major injuries either .

「Did the guy who died earlier have any family?」

「Yes . 」

I recall seeing his wife sending him off . 1

Balbano lowers his head .

「Something horrible happened due to my ineptitude . I will make amends . 」

This may also be fate . The other nine are still alive . 2 It just means he had bad luck .

「You also lost your spear . 」


If that was the Dual Crater, Nonna would be sobbing . In that sense, I am still quite fortunate .

Balbano stands up energetically . His legs are short so his height didn’t change much .

「Alright! The dwarves will make you a new weapon, pal! What would you like? An Axe? A war hammer?」

「No, a spear is fine . I don’t face off against a monster every time after all . 」

Their axes are way too heavy to use against a human opponent .

「I see……I understand . When will you be coming here again?」

It would be after I go to the mountain nation territory .

「I don’t know the exact date but it will be around a week . 」

「One round? Where will you go around?」3

「……about the time you finish 20 meals . 」

「Alright . We’ll have it ready for you then . 」

Balbano slams his manly chest once with his fist .

「Make it as sturdy as you can . I don’t care about the detailed ornaments or fancy additions . 」

It would be just like jewelled spear I received from the King . Just recently, I tried swinging it out of curiosity but it bent slightly . If I bent it the opposite direction, I don’t think anyone will find out .

「Dwarves only create sturdy things . Sturdy and heavy!」

That’s right up my alley . I look forward to it .

「Then let’s finish this soon . To celebrate driving that thing away, let’s drink buckets full of alcohol!!」

「Ooooooh!!」「To our new friend!」「To our strong friend!!」

After expelling the spider that snuck out of the hole, the dwarves bring a large metallic pot filled with alcohol and the grand party begins .

「Give the injured some alcohol!」「Give the poisoned some alcohol!」「Let’s drink to our victory!」

The big party continues for the whole night; Celia faints just from the smell and Leah falls over after a single sip . Adolph drinks one cup of alcohol, then turns pale and vomits in the corner .

This is pretty absurd but I prefer it to be lively . I feel sorry for the dead soldier but even if we act depressed, it’s not like he would come back to life .

「My human friend, I heard you’re quite the ladies’ man . 」

All of a sudden, one of the dwarves talk to me while holding alcohol in one hand . I wonder what’s up .

「How about it, she’s a widow and desires to be with a man . Would you like to enjoy her for the night?」

Is that person you brought with you……a woman? She stares at me with a slightly feverish gaze .

「A female dwarf is nice too . Unlike humans, their flesh is packed tightly together and they’re heavy . 」

It’s unusual for heavy to be a compliment for a woman . I guess it’s the large difference in cultures, since this widow also has quite the thick body hair and quite an incredible figure . If Irijina is compressed vertically and becomes much hairier, would she look like this? Perhaps because of the harsh liquor, I also felt that this could be a fresh experience .

「Use the room over there . 」

The man motions with his finger and smiles, then I take the woman by the hand and enter the room .

The next day, the heavy female is using my arm as a pillow and sleeping with a blushing face .

Her chest hair is touching me ……it feels like ever since I got here, I’ve had some sort of connection with hairy things .

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett . 22 years old . Winter .
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count . Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area of Goldonia . King of the Mountains
Troops Commanded: Private Army – Escort Unit: 50, Others: still reorganizing
Assets: 9000 gold (labor -100) Loan: 20 000 gold
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Large spear
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (pregnant concubine), Melissa (lover), Maria (pregnant lover), Rita (head maid), Catherine (lover), Myla (lover), Leah (Self-declared Sex Slave), Yoguri (NEET), Casie (ghost), Sebastian (butler), Miti (lover), Alma, Kroll
Off on their own: Pipi (follower), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio (son), Kuu, Ruu, Rose (foster)
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (commander), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Claire & Laurie (official merchant), Schwartz (horse)
Sexual Partners: 89, children who have been born: 9