Overgeared - Chapter 1097

Published at 23rd of September 2019 05:05:02 AM

Chapter 1097: 1097

For the two billion Satisfy players, there was one memory commonly engraved in their minds—Grid’s strength .  Among them, it was his ‘attack power . ’ People didn’t forget the day when this Asian person appeared on the world stage for the first time .  He defeated great demons and annihilated the rankers in the National Competition .  Grid’s unparalleled damage set new standards and targets for the two billion players .

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Now the orc lord Teruchan .

“I! Guruk! Want to! Win!”

He remained steadfast despite allowing Grid’s sword dances that even the great demons shrank back against .  He fought against Grid with a ragged body that didn’t fall and he didn’t know how to give up .  Still, it was funny .  He had 100,000 elite troops yet he insisted on a one-on-one match to the very end .  He was foolish and stupid .

Even so, few people laughed at Teruchan .  His attitude of respect for manners and honor attracted people .

Shortly after Grid summoned the blue dragon, the breaking news reports called it one of the ‘four sacred creatures’ of the East Continent .  In response to Teruchan’s call, Grid descended to the ground and used speed and movements never seen before .  Unlike the previous days when he faced his opponent with his attack power and defense, he moved lightly and took the upper hand with his body .  

In particular, his footwork was dominating .  He countlessly did the steps of the sword dances and was unusually proficient in using his lower body .

Guruk . . . !

Teruchn’s broadsword was blocked by Grid’s use of his legs .  Grid’s speed as he chased after Teruchan was like an arrow that already left the bowstring .

Kick the enemy, chase, strike, and step back .

During this process, Grid’s combat methods as he was protected by the God Hands were lethal .  It was hell for his opponent .  In a word, he was fighting well .  Who laughed at his control? The times when Grid was still lacking faded from the viewers’ memories .  They gradually fell for Grid .  Teruchan might’ve attracted the public’s favor with his charming personality but Grid dominated the masses with his irresistible power .

-Holy shit! Show me a bit closer!!

The viewers concentrating on the battle started to spit out harsh profanities .  Grid and Teruchan’s movements were too fast to capture and their collisions so destructive that it caused the cameras to shake or fly away .  It was why the cameras of the broadcasters chose to shoot from a distance despite not delivering enough of the situation to the viewers .  

As a result, Grid and Teruchan’s appearance became smaller until they were like dots .  They could read the overall battle better but the two people’s expressions and breathing couldn’t be seen, causing the liveliness to drop significantly .  

-The cameramen are too incompetent .  If the problem is the camera shaking, go close enough to see with your eyes and send that video .  Tsk .

-Don’t you know that streamers died doing that?

-They have to challenge it even if its dangerous .  They can hit the jackpot if they take the video correctly .

-More cameramen already seem to be challenging it .  99 . 9% are unable to access due to the orcs or are killed in the explosions .

-In any case, if they record in this state, you can zoom in later .  Look here .

If a broadcaster or private broadcaster requested certification, the S . A Group would contract with them and provide various broadcasting items .  It was why there were so many broadcasts related to Satisfy .  A typical example was a drone camera .  In a form that NPCs couldn’t recognize, they flew quickly and broadcasted the situation of Satisfy .

However, the small size meant it was vulnerable to shock and the functions were limited in an extreme environment like now .  Therefore, popular broadcasters such as Bunny Bunny rushed to the scene .  They broadcast the scene directly with their own eyes, providing viewers with a high level of realism and solid information . Compared with the cameras, getting closer to the subject was overcome by choosing the assassin class .

-Uh . . . ?

The disgruntled viewers watching the broadcast felt their eyes widen .  From the time since Grid used the Fly magic .  No, the electric currents that started to hover around Grid from the time he rose in the sky in a different way from the Fly magic were now burning completely white .

Lightning .  There was a ridiculous optical illusion that Grid himself had become lightning . . .

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『 . . . !? 』

The community, including the audience chat windows, were quiet . It was as if the Internet around the world had been disconnected at the same time . All the posts and chat windows stopped updating .  Even the broadcast commentators and experts were silent .

Grid disappeared with a flash and penetrated through Teruchan’s defenses .  There was a sound like thunder and a fountain of blood spurted from Teruchan’s chest .

Keok . . . ! Cough!

The giant, standing there like a great mountain, shook .  Experts said ‘I think he has exceeded the player’s maximum speed’ as their eyes kept losing their place despite persistently tracking Grid’s speed .  However—

“I . . . ! Warrior! Guruk! I’m a warrior before I’m a lord! Kurruk! I! Fight!”

His hands didn’t let go of his broadsword .  Teruchan roared and swung the broadsword randomly through the air .  Then suddenly, he rushed back to catch Grid, rotating and kicking .  Grid’s speed seemed lightning fast but it was only an illusion created from the perception .

[Lightning God Lv . 1]

A conditional passive .

Assimilate with the breath of the blue dragon .

Once you reach the maximum speed, there is a low chance that your body will turn into lightning . At this point, all attacks are converted to lightning . Every time you hit the target, a lot of mana is burned (10% of the total mana) .  

You are immune to all physical attacks, but you will take twice the damage from magic attacks without any defense or resistance . It also leaves a current that deals 10 times the damage in your movement path . The duration of the electric current is 2 seconds .

It won’t be released until the speed drops and will be released immediately once you deviate from the maximum speed .

* If you die while the Lightning God is active, the wrath of the blue dragon will occur .

* Skills attached to myth rated items can be upgraded .  

There was no speed buff involved with the Lightning God skill .  It was just possible to deceive the target’s senses due to the bright appearance and loud sound effects from the ‘lightning’ setting .  Teruchan and the viewers were forced to be under the mistaken impression that Grid was really lightning fast .

However, this only lasted for a moment .  Teruchan saw through its essence and his intense counterattack poured out .  The incandescent Grid was cut by the broadsword and repeatedly stabbed .

-Wow .

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-Is it dangerous?

The stopped chat windows quickly updated .  The viewers who had been watching Grid for years had grown attached to him without realizing it .  Meanwhile, Teruchan was an opponent they had just met .  He wasn’t a player .  Despite Teruchan’s great charm, few people wanted Grid to lose to him .

-Yes, Grid will die .

-It is cool .

Of course, not everyone was the same . Some people were jealous of Grid and felt delighted .

- . . . . ??

Their smiles didn’t last long .  Teruchan’s broadsword might be slicing at Grid but Grid didn’t shed a single drop of blood .


Was it an illusion? What type of magic had he already suffered? Teruchan panicked when he cut Grid several times but couldn’t feel it . He nervously swung the broadsword faster but Grid was like the moon in the pond . He couldn’t be cut .

Kung! Kung kung!

Teruchan swung his broadsword while snorting . He was eager to find Grid’s real body .

“ . . . !”

A chill went down Teruchan’s spine .  It was because Grid’s smell came from the illusion in front of him .  That’s right .  This wasn’t an illusion .  It was real .

“100,000 Army . ”

Utilizing the Lightning God’s ability to nullify physical attacks, Grid used Item Combination, which had cooled down during Teruchan’s onslaught, and joined Belial’s Staff and the Enlightenment Sword again .

“Massacre Sword . ”

The swordsmanship of Undefeated King Madra .  The 30 slashes amplified by lightning struck Teruchan .  It was a timeless cut, like 30 swordsmen were wielding their swords at the same time .  The 100,000 Army Swordsmanship contained a mystery that even Teruchan, who pursued extreme physical strength, couldn’t imagine .


He felt pure admiration and decided it was better to defend than confront it . He hastily activated a skill to harden his skin .

“ . . . !?”

The skill wasn’t activated .  It was because his mana had been burned by the Lightning Incarnation passive during his fight with Grid .  

Teruchan destroyed exactly eight of the 30 slashes .  It was a great achievement done with only his physical strength .  There were no skills .  He neutralized the Undefeated King’s skill with basic attacks? Grid was convinced by his opponent .

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Name: Grid

Level: 403

Health: 152,540   Mana: 41,844   Sword Energy: 1,200

Strength: 3,590(+480)   Stamina: 2,197(+800)

Agility: 3,190(+430)   Intelligence: 2,657(+830)

Dexterity: 5,167(+980)   Persistence: 1,632(+430)

Composure: 1,188(+430)   Indomitable: 1,423(+540)

Dignity: 2,096(+430)   Insight: 1,986(+430)

Courage: 1,242(+430)   Political Power: 181(+430)

Demonic power: 31,590

Good luck: 631

Deity: 7

Remaining Stat Points: 590

As could be seen from the status window, Grid’s total strength exceeded 4,000 with the help of various titles . His strength coefficient had also increased since level 400 .  Additionally, Grid enjoyed increased stats thanks to his fighting energy accumulating as well as the extra damage from the courage stat .  There was also the +4 enhancement of the Enlightenment Sword .

In conclusion, Grid’s overall damage was equivalent to a very good field boss .  He was able to use legendary skills so it was accurate to say he was more powerful than a boss monster .

However, Teruchan competed against Grid without any skills .  It was also with an old broadsword .  Since Teruchan was calibrated by the system as the peak of his species and his physical ability surpassed Grid, it wasn’t impossible for Teruchan to neutralize the skill with basic attacks .

“I like you more and more . ”

He seemed to be facing the limits .  Teruchan’s breathing was very rough after 100,000 Army Massacre Sword .  The end of the fight was coming .

[The duration of Blackening is over . ]

[All stats will return to normal figures . ]

[The maximum speed has fallen and the Lightning God has been released . ]

The collected demonic energy and lightning dissipated .  Grid returned to his original form and pushed back his sweat and blood soaked hair .  He soared up with a handsome forehead and sharp eyes .

‘Grid should’ve appeared in the Demon King’s Subjugation with his original appearance . That would’ve made him an even darker great demon . ’

This was what a famous Hollywood actress wrote on social media .  There was a story that she was rushed to the hospital after getting a billion likes and becoming too happy, but let’s skip that because it wasn’t important .  The most important thing was . . .

“A warrior’s spirit . . . !”

Grid’s ferocious appearance was liked by Teruchan .

[The title ‘Pangea’s Duke of Virtue’ is activated!]

“ . . . ??”

It was a title that had a certain probability of sparing a monster when hunting .  In other words, the target had to be pushed to the brink of death .  Why did Pangea’s Duke of Virtue appear at this timing? Grid was startled .  He belatedly noticed that Teruchan had fainted with eyes wide open .  No matter what Grid tried, the remaining two-tenths of Teruchan’s health were running out fast .

“Look! Open your eyes! Don’t die!”

- . . . Just let him go .

-Grid seems to have a new hobby .

-Not letting him die after all that?

The viewers clicked their tongues as Grid clutched and shook the dying orc lord .