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Overgeared - Chapter 1121

Published at 11th of November 2019 09:30:04 PM

Chapter 1121

[The Overgeared Kingdom and the elf species have signed an alliance . ]


“Why is this happening?”

The numerous players and reporters .  They all stiffened like statues as they searched the World Tree’s Forest for the site of Resh’s broadcast, which cut off at the critical moment .  The sight of tens of thousands of humans across the continent stopping at the same time were scenes that would be talked about for a long time in the future between the S . A Group’s staff .  The title of the scene was ‘Statues of Fools . ’


The reporters hurried out of the game .  Those who were judged to be in ‘combat’ and couldn’t log out still forced the logout, even if it meant dying .  Didn’t everyone know the nature of the elves? The news about the Overgeared Kingdom allying with the elves was something that couldn’t be missed .


“Wow, the Overgeared Kingdom is doing as well as always . ”

Pearl Island .  It was a place where only the traces of a country lost a long time ago remained .  This was the stage of the 1st National Competition’s PvP event and one man and one woman were fighting side-by-side .  The female’s ID was Jishuka and the male’s ID was Bondre .  They didn’t seem to have a good relationship .

“Isn’t an alliance with the elves beyond the standard? Is there a genius in diplomacy in the Overgeared Kingdom? Or . . . ”

The air froze .  The transparent particles gathered together in a flash to complete the shape .  The moment the barrier of ice was erected, a rusty iron sword stuck into it .

‘Shit . ’

Bondre’s expression stiffened .  A chill went down his spine at the thought that it would’ve pierced his face if his reaction had been a bit slower .  The iron blade unleashed a storm of energy blades .  The magic that Bondre used to confront this contained ‘ice’ as the basis .

Bondre repeatedly used magic that was merely an act of ‘making ice’ and struck the iron sword’s energy blades, which was very effective . The iron blade’s accurate trajectory was twisted slightly .  Bondre avoided a serious injury several times, sipped a potion, and continued .

“Or is Grid simply just good at picking people? He had placated the orc lord so the naive elves would simply be easy for him . Isn't that right?”

By now, Grid would be enjoying the elves .  This was the meaning .  Bondre was clearly taunting Jishuka .  It was to vent his anger .  It was Jishuka who put him in the current crisis .

“ . . . ”

Jishuka was silent .  Her arms trembled as she concentrated to the limit .  It was a charging process to maximize the power of her arrow .

Che .

He wanted to resolve his anger but she didn’t give him any room .  Annoyed by Jishuka’s unshakable appearance, Bondre clicked his tongue .  He was stabbed in the shoulder and pointed his hand at the death knight rushing in front of him .

“Absolute Zero . ”

Pearl Island entered an ice age .  The environment changed .  Everything around Bondre was frozen and he stood on the back of a gigantic mountain of ice .

Pant pant .

In front of the breathless Bondre, the death knight stopped as it was about to wield its sword .  However, this wasn’t a phenomenon that lasted forever .  Bondre gritted his teeth .

‘Dammit, I have no luck . ’

He hadn’t heard of any boss monsters here on Pearl Island .  It had been an hour of struggling and all his resources were consumed .  There seemed to be no hope .  He would soon be killed .  It was because that wicked woman Jishuka pushed the enemy to his side .

It happened as Bondre was thinking this .

“Don’t look at me like that . We can catch it if we join forces . ”


In the world that had turned to ice, Jishuka was able to escape the ice due to being in a party with Bondre and she finally fired her bow .  Then the fiercely rotating red arrow started to collapse the icy world .  The arrow pierced through the ice in the way, reached the death knight, and instantly smashed the death knight’s skull .

[The specter of Lion Castle, Deodore has been destroyed . ]

[Your level has risen . ]

[Your level has risen . ]

[The party leader ‘Jishuka’ has acquired Specter Knight’s Gaiters . ]

[The party member ‘Bondre’ has acquired Specter Knight’s Headgear . ]

[The party member ‘Bondre’ has acquired Skillbook: Mana Arrow]

[The party leader ‘Jishuka’ has acquired Magic Book: Ice Tray . ]

“Wow! It’s amazing!”

Bondre cheered wildly .  He was so excited that he clapped hands with Jishuka, who he had been hostile to until now .  He thought he was going to die so he was ecstatic about succeeding in the raid .

Kuek . . .

Bondre quickly regained his rationality and took an awkward step back . He frowned and grumbled, “Dammit . I am the magician . Why did the magic book go to you?”

“We can swap . I will give you the magic book so give me the skill book . ”

“I think the price of Mana Arrow is much higher . ”

“Are you obsessed with materialistic values? We fought for our lives together so we should get along . ”

“Nonsense . ”

Tsk tsk, you should live in South Korea . ”

“South Korea? Hat, I’ll never visit Grid’s country again in the future . ”

Bondre was once France’s top ranked player .  However, he had been on a downward trend after losing to Grid in four seconds at the 1st National Competition .  His guild was disbanded after Faker killed all the guild members, he lost to Grid again at the 2nd National Competition, and he was PKed by Agnus . . .

It would be a lie to say that Bondre didn’t have a grudge against Grid and the Overgeared Kingdom . Bondre was reluctant to be friendly with Jishuka .  Even so, he knew .  His defeat to Grid was purely due to his lack of skill and he had been arrogant regarding Faker .  It was shameful to forever hold a grudge against them . Rather, the incident where he raided the Overgeared Kingdom as part of the Seven Guilds was an act that could be condemned by them .

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Sigh . . .  That's it . Just take it and get out of here . Let’s not get tangled up twice over this . ”

Bondre pressed the ‘accept’ button of the trading window that Jishuka created .

The trade of the Ice Tray and Mana Arrow, which had a market value difference of at least three times, had been completed .

Jishuka grinned at her good fortune .

“I’m in your debt . I’ll pay you back later . ”

“No need . Didn’t I say not to get tangled up in this?”

“You show a cold shoulder to kindness . ”

“It isn’t kindness, it is an apology . In the first place, I wouldn’t have been successful without you . ”

“Yes, I couldn’t have succeeded without you either . So thank you . ”

“ . . . ”

They met here by chance .  They had naturally hunted separately without cooperating with each other .  Then the death knight appeared and Jishuka brought the death knight to Bondre’s location .  Naturally, Bondre started swearing .  Naturally, he had refused Jishuka’s offer of a party .  However, he was forced to accept after they both died several times .  Then the memories weren’t so bad once a good result came out .

“Bondre, you’ve really become strong . ”

It was safe to describe him as the ‘Faker of magicians . ’ Bondre’s control far exceeded the realm of common sense .  In particular, his control when creating ice to shift the trajectory of the incoming attack was unbelievable even when she saw it with her own eyes . It was almost a miracle .

“It is the same for you . ”

Bondre also acknowledged Jishuka’s skills .  They had accumulated enough damage in the one hour battle but Deodore was still a death knight over level 400 .  Yet she blew his skull away . . .

He didn’t know the exact nature of that charging archery but once it was charged for more than 10 seconds, it even exceeded Grid’s attack power .  It was a correct assessment since he had watched Grid’s battle with the orc lord many times .

‘Is it possible to charge for minutes? I can’t imagine how high the destructive power will rise . . . ’

“By the way, why did you come here to hunt?”

Just before Bondre left the party, he stopped and asked a question .  He was curious .  The biggest advantage of the Overgeared Guild was that they could hunt in the vampire cities around Reidan . It was easy to hunt so he couldn’t understand why she was alone in this remote place .  It was hard to believe that she was aiming for the boss raid from the start .

Jishuka was an archer .  She could never raid a boss on her own .  If she had been aiming for a raid then she would’ve come here with her colleagues, not alone .

Jishuka shrugged .  “I’m training . ”

“Training . . . that's good . "

Bondre laughed . He felt a sense of kinship since he was in the same position as her .

“I’m sorry for saying bullshit earlier . I know that you like Grid so I said it to anger you . ”

Yes, in a word, it was bullshit .  It was impossible to transform an alliance between nations into a pure male thing .  Jishuka’s thoughts were different .

“What if your guess is right? It is highly likely that Grid is attracted to the elves . ”

“ . . . Bullshit . ”

“I’m telling the truth . You should know how popular Grid is . ”

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“If this is true, isn’t it bad for you? Grid might be having some fun with the elves right now . ”

“It’s a game . ”

“ . . . ?”

“I don’t care who Grid meets in the game . Rather, I welcome the accumulated experience . ”

Satisfy was different from reality .  In reality, Jishuka had no intention of conceding Grid to anyone but she didn’t want to restrain Grid in Satisfy .  

" . . . You are an open South American . ”

“I liked Grid when he was already a married man . I’m not in a position to argue . ”

“I see . . . ”

Bondre was strangely convinced and left .  Jishuka was left alone and looked at the notification window .

[You are eligible to surpass the legendary archer Povia . ]

[It is recommended to visit the World Tree’s Forest . ]

[The 12 Te or the ruler of the elves will give you an important hint . ]

“That’s it . ”

Jishuka had long been qualified to become Povia’s Descendant .  She had refused because Povia wasn’t the strongest .  Povia was only in the middle according to the rating of the previous legends .  Jishuka wanted to carve out a better path than Povia’s Descendant .

On this starry night, the 10 meritorious retainers scattered across the continent were developing .  They met powerful enemies, felt frustration, overcame them, and developed their skills while developing many relationships .



Grid embraced Irene after returning with the knights and Beniyaru . He was generally good at expressing affection but it was seriously too much today . He kissed Irene without any awareness of the ordinary players still wandering around the city gates .

“Ke ong is waiting for you . ”

Lauel finally spoke and Grid nodded .

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“Yes . Would you like to come with me?”

“No . I don’t want to interfere with your public affairs . ”

“You aren’t interfering at all . Let’s go together . ”

Grid held Irene’s hand and led her into the castle .  Grid noticed the wrinkles around Irene’s eyes were a bit deeper but didn’t show any reaction . He was afraid and resented the approaching time but he would do his best to love her every moment .

“Amazing . ”

Grid marveled as he returned to the castle after a long time .  The Overgeared Palace was becoming larger and more gorgeous than before . It was amazing that the interior was both focused on aesthetics and efficiency .

'It is scary how much easier things have become . ’

This was architecture .  Grid looked over every inch and was seriously troubled .

‘If I learn the architecture skill . . . will I be able to use the imperial palace’s blueprint?’

A blueprint of the imperial palace that he obtained thanks to former Emperor Juander .  It was a huge hidden item that could be compared to the deteriorated version of Pagma’s Rare Book .  The condition of use for the blueprint was being an architect and opening it gave craftsmanship level architecture .  This meant that if Grid learnt Beginner Architecture then he could quickly become a craftsman .

Still, Grid had to be cautious .  He couldn’t jump to rash conclusions .  It was like a deteriorated version of Pagma’s Rare Book .  It had astronomical value .  He couldn’t be blinded by his greed of the moment . The value was too high for him to master .  He had to use it as a carrot when recruiting a person he needed .

‘It isn’t normal for me to construct a building . ’

A blacksmith took several days to create an item while an architect took weeks to months . How could Grid act as an architect when he already lacked time to make items and hunt? It was a pointless luxury .

‘I just need to learn enough to be able to build a small smithy . ’

Could he learn it?

Grid gulped nervously and approached Ke ong, who was trimming a stone in the distance . He then asked in a blunt manner, “Is it possible for me to learn architecture?”

“It seems Your Majesty has thought of a way . ”

Ke ong had a strange personality but he was clever .  He had stated that a portable smithy was impossible . The moment he heard Grid speak about learning architecture, he saw that Grid had an idea .

“Do you want to build a smithy with the mineral you created?”

“ . . . That’s right . ”

Greed could move on its own and had infinite power .  There were no flight requirements or advancements needed when building a smithy out of Greed .  Ke ong shook his head .  "Unfortunately, it's not possible . A blacksmith can’t learn architecture quickly because the work is completely different . ”

“I have confidence in my dexterity . Is there any possibility based on that?”

"Building doesn’t only need dexterity . It is a very mathematical approach that requires different talents . ”

Eventually, the truth was revealed .  The reason why Ke ong was able to do this construction work was because he was a dwarf and it had nothing to do with blacksmithing .

“I see . . . ”

Grid was greatly disappointed .  A moving, flying fortress . . . no, smithy .  He thought he would be able to ride it around the world without needing extra control or power but his imagination was ended .  Grid was feeling a deep sense of loss when Ke ong spoke meaningful words, “By the way, do you know? I don’t think the architecture technique is needed to make a smithy out of Greed . ”

“ . . . ?!”

Grid pricked his ears .