Overgeared - Chapter 113

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Chapter 113
Chapter 113

Approximately 10 minutes later . After hammering a few times while squatting in front of the lava, Grid stood up and cheered .

“Good! It’s complete!”

Jishuka and Vantner asked from where they were watching on the side .

“Already? What is it?”

It wasn’t possible to know the identity of the item made by Grid . Who would imagine a small cylindrical object with two wires attached was a key?

“Watch . ”

Grid confidently entered the cave . Then he chose the old wooden box among the two remaining and he placed the wire… No, he inserted the key .


Due to making numerous items, Grid’s dexterity was now over 1,600 . Considering that Khan was known as the best blacksmith in the north and he had around 600 dexterity, Grid’s dexterity was unique . And the Master Key was an item affected by dexterity . As long as Grid used this key, there was no lock that couldn’t be opened .


The rusty padlock on the old wooden box was released with a loud sound . Then a bright purple light came from the open box .


Grid cheered as he verified what was inside the box .

[Braham’s Boots]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 140/150 Defense: 130

Movement Speed: +10%

* 20% reduction in skill cooldown time .

* The skill ‘Fly’ will be generated .

Boots that Great Magician Braham loved .

The boots go to just below the knee, but they aren’t inconvenient because they are made of griffon leather .

The black iron guards gives off a wonderful appearance and has high defense . The pattern of silver embroidered clouds adds a classic charm .

It is imbued with Braham’s mysterious magic .

User Restriction: Level 240 or higher .

Weight: 50

Pagma’s Swordsmanship was made up of the strongest skill tree . But each skill had a fatal drawback in the long cooldown time . In particular, Kill and Transcend were the two most powerful skills, but their cooldown time was too long . Therefore, they couldn’t be used efficiently .

The option of a 20% reduction in skill cooldown time on Braham’s Boots was like a brilliant light for Grid .

‘Furthermore, Fly magic is attached…’

Wasn’t Fly an exclusive skill of a few magicians?


Summons invisible wings of magic power to fly like a bird .

Flying speed is proportional to the caster’s magic power . There are no restrictions on height, but be careful about oxygen deficiency .

Skill Mana Cost: 2 per second .


Vantner enthusiastically urged Grid .

“Please share the information about the boots with me!”

Vantner saw that the boots inside the chest clearly had a high value . He wanted to know their performance . Jishuka was the same . She didn’t ask directly like Vantner, but her intensely shining eyes expressed her curiosity . She looked very cute trying to restrain herself .

“Heh… If you are curious about what I have gained…”

Grid shared the item information with a boastful expression . Both people saw it and freaked out .

“Heok… Fly?”

Magicians had to have their second advancement to acquire flying magic . A user needed to be at least level 200 to get their second advancement . In other words, it meant the number of magicians who had learned flying magic at this point could be counted on one hand .

Yet anyone who wore these boots could use Fly? It was an extremely rare item!

“These shoes are really amazing . I can only admire it . ”

“Being able to fly… The options attached are really great . The defense is also excellent, so anyone would covet these boots . ” Vantner’s words were sincere . “Can you sell it to me? I have a lot of money . I will buy it for an expensive price . Yes?”

Imagine it! The ability to fly freely in the sky! It was a rare opportunity to buy a privilege that only senior magicians could enjoy . Vantner sincerely wanted Braham’s Boots . He was willing to invest a fortune .

In addition, Grid had already tasted the goodness of money . He could clearly feel people’s gazes towards him changing after he drove an expensive car . He received special treatment wherever he went . Grid was able to realize why people bragged with foreign cars and luxury bags .

‘Yes, my goal is to be rich . ’

Grid no longer wanted to live like a beggar . He would no longer experience the sadness of having no money . He made so much money that he could eat chicken whenever he wanted, and could add two eggs to ramyun if he wanted .

However, there was no need to rush . The debt was already paid and he had a stable income source . He had also bought a car already . In the end, Grid rejected Vantner’s offer .

“I’m not in a hurry for money… These shoes are very useful for me, so I don’t want to sell it right now . ”

Vantner felt regret .

“Kuk… Then it can’t be helped . ”

Braham’s Boots’s had a level limit of 240 . Grid was only level 114 so it would take him a while to wear it . But Vantner didn’t say anything else . What could he do if the owner didn’t want to sell it?

‘Maybe he won’t make my item if I irritate him…’

Grid patted the shoulder of the depressed Vantner .

“Don’t worry . Mister, I am going to make your armor, right? I’ll make a great item for you . Of course, as long as you give me a good production method . ”

Grid was confident . He had already made a unique spear and legendary sword . These words were naturally reassuring .

Vantner grinned . “That sounds good . The armor production method we have is special~ So I will believe you . But… Why are you calling me Mister? I am the same age as Pon! If you call Pon by his name, why are you calling me Mister?”

To Grid, Pon looked to be in his late 20’s . On the other hand, Vantner was at least in his 50’s . Vantner seemed like a madman whenever he insisted that he was the same age as Pon . So as usual, Grid dismissed it and approached the last remaining box .

‘The most ordinary box…’

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It wasn’t too flashy or too old, just a normal box . What was inside it?

“I shall check it!”

Destroying the giant monster and finding treasure chests! Grid was like a hero in a story . The atmosphere was full of excitement as he shouted . Then he pulled out the master key and inserted it .

Clink clink .


Grid squirming as he wriggled the wire around in the padlock was very unsightly . Jishuka became enraged as she watched him .

‘He really seems like a thief . ’

As she thought about Phoenix Arrow being used to make wires, she became more irate . It happened as Jishuka’s patience was starting to wane .


The last box finally opened . What treasure would appear?


Grid, Jishuka and Vantner gulped with anticipation and tension . Then from inside the box, a sharp streak of light struck Grid’s heart .



It was a sudden accident . Jishuka and Vantner couldn’t react . They were forced to watch as a colleague died under their noses .



An untimely blow . The speed was too quick . It struck exactly at the heart, so Grid would be fatally wounded . Jishuka was furious as she confirmed that Grid was thrown back .

“Who dares kill a guild member in front of me?”

Her sharp gaze was fixed on the iron box . Then white smoke emerged from the box . There was someone inside . Vantner pulled out his twin axes . Then he yelled from next to Jishuka .

“You! You won’t be safe after touching a Tzedakah Guild member! I’ll make you pay for killing Grid!”

As Vantner’s scream sounded through the cave, Grid jumped up from where he had been lying .

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“Why are you treating me as someone who is dead?”

“Grid? Yes?”

Jishuka and Vantner turned their heads and stared at Grid with surprise . Then they saw an egg floating in front of Grid .

“What? That egg?”

It was a really strange sight . Grid shrugged at both of them .

“I’m not sure…”

The egg that Grid obtained from the first treasure chest . The shape, color and even weight was perfectly like a normal egg . He threw it into a corner, but it flew over and protected him?

‘It isn’t an ordinary egg . ’

Grid recalled the moment when he opened the last box .

A light flashed as soon as the box open and a sharp blade of magic power aimed at his heart . Grid fully expected to die . But at that moment, the egg suddenly flew over and protected Grid from the attack .

It was fast and moved by itself! It also had excellent durability . This wasn’t a mere egg . The egg was obviously a tremendous unique item .

‘It isn’t a simple chicken egg but the egg of a mythical creature… Is such a thing possible?’

Maybe it was a dragon!

‘The egg is small, but who knows? Is there any law that a dragon egg can’t be small?’

Duguen! Duguen! Duguen!

Maybe he would be the first one to have a dragon as a pet in Satisfy . Grid’s heart thudded in anticipation and it started to resonate throughout the cave .

Then the eggshell moved! Jjejejeok! It cracked open . What type of life would hatch? Grid watched with a blank expression . The shell was completely peeled off, but the contents weren’t a living creature .

It was a lump of metal in liquid form . Yes, the lump was exactly the size of the egg . While mercury was silver, this metal was gold . It was like gold water .

“What is this?”

Susuk . Sususuk .

Grid was stunned at the lump of gold in front of him . In the meantime, someone’s shadow appeared from the box that was emitting smoke .