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Overgeared - Chapter 1136

Published at 30th of November 2019 03:40:02 PM

Chapter 1136: 1136

“If you don’t work hard to overcome the curse, you are just a worm . ”

‘Work hard . . . damn!’

Noll couldn’t refute it .  Magic Contemplation, which denied the power he inherited from their mother, was a result of Braham’s own efforts .  Noll, who relied on innate power, was ashamed of himself . He felt sorry for all the time he wasted while using the curse as an excuse .

“Braham, stop now . "

Noll’s head dropped as Braham continued the mocking and slandering .  Grid was worried the relationship between them would deteriorate uncontrollably so he stepped forward to mediate .

Then Noll puffed up his cheeks angrily and shouted at Braham, "I’ll show you . I'll prove that I can be stronger than you if I try! At that time, I will treat you as a worm!”

Bah .

Braham waved his hand like he was chasing away a fly .  It was an attitude that he wasn’t interested in anything .  Noll was indignant but Grid saw it—there was a slight smile on Braham’s face the moment he turned his head .

‘Brother and brother . . . ’

Grid wondered why Braham hated his kin and used them as an experimental tool .  He was disappointed that his siblings, who were supposed to overcome the curse and help their mother, fell asleep every day and hated them in his despair .  He believed there would be no future if this continued and took all responsibility, sacrificing his bloodline .  He probably knew it was the wrong choice but he had only one option .  However, things were different now—Braham was no longer alone and there were more options for him .  

Grid thought about it and suddenly felt a sense of incongruity .  He wondered if hunting Fenrir was the right thing to do .

“ . . . Excuse me . ”

Grid called out to Braham .  This made Braham frown .  He looked at Grid’s face and noticed what this person was thinking .  It was possible because he lived inside Grid for ages and understood Grid’s personality .

Braham transmitted his voice to Grid’s head .

[It is different from what you are imagining . Have you forgotten that you personally sealed my sister Latina? There is no sibling affection between us . ]

“Then why were you smiling?”

[I was only delighted at getting a decent long-term pawn . The more useful the pawn, the better . ]

“ . . . . . . ”

[First of all, Fenrir must be eliminated . Only then will Marie Rose . . . no, you can kill Marie Rose . ]

Braham no longer felt the need to explain and glanced away from Grid .  Piaro was staring at him with a bright expression .  He was eager to fight .

Braham’s hand beckoned .  “Come on . ”

For Piaro, Braham was the second coming of a legend but Braham was also very fond of Piaro .  He had been watching this person for a long time .  Braham vividly remembered the appearance of Piaro struggling for Grid . He also felt a faint liking because Grid shared his feelings for Piaro .

Asmophel didn’t know what Braham was feeling and intervened .  “Why don’t you compete with me before challenging Piaro?”

It was a very provocative statement .  He was very unhappy that Braham treated Piaro as a subordinate .

“Yes, then you should come . ” Braham laughed .  He knew Asmophel so he felt this person’s behavior was cute .

“I won’t refuse . ”

Braham was a friend of his liege and a legend of the previous generation, so he should be respected . However, he couldn’t stand the attitude of ignoring his liege’s other knights, especially Piaro .  Asmophel couldn’t bear it and pulled out his sword .  Brilliant sparks flew through the round table toward Braham .  However, the ground where Asmophel was standing collapsed before it could reach Braham .

“ . . . !”

Asmophel’s posture collapsed and twisted the orbit of his flying sparks .  He couldn’t even take a step toward Braham before he was thrown back through a window, while Braham never took a step from his seat .

‘Did he cast a spell ahead of time?’

Asmophel twisted his body as he fell and surged back into the meeting room .  As expected, dozens of Magic Missiles were already aiming at him .  A chill went down Asmophel’s spine as he saw the flashes in front of him .

“I have to move in ways the other person can’t predict . ”

Braham flicked his finger and dozens of Magic Missiles flooded toward Asmophel .  Asmophel, who was trying to ignore it, received a blow to his shoulder and rushed to defend himself .  Nevertheless, it wasn’t easy to defend .  Every step on the ground was slippery like it was covered in oil while darkness completely obscured his view .

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‘This isn’t completing a spell in advance . . . !’

Even Great Magician Ashur had a moment of casting time when using magic .  Meanwhile, Braham had transcended that level and could use his magic immediately without casting .  Asmophel suffered setbacks as four, five, and six spells were so quickly linked that they seemed simultaneous .  He was determined that he couldn’t keep defending and took the damage as he used a skill .

“Bl . . . !”

His sword was raised over his head and Asmophel’s exposed body was struck by a series of Magic Missiles .

“ . . . oom!”

Asmophel succeeded in activating his skill .  A transparent red flower made of sword energy unfolded around Braham’s distant body .  If it was a real battle then it would be described as ‘mutual destruction . ’

‘His willpower is great . ’

Braham’s eyes shone as he used Teleport .  However . . .

‘It is useless . ’

Asmophel wasn’t shaken .  His skill was a targeted skill .  It meant the skill couldn’t be shaken off no matter what .


Braham appeared in a different location and showed an interested reaction . He might’ve moved using Teleport but the flowers wrapped around his body were still shaking slightly . This made him use Teleport again .

“Don’t you know it is useless?!”

Asmophel shouted and wielded his sword .  It was a signal—a sign for the flowers surrounding Braham’s body to explode in full bloom .

“ . . . !”

Then in an instant, Braham appeared right in front of Asmophel .  The location of the teleport was completely different from Asmophel’s expectations .  The flustered Asmophel tried to withdraw his sword but the flowers around Braham’s body were already exploding .

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Asmophel screamed as he was swept away by the explosion and collapsed .  It didn’t end with one explosion .  It was extremely intense and swallowed the entire meeting room .  It wasn’t a power where they could sit back and watch . Mercedes used her shield to protect Grid while the other knights used their own defense skills .  Only one person—Jude—was swept away by the explosion and Grid hurriedly handed him a potion .

Cough, cough . . . !

Once the explosion was over, Asmophel coughed up blood several times and made a disbelieving look .  Braham was hovering beyond the open ceiling .  Shortly after Asmophel’s flowers exploded, he once again used Teleport to minimize the damage .  If Teleport had been used just before the explosion, the flowers would’ve kept chasing him . Thus, he arranged the situation while taking some damage .

“ . . . I lost . ”

Asmophel was clear about the result .  How could he beat a monster that continued to leap through space by using Teleport in succession? He felt he couldn’t beat Braham even if he died .

“ . . . . . . ”

Meanwhile, Braham was speechless .  In fact, he was in great shock .  It was the first time in his life that he had been wounded by an ordinary human being, not a transcendent or a legend .  One arm was drooping .  Braham stared at his wounded arm and muttered in a voice no one could hear, “ . . . He managed to gather together these people . ”

In fact, there were many powerful people here who could fight against him .  There were at least four such people here .  Braham scanned Asmophel, Piaro, Mercedes, and Teruchan in turn and descended to the ground .

He wanted to shout, ‘Who is the next opponent?’ but his mana was consumed after using multiple teleports in a row .  The Braham style enhanced Teleport, unlike normal Teleport, consumed dozens of times more mana in exchange for having no cooldown .  In his prime, he would still have mana left after teleporting all day but not now .  

“ . . . . . . ”

In this awkward moment, there was a powerful savior for Braham .

“What is this uproar?!” It was Administrator Rabbit .  He rushed in after the uproar and was stunned when he saw the meeting room turned to ashes and the open ceiling .  “Who . . . ? Who did this terrible thing?!”

“ . . . . . . ”

He looked like a great demon who climbed up from hell .  Rabbit’s distorted face and red eyes as he searched for the culprit was evil .  Asmophel was forced to shrink back because he knew how scary Rabbit was when it came to money . The others were the same . Even Noll avoided Rabbit’s gaze .

Only Teruchan, the thoughtless Jude, and Braham, who just joined the Overgeared Guild, looked at Rabbit .  Rabbit couldn’t trifle with Braham so he yelled at Teruchan and Jude, “I’ll be claiming damages in the future so be ready!”

“Jude . Understood . ”

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“I .  Gruruk .  Why?”

“ . . . . . . ”

The group moved locations .  The knights who usually lived in Reinhardt, such as Piaro and Mercedes, naturally moved in the direction of the big military exercise hall but Braham pointed to another location .

“That is a good place . ” Braham was pointing to the agricultural fields outside the castle .  He suggested it because he penetrated into Piaro’s essence and Piaro didn’t refuse .

“I am grateful for your concession . ”

Bah, I just want some fresh air . ”

It was at this moment .

Grruk .  Me first . Fight . ” Teruchan stepped in abruptly .  He pulled out Failure Honoring the Strongest Warrior and growled at Braham .  “If I win . Surrender yourself to the administrator .  Grruk .

It seemed he felt it was quite unfair .  The reason he didn’t tell the administrator the culprit was due to Teruchan’s sense of loyalty .  He became the orc lord for the young orcs and wouldn’t sell his colleagues .

“Baby . . . ”

Braham’s nostrils flared and he was about to accept Teruchan’s duel application .  

“Don’t do that . You have to compete with me . ” This time, Piaro intervened .  Piaro had long enjoyed fighting the strong and actually wanted to compete with everyone here . Furthermore, he wanted to postpone the fight with Braham because he cherished delicious food .  

Like a warrior, Teruchan didn’t avoid the fight . He completely forgot about his grudge against Braham .  "Okay! Grruk!

Braham alternated between looking at Jude and Teruchan before sending a sound transmission to Grid .

[In fact, aren’t you the smartest one among them?]

“ . . . . . . ”

Grid pretended not to hear .  He thought it was necessary to organize the hierarchy for the sake of future discipline so he watched the situation silently .

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